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Christa Spends an Evening in Heaven

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Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a nice hot erotic story and lately I’ve been missing it! This is a true story that takes me back to 2010 when I had the experience of my first MMF threesome. It came about when I first starting dating Christa, a spunky little brunette with a burning desire to have a threesome with two men; in fact the topic of MMF threesomes came up on our first date!

Deep down I had always found it an extreme turn-on to see a woman fuck two men at the same time although I was never sure if it was something that should remain within the realm of fantasy. I had dated a few women who had done it but were long since past their wild “experimental” days of their youth and it wasn’t something they’d ever do again. (Even though they all said that they’d loved the experience)

I’ve always been straight with no bi-sexual desires at all, but I will admit that the sight of a woman sucking and fucking two studs at the same time has always been a massive turn on! Deep down I always wondered whether or not I could actually go through with it or if it was one of those things that should remain in the realm of fantasy.

I’m an attractive guy and over the years I’ve had couples approach me about joining them in the bedroom, but it never felt right to me. For me, it would be more comfortable to be in a solid relationship with a woman and then seek another man to join us.

Either way, until the spring of 2010 my threesome experience was non-existent although that was soon to change!! I was soon to start dating a woman that had a strong desire to experience a MMF threesome before she was 40 years old and she brought me along for the ride.

Christa Darby:

Fate is a funny thing. It’s completely unpredictable and we never know just where it will take us. We never know whose about to come into our life just around the corner and what impact they’ll have on us; if any.

Little did I know in the spring of 2010 that two people were about to come into my life and that the three of us would experience an insane night of erotic pleasure. It all started simply enough–a message in my Plenty Of Fish inbox. I’d been experimenting with online dating without much luck although that was finally about to change!

The first contact I had with Christa was nothing more than a simple message that was waiting for me in my inbox: ‘hey’ Just one word in my inbox was how I came to meet Christa Darby. It was the first message I’d received on Plenty Of Fish in weeks. Without skipping a beat I had a look at her profile and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.

Christa was short, about 5’1″ with dark hair and green eyes and according to her profile she was part native, although looking at her face I honestly couldn’t detect it. Her profile stated that she was 36 years old. She was definitley cute, and after looking at all the pictures on her profile I sent her a quick response and went on with my day. She responded to my response very quickly and I didn’t hesitate to give her my phone number so she could send me a text.

The two of us spent a couple of weeks sending text messages back and forth and it didn’t take long for our conversations to soon turn toward sex which was a pleasant surprise. Christa and I had immediate chemistry which is always a huge turn on for me. Our conversations were always fun and enjoyable especially since most of them revolved around sex.

I soon came to learn that Christa had been in a sexless marriage for quite a few years and was looking to come out of her shell and have some sexual fun! I was thinking that I just might be the guy to help her out of that shell!! In fact I would soon be smashing that shell to a fine powder, obliterating it entirely and exposing Christa’s inner swinger to the world!! This woman immediately struck me as being someone with a lot of repressed sexual desires and fantasies that definitely needed fulfillment. I use to tell her that she had “the heart of a swinger”

As our text messages kept going back and forth over the next few weeks we soon got to talking about sexual fantasies and one day out of the blue I received a text from her while I was bored at work:

“So, what’s your biggest sexual fantasy??”

I paused before answering and decided to play it cool and throw the question right back at her and responded,

“Oh, too many to name. How about you? What’s your biggest fantasy?”

Christa didn’t hesitate to respond,

“I’d like to be in a threesome, with two men of course!!!”

It didn’t surprise me since it’s a very common fantasy among women; I mean, who doesn’t want to fuck two members of the opposite sex at the same time??? Who knew that an innocent text message would lead me down the path to my first MMF threesome!?!? But whether I knew it or not, that’s exactly what had just happened. The seed had been planted and I’d just started on the short journey to threesome town.

I responded to her text immediately:

“Nice!! A little kinky hey…… nothing hotter than seeing a woman suck and fuck two guys at the same time!!”

I wasn’t sure what to make of my response since I wasn’t convinced that I could ever actually go through with a MMF threesome anyway and since we were only sending some text messages back and forth I figured I could throw caution to the wind and tell a small white lie, I responded:

“I’ve done it!! It rocked my world, definitley left me wanting more!!”

Christa actually didn’t respond to that message although I’d later come to learn that my response had temporarily rendered her powerless since upon reading it she had flushed with sexual excitement at the thought that she’d found a kinky guy with the heart of a swinger. She later told me that she was so turned on by the “fact” I’d experimented with couples that her hands were shaking!!! (I never did tell Christa that I’d lied about being in a threesome. It made me feel a certain amount of power and it gave her a confidence boost knowing that at least one of us had some experience in the world of threesomes. What you don’t know can’t hurt you……

In fact, in the coming week of text messaging I sent her a further white lie and told her I’d been in several MMF threesomes in my life time. Luckily for me she never did question me on any of them although I’m sure she was immensely turned on at the thought that I’d done it. At that point in time my experience with online dating had left me to believe that the odds of even meeting Christa were slim; I was very very wrong about that!

Baselines Pub: The first two pieces of the puzzle come together

After a few weeks had passed Christa and I agreed to meet for a beer at a pub here in town that we were both familiar with. Christa confided in me that she had rarely gotten out much over the years of being married and that she was nervous about meeting me. I managed to cool her down and tell her that she had nothing to worry about. I guess her last Plenty Of Fish date had been a bust and left her with a bad taste in her mouth.

I made my way to Baselines Pub that evening which is pretty much a shithole really, the last place I’d choose to go. I’m a bartender and so I’m up to speed with the ins and outs of the local watering holes. Baselines had only opened a few years earlier and was almost always empty! It was owned by the Hells Angels and most likely is just used to launder money. As usual, on this particular night the place was pretty much deserted apart from two guys playing pool far off in a dark corner.

I made my way into the pub and took a seat at the bar. I had brought with me a nice little gift bag for Christa that I placed on the seat next to me. In it was two ultra sexy and ultra tight little spandex mini-dresses that I’d ordered off the internet just a week earlier; they were pretty much one size fits all numbers. In our daily text message exchanges we had gotten to talking about some fantasy wear and she’d expressed her desire to wear whatever I ask her too! This was a huge turn on to me since I’ve always had a thing for skin tight skirts and mini-dresses especially when paired up with a sexy pair of boots!!!! She had warned me that she’d need to hit the gym hard before wearing them in front of me, but I was looking forward to seeing her in them for sure.

I had picked out two mini-dresses off a website called The first was a nice little black number and the other was shiny gold. The black one was my favorite for sure! If you’d seen these dresses you would know just from looking at them that they’d be skin tight on even the smallest woman!!

I was having trouble even containing myself at the possibilities that the future held. Threesome or not I knew me and this chick would be doing some serious fucking in the near future although I knew I’d have to keep my cool and not blow it!! The type of women you meet on Plenty Of Fish aren’t the type that move fast. Most of them are getting out of long term relationships and just want to take it slow! I had to keep this in mind!

After sitting at the bar for 10 minutes a short brunette entered the bar and began making her way toward me. At first she didn’t see me sitting across the dark bar and I had a few moments to take her in without her knowing it.

She was short and carrying just a little more weight than she had been in the pictures she had sent me. It didn’t bother me at all because Christa was the type of woman that carried her weight perfectly, just the way I like it. She had a bigger ass and strong legs with hips that were wider than her waist. She didn’t have massive boobs, in fact they looked like a decent B cup. She also had a flatter stomach which I liked as well. She was the kind of woman that carried her extra weight in her ass and hips. I liked her immediatley although her body langauge was a little awkard and I got the feeling she hadn’t walked into a pub alone in a very long time.

I got up and made my way toward her and after a quick hello and a hug we sat down at the bar and allowed the conversation to flow. It was a little awkward at first but soon got up to speed. As she was sitting next to me I immediately observed that the thickness of her ass and hips were perfect for a double penetration. She’d have no problem taking two cocks into her body at the same time! I saw her eyeing the gift bag and she blushed just a little when she realized what it was.

“Are those…….” she paused. I said nothing and let her take a peek inside the bag.

She blushed a little more when she looked inside and saw two smoking hot little sexy dresses. In our daily text message exchanges we had talked about me buying the dresses but I don’t think she actually thought I’d bring them on a first date. I had called her bluff.

“Wow, I didn’t actually think you were serious about buying these!” she said with a little wink in her eye. I could tell it excited her although she tried to play it cool.

The fact that I had bought them was a sign of things to come, it was an early indication that the two of us would be entering into a relationship of unbelievable sexual highs and pleasure. The fact is we’d soon learn that we shared incredible sexual chemistry and that some of the best sex I’d ever have in my life would be with her.

After an hour or so we left the pub, and since it was getting late we both headed for home after a quick hug in the parking lot. I watched her walk away and made sure she was in her car before I turned to leave.

Our first meeting had been fairly low key but enjoyable. Honestly I wasn’t sure what to think. Would there be a second date?? I had found her attractive and I could tell the way she had been looking at me that she felt the same. Women have always found me attractive with my gym built body and washboard abs, I was confident!

Shortly after I got home I received a text message from her: “….tried the dresses on. Holy shit the black one is SO short! I’m going to have to seriously hit the gym before I let you see me in these!”

I had been hoping she’d text me a picture but I understood she’d want to tone her body up before she’d be seen in them by anyone. I was a little dissapointed but reminded myself to be patient. She hadn’t dated in a long time.

And The Sex begins:

Well, there was a second date, and then a third, and then a fourth….. In fact me and Chirsta were soon fucking eachother like rabbits and discovering such a wonderful chemistry that I’d never experienced before; her pussy was made for my cock! The sex wasn’t just physical but had another dimension to it that I’d never allowed myself to feel with another woman. We both liked to fuck the same way! When it comes to sex I’ve always preferred things to be just a little slanted toward the romantic side with pure pleasure being the focus. I’ve never cared for heavy bondage and don’t believe intense pain should be a part of the sexual experience. Women that liked to be choked and spat on are not my thing. For me, I like lot’s of laughing and smiling as part of the sexual experience and most importantly some great orgasms!! I’ve never felt that pain should be part of the experience. (Okay, maybe a little hot wax from time to time…)

Christa’s blowjobs were delivered like a veteran of the trade, alternating between slow and teasing with periods of hard and deep action. She loved to trace a figure eight up and down the shaft of my cock and gently kiss my balls, sometimes for several minutes. When she gave me head she seemed to be having the time of her life, as if there was nothing else in the world she’d rather be doing. When this womans graceful lips were gently sucking and teasing my cock I could tell she just truly loved sex!! Everything about it.

She was the master of taking me to the edge of orgasm without actually letting me go over the edge and cum. As she told me: “my completion rate for blowjobs is low becuase I want to get FUCKED!!!!” I told her she was the master of controlling a mans orgasm.

Christa was multi-orgasmic and would usually enjoy 4-5 orgasms in a session. One night in particular she had gotten off 6 times which was a personal record for her. She could probably go even higher but after her pussy had exploded on my cock that many times I could barely contain myself and the urge to shoot my load was almost unbearable! I’d have no choice but to finally give in and let my orgasm over take me after so much holding back and I let her have it wherever she wanted it. Sometimes she liked to swallow, sometimes she liked it on her face, and sometimes she’d finish me with a handjob that left my warm jizz all over her hand and the rest of it on my stomach. Handjobs are so under rated! Seeing a woman jerk a guy off to completion is high on my list of major turn ons!

Christa was comfortable in her sexuality which I wasn’t totally accustomed to, probably the result of spending a great many years dating women that were probably a little too young. She had an open and playful nature about her that I just loved and she was so relaxed during sex, no air of guilt or reservation. She just loved to give and receive pleasure, and in those early days I realized how long it had been since I’d connected so deeply and easily with a woman sexually.

But to my surprise our relationship managed to remain somewhat casual. She was a busy woman who worked in the health industry and she had two kids from her previous marriage. She wasn’t looking to get deeply involved with a guy, and I was okay with it. Our relationship was more sexually based and working wonderfully well becuase I knew what her ultimate fantasy was so it was a good thing. I had no reservations about letting another man fuck her!!

Truth is, if I was really close to a woman and really loved her I wouldn’t let another man touch her. The fact that our relationship was more sexually based is what made the threesome possible; it was meant to be.

The Conversation:

Our relationship was rolling along nicely and even though the sex was still awesome it was undeniable that sa the months passed by the cruel hands of time were starting to taint our sex life. Regardless of how much chemistry might exist between two human beings the sex can and often does start to become routine and predictable; the magic fades just a little especially in a more sexually based relationship.

I found myself thinking about this one night as Christa and I were laying in bed next to eachother after a nice erotic fuck session.

“So….” Christa began, “about the threesome…”

We had discussed Christa’s passion for having a MMF threesome many many times over the months. One night we had sat watching some of her favorite MMF pornos on her computer for which she had a special folder on her desktop titled, ‘threesome faves’

The truth is I had been a little hesitant to have another man fuck her so early on in the relationship while feelings were running so high, but the truth was now that the fires had cooled just a little I was starting to get very turned on at the thought of inviting another man to join us.

“What about it??” I responded sarcastically.

“I want one!!” she said.

“….sweet, we’re going bring another woman into the bedroom??” I teased.

Christa laughed and playfully smacked me, “Nooooooo, you know what I want!!”

“And what’s that??” I asked, playing dumb.

“I want to fuck you and another well hung stud at the same time!!”

The conversation was a turn on, no doubt about it.

“Wow, I didn’t realize you thought I was either well hung or a stud.”

Christa laughed again and playfully touched me.

“Well, you are and you know it!!”

I looked down at the ridges of my washboard abs and my hard muscular body, something I’ve always been proud off. I’ve always worked out hard in the gym to build and maintain my physique and since Christa had been joining me in the gym as of late her body was coming along very nicely. She had dropped some extra pounds and added some very nice muscular definition to her body, particularly her legs and stomach. She was getting hotter and hotter!

“You know, I’m surprised you’ve never done it, you know, fuck two guys!! How long have you had this fantasy??” I asked her.

“Years and years buddy! You have no idea! Sometimes I sit in front of my computer for a good couple of hours and watch porn, only MMF porn! It’s such a turn on to me to see a woman being fucked like that. I can only imagine what it’s like to be the center of attention like that! For a woman to have to guys all to herself like that!! FUCK!! It’s hot…..” She continued:

“A couple of years ago I ended up sitting in between two guys on a couch at a party and my pussy was so fucking wet!! I started making out with the one guy while the other guys hand was feeling up my leg!! I could have taken them both home but….”

I remained silent listening to her intently.

“….well, I was married at the time and something just stopped me. It just didn’t feel right I guess.”

“I can understand that.” I said.

There was a comfortable pause of a few short moments before I spoke.

“Well, you know I’d love to help you fulfill that fantasy babe! It’s got to be the right guy though, you know? We have to have the right chemistry. I wouldn’t just do it with any dude.”

Since Christa occasionally enjoyed anal I knew a double penetration would definitely be a part of any threesome experience we had. I had to admit I was still a little unsure about how comfortable I’d be getting so up close and personal with another guy. And would I really want to see another man fucking my woman??? How would I feel as another mans cock made it’s way into my girlfriends ass while my cock was in her pussy?? Was I truly ready to feel that? Truly ready to feel the pressure of another mans dick as it makes it’s way into the same womans body that my dick was in?? How would I feel when Christa exploded in orgasm on another mans cock and maybe even called out his name in pleasure!?!?

As the moment for our threesome was clearly starting to approach I had a few reservations about the whole thing. Regardless, I decided to throw caution to the wind and quit being so uptight about the whole thing. Sometimes I’m guilty of over analyzing stuff; it’s the Virgo in me I guess.

“Well babe, let’s start trying to find another well hung stud to join us!! Got anyone in mind?” I asked.

“No… you?” she threw back.

Truth is, I didn’t have a ton of friends and certainly none that I wanted joining us in the bedroom.

“Nope. I guess it’s Craigslist to the rescue!!”

Christa pulled a dissaproving face,

“I Would rather not go that route.”

“Well, why don’t we stick an ad on there and see what happens, couldn’t hurt.” I suggested.

And so it was, that the next morning Christa woke up and posted an ad on Craiglist in the ‘casual encounters’ section seeking a good clean guy looking to have some threesome fun with a cool attractive couple. Needless to say, her inbox exploded with responses and she could barely keep up. She enjoyed forwarding them all to me so I could read them also!

After having our ad running on Craigslist for several weeks one response in particular appealed to us. It looked like this:

Hey guys, love your pics! Straight male here, totally clean looking to play with a couple. You guys still looking? – Jay

It was short and to the point. Chirsta set up a date for the three of us to meet….

Back To Baselines Pub: The third piece of the puzzle is found Christa figured that since the two of us had met at Baselines Pub we should keep the tradition going and use that special location to meet Jay as well. Christa had been in touch with Jay via text message for a couple of weeks and had set up a meeting for the three of us to meet face to face.

As Christa and I got in the car to drive to the pub I have to admit the feeling was strange. A part of me was still in denial that our pursuit of a threesome with another guy was rolling along with so much steam. A part of me had yet to accept that what had always been in the realm of fantasy was slowly but surely moving toward the realm of reality. I was still a little uncertain as to whether or not I could even move forward with it. I would soon discover just how easy and immensely enjoyable the process is.

When we pulled into the parking lot of Baselines we were greeted by the familiar sight of an empty parking lot, empty as usual. Heading toward the door I felt just a hint of nervousness, this was uncharted territory for me! I could hear the music radiating out of the pub even before I opened the front door.

We located Jay inside the pub and the three of us took a seat at a small round table. A waitress approached us and we ordered some drinks, Jay and I both ordered the same thing: how appropriate!

I was happy with Jay’s appearance on a number of different levels. First of all he was in wicked shape with a tight muscular body and a head of dark hair. He was about 5’11” with dark eyes; a good looking guy.

Looking at him sitting across from me I tried to imagine what he’d look like and sound like in orgasm and what he’d be like as he succumbed to his orgasm and let his load fly all over Christa’s face. I had never looked at a another man that way before but in this moment it was completely appropriate. The two of us would after all be cumming in front of eachother, quite possibly right next to each other! The whole thing was unreal. Also, I’d never had another man see or hear me orgasm; again new territory!

But regardless of any misgivings I had about the situation unfolding in front of me, it was undeniable that I was definitely turned on and that now we were seated and chatting it was surprisingly easy and comfortable for the three of us to talk about the threesome possibilities we were pursuing. I was right–it’s easy to over think things. Once the ball get’s rolling nothing is as hard as we like to think it’s going to be. This applies to everything in life and MMF threesomes are no exception to this rule.

Jay was a relaxed chill guy with no control issues, he was a lot like me. We soon came to learn we had good chemistry! He was about the same age as me which I also liked.

At first a good deal of the conversation took place between just Jay and Christa and I happily sat back and listened in occasionally speaking up. I only remember bits of the conversation:

“…..yeah, I’ve done it!! A long time ago though” Jay was saying, “you feel so fucking macho when you’re doing it…”

Christa was having the time of her life in these early stages of fantasy fulfillment. It wasn’t written in stone yet but she was seeing the pieces of the puzzle coming together after years of dreaming about it. She had been texting me daily talking about how excited she was about meeting Jay.

After about 20 minutes the conversation slightly stagnated and there were a few moments of awkward silence. Much to my horror Christa stood up and said she had to use the bathroom which suddenly left Jay and I sitting all alone with eachother. Just like that the female buffer between us was gone and we were left alone sitting at a table with our beers in hand. Just two guys looking to fuck the same woman. We managed to keep the conversation going although we didn’t talk about the threesome, just work and stuff.

As Jay and I sat there waiting for Christa to return my phone vibrated in my pocket, it was Christa texting me from the bathroom:

‘FAWK, he’s hot!!!’ her text said.

When Christa returned we ended our meeting shortly after and Jay got up and left and Christa and I remained for another 20 minutes or so.

“That’s the one!!” she said, “don’t you think?”

“Definitely!” I responded.

The point of no return:

The following few days came and went but one thing was for sure; a MMF threesome was close at hand for me! Christa was now talking about having a threesome with Jay and I as if it were no longer a maybe but a definite!! The path ahead of me was clear.

A few days after Christa and I had met Jay at Baselines I found myself at work one evening in a daze. I was going to be in a threesome with my girlfriend and another guy; I was now beyond the point of no return! It was too late for me to change my mind now, I had brought Christa too far along on this journey. It would simply be too unfair to her to back out now….the path ahead was clear. The threesome was on!

I was filled with a strange mix of nervousness and excitement as the days rolled by. As of yet we hadn’t set a hard date for our sexual rendevous but I knew it was coming. I knew it was coming……

Two dicks for one chick–Christa’s big night:

On the night of our threesome time seemed to stand still. Christa and I didn’t live together and we decided that the best place for our threesome would be at her house with was a nice cozy little place; my condo was way too small to host any kind of mini swingers party.

Jay wanted to meet us at Baselines for a quick drink before the big event, so Christa and I agreed to meet at the pub and then the three of us would drive to her house in one car.

When I walked into Baselines it didn’t surprise me to find that Christa was not there, she is always fasionably late. Since it was a Friday night, Baselines was packed!

In such a busy pub it wasn’t easy locating Jay but once I spotted him in the crowd I made my way toward him. In that moment I realized just how little I knew about him, in fact I didn’t even know his last name. Christa had been the one in contact with him and I hadn’t even spoken to him since we’d met a couple of weeks earlier. It felt a little strange to think that within a couple of hours we’d be having sex with my girlfriend!

Before I even got to the bar my phone vibrated and I quickly checked it to see a message from Christa telling me that she was just pulling up to the pub.

I approached Jay at the bar and ordered a beer and we had a brief chat that lasted only moments before Christa was coming up behind the two of us.

“Hey fellas!!” she said, bouncing with energy and looking absolutely stunning. I caught a comfortable whiff of perfume and freshly washed hair coming from her. She had taken extra time and care to look like the perfect slutty porn star with fake eyelashes (something I’d never seen her wear) and was even wearing a long fake ponytail that came down to the small of her back.

For tonights event she’d chosen to wear the black skin tight mini-dress that I had given to her on our first date, and to complete her outfit she was wearing a pair of black knee-high boots that had zippers all the way up to the top! I was temporarily stunned at her appearance, I’d never seen her looking like this!! I felt my cock begin to swell between my legs.

“Holy shit…” was all I could get out of my mouth.

“What do you think guys??” she asked us, the reality that she was dressing to impress not just me but Jay also was sinking in.

“Hottest girl in town” Jay said.

“Fuck yeah!” I agreed.

I had never seen Christa looking like this, I had almost forgotten all about those dresses I had bought her 7 months ago. I was taken aback at just how hot she was looking tonight, I was caught off gaurd at the hottness of my own girlfriend. She had been working out consistently and even doing some fake tanning!! She looked incredible!

“SO glad you finally put one of those things on” I said.

Christa stood on her tip toes me and kissed me and said:

“I was saving it for a special occasion!”

Without missing a beat she then turned to Jay and kissed him also while keeping her hand on my ass, letting the kiss with Jay linger for a full ten seconds!! My cock was rock hard almost instantly!! Not just because she was kissing Jay but because she had just kissed both of us right in front of everyone in a busy pub. I was shocked at her confidence and outgoing nature on the eve of her first threesome; I would never have guessed that my girlfriend could behave like this.

Before I could even comprehend what was happening she then turned back to me and kissed me again!! It was now clear to everyone in this bar what was happening and I was powerless to be anywhere but in the moment. I kissed her back passionately for a good 10 seconds. When our lips released she turned to the bartender with her hand around my waist and asked him for three shots. When the bartender asked her what shots she wanted she asked him:

“Is there a shot called a threesome shot??”

My body was burning with sexual excitement and I was pretty sure my cock was already dripping pre-cum. I was completely and utterly speechless at the way Christa was behaving. She was having the time of her life and I had no doubt everyone that was near us in that bar was seeing what was happening. I felt a strange combination of alpha-male coolness and embarassment. My reserved virgo nature was screaming for things to be more on the down low, but my cock was loving every minute of it!! I wasn’t prepared for Christa to so openly flaunt her pending threesome in such a public manner. I hadn’t quite seen this side of her personality in public before. It was wild.

“A threesome shot???? Uhhhhhh, no……….” the bartender replied.

“Well, fuck. Three tequila’s then” she said.

The bartender put them up on the bar and we shot them back and Jay threw a twenty dollar bill on the bar to pay for them.

Once again she turned to Jay and started kissing him while keeping her hand hooked in the belt of my jeans. As she passionately made out with Jay she deliberately pulled me closer to her enticing me to start nuzzling her neck. It was a little too much for me with so many people around as witnesses. The bartender was standing right there and there was a huge mob around the bar, it was standing room only in this place tonight.

“Let’s go!!” I suggested.

I’d planned on staying at the bar a little longer but Christa was clearly not in the mood for a slow build tonight. As the three of us made our way out of the bar I kept my eyes forward and didn’t look at anyone. I had no idea how many people had been watching our sexy antics. As we wove our way through the crowd towards the door I heard some guy say:

“Chuck one in her for me buddy!”

Theres at least one person who had witnessed our shananagans that evening!!

We got into Jay’s car with Chirsta taking the passenger seat and me sitting in the back, drivers side. It was a slick sporty car and when Jay hit the gas I felt myself pushed back into the seat. It was now dark out with a light rain coming down and the sweet smell of spring in the air. Inside the car was rich with the musk of female perfume and a little Axe body spray mixed in.

Christa was in the front seat giving Jay directions to her house as he piloted that car with an experts precision. I knew we were only about 10 minutes from her house now, just 10 minutes! I can only imagine how strong and powerful Christa was feeling being in that car with the two of us! Two men and one woman! She had been fantasizing about this for years, and now here she was driving in a car with two men that were taking her back to her house to fuck her senseless! She was beyond intoxicated with sexual excitement.

Once again a rush of energy raced up my body. It was amazing how Christa was outnumbered 2 to 1 and yet was completely in control!! I sat silently in the back listening to her and Jay casually chatting with eachother as if I wasn’t even there. The conversation was casual, not sexual at all. Christa was giving Jay the details of her house–when she had bought it, how long she had lived there; it was surreal. Listening to them sent a wave of calm over me, the energy between the three of us was so relaxed and casual and it made me feel good.

As we pulled into Christas driveway I once again bagan feeling some nerves, this was it!! Show time! I exited the car and made my way to the passenger side door so I could open in for my sexy woman!

“Thanks stud!” she said as I took her hand to help her up.

Since it was Christa’s house she led the way toward the front door with Jay and I following behind her. She slowed just slightly so I could catch up to her and hold hands.

Once we were inside I expected things to quickly accelerate but to my surprise she told Jay and I to wait in the living room while she went upstairs to slip into a different outfit.

We both took a piss to avoid an awkward bathroom break in the middle of a hot fuck session and it didn’t take long for Christa to re-appear. She gracefully made her way down the stairs into the living room wearing an outfit that was less club orientated and more sex orientated; she wasn’t wearing much.

What an entrance she made as she seemed to be floating down the stairs with her right hand gently sliding down the rail. Her movements were sexy and deliberate.

She was wearing black thigh high stockings on each leg and a pair of sexy black panties and not much else. The only other part of her outfit was a long flowing black satin robe that was left open so we could see it all. She had gone from club sexy to bedroom sexy in a heartbeat; this woman just knew how to push my buttons. In that moment I observed the improvements that she’d made to her body over the last 7 months including putting some hard toned muscle on her stomach and legs; she looked fantastic!

Without saying a word she made her way over to Jay and I and stood in front of us and for just a brief fleeting moment nothing happened.

“Wow…you’re stunning,” Jay said, “I wanna fuck you!!”

Christa smiled.

“Then why don’t you??”

Christa came toward Jay and brought her lips to his as they engaged in a kiss much more passionate than anything at Baselines. This was a deep lustful kiss with plenty of tongue involved. I stood and enjoyed the sight of my girlfriend deeply engaged in a kiss with another man.

As Christa and Jay continued their romantic kissing I took my shirt off exposing my hard toned body. My cock was nice and hard and I already felt like I could cum. I knew Christa was having the time of her life tongue dancing with Jay while I watched and I didn’t want to rush them. I watched with pleasure as my little fuck machine of a girlfriend make Jay’s cock throb.

Finally after a minute or so they ended their passionate make out session and Christa turned to me and we started our own heated make out session as Jay looked on. This is exactly what Christa had wanted to do earlier at Baselines, spend her time comfortably making out with two guys; this time without any awkardness of having an audience. Now that we were in the privacy of her own home she could relax and take her time with it, and she certainly did. Our tongues danced slowly around eachothers mouths and made sure to kiss her the way she likes: Letting my tongue glide across her teeth and making it clear that I’d be using that same tongue on her pussy in the coming moments.

After what seemed like a few minutes Christa released me and once again turned to Jay to engage in another session of passionate kissing with him, I couldn’t believe how slowly and gracefully she was building the tension. Christa always loved a slow fuck session but this was something else. I would have thought that having 2 men to herself would have been too much for her to handle but she was exercising amazing restraint! Rather than jumping right into the fucking she was savoring every moment of having two men all to herself. She was having the time of her life and I could only imagine how wet her pussy was getting; I’d soon find out!

Finally, after a second round of passionate kissing with Jay she was ready to move to the next level.

“Why don’t you guys get those cocks out for me!!!” she said.

Jay and I both stripped naked, both of our cocks throbbing. Things were about to accelerate, big time!! I moved toward Jay as Christa dropped to her knees between us so she could administer the ultimate double blowjob. I knew how long Christa had fantasized about this and her clit must have been ringing with delight.

She took in the sight of having two hard dicks in front of her for a glorious moment or two gently rubbing them and stroking our balls. She had her left hand on Jay’s cock and her right hand on mine. I felt my cock twitch a couple of times which was not good, I was already feeling like I might lose it and cum too soon. There was NO way I was going to lose control and cum too soon in front of another guy; how embarrasing would that be?? Christa had wound us up so much that my dick was already rock hard and throbbing, it couldn’t have been any harder. The glisten of pre-cum on the head of my dick was evident; my balls were already getting tight.

As Christa held our cocks in her hand she continued savoring the moment and I was loving the look on her face that said it all. It was a look of complete and utter amazement and satisfaction. After years of fantasizing she had now stepped into the realm of reality.

Suddenly the glorious warmth of her mouth came down onto my cock and like a good loyal girlfriend she had chosen to suck my cock first! I had no choice but to make my pleasure vocal as a sensation of pleasure shot up into my stomach. I had taken many many blowjobs from Christa in my time, but something this one was different. It was beyond exquisite.

“Oh FUCK! Shit…..” was about all I could manage as her mouth worked it’s magic on my rock hard member. My head instinctively went back as the pleasure took control and Jay looked on waiting for his turn. It didn’t bother me at all that Jay was standing right there and that Christa’s hand was still firmly grasping his cock while she sucked mine.

Jay knew exactly what I was feeling. After two minutes of wonderous pleasure Christa slowly and gracefully turned her attention to Jay and now it was his turn to see what magic Christa’s mouth and tongue could do to a man. I already knew of course and Jay was about to find out.

“Oh….Oh….. fuck” Jay also threw his head back as Christa let her mouth slowly glide up and down the shaft of his cock. I had no doubt she was swirling her tongue around the head of Jay’s cock, a technique she loves to employ when shes’s giving head. I could tell by his reactions that he was receiving the same oral sensations that I’d be enjoying for the last 7 months.

In that moment I realized whats so hot about being on the receiving end of a double blowjob: Waiting your turn!! As your girlfriends lips grace another mans dick you are forced to watch with a combination of frustration and excitement. The frustration is caused by having to wait for a pretty set of lips to come back, the excitement is caused by knowing that it’s going to in just a few short moments, although in the case of a double blow-job those short moments can seem more like hours. It really is the most amazing kind of sexual rush there is!

After watching her work Jay’s cock for a couple of minutes she turned her attention back to me once again and now it was Jay’s turn to watch me get taken to extasy with the same talented mouth that had just electrified him.

Christa went back and forth between us for a good five minutes before gently releasing our cocks from her grasp and standing up.

“God, I need a tongue on my clit!!!” she said , letting her black robe fall to the floor.

Jay took the lead and sat her down on the couch and she spread her legs while Jay positioned himself in front of her on his knees. At first he licked her pussy through her panties, the sensation of a warm tongue on silk driving her wild. I stood to the side watching while holding my rock hard cock in my hands and gently stroking it.

Jay made sure not to neglect the ocean of nerve endings on the inside of Christas thighs and spent plenty of time there. Christa was voicing her pleasure and encouraging him to continue. I was admiring the way Jay was taking his time with the whole thing. That’s exactly the kind of guy I had hoped to find for our threesome and I knew in this moment that our threesome wouldn’t be a one time thing. There were more to come for sure!

Finally Jay slid Christa’s sexy black silk panties to the side exposing her moist pussy and her erect little clit which was making itself visible and an easy target for Jay’s tongue.

I stood holding my cock and watched Jay suck up my girlfriends pussy with well trained expertise; Jay was no stranger to eating pussy. Christa was taken to heaven by Jay’s talented tongue dancing on and around her engorged clit and to my amazement it took less than 5 minutes for Christa to cum right there in Jay’s face!

“FUCK I’M CUMMING!!!” she said.

I watched an orgasm course through her body while Jay was sure to slightly back off her clit to avoid the intensity of post orgasmic sensitivity. Her orgasm was a classic short and sharp cum and definitely originated in her clit. It was about 20 seconds long and I knew from experience that her clit would need to be left alone in the aftermath of her orgasmic explosion.

Jay kept licking her through her orgasm until she pushed his tongue off her clit.

“Off, off, off, off, off” she playfully said with a smile as her clit was tingling with post orgasmic sensitivity that was too much to bear.

Her face and chest were flushed red and her breathing had noticably increased. It was such an awesome sight to see another man get her off. I couldn’t believe how much of a turn on it was. Any hint of uncertainty about this MMF threesome had just completely vanished. I couldn’t wait to take it further further.

“Need a break?” Jay asked her. I resonded for her:

“Her clit will, not her pussy. Her G-Spot is raring to go right now!”

Christa stood up and told me to switch places with her, I knew this meant she wanted to ride me reverse cowgirl which was one of her favorite positions. I took my place on the couch as Christa carefully mounted me making sure to line her pussy up with my dick before slowly lowering herself down onto me and I watched as her hungry pussy devoured my cock inch by inch. Her pussy was wetter than I’d felt it in a long time. I knew what her plan was: She wanted to ride me while Jay licked her clit–this was an integral part of her fantasy!

Christa began bouncing up and down on my hard shaft while Jay watched. Her moans of pleasure bouncing off the walls of her living room, I could feel her pussy convulsing in gentle waves as another orgasm was already beginning to build inside her.

She stopped riding me and tickled my balls while instructing Jay to lick her clit. She fell back into my arms to give Jay the room he needed to access her clit while my cock was in her.

I felt Jay’s chin hit my balls as he tried to get into position to make contact with Christa’s clit. I could feel her pussy twitch on my cock every time his tongue hit the sweet spot! It was wild.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it Jay!! Lick my clit, that’s it” she said breathlessly. Her level of excitement so obvious.

“MMMMmmmm, fuck”

I reached around to gentle roll her nipples between my thumb and fore finger to add to her arousal which caused her body to jump in delight.

“Oh my God, oh my God….” was all Christa could say as every last cell in her body tingled with pleasure. She was a woman with one mans cock in her pussy, and another mans tongue on her clit! If there was a heaven on Earth, this was it!

It didn’t bother me at all that Jay’s chin was occasionally making contact with my balls while he licked Christa’s clit. This MMF threesome was beyond hot and it’s amazing how comfortable and natural it was feeling in this moment of intensity.

Christa had taken all she could take and I had no doubt that her second orgasm of the night was rapidly approaching.

“Let’s go upstairs…” she commanded, “We need a bed to get any serious work done here! I’m ready to cum!! I need some serious doggy style here!”

It took barely a minute for us to make our upstairs to Christa’s bedroom. She climbed into the middle of her Queen sized bed on her knees and Jay did also.

“Jay, fuck me from behind!!” she ordered.

I knew where I needed to be in order for her to suck my cock while Jay gave it to her. I positioned myself on my back at the top of her bed and once again brought her mouth down on my dick while Jay positioned himself behind her began gently fucking her from behind.

If I had thought that a double blow job was hot, this was even hotter! I had heard all the stories about how hot it is to take a blowjob from a woman while she’d getting fucked, but this was beyond my wildest dreams. Her moans of pleasure vibrating on me while Jay hammered her pussy was something else! I loved the way the pleasure that Jay was giving her forced her to occasionally abandon my cock so she could look over her shoulder and tell Jay how good he was making her feel.

“God Jay…. fuck me, that’s it fuck me!!!!””

Once she’d informed Jay that he was building her to orgasm number 2 she returned her mouth to my cock and continued sucking on it with delight for as long as she could before a massive orgasm rocked her from head to toe.

The pleasure of her orgasm was so intense that she had no choice but to spit my cock out and completely surrender to her orgasm. I just watched the glory of it all from the perfect vantage point. I loved Christa’s face when she was cumming, it was something I could never grow tired of. I knew what Jay was feeling right now because when Christa had a G-Spot orgasm it felt like a water balloon bursting inside her. The wetness and warmth had a way of enveloping my cock that was glorious although this time it wasn’t my cock that she was exploding on, it was Jay’s.

Christa’s second orgasm of the night was absolutely massive and Jay continued slamming her pussy making sure to keep that womans orgasm going until the very end.

“God Jay, fuck babe…”

Once her orgasm had subsided she stood up on her knees and motioned for the Jay and I to switch places.

“You turn Dan…. I want to cum on your cock now!!” she said. Hearing her say that almost made me lose it!!

Jay and I switched places and I positioned myself behind Christa while Jay got on his back so Christa could suck his cock while I fucked her from behind. As I got ready to glide my cock into her smouldering pussy it was erotic to think that anothers mans cock had just been in there.

With my cock pounding her G-Spot it didn’t take long for Christa to cum again and the familiar sensation of her orgasmic explosion enveloped my dick–like a water balloon popping….

“FUCK I’M CUMMING!!” she announced so loudly that it could have been heard in the heavens.

Her third orgasm of the night exploded inside her like a firework. She was grimacing and gritting her teeth as an orgasm so powerful rocked her petite little body that I couldn’t figure out if she was experiencing pleasure or pain; it was that powerful!

She came for what seemed like 90 seconds and I knew that she wouldn’t be able to take much more of this intensity. Having two men fuck her at the same time was taking her to new heights of pleasure that perhaps she wasn’t quite ready for. I had the feeling this first threesome might be a little shorter than planned. I was hoping for a DP!

After her orgasm had faded out she rolled over onto her back next to Jay as her chest heaved in and out, her heart rate almost doubling from her orgasm.

“Oh my God… ” was all she could manage to say.

The intensity of her cum was made obvious by just how flushed and red her face and upper chest were. She’d just experienced three orgasms in about 20 minutes, I could imagine what that must feel like and what it must be like to have to handle that kind of erotic intensity.

I knew that she felt she should keep going but was probably getting close to the end of our threesome already. The night had just been too much of a turn on and that last orgasm had simply been too big for her. Jay tried to convince her to keep fucking.

“Come on babe, let’s try a quick DP! I know you have it in you!” Jay said.

“Oh God guys, I’m fucking ringing from head to toe here. My legs are vibrating!” Christa said.

I was now standing at the end of the bed with my cock in my hand while Jay was laying on his back next to Christa, his hard cock resting against his stomach.

Christa was covered in sweat and her bangs were sticking to her forehead. The smell of sex was heavy in the air.

“I can’t, I can’t…” she said, “I’m gonna need to let this pussy of mine cool down for about an hour” she laughed.

She was obviously over exagerating but I knew what she was implying. Her drenched pussy was just too super sensitive right now and having another huge orgasm so soon would be a little too much for her to handle. Her last two orgasms were two of the biggest orgasms I’d ever seen her have.

Christa was still breathing heavily even though several minutes had passed since she’d orgasmed.

“You guys should cum for me!” she said.

I was dissapointed that there would be no double penetration and I knew Jay was feeling the same although this was her threesome and I wasn’t going to push her on it. I didn’t want her first threesome to be anything but pure pleasure for her besides, I knew there would be more threesomes in the future and that they would only keep getting better and better. Our entry into the world of swinging was just beginning.

“Are you sure babe??” I asked.

“Yeah… I want you guys to cum for me!! ” she responded.

Christa managed to get up on wobbly legs and slide off the side of the bed to get into position on her knees so me and Jay could shoot our loads all over her face, the ultimate ending to a MMF threesome!!

I knew the second I started stroking my cock hard I would be cumming. I had no doubt that Jay was on the very edge of orgasm as well!

Jay and I stood very close to eachother and I realized that I was about to have an orgasm in front of another man; it felt amazingly comfortable.

Christa was down on her knees eagerly awaiting our hot loads to explode from our massive hard ons which were begging for the sweet relief of orgasm. We’d both been on the edge since Christa surprised us at Baselines with a double kiss in front of everyone!

As Jay and I stood in front of Christa stroking our cocks I felt like the ultimate porn star. How many countless times had I seen this in porn?? Now here I was actually doing it!! It was surreal!

As our orgasms built I could here Christa encouraging us on.

“That’s it, come for me guys!! That’s it. Fuck yeah!”

Jay and I began stroking our cocks hard and fast to entice our balls to surrender their gift to Christa. Jay’s orgasm arrived first and as he started cumming he moved just a few inches closer to her to make sure she received every last drop on her cute little face.

Jay’s cock erupted with surprising power and his first shot of cum missed her entirely and flew right over her head landing on the carpet somewhere behind her. Christa stuck out her tongue hoping to catch some of his tasty jizz so she could swallow it back. Jay was grunting like an animal as his body tensed up and his balls emptied. I’d seen plenty of guys cum in adult movies, but this was the first time I’d ever actually witnessed it in person. It was actually erotic and I enjoyed it so much more than I’d imagined.

Several more shots of cum erupted from his cock also missing her until finally a connection was made and his white cum splattered down on her face, one drop hitting the bridge of her nose and another landing on her chin. He never did quite connect with her tongue but hopefully I’d have more luck!

It took all of 15 seconds for Jay to drain his balls and once his orgasm had faded he let Christa suck on it for a bit which forced him to throw his head back in delight as she made sure to capitalize on his post orgasmic sensitivity.

Once Jay was done he moved aside and watched as I now took my turn in front of Christa. I moved in close to her and began stroking my cock hard to entice my balls to surrender, and they soon did.

My cock twitched a few times and I started cumming, my load making good contact with Christa’s face! I managed to get more cum on Christas face than Jay had and I even made contact with her tongue which she loved!! Like a good little slut she swallowed it back quickly before sticking her tongue out again hoping to catch a little more!

Once my orgasm faded out Christa motioned for us to get closer once more so she could give both our cocks some gentle mouth action before they started to soften. The head of our cocks were both ultra sensitive in their post orgasmic state and she took full advantage of it to give us a few final and fleeting moments of pleasure as both our cocks were rapidly starting to shrink.

Wow, what a night! I had just experienced my first MMF threesome as had Christa. It had been a somewhat brief but wild experience. I knew this wouldn’t be the last time the three of us would meet up and the next time would be even better!

The afterglow:

While Christa may have been purring like a kitten I was dealing with the realities of the Male Refractory Period. One minute I had been riding on an insane sexual high, and one short orgasm later I was painfully aware that I was now naked in a room with another guy, both of us with limp dicks. I wanted Jay to leave.

Christa on the other hand wanted the three of us to head downstairs and watch TV on the couch together for a couple of hours. Her desire to enjoy our company in the afterglow of the threesome was completely understandable but maybe not so realistic for Jay and I. I suddenly wanted him to leave!

Luckily I managed to convince her that having Jay leave was the best option and he fully agreed.

“Great night guys, but I’m up early…..” he said.

“Can I get a hug??” she asked him.

They hugged briefly and Jay made his way out into the dark and I heard his sporty car drive off into the night with the engine growling like only a well made powerful engine does. There must have been only 10 minutes from Jay’s orgasm to the time of him leaving.

The start of our evening had been such a bang, the ending was more anti-climatic. I think both Jay and I had been a little unsure how to comfortably end a threesome. Do you high five?? Do you chest bump?? It was a small lesson in the differences between fantasy and reality.

In porn, when two guys get off all over a girl the credits start to roll and it’s over. Never had I thought about what happens AFTER the threesome. Now that’s something they don’t show in the movies.

Luckily, after a couple of hours I felt my sexual energies starting to stir a little as my dick began to recover from my orgasm. I found myself already thinking about doing it again!

* * * * * * * * * *

Around midnight Christa and I made our way up to bed and lay in eachothers arms talking about the events that had unfolded that evening. It was strangely erotic to think that Jay had been in there fucking her just a few hours earlier.

I had her in my arms as we were spooning.

“God you were hot tonight babe” I whispered in her ear while nuzzling her neck with gentle kisses.

“Do you have any idea what tonight was like for me??” she asked, “that third orgasm…damn. You nearly killed me!! ”

“I know” I responded.

Both of us were now purring like kittens and riding an amazing post sexual high, especially Christa.

“It would have been nice having one in my puss and another in my ass!” she said.

“Don’t worry babe,” I assured her, “that wasn’t our last threesome!”

Christa didn’t respond but I felt her hand clasp mine more firmly, she didnt need to say anything.

I don’t remember much after that because we both drifted off to sleep in each others arms but before sleep took me I remember thinking that another threesome with Jay was definitely in our future!

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