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Let The Games Begin: Chapter 03

Written by admin

I hope that you might have enjoyed the first two chapters of this frolic. I have tried to write it in a male style but, if I’ve failed, then I hope that you can still have fun reading it!

If you have jumped to this stage then you only have to know that, when the story restarts, there are six horny, and naked (apart from black, red and green stockings and suspenders), men and women drinking beer and wine with the three girl’s mouths’ especially dry after swallowing salty cum!

Have fun!

“The games?” asked Bert, albeit acting innocently.

“Yep!” replied Linda, “and, as I have said before, these games will be very interesting, thanks to the filthy mind of our dear friend Shirley.”

Paul looked at his girlfriend with wide open eyes and grinned, “This I want to be part of!” and winked at his sensual partner who had, until recently, hidden her slutty side.

In order to distract the loving glances that Shirley and Paul were giving each other, Tom asked the obvious question. “Ok,” he started to say and even Paul and Shirley paid attention, “what’s in the pots?” and, as he said this, he pointed to the aforementioned receptacles that were sitting on the table top.

“Right,” said Julie in a businesslike fashion, “in pot number 1 we have our six names.”

“Pot number 2?” Bert queried.

“The same,” was the brief response.

Paul felt obliged to ask the next question, “pot number 3?”

“Ah,” this time it was Shirley’s turn to supply the answer, “In number 3 we have twelve pieces of paper; four with the number 1 written on them, four with the number 2 and another four with the number 3.”

“Meaning?” he followed up his question with another one.

“1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes.”

“Meaning?” Paul repeated himself.

Shirley sighed and went onto further explain, “When your name is drawn out, you can then discover how long you get your fantasy to last.”

“Now that sounds interesting,” Tom added, “but how do you know what fantasy to play out?”

Shirley replied in an exasperated way, “You have an imagination haven’t you?”

“Oh,” the penny began to drop!

“Anything?” asked Bert.

“As kinky as your perverted minds can make it, but with one exception…”

“…and that is?”

“Nothing illegal.”

“I can handle that,” Bert interrupted, “but what about pot number 4?”

Linda smiled and tapped the side of her nose with her index finger before answering the question, “That is for our girls to know…”

“…and for you boys to find out!” Julie finished the sentence.

“Sorry to be boring,” Tom started to say.

“Oh perish the thought,” Shirley said sarcastically.

“Why two different pots with our names in them?”

“Two reasons,” Shirley answered, “First and foremost we don’t want someone’s name coming out one after the other, say first and second. That would mean that person’s input would be over too soon.”

“And the other reason?”

Linda it was who answered, “After we have all had a go, we can have a break to have a drink or something.”

“Thinking about your stomach again?” Bert asked cheekily.

“Enough you two,” Shirley acted as referee, “Are you ready?”

Nods all round.

“Then let’s go over to the couches and get started!”

The sextet swiftly left the table and went over towards the fireplace, which wasn’t needed as the evening was quite balmy. The coffee table had been moved over and that had left a space in the middle that was decorated by a large woollen rug. Linda had brought over pots number 1 and three and placed them on the table.

The girls sat down on one couch, their exposed pussies already starting to leak. Looking across at them the men admired the flesh that sat, from left to right, in the shape of Julie, Shirley and Linda.

The women were also admiring the view as, also from left to right, three impressive cocks stood up in salute. Bert was in the middle flanked by Paul and Tom, whose identical looking pricks seemed to act as bookends to Bert’s prodigious erection.

“Who goes first?” Bert asked.

“I think that it should be Linda to pick the first name. After all, it is her house.” Julie suggested.

Linda stood up immediately and wiggled, suggestively, to the pots. She swivelled her hand inside and produced the first piece of paper and opened it up to reveal a name.

“The first choice of fantasy goes to…” She delayed the naming for a frustrating few seconds, “…is Tom!”

“Shit!” he swore softly before rising and going to the pot with the numbers in it. All the time his mind was racing as he tried to decide on which scenario he was going to choose.

“What’s the number?” Shirley asked excitedly.

Tom unravelled the paper, “Fuck! It’s a 1”

“Still,” Shirley sympathised with him in an unsympathetic way, “That’s still 60 seconds of fun, depending on what you want to do, or watch.”

That last word that Shirley had said had made Tom’s mind up and he returned to the couch and made a polite, theatrical, cough before announcing what the first fantasy of the night was going to be.

“Ok then, here we go,” he said as his delectable ass sat down and his lovely cock bobbled as he did so. “I want to watch!”

“You do?” asked Julie inquisitively with a suggestive wink, “What do you want to watch?”

Tom took a deep breath as he realised what he was about to say, “I would really love to see you three girls play with yourselves!”

“You want us to wank in front of you?”

“No, men wank; ladies masturbate or play with themselves! But yes, for 60 seconds, I want to watch you show off for us.” As he said this he looked to his left and saw the grins on Paul and Bert’s faces, “And I guess that I’m not the only one here who would enjoy the experience.”

“Well,” said Linda, “There is just one thing to do.”

“Eh?” queried Tom.

“Ladies!” she announced, “Are we ready?”


“Then let’s spread our legs and give these boys a treat!”

With that Tom, plus Paul and Bert, were treated to the sight of three oval delights that were of man’s desires. The sight was made even more luscious when the women put their hands around their thighs and pulled open their pussy lips to reveal even more of their excited state. All of the guys licked their lips as they watched the wanton women expose three sopping cunts, and they all noticed Linda’s leakage as droplets of her juice left her fuck-hole and made its way down the crack of her ass.

“Fuck, I’m in heaven!” hollered Tom as he took in the scene.

Then Linda spoke as she grasped her phone that she had preset the timer on, “Let’s wank!”

Immediately the women assaulted their wet pussies, one set of fingers frigging their clitorises, while their other hand inserted two, three or four fingers up their gaping cunts. The fingers attacking their tender erogenous buttons moved at a pace that was amazing to watch, and the sounds of the slurping friction was almost drowned out by the squeals of pleasure that came from their fuckable mouths.

“What a fucking sight!” Paul exclaimed as he viewed the lewd action taking in place in front of him.

Seconds later Julie screamed out, “I’m going to fucking cum!”

“So am I!” Shirley echoed her.

“Me too!” Linda announced loudly.





The three women all complained as the timer went off.

“Shit!” breathed Linda huskily as she pulled her digits away from her pleasure button and pussy. The other two randy bitches, reluctantly, had to do likewise as the minute had come, and gone, all too fast. As they returned to the vertical position on the couch, all three of them had to sit on a small puddle of their own juices which they squirmed onto as they tried to maintain the height of ecstasy that they had almost achieved.

Tom, Bert and Paul all applauded the show that they had been honoured to watch.

“What a fucking fantasy that was, thank you gals!” Tom said in an appreciative voice before adding, “Can we fuck now?”

Julie was the only one of the trio who had enough gumption, and breath, to answer, “No!”

It took a moment or so for the girls to return to normality and, as their bodily functions returned to a more stable state; it was Shirley who was next to speak. “Tom?”


“It’s your turn to pick a name.”

He fairly flew of his couch, his cock bouncing up and down as he did so; a view that was not went unnoticed by the three hot, and horny, women on the opposite couch.

“Christ, I want to fuck that again,” whispered Shirley.

“Sh!” was all that she could hear in response from both Linda and Julie who were both thinking the same thought as they leered at the beautiful rod that stuck out so prominently as it made its way towards the small table in front of the redundant fire.

Tom’s hand went in and out of the receptacle and he flourished another piece of paper which he, slowly, opened.

“Who is it?” Paul asked huskily.

Tom took his time in unravelling the answer before he announced the winner, “Its Julie”

“Oh yes!” she hollered as she leapt up and went for the pot that contained the numbers. She picked on out and, excitedly, opened it up. She looked slightly disappointed at the result.

“What is it?” Shirley asked in concern.

“It could have been worse,” Julie admitted, “It’s a 2.”

“A ‘2’ is not bad, is it?” Linda asked.

“Nope,” Julie sighed, “but for this I was hoping for a 3!”

“What is ‘this’?” Paul had to ask as he continued to admire the perfectly shaped body in front of him. Shirley might have huge tits but Julie was a babe!

What she said next brought a gasp from all of them.

“I want to be rimmed,” she answered in a saucy way.

“Wow!” shouted Bert, “Who’s going to be the lucky guy?”

“…or woman?” Linda added.

“I want it to be…” Julie paused for a moment before repeating herself, “I want it to be…all of you!”

Even Linda was taken by surprise, “What the fuck! You want all of us to lick your ass?”

“Yep,” Julie replied saucily, “But,” she went on, “I don’t want to know who is doing it.”

“How the fuck…?” Tom started to ask her but Julie simply rose and went to the back of the couch, where they had all fucked earlier, and bent over revealing her glorious arse which she made even more seductive by using her hands to spread her ass cheeks wide, the brown hole available for all to see.

“I’m going to close my eyes and I want you to take turns at turning me on. If I have only got two minutes then that still leaves you with just over twenty seconds each to have a go. It is my fantasy, it maybe kinky but…”

“…it’s not illegal!” Shirley finished the sentence as she admired the sexy butt that was being held open by Julie for them all to appreciate. Shirley had never even kissed a woman before but, here she was, about to lick a girl’s ass! ‘Fuck!’ she thought to herself, ‘what an evening!’

The five eager ass lickers, through the use of basic sign language and mime, arranged the order of the rimming and Linda announced, “Ok, we are ready.”

“Thank fuck for that!” said Julie impatiently as she was still bent over the couch, displaying everything, but with no reward as yet.

“Keep your hands where they are, we can’t use our hands in case you get a clue as to who is licking you, keep your ass completely open. I’m going to start the timer,” Linda informed her, “but it will take five seconds before you feel a tongue, just in case it happens to be me.”

“Press the fucking button!”

Five seconds later Tom started to lick Julie’s brown hole. He wriggled his tongue around, and around, the outer muscles and he was rewarded with lustful groans from the owner of the dirty orifice that he was seducing.

“Oh fuck!” Julie moaned, “Keep on fucking doing that, oh fuck…!” was as far as she got before the first tongue was replaced by the second one. This oral organ was owned by Linda and, although she and Julie had shared many a sexy romp together, this was a new one even for them. Linda was determined to enjoy every minute of it, or at least twenty seconds or so, and she pressed her face hard into Julie’s arse as her tongue explored as much of the butt-hole as she could.

She was quickly replaced by Bert who continued the assault on the puckered hole with gusto, bringing more saliva into the cocktail that was rapidly building up into a collection of frothy bubbles in the erotic opening. He slurped at the opening and he heard the joyful squeals from Julie as she thrust her ass backwards into his willing mouth.

“Oh, that’s so fucking good!” Julie murmured before the third tongue was replaced by the fourth.

Shirley knelt, hesitantly, staring at the poop-hole that was presented for her by the willing hands of Julie inches before her, before she leant forward and gorged on the forbidden fruit. She stuck her tongue out but, instead of circling the delectable ass, she tried to enter Julie’s arse in one go, and she almost succeeded. Julie’s arse was so wet with the combined spit from her previous penetrators that Shirley’s tongue managed to force its way past her sphincter and started to tickle her inner entry to her bowels.

Julie screamed in pleasure that was short lived as Shirley felt a tap on her shoulder and, reluctantly, had to retreat from the musky aroma that she tasted, and smelt, from the almost orgasmic Julie.

Paul then took his turn at pleasuring the dirty slut, her words not his, as she continued to writhe on the back of the couch. His hands were desperate to touch her but he knew that he couldn’t, although the thought of breaking the ‘rules’ was so tempting. Instead he just tried to pleasure her as much as possible, his tongue teasing her tasty hole until the inevitable happened.


Paul drew away from the spittle-abused arse and took a moment to enjoy the view before joining the other four ass-lickers on the woollen rug.

Slowly, Julie started to stand up; her hands released their grip on her ass-cheeks and she gave a quiet fart which didn’t go unnoticed by the others.

“I’m glad you didn’t do that when I was licking you!” Linda said with a laugh.

“”I’m sorry,” Julie apologised immediately before thanking the five lickers. “That was fucking great guys, thank you!”

As she said this she squeezed her thighs and buttocks together, the first to increase the pleasure that she was feeling, the second to squelch out all the saliva that had mingled together around her arse-hole.

“God, that was fucking fantastic,” she moaned as she turned around and showed off the front side of her beautifully balanced body, her boobs just more than a handful, topped with nipples that just screamed out to be sucked, and her slender waist that augmented her pubic area, pleasantly free of hair, that showed a trickle of cunt juice slyly seeping out of her pussy.

“What a fucking, slutty, sight!” Paul huskily whispered as he admired the woman in front of him, a sentiment that was echoed by Bert and Tom.

“Thank you,” she answered and took a brief curtsy. “Can I ask one question though?”

“Go ahead.”

“Who was number four?”

The five ass-lickers looked at each other before returning their gaze to the, still panting, owner of a messy butt-hole and shrugged their shoulders in unison as Linda spoke for them all, “I can’t remember!”

“Besides,” Shirley added, “It’s your turn to pick out a name.” As she said this, the three men returned to their couch, all the better to enjoy the view as Julie bent down over the small table and spent more time than was required to fish out the next piece of paper.

“Christ, what an ass!” Bert said in a stage whisper.

“…and she knows it!” Linda commented. “Come on, hurry up!”

Julie duly did the needful and took her place on the left of the couch next to Shirley and Linda and opened the parchment up, “It’s Paul,” she declared.

He stood up and made his way to the coffee table, all the time his rigid cock was being admired by the three girls and, as he bent down to find out what time limit he had, Julie just had to remark, “Nice butt too!”

“Good, I’ve got three minutes to…” he paused and leered over at Shirley and gave her a lewd wink. He knew that she had never been with a woman before, she had admitted as much in the past, but, only a few minutes earlier, he had watched her stick her tongue up Julie’s arse.

“…to what?” Linda asked in exasperation.

He turned his head to look at the woman who had just spoken and answered her, “To see you and Shirley having sex in a 69 position!”

Shirley gasped as he spoke those words and even began to blush which, considering the state of undress between them, and the fact that she had already had three cocks up her today might, you may think, beggars belief!

“But,” she started to protest, “I’ve never…”

“You’ll love it,” interrupted Linda as she stood up and took Shirley’s hand and pulled her to her feet. “How do you want us, big boy?” she said in a sexy voice.

Paul didn’t hesitate, “Linda, why don’t you lie down on the rug with your head right here in front of us.”

I’d be delighted,” she replied and she did as she was requested, “I guess that would be for you guys to get an eyeful of Shirley’s little ass as I lick her out, eh?”

Paul grinned and nodded, Bert and Tom also agreed silently and they all waited for Shirley to take her position which she did so, a little nervously and with a look that was a mixture of hatred and lust towards Paul. “You bastard!” she mouthed as she knelt down, each knee on either side of Linda’s head and slowly, lowered herself onto the, eagerly awaiting, mouth, the tongue already poking up in anticipation of the tasty delight that she just knew she was going to savour.

Shirley, at the same time that she could feel Linda’s breath on her pussy, was as close as she had ever been to another woman’s vagina. The scent of Linda’s sex was all too obvious and the heady aroma excited her, a feeling that she never thought was possible. Nonetheless, she put her head down between the wide-open legs, encased with the green stockings, and buried her mouth into Linda’s wet snatch!

“The timer’s on,” Julie called out as she watched Shirley enjoying her first taste of cunt.

From the men’s position they got to watch Shirley lower her pussy onto the waiting tongue, her ass wriggling for their pleasure, and she started to moan immediately as the talented Linda found her clitoris and began to send ripple, after ripple, of sexual joy throughout her body.

“What a fucking view!” rasped Tom.

“What a fucking ass!” added Bert.

“What a good fucking tart!” Paul agreed as he watched his girlfriend bounce up and down Linda’s face, grinding her cunt as Linda added her fingers to the oral assault. Julie, by this time, had moved forward and straddled the gyrating couple, pulling Shirley’s ass cheeks apart giving the men an even better view and they saw that Linda had two fingers up the dripping cunt and a thumb up her ass.

“What a fucking view!” rasped Tom.

“What a fucking ass!” added Bert.

“What a good fucking tart!” Paul agreed.

“Enjoying the view boys?” Julie asked pointlessly as she saw the lust in their eyes.

Paul knew from Shirley’s body language and moans that the inevitable was about to happen, she was about to reach orgasmic heaven. “Look out boys; you’re in for a treat!”

Linda managed to hear that, in spite of Shirley’s thighs threatening to crush her head in her excitement had increased the pressure, and speed, on that most sensitive part of a woman’s anatomy, her fingers and thumb matching the urgency of her tongue and she sensed that Shirley was about to cum.

“Oh fucking Christ!” Shirley screamed and she had to remove her face from Linda’s pussy to yell those three words followed by, “Fuck Linda, you’re making me cum…Yes, yes, fucking yes!”

Shirley felt the start of her climax, and it was about to be as big an orgasm that she had ever known, at least without a cock inside her.

The men waited with bated breath and sexually charged eyes as Shirley continued to holler obscenity after obscenity.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

It was on the fifth ‘fuck!’ that the floodgates opened and Shirley suddenly raised her ass in the air, pulling her pussy away from Linda’s tongue and came, and came and came. The first squirt, not a gush, flew out of her pussy and hit Bert in his midriff; the second left her cunt and rose ever higher in the air allowing Bert, who had his mouth open in wonder and lust, to get more than his fair share of the nectar that continue to spout out of her love hole. Tom leant forward and put his hand behind Shirley’s ass and was soaked for the action; he then lifted his sodden arm and began to sniff and lick it, the sweet and sour taste arousing him even more, if that were possible.

The squirts kept on coming as Shirley continued her gigantic orgasm; Julie cupped a handful, as did Paul, before Linda pulled her back down to her saturated face but, in doing so, Shirley blasted a pint’s worth of her ejaculation all over Linda’s hair.

Linda grabbed Shirley’s ass and stuck her mouth over the pulsating pussy, sucking out the last of the, now gushing, cunt. This lasted until the timer went off.


Shirley then collapsed and rolled over onto her back, her legs wide open, not for the men’s sake but rather to let some cool air into her throbbing nether region. Julie had to move quickly to maintain her balance and she swiftly returned to the couch, her legs also spread wide and this time it was for the men’s enjoyment!

Catcalls and whistles came from the men but nothing coherent until…”That was fucking amazing!” Bert was the first to speak as all of them looked down at the writhing Shirley, in spite of Julie’s pussy being on display although, being men, that wasn’t to last long!

Linda had turned over to face Shirley eye to eye; her hair matted with the explosion of sex juice, and moved closer to kiss her on the lips. The kiss was returned with interest as tongues fought with each other to force more and more of the appendage into each other’s mouths.

“Hey! Enough of that, your time’s up!” complained Julie and the newly acquainted; sexually that is, couple broke away from each other.

“Thank you,” Shirley whispered hoarsely.

“No, thank you,” was Linda’s response, “I’m sure the boys will agree with me.”

“Ok then,” Shirley retorted, “Thank us!”

It took several moments before everything had calmed down enough for Linda and Shirley to return to the couch although they were both still breathing hard as Julie announced, “Let’s see who is next shall we?”

The men all agreed verbally but Linda and Shirley could only nod their approval.

Paul stood up, on wobbly legs admittedly after witnessing the fantasy that he had thought of, and pulled the next name out of the pot. “It’s you Shirley.”

“Oh fuck!” she mumbled as she rose, tenderly, to see how many minutes that she had. It’s a 1″ she declared and then sat down again. She had known what her first selection would be, and she was still going ahead of it. She had originally chosen Paul for this because he had paired her with Linda but, after such an incredible orgasm, she had decided to change personnel.

“Come on then,” said Julie impatiently although, even as she tried to sound exasperated, her smile and her pussy on display belied that.

Shirley stood up and walked over to the men and, bending down, grabbed hold of Tom’s long cock and pulled him up to his feet. His face was a picture of merriment and lust as he eagerly rose. She guided him to the centre of the rug, pulling his foreskin back, and placed him sideways to that everyone could get a clear view of his massive erection, especially Julie and Linda who were, what you might say, addicted to cock!

She released the twitching penis from her grip and knelt down in front of him, her pouting lips nearly touching the tip and said huskily, “You like a blow job, don’t you Tom?”

Was he going to say no!

Shirley carried on, “I bet Linda gives good head, does she?” Her lips hadn’t touched him yet but he could feel her hot breath on his uncovered head. Shirley didn’t wait for the obvious answer and carried on, “and I know Julie is a great cock-sucker, I heard you this afternoon as you and Paul gave her a spit-roast!”

Tom could only nod as he waited for Shirley continue, “I want to be up this close to you and watch you have a blow-job.”

“You do?” said Tom slightly disappointed that it wasn’t going to be Shirley’s mouth that he would be fucking, at least not this time.

“And who’s the lucky girl then?” Bert asked with more than a hint of desire in his voice.

Shirley didn’t answer at once, letting the moment linger before, finally, making her decision, “It’s you!”

“What? Fuck no!” Bert stubbornly refused.

“Why?” asked Shirley innocently, “You liked to see a bit of girl-on-girl action didn’t you?”

“Yea, but that’s different…” he didn’t get any further before Shirley interrupted him.

“Don’t you know that we women get turned on by watching a bit of man-on-man fun?”

“No fucking way! I’m not…” again he was interrupted.

“Neither am I,” Shirley said demurely, “but I went ahead with it anyway.”

Bert was at a loss for words momentarily and Julie butted in, “it’s kinky, but it’s not illegal.”

“Remember Bert, the only rule was not illegal,” Shirley added her voice, “so we get to watch you suck cock or the only sex you’ll have for the rest of the night will be with your right hand!”

Bert looked to Paul for some moral support but he didn’t get any, just a shrug of his shoulders and a look that seemed to say ‘go for it!’

“Thanks a bunch pal,” he started to say before Shirley interrupted him for the last time.

“Come on Bert, take my place over here; satisfy my fantasy!”

Reluctantly, he left the comfort of his couch and lowered himself onto his knees and made the short journey that left him in front of Tom’s cock, Shirley having moved aside. He looked at his friend’s erection up close for the first time. Of course he had seen the one-eyed devil before, even when it was stiff as it was now, but that was when they had been fucking Julie or Linda together, or both of them at least twice before, but now…?

He moved a fraction closer to the nine inch pole and started to open his mouth and Tom could feel his hot breath, just as he had felt Shirley’s a moment ago, on the tip of his penis. He took a last glance at Shirley, and then he sneaked a peek at Julie and Linda and saw the excitement in their eyes.

Julie commented, “It can’t be that bad, you both have huge boners!” True enough as both men’s stiff poles hadn’t diminished a bit.

“That might have something to do with having three sexy, and naked, ladies to hold our attention.” Tom said as a weak excuse before he heard his buddy’s next words.

“Ok,” he admitted, “Start the timer.”

“Not until you have started the blow job!” Shirley insisted.

“Fuck!” Bert swore and, with a look up at Tom, apologised, “Sorry pal,” and then he moved forward and put the first few inches of the cock in front of him into his mouth. The act was greeted with squeals of delight from the girls as they all strained forward to get a better look.

“Wank him off at the same time,” Linda shouted encouragement, “You know that you like me to do that to you!”

Bert obeyed and his right hand formed around the base of Tom’s prick and he started to pull, and push, and squeeze the surprisingly soft and hard at the same time, texture of his friend’s manhood. Regardless of the situation that he found himself in he was determined not to let Shirley down and his bobbing head increased its rate. He was surprised though, to hear grunts of pleasure coming from Tom and, without losing a beat of his timing, he peered up to see Tom’s head thrown back as if he was actually enjoying the sucking that he was receiving.

Tom was, in fact, trying to appreciate the paintwork on the ceiling above him, but his hard-on didn’t tell lies as he thrust his hips slightly forward, trying to increase the pleasure that only a blow job can give, whoever it was applying it.

The minute was passing away; the women were all getting a terrific rush from the scene in front of them but Shirley decided, after all it was her fantasy, to up the ante and she started to caress Tom’s balls.

This had an immediate reaction as Tom began to fuck Bert’s face with venom, something that took Bert with surprise as he tried to swallow as much of his friend’s cock as possible. Bert had experienced many a blow-job and he was trying to remember what he enjoyed most about them. With only seconds left, he started to use his tongue on the, ultra-sensitive, pee-hole and that brought about more thrusting from Tom who then tried to stuff his whole fuck-pole down Bert’s throat!


Bert popped the cock of his pal out of his mouth at the sound of the timer, it still stood there, erect and covered in his saliva, as it bounced in front of him. The women all clapped and applauded him as they appreciated the scene that they had just enjoyed.

“God, that was fucking great!” Linda moaned as she fingered herself.

“Fucking awesome!” Julie agreed as, she also, was so turned on by the exhibition of male lust and her fingers worked frantically on her clit in appreciation of that.

“Thank you guys,” was Shirley’s comment as she bent forward and gave Tom’s penis a fond kiss before turning her attention to Bert and forced her tongue into the unsuspecting mouth, in order to taste both men at the same time.

“Fucking good Bert!” she mumbled as their lips smashed together in a moment of passion, her tongue exploring the orifice that had just sucked off another man, “Fucking good,” she repeated as she pulled away, pushing him back towards his couch while she went to the coffee table to see who’s next fantasy was going to come true. She pulled out the slip of paper and smiled, “It’s your turn Bert.”

He had to get up again and choose how many minutes, it was a three!

By now, he had enough time to put his erotic mind into motion and even having to eat cock hadn’t dissolved that. He didn’t return to his seat, instead he simply knelt on the ever increasingly stained rug and motioned for Linda to join him, which she speedily did.

Bert pulled her towards him and whispered in her ear, “You, and me, doggie!”

For a reply she turned around on her knees and offered him her ass. Bert smiled at the lovely sight but didn’t try to penetrate her, yet. Instead he spoke aloud, “Julie?”


“I want to watch you being eaten out by Linda.”

“My pleasure,” she said and quickly lay on her back on the floor in front of the, about to be, copulating couple, her legs spread open showing her moist pussy which she proved by pulling her lips apart and allowing the audience to see right inside her.

Bert enjoyed the moment before indicating to Shirley to join them. “I want you here,” he said pointing to his right hand side, “so that I can suck those huge tits and finger-fuck you at the same time!”

She did as she was told and both Tom and Paul clapped as the scenario was complete, only it wasn’t.

“Tom, Paul?” Bert went on to say.

No answer.

“I want you both up here so that the girls can enjoy watching you having a wank.”

They shrugged and stood above the sexy foursome below them and placed their hands around their stiff members.

“No,” Bert went on to command, “don’t stroke your own cocks, wank off each other! You know how the ladies love to see man-to-man fun.” He added, referring to the last fantasy of Shirley’s.

By now it seemed pointless to complain so, with a look at each other that seemed to act as an apology, they swapped hands and Paul’s went around the staff of his buddy while Tom did likewise to him.

All three women leered at the erotic scene as Tom and Paul started to move their hands, their foreskins being pulled back and forward revealing the cock-head in all its glory.

“Time to begin,” uttered Bert as his perfectly positioned dick began to enter Linda. Taking that as a cue Linda bent forward, reluctantly taking her eyes off the masturbating couple, and stuck her mouth into the familiar scent of Julie’s pussy, seeking out the erect clitoris which wasn’t hard to do, seeing as how large it was. Linda had always nicknamed it as Julie’s third nipple!

The fucking began!

As Bert went in and out of Linda, slowly at first, he nibbled on Shirley’s left breast as his right hand shot up her legs. Three fingers; middle, ring and pinkie went easily into the expectant hole of her pussy while his index finger was available to enter into her other brown orifice, which it did with surprising ease. Shirley lowered her body, encouraging him to go deeper into her, and he sped up his fucking.

Shirley glanced down and watched in wonder at what Bert was doing to Linda’s cunt; it was stretching it to a seemingly impossible degree and, by the sound of joy coming from her pussy filled mouth, she was loving every minute of it!

The slapping noise of their copulation was like music to her ears, as was the sound of the sucking that Julie was receiving form Linda and Shirley shot a glance in her direction to watch her writhing on the rug with Linda’s hands mauling the other two nipples.

Looking over to her left she also got sexy view of two beautiful cocks being played with by different men, the sight was almost too much for her self control and she bounced up and down violently on Bert’s penetrating fingers up her pussy and arse. Her arse! She wondered at her wanton behaviour as she encouraged Bert to finger fuck her butt hole harder and faster.

She returned her gaze back down to the pulsating cock that was appearing, and disappearing, at an alarming rate of knots. Every time that monster showed itself Shirley could make out the coating of Linda’s fuck juice that had lubricated the enormously thick sausage. “Oh God,” she whispered into Bert’s ear as he sucked and sucked her tit, “That looks so fucking good!”

Bert’s mouth left her breast, took a brief peek down at his own handiwork and then put his mouth squarely on Shirley’s and kissed her with passion.

Paul and Tom looked on in an erotic haze at the antics of Bert and Shirley and Linda, their eyes darting back and forth at Bert’s sexy kissing and his noisy fucking, to the wriggling figure on the rug who was being treated to an expert tongue and massaging hands of Linda. The scene was so horny that they forgot for a moment who was wanking who!

“Come on Bert!” Paul shouted his encouragement, “Fuck her harder!”

Bert broke off from his kiss and planted his lips back on to the perspiration-coated, and extremely fuckable, mammoth rack that Shirley shamelessly presented to him and increased his penetration of the sodden cunt that splashed with erotic pleasure at his every thrust.

The aroma of sex is a powerful aphrodisiac and all of them in the confined space enjoyed the scent. No more so than Linda who was being pummelled mercilessly from her kneeling position as she tasted, but more importantly smelt, Julie’s aroused pussy.

She also realised that this scenario must come to a halt soon and so, with an extra squeeze of her thighs, she broke away from Julie’s third nipple and ordered Bert to…

“Stop!” she screamed.

Bert understood and, with his next thrust, buried himself balls-deep up the throbbing pussy and remained perfectly still. Immediately he could feel Linda’s vaginal muscles contract and expand around his rigid member and he waited for her next announcement which he anticipated as this was one of Linda’s favourite methods of achieving orgasm. He wasn’t disappointed.

“I’m fucking cumming!” she croaked and returned her attention back to Julie’s dripping cunt, all the time her pulsating pussy was milking up as much Bert’s cock as she could bringing her to a huge climax.

“Fuck!” she tried to scream, but with her mouth determined not to leave Julie’s succulent bud, the sound was muffled.

Her contractions increased and so did the sexual pleasure she was enjoying. What sounded like, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” told everyone that she was going through the throes of orgasm. Bert just knelt there, rock solid, and allowed the randy bitch to bring herself off.


Six people all managed to say “Shit!” at the same time, albeit that two of those expletives were probably more in a sense of relief as Tom and Paul released a cock that didn’t belong to them. The other four “Shit’s” were definitely of a frustrated nature although Linda was hardly that.

Reluctantly Bert began to pull out and Shirley got a great view as the monster re-appeared and left the well-fucked hole with a sexy plop. She also felt his fingers leave both of her holes and she tried, unsuccessfully, to lean down so that he could continue. Bert left her with a feeling of emptiness, no doubt Linda was feeling the same, but he brought the three fingers that had been playing with her pussy and sniffed them, before sucking them clean. He then took his index finger and, with a lingering breath from his nostrils, smelt the musky scent before that finger also went into his mouth. Shirley thought that was so sexy, and dirty, that she almost came again just watching him.

“Fuck that was so good,” said Julie as she tried to stand up but, with the oral talents of Linda still making her clit throb, she struggled to regain her chair. Eventually she was joined by the other two women and they gazed, lustfully, at the three fuck-poles opposite them who had also managed to sit down.

“Holy fuck, that was just…!” Linda started to say but was reminded by Julie that there was still one more session to be enjoyed before a break was due.

“There’s only one name left,” she pointed out, “and it’s yours,” she turned round to face Linda.

“Oh fuck!” Linda squeaked, “I don’t know if I can but…” She took a deep breath and forced herself forward to see the time that she had to play with. “It’s another three!” she told the others with a filthy look on her face before returning to her seat.

After a moment of trying to get her breath back, she told the quintet what she had fantasised.

“Well,” she spoke at last, “as you can see, I’ve just been well and truly fucked!” To emphasise this she opened her legs and gave the men a lewd view of her recently battered cunt. “So,” she added teasingly, “I am going to watch for the next three minutes.”

Everyone shuffled on their backsides awaiting the outcome of Linda’s saucy thoughts. It wasn’t too bad for the men but Julie and Shirley had to squirm in a puddle of their own, now cool, droppings that had dripped out of their pussies as the evening had gone by, each ‘challenge’ creating more, and more, of their bodily fluid to seep out.

“Bert,” she said in a stern voice.

“Yes?” he answered cagily.

Linda smiled and reassured him, “You get to be fucked again.”

He breathed a sigh of relief.

“Lie on the rug,” Linda ordered, and he threw himself down as an eager lemur would throw himself off a cliff.

Linda spoke again, “Julie.”

“Yes Linda?”

“Sit on top of him; put his wonderful cock up your pussy!”

“Yippee!” she squealed and, with indecent haste, impaled herself on the can of beans!

Linda hadn’t finished yet and went on with her instructions, “Shirley?”

Shirley licked her lips in anticipation as to what was coming next. “I want you to sit on Bert’s face.”

Instantly Bert was treated to a sweet smelling, and very wet, pussy being lowered onto his eagerly waiting tongue. Without being told to, both women started to writhe their bodies in a sexy manner on the delighted Bert.

“Lucky fucker!” said Tom to Paul as their combined foot and a half of cock bulged out in front of them. Linda, in the meantime, had resumed her masturbation on her, ever-so tender, clitoris and made her penultimate decision.

“Boys?” she turned round and admired the impressive hard-ons in front of her, “pick a face and fuck it!”

Tom raced towards Shirley while Paul forced his manhood into Julie’s willing mouth.

“Ok,” she said finally, “this is the last fantasy before we have a comfort break.”

“You mean before you get to eat and drink again?” Tom suggested as Shirley greedily swallowed his burgeoning masterpiece.

Linda ignored the remark, thinking instead of washing her hair to remove Shirley’s juices that had matted her far better than any other gel that she had used in the past to create a funky hairstyle. She stated the obvious, “You have three minutes of fun to enjoy. I want you men to let go, I want to see all of your cocks burst out with cum. If it doesn’t happen then, who gives a fuck, because we have another round to go but, if you can, that would be my fantasy fulfilled.

With that being said, she pressed the button on her phone that timed the forthcoming fuck-session for three minutes only. As Julie started to bounce up and down on Bert in earnest, Shirley smashed her pussy as hard as she could onto Bert’s willing mouth, and Tom and Paul both plunged their ramrod hard pricks down the throats of the horny fuckers!

Linda was loving the vista, her right hand caressing her aching pleasure button, whilst her left hand started to play with her anus, tickling it at first before making the first insertion into the tight hole that she loved to have fucked. This time it was only with her finger but she closed her eyes for a second and thought about the many times that she had had a raging cock up there!

Opening her eyes again she gasped as she looked at the randy five-some fucking away in front of her. Bert was already starting to lose control and Linda recognised the fervour of his grunting as the sweat poured off of him as Julie gave him a fucking of a lifetime!

“Oh shit, I’m losing it!” he rasped as he was being raped by Julie, “I’m fucking losing it!”

Seconds later his forecast came true as he started to pump his semen deep into the wet hole of the woman who was fucking him, he wasn’t fucking her, he was being deliciously fucked instead. Julie felt the hot liquid enter her pussy and, as a result, joined Bert in orgasmic delight.

“Fucking Christ!” she screamed as she came hard, the thick cock inside her bringing her to a new height of ecstasy as she rode the spurting monster until she had drained it of all its delightful sperm.

In spite of his orgasm Bert still continued to slurp on the sweet pussy that Shirley insisted on pressing onto his face in an attempt to gain sexual satisfaction as well. She was wonderfully rewarded as Bert managed to connect with one of her many G-spots and she shuddered with delight as her body gave way to the feeling of absolute sexual bliss as she reached yet another climax.

The noise was awesome and was also a huge catalyst in what was to happen next. Linda looked at the timer, realised that there was less than a minute left, and called out for Tom and Paul to switch the mouths that they were, currently, fucking.

“Change the face that you are fucking!” she called out as her fingers increased the motion on her, still sensitive, love button. Tom and Paul looked at her in confusion before the penny dropped.

Swiftly they changed positions and stuffed their cocks into another woman’s mouth and pumped away at the new sensation that was about to be filled with an absolute explosion of cum.

“Fuck yes!” Tom shouted as he filled the mouth of the still orgasmic mouth of Julie, who was still thrashing back and forth of the softening Bert.

Paul followed his example seconds later as he gave his lovely Shirley yet more sperm down her throat as she continued to thrust her pussy onto Bert’s willing mouth.

“Fucking magic!” he grunted, his body covered in sweat as he pumped more, and more, of his semen into the thirsty mouth of his girlfriend.

“Fucking magic!” he repeated as his orgasm subsided, leaving him weak-kneed as the last of his cock-juice left him and followed the previous bursts of cum down Shirley’s throat. He leant forward and whispered, “I love you,” into her ear.

She put her head up towards him and gave him a sensuous kiss, her body completely satisfied, and replied in kind.

“I love you so much, thank you for all of this.”

“How was Bert’s tongue?” he asked her. “Was it better than his cock?”

Shirley smiled naughtily and replied, “His tongue was magic, just like yours, but his cock?” she paused for a moment, “his cock was unbelievably fantastic!”

Paul gave a final thrust of his depleting cock into her mouth at hearing those sexy words and was rewarded with sloppy suck from his adoring girlfriend.

“Time out!” Linda shouted as she made the symbol. “Time is definitely fucking out!” she announced as she sunk back onto her couch. “I’m so fucking thirsty!”

One by one the sticky quintet drew apart from each other, all bodies smothered in sweat and semen and female liquid of various origins. They gradually managed to regain their seats with lots of sighs and puffs and tried to get their breath back to normal. The women all had their legs open in a suggestive manner, using their hands to act as fans, and the men were squeezing their softening cocks, letting the last remaining droplets of cum drip onto the carpet below, allowing the women an erotic sight that caused three sighs of appreciation.

“Jesus!” Julie managed to say at last, “That was so fucking unbelievable,” her voice still with a tremble to it as she leered at the limp pricks, two of them had been inside her moments earlier and she still tasted the sperm that Tom had deposited in her mouth, and she looked down at her tender pussy and watched as Bert’s cum came seeping out.

That gave the men something to ogle at but, even with a blue pill inside of them; they were going to need some time before starting the second act.

“Right,” said Linda in an affirmative tone, “I need a beer,” and she struggled off the couch and gently made her way to the kitchen. She re-appeared seconds later and put the chilled bottles of beer on the dining room table. No-one else had yet moved so she returned to the fridge and returned with another bottle of wine. Still nobody had managed pick up the energy to join her.

“Come on boys and girls, the drinks are getting warm!”

Finally, with a mixture of choice language and sighs, she was joined at the table by the five, extremely well-fucked and randy, fuck buddies. She raised her bottle to her lips and just about managed to say “Cheers,” before the thirst-quenching beer sizzled as it was swallowed with passion.

“Before we go at it again,” Shirley suggested, “I need a quick shower.”

“Good idea,” agreed Julie.

“Brilliant!” added Linda as she rustled her hair, now sticky with Shirley’s dried-in spectacular squirt.

“If you’ll excuse the expression,” Tom spoke for the other two guys, “I think we’ll join you, not in the biblical senses of course, just a clean-up.”

“Ok,” Linda said, slightly more refreshed than she had been a moment ago, “same rules as before, two minutes max in the shower and we all are back here in ten, agreed!”

The rest quaffed what was left of their refreshers and headed off to the respective bedrooms. If any of them had been bothered to count then they would have realised that the actual time spent in the first half of the games in the various acts of a sexual nature was a mere thirteen minutes!

More fun was to follow, only it would only be eleven minutes this time still, the extras in between more than makes up for that, just like the first half only dirtier!

I hope that you enjoyed reading that, I had great fun writing it!

Still to come? The second half of the fantasy games and the men get to find out what is in the fourth pot!

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