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Let The Games Begin: Chapter 04

Written by admin

So far our six randy fuckers have enjoyed themselves. If you haven’t read the first few chapters, don’t worry, I believe that this next episode of their frolics will excite you without any background…enjoy!


“Ok,” Linda said, slightly more refreshed than she had been a moment ago, “same rules as before, two minutes max in the shower and we all are back here in ten, agreed!”

The rest quaffed what was left of their refreshers and headed off to the respective bedrooms. If any of them had been bothered to count then they would have realised that the actual time spent in the first half of the games in the various acts of a sexual nature was a mere thirteen minutes!

More fun was to follow, only it would only be eleven minutes this time still, the extras in between more than makes up for that, just like the first half only dirtier!

Ten minutes later they all reconvened around the dining room table. The ladies had all redressed to some point, Linda had a put on a black corset that trimmed her tummy and accentuated her large breasts, the base of which hugged her hips with only a thin strip of strategic lacing denying the men a full view of her knickerless pussy. Shirley had donned a pearl Basque that threatened to burst out on up top as she had, somehow, managed to push her impressive rack into the outfit that was at least a few sizes too small for her, her deeply brown areolas visible for all to admire. The outfit had matching pearl panties that were almost pointless, both in size and the fact that she had already managed to drench them with her sweet tasting cunt fluid. Julie, in the meantime, also made a fantastic appearance with her red Teddy that did nothing to hide her erect, and extremely large, nipples that threatened to tear the thin material that barely covered them. Her red strip of cloth that posed as knickers was now two-toned, with the front ‘v’ already a darker colour as she also showed her excitement in liquid form!

Tom, Bert and Paul all applauded as the women paraded in front of the. They had also dressed, if you could call it that, in fresh boxers (courtesy of Linda’s spare supply of them, where did she get them from?) and athlete’s vests. Tom wore black, Bert yellow, and Paul was wearing virgin white, although the use of the word ‘virgin’ might not be appropriate. Besides, the woman all looked leeringly at what was sprouting out from the boxers with three wet stains of pre-cum trying to match the ladies wetness, but not even coming close!

“Hello boys,” Julie was the first to speak as she fondled herself through the flimsy red lace that excited her, “Fancy some fun?” she said as her eyes concentrated on the burgeoning bulges that stretched the black cloth of the pants in front of her. She wasn’t alone as Linda and Shirley made no pretence at hiding their lustful gazes at the hidden shafts that greeted them.

To be fair, the reason for the sudden increase in the men’s ample appendages was all too simple; the sight of three, sexily clad, fuck-machines would have had a priest in a similar state, if he wasn’t too busy fucking an altar boy.

Five of them sat down around the table while Linda wiggled into the kitchen to fetch some more refreshments. She returned a moment later and replenished their glasses with the chilled wine before taking her place beside Julie and Shirley.

“Cheers,” she said as she raised her Chardonnay and clinked her glass, first of all with Julie but, within seconds, all six glasses made the lovely sound of celebration that echoed around the room.

Some small talk took place although, you won’t be surprised to hear, it was full of innuendo and comments about what they had all enjoyed in the first half of the games. As they chatted all of them were thinking about what was to come, what barriers were about to be broken?

With a tilt of her head Julie finished her glass of wine with a sigh of pleasure, allowing the men to admire her pert breasts that seemed to shout, ‘suck me!’

“Are you up for it?” she asked pointlessly, looking at the three studs in front of her.

The five other glasses were quickly drained and it was Shirley who made the first move over to the couches, quickly followed by three huge cocks and two, extremely moist, pussies. Before she got there, Linda intervened.

“I think that we should swap our seats.”

“Why?” Shirley asked.

“You’ll see,” said Linda with a naughty smile.

Shirley didn’t say another word and took her place on the couch where the boys had been sitting. She was promptly joined by Julie and Linda and they all watched as the men took their seats opposite them.

“Oh fuck!”

“Oh fuck!”

“Oh fuck!” all three of them exclaimed as their boxers were instantly drenched with the seepage that had soaked the couch from the previous session. Cunt juice was everywhere and the women laughed at the sight of the men squirming as they tried to make themselves comfortable.

“Thanks ladies,” Paul hissed as he felt his balls being saturated with the, now cold, fluid that had so recently flowed from the excited pussies that he gazed longingly at.

“Can you us a favour boys?” Julie asked, “Before we start again.”

“What’s that” Bert said cautiously.

Julie smiled before answering. “Can you all just stand up, turn around, and show off your beautiful butts for us girls!”

The guys knew better than to reject such an offer so, with reluctance, they all stood up and showed off their delectable asses to the admiring audience, Tom even wriggled his lovely bum at the appreciative audience!

“Oh fuck yes!” Linda whispered lasciviously as she leered at the three arses displayed in front of her, their saturated underwear leaving nothing to the imagination. Julie and Shirley joined her in their admiration of the men’s nether regions that were being shown to them, albeit it unwillingly.

“Ok boys,” Julie said with a hint of regret, “Put those delicious buttocks back on the couch and we can begin.”

It was with a sense of relief that the men returned their ogled rear-ends to the damp relief of the cushions below them. Their erections, however, belied the fact that they hadn’t enjoyed the experience.

“Game on” shouted Linda as she squeezed her legs together, “Let’s fuck!”

“Who’s to go?” asked Paul, his shorts barely unable to hide his excitement.

“Wait a minute,” interjected Julie, “How do we get the boy’s kit off?”

It was Shirley that suggested a solution, “Why don’t we just remove an item every time that their name is pulled out of the pot and every time that they are asked to ‘perform’ for us. They’ve only got their knickers and vests on so it shouldn’t be long before we see them naked!” she finished.

“Great, thanks,” Tom agreed, “but what about you girls, getting naked that is?”

“No need,” Julie said swiftly as she stood up and, unashamedly, put her hands down to the ‘v’ between her legs and pulled the red excuse for a gusset aside and showed off her engorged labia. “We’re all crotchless! Take my word for it.”

The men all gazed in admiration at the pussies that were being displayed for them, after all they had all had their cocks up each one earlier, and they couldn’t wait to feel the velvety feeling of the sweet vaginas wrapped around them once more. To further enforce her statement, Shirley and Linda also stood up and proudly exposed themselves down under, Shirley copying Julie’s display and Linda simply raised the hem of her corset up to reveal herself. “Satisfied?” asked Shirley innocently.

“Not yet,” Bert said in a dirty tone, “but I will be soon I bet!”

“Enough of that,” Julie remarked as she sat down, followed by the other two women whose seepage was already starting to ruin the new-found couch, “It’s time for the first pick. Who’s turn is it Linda?”

“I get to pull the first name out of the pot?” She asked as she stood up and showed off her black corset for everyone to admire, she cupped her breasts with both hands first before turning around and showed off her lace-covered ass. She felt the eyes leering at her and, as a result, she almost came there and then. With a reluctance to stop the moment of naughtiness she hurriedly pulled a piece of paper out of the third pot, or jar if you prefer.

“It’s Tom,” she announced before regaining her seat, all semblance of modesty depleted!

“Fuck yes!” Tom said with glee as he went to find out how many minutes of sexual bliss he was about to enjoy.

“Shit!” he swore vehemently, “It’s only a minute.”

“That’s still 60 seconds of fun though, isn’t it?” Shirley said encouragingly.

Tom took her point and changed his mind about his chosen fantasy. “Too true,” he said in a sinister way.

With that being said he stood up and approached the girls who looked so sexy in their outfits. He leant forward and grasped Linda’s arm and yanked her up onto the stained rug. Her black corset barely managed to contain her tits as she jumped up in anticipation.

Tom’s right hand went immediately into the moist opening between her legs and he started to finger-fuck her hard.

“Oh, fucking Christ!” she screamed as her vagina was assaulted and she bounced up and down trying to get more pleasure from the sexual attack.

Tom stopped.

“Oh fuck no!” Linda pleaded but it was Tom to speak next as he whispered into her ear.

“You know that you love a cock in your arse?” he asked rhetorically.

“Of course,” she breathed huskily, “After all, you’ve been up there often enough! But first of all,” she added, “let’s start to get you naked again!” With that she put her thumbs, on either side of his thighs inside the elasticated waist band, and started to pull his pants down. Soon she came across the obvious barrier that his nine inch erection caused, and she felt obliged to lower herself onto her knees to further enjoy the unveiling.

Julie and Shirley licked their lips in anticipation as they watched Linda play with the still hidden bulge, her tongue teasing the outline as he hands went to his rear and caressed his lovely butt. Tom squirmed in delight that was short lived unfortunately as, with one swift movement, his bare ass was joined by his bare front and his cock was finally released, bouncing in front of Linda’s face. What was she to do? Suck it of course!

“So,” Linda said after a few strokes as she stood up, a cock in hand, “You want to fuck my arse?”

“Well this time,” he continued as he returned his fingers to her pussy, “I want to watch.”


“I want to watch you being fucked in the arse with my eyes only an inch away!”

“Kinky!” said Julie.

“But not illegal,” added Shirley.

Linda looked behind her, spotted Paul’s sexy eyes and then allowed her gaze to drop to his nine inches of magic that threatened to ruin the cloth that surrounded it, the penis that she had enjoyed up her arse earlier.

“…and,” Tom went on, “I want to watch you being ass-fucked by…”

Linda’s eyes, once more, leered at the fuck-pole that belonged to Paul.


“What?” Linda screamed, “No way, you can’t be serious? Put that monster up my arse? No fucking way, it’s impossible!”

Tom gave his own piece of advice, “Not really,” he said sympathetically, “Julie had it up her a few nights ago.”

“And she still can’t fucking walk straight!” Linda said sarcastically.

“You know the rule.” Julie said remorselessly.

“Of course I do,” Linda yelped, “After all I made it up but…” she stared at the can of beans that stood to attention, “…oh what the fuck!”

With that being said, she re-arranged herself so that she knelt on the couch, her backside displayed for all to see, especially Bert who was bursting to release his cock. He didn’t have to as Shirley sprung forward and yanked down the flimsy material, his manhood springing up into the air which she greedily began to suck.

“Wait a minute!” squealed Julie, “That’s not in the script.”

Shirley gave Bert another suck or two before apologising.

The next voice to be heard came from Linda. “Julie?”


“Get the lube, and plenty of it, I think that I’m going to need a pint up my arse!”

Julie opened the bottle that was conveniently at hand and pulled the flimsy black corset aside and started to pour the soothing liquid down Linda’s ass cheeks. She then helped its destination by inserting first one, then two, then three fingers up the brown hole. Linda wriggled in delight as she felt her sphincter being penetrated by her friend.

“Give me some of that lube,” Shirley said to Julie, and she cupped her hands together as Julie duly obliged, dripping a generous amount onto the outstretched hands. “I’ll make sure that Bert is well oiled up for you Linda.”

“How kind,” was the caustic reply as she gazed behind to see that Shirley had both of her hands, fingers unable to reach one another, start to masturbate the ogre that was about to sodomize her.

“Oh fuck!” she whispered as she turned her head back and closed her eyes, waiting for the assault to begin.

By this time Paul had stood up and approached the others to improve his view, his cock still encased in its prison. “Now that is a sight,” he gasped, “that people would give good money to see!”

Julie’s fingers were still preparing Linda as Bert started to sidle forward, Shirley’s hands still wrapped around him. He was only an inch away from forbidden pleasure when Shirley took one last taste of him as she tickled his pee-hole with her tongue, causing Bert to wobble in delight, before she guided him to the very entrance that he lusted after.

Julie, reluctantly, removed her hand from Linda, her Teddy outfit being admired by the men, and wiped the excess lubrication on her own ass that now gleaned erotically in the soft lighting, a task that Shirley would copy momentarily on either side of her own sexy lingerie.

“I hope everyone has got a good view,” Linda said with a hint of sarcasm as she felt the thick cock touch her rectum for the first time. Everybody had!

“Start the timer then,” she pleaded.

“Not yet,” Julie held the phone in her oily hand, “He has to be at least halfway in and fucking you!” she said encouragingly.

Bert made his first, gentle, prod forward and Linda grimaced as the mammoth beast started to attempt to enter her. She did her best to relax her muscle defences and he was able to get his first foothold into the tight opening. He paused for a moment as he prised apart her sphincter, the barrier slightly giving way as she tried to get used to his size.

Another tender push and Bert watched as the first inch of his cock, glistening with the oil that Shirley had thoughtfully applied, disappeared up the tight anal passage causing another gasp from Linda. Once again he paused, waiting for Linda to show him that she was willing to carry on. It took many seconds for her to nod her head that Bert took for confirmation for him to continue which he did, but with consideration. He withdrew a fraction before leaning forward again, easing his engorged prick further up her arse.

“Jesus fuck!” Tom hissed, his eyes only inches away, as he watched Bert’s cock go further inside, almost half of its length now hidden from view.

Once more Bert stopped any movement, although the tightness that he felt wrapped around his manhood made that very difficult. He so much wanted to start shafting her but, again, he waited for Linda’s nod. It took a while but, eventually, he got the signal to continue.

Linda had made him wait as the pain that she had felt on his first penetration started to disappear, to be replaced by a type of perverted pleasure, and she started to enjoy the experience so, with the nod of her head being given, she felt him withdraw and re-enter her with more ease this time.

Four thrusts was all it took before Shirley spoke for everyone, “for fuck’s sake, he’s balls deep Linda!”

“Don’t I fucking know it!” she screamed, “Start the fucking timer!”

As Julie pressed the ‘go’ button Bert began sixty seconds of sheer delight and began, again gently at first, to move in and out of the lubricated chute. Linda’s screams greeted his every movement as he started to pick up speed.

“Fuck!” she squealed as he bottomed out in her again.

“Fuck yes!” she shouted as he repeated the manoeuvre.

“Fuck me!” she hollered repeatedly every time that he shagged her, harder and faster with each thrust, until she was just a continuous incoherent noise.

“Oh fuck that butt!” Julie added her encouragement that Bert didn’t really need as he was pumping her with all his might, the sweat streaming down his face to join his saturated chest.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” was all that emanated from Linda’s mouth as she got the pummelling of her life. What she had thought of as being impossible had turned into an erotic dream come true and she aided Bert’s abuse of her shit-hole by pushing back against the jumbo cock inside of her.


“Oh shit!” Bert hissed as he slowed down and, with remarkable self-control and tenderness, began his reluctant departure from Linda’s arse. When he did leave his audience all gasped in astonishment at the gaping gorge that he had left behind, her black corset still to the one side.

“Jesus!” muttered Tom from his vantage point, “You could drive a fucking bus up there!”

“More like a fleet of taxis,” was Paul’s contribution as they looked up Linda’s anus, joined by the amazed eyes of Julie and Shirley.

Bert had excused himself to clean up but was back within a minute to find that Linda’s ass was still on display, oiled up as were Julie and Shirley, and still her sphincter hadn’t returned to normal. She was moaning and groaning from her kneeling position on the couch, her thighs rocking her back and forward as she tried to calm down from the butt fuck of a lifetime.

Eventually the five observers could see that Linda was able to tighten her rectum but, as she did so, she felt another urge welling up inside of her. “Oh fuck,” she said, “I’ve got to go a place,” and with that she stood up awkwardly and waddled to the room that Bert had just vacated. She sat down in the nick of time as shite and pee came whooshing out of her uncontrollably. The ablution took a mere few seconds and Linda thought that was how having an enema must feel. She tidied herself up, flushed the toilet, and sat on the bidet and enjoyed the welcome warmth that eased her aching butt.

After that she padded her ass dry, washed her hands and, gingerly walked back to the quintet wafting her hand in front of her nose in a blokes’ manner before announcing, with her thumb pointing back towards the bathroom, “I’d give it five minutes guys!”

That got a great laugh and applause from the anxious quintet as Linda approached Tom and Bert and gave them a huge kiss each, whispering into their ears, “Thank you boys,” and went to take her seat.

“Not so fast,” Shirley interrupted her, “You have to pick the next name.”

“Again?” she questioned.

Nods appeared all round and she stretched forward to the pot containing the five remaining names hoping, all the time, that it wouldn’t be her. She needing some convalescence!

“It’s Paul,” she declared with a sense of relief.

“Knickers off!” shouted Julie as Paul rose from his seat, drew the paper from the third pot; it said two minutes, and threw himself onto the woollen rug in haste and laid on his back, his straining boxers on display for all to see.

“Fancy taking these off Shirley?”

She bounced, quite delightfully in her naughty lingerie that barely held her breasts, towards him and, sexily, started to remove the unwanted item of clothing from his body using hands, teeth and tongue. As the material was lowered his beautiful cock sprung up in the air to gasps of approval from the other two women who liked their men naked!

“What now?” Shirley asked as she grabbed the base of the familiar fuck-pole that she adored.

“Lick my balls and ass.”

She obeyed eagerly and, as she started her oral teasing by beginning her tongue movement on one ball, and then the other, before starting to rim him, just as she had done earlier with Julie, tasting his anus with relish, she heard him say.


“Yes?” she replied in anticipation.

“Want a fuck?”

“I thought you’d never ask kind sir,” and, before the ‘sir’ was uttered, she had impaled herself on the long shaft that Shirley held upright, his cock sliding in through the slat in the red Teddy. “That feels so fucking good,” Julie panted as she took all nine inches up her pussy in one motion, forcing Shirley’s hand to release her hold.

She started to fuck him at once but Paul held onto her hips and forced her to stop temporarily as he looked up at the third, sexily clad, woman in the room.


“What?” she asked in trepidation, still squirming on her seat from the amazing ass-fucking that she had just enjoyed.

“Why don’t you sit on my face, I would love to kiss your ass better!”

“I can handle that,” and she obliged by doing as requested and sat down to feel a soothing tongue wriggle its way past her corset defences and, throwing her slimy phone to Tom told him to start the countdown.

“Go for it Paul,” he yelled as he pressed the button, “Have a fucking good two minutes!”

Paul didn’t reply as his mouth was busy licking and sucking Linda’s arse hole.

Shirley munched greedily on his balls as she got fantastic view of his cock, covered in Julie’s juices, having a great time as he fucked her. Actually, Julie’s upper body was almost static and it was her thighs and ass that were moving nineteen to the dozen. Paul wasn’t fucking her, she was fucking him…and how!

This all gave Bert and Tom a vision of lustful joy as they watched Julie’s oiled ass pummel up and down on their buddy’s prick while, beside the sexy fuckers, another beautifully lubricated butt, enhanced by the pearl, crotch less, knickers that allowed a glimpse of pink pussy lips that had already leaked enough delicious cunt juice to make them almost transparent.

“Christ, would you look at that ass!” Bert whispered to Tom.

“Which one?” Tom replied in similar tones.

“Who gives a fuck?”

“I would, to both of them!” was the dirty response.

Julie sped up her humping of the fuck-pole inside of her, even adding a wiggle from side to side that brought gasps of approval from the two randy males that were her audience, and she knew it!

Then, accidentally on purpose, she lifted her ass just a fraction over nine inches and a well lubricated cock popped out of her. Shirley moved like lightning and grabbed the base, pulling it back towards her and, immediately, put it in her mouth and started to suck it furiously, tasting the mixture of the fornicators’ juices.

“That’s amazing,” said Bert with a leer as he watched the bobbing head swallow the long dick with ease, his eyes switching from that vista to the one where a wriggling pussy was dripping constantly above the cock-sucker.

“That’s enough Shirley,” Julie insisted, “put him back inside me, we don’t have much time.”

Reluctantly Shirley let the dick leave her mouth and, still holding onto the base, guided it to the right angle for Julie to restart giving Paul as much pleasure that she could in the allotted time, and pleasure was what Paul was definitely feeling!

He hadn’t been able to see the sexy scenario but even he knew the difference from a pussy and a mouth and the image that was conjured up in his mind almost made him blow his load right there and then. He managed, just, to control himself as he felt his cock, a hand on its base and the warmth and moisture of a pussy on heat being re-introduced, to a hot cunt.

He moaned and grunted as he increased his attack on the sweaty butt-hole that was crunching into his face and he could hear the muffled sounds of Linda’s passion grow when his tongue managed to slip up the relaxed sphincter and entered her anus as far as he could. The volume of her rapture increased dramatically and she thrust her butt down harder to maximise the thrill.

Tom and Bert couldn’t see what Paul was doing to Linda but the sounds of ecstasy that screamed out of her gave them a good idea!

“Fucking hell!” Linda swore passionately as she felt the penetration of Paul’s tongue slide up her dirty hole. She had closed her eyes momentarily at the first insertion but now they were wide open and glaring with desire as she got a randy wink from Julie who was only inches away. Lust took over her and she leant forward to give her friend an intimate kiss which increased to a passionate one that brought whelps of delight from the guys on the couch at the horny spectacle.

Linda broke from the kiss and whispered hoarsely to Julie, “He’s got his tongue up my…”


Four “For fuck’s sake!” came from sexual quartet and was echoed by the pair on the couch. “That was awesome you guys, fucking awesome!” Tom spoke for both of them as the bodies on the ground in front of them started to unravel, in no great hurry it has to be said. Shirley gave Paul’s balls one last nibble, Julie contracted her inner muscles around the stiff member inside her a few times, and Linda ground her ass onto his face to gain a final surge of bliss, before all three women crawled back to their couch and settled there with smug looks.

Paul was left all alone on the rug and it took a short time to regain his senses, and his breath, after 120 seconds of sheer delight. Eventually he rose and joined his buddies.

“What a fuck!” he rasped as he sat down, “The best fucking sex I’ve had without cumming!” he added.

“Lucky bastard!” Bert greeted him with a grin; “Still,” he went on to say, “you put on a good show for us poor sods up here. We just loved those oiled-up asses! What were you doing to Linda, by the way?”

Before he got a chance to answer Julie called out across the short space that separated them, “Come on stud, it’s your turn to pick.”

With slightly shaking legs Paul did as he was told and the next name to be announced was…

“…it’s you Bert.”

He sprung up like the frustrated beast that he was and ferreted out the piece of paper that told him that he also had two minutes of some sort of kinky sex to look forward to, but what was it to be? He kept the others waiting for what seemed like forever, but was merely seconds, before spoke.

“Em,” he started hesitantly, taking a quick look at Paul in almost an apologetic way before turning his gaze towards Shirley, “I don’t know if my fantasy might come true later but I’m not going to take that chance so,” again he paused, staring directly at the luscious boobs that were barely contained by the Pearl Basque and finished his sentence quickly, “I want to tit-fuck Shirley!”

She squealed with delight and bounced up to give a sensual kiss on Bert’s lips and then whispered in his ear, “I thought you’d never ask!”

“Off with his vest!” shouted Linda and Bert went to remove the sweaty item, still damp from the ass-fucking that he had given Linda.

“I’ll help,” Julie volunteered and shot up behind Bert and fondled his torso, her arms surrounding his midriff, and began, slowly, to roll the cloth up over his head. She held it for a second across his chest and, nonchalantly, let it fall to the floor, although it never got there as it landed on Bert’s thick erection and just lay there. The use of the word ‘flagpole’ would be quite an apt description of his cock!

She returned to her seat and Shirley took over, “How would you like to fuck me Bert, on my knees or on my back?”

“The first time that I saw you naked I wanted to be in between them, straddling you as you squeezed them around me…on the floor,” he finished.

“My pleasure kind sir but…” she paused with a lecherous look, “…I guess that I’ll have to take this off.” As she said this, her hands cupped her breasts and massaged them through the lingerie then, with gyrating hips; she started to remove her Basque giving Bert, and everyone else, a sexy striptease. She turned away from him, bent down to show off her ass, and began to unclip the retainers. As she unhooked the last clasp her hands went back to her breasts before the flimsy covering fell away and she held it up with her hands underneath her boobs, accentuating them even more.

Facing Bert again she teased him by allowing one areola to be exposed, and then she covered that up and showed her other brown circle with the nipple in the centre of it. Bert licked his lips as the show continued until, after more erotic taunting, she finished her performance to loud applause. She took a mocking curtsy before throwing herself on the rug, her sodden knickers still on but her labia available for all to see and appreciate.

“Somebody want to put some oil on these?” she asked as she played with her massive breasts.

Paul was the first to respond and he grabbed the bottle of lube and poured a generous amount over the boobs that he knew so well. He also knew that she loved to have them fucked and that Bert was going to have a rapturous two minutes ahead of him and he massaged the oil over both hillocks and the cleavage that separated them. He looked up at Bert, and his yellow flagpole, and said to him invitingly, “These tits are waiting for you, enjoy!”

He moved out of the way and was joined on the floor by the three others, all vying for a position where they could witness the fucking of Shirley’s tits by a can of beans!

Bert knelt down, his thighs on either side of Shirley, and whipped off his vest from his cock. He eased himself forward until he got into the ideal position and was just about to tell Linda to start the timer when Shirley shouted out, “Stop!”

“Eh?” said Bert whelped.

“Linda?” Shirley asked.


“Does that phone of yours have a camera?”

“Of course it has,” she replied nonchalantly before adding, “Oh I get it you naughty bitch, you want me to film this.”

Shirley nodded vehemently but went on to say, “Just the tits and cock, no faces understand?”

“Of course,” Linda replied innocently.

“Like hell,” Julie interrupted, “I can just imagine you with a pint, or two, of wine inside you putting it on Facebook or something like that,”

“That’s not fair!” she pleaded.

“If you are going to record this,” Paul was the next to speak, “Then I want you to send me a copy.”

“Me too!”

“And me!”

“Count me in!” said Bert.

“I need to see this again,” Shirley was the last to speak as she looked down at the massive cock that was about to give her a huge thrill. “It would come in handy when Paul wasn’t around and I was feeling randy,”

“I’ll get the settings,” Linda agreed eagerly and worked on her phone. At the same time she also asked, “Has anyone got a watch so that we can have the two minute countdown?”

“A watch?” asked Tom incredulously, “You want us to look at a second hand when we could be appreciating this?” He finished with his index finger pointing at the sexy scene in front of him.

“Sorry,” Linda apologised, “how’s about a phone with a timer then?”

“I’ve got one!” Julie squealed and sprung towards the dining table, her ass deliciously on display as her red knickers snuck up between her bum cheeks.

“There we are,” she declared as she made her way, more sedately, towards the others, “Time for some serious titty-fucking!” and she pressed the button.

Bert didn’t waste another second as he pushed forward and his rigid cock started to fuck Shirley’s massive tits with vigour. He looked down at his own handiwork and was amazed to find out that he couldn’t see any evidence of his cock at all. Even when he had been in the same position with Linda, many a time, her boobs had never been able to engulf him completely but now…

…now his dick was invisible, inside the huge rack that enveloped him. Christ, it was fucking sexy!

Shirley was in rapture and she felt the familiar signs of orgasm approaching as she licked the tip of Bert’s dick every time that he thrust forward. She tried to put her hands down around his thighs to touch her most sensitive spot but she couldn’t manage it. She had to cry out for help.

“Could someone touch my clit, I need to come off!” she screamed.

The race ensued with Paul, Tom and Julie all trying to grant her wish. Julie won!

She knelt down beside the bucking Bert and her hand found its way towards Shirley’s most sensitive spot, her fingers swivelling around the pleasure bud with gusto. The result of which resulted in an orgasmic explosion that flew out of Shirley’s pussy in spectacular style.

As she watched Shirley’s climax spout out through the hole in her panties and over her hand, drenching both Paul and Tom in the process, she tore her gaze away to kiss Bert passionately on the lips.

“She’s cumming,” she managed to say between mangled mouth attacks, “She’s cumming buckets!”

“So am I,” hissed Bert as he slipped his cock up the greasy tits. He had tried to hold himself off, hoping to keep his sperm for later but it was of no use; he knew it. He thought of every mundane thing that he could think of but, when a man’s orgasm started to approach, there was nothing on this earth to stop it.

Hearing that, Linda broke her promise, conveniently, and panned out the camera to capture Bert’s spunk that was about to explode all over Shirley’s face.

“Oh fuck!” he moaned as he realised that the point of no return had arrived. He could no longer slow down so he did the honourable thing and sped up his thrusts in to the dummy pussy with nipples on either side.

“Oh fuck!” he repeated as he neared his heaven. “Shirley, open your mouth!”

She did and, seconds later, Bert’s grey sperm came shooting out of his cock, missing her mouth completely, as it shot up into the air with the first burst landing on the couch three feet away. The remnants of the initial ejaculation, although, did manage to douse Shirley’s hair and forehead. The second burst, a fraction of a second later, did have more control as Bert, instinctively, found his own cock in the mountain of flesh that he was fucking and pointed it towards the gaping mouth in front of him.

Shirley took the impressive spurt of semen that flooded into her mouth and swallowed it as quickly as she could but, before she managed to digest the salty protein, another burst came towards her, then another, then another, as Bert released all the pent-up sexual excitement that he had controlled ever since he had ass-fucked Linda earlier.

His last few emissions were still impressive as he pulled himself away from the glorious tits and, using his own hand, gave Shirley an almost perfect pearl necklace.

“Oh fuck!” he rasped as he, once again, sought out Julie’s lips. He sucked, and licked, the wet mouth. Nothing was more erotic to him than making love to one woman and kissing another at the same time; pure rapture!


It took many seconds before anyone could speak coherently apart from grunt. Finally Shirley managed to gasp at Linda, “Did you get that?”

Linda pressed the ‘save’ icon on her phone and nodded, “Oh yes,” she confirmed, “and I’m going to enjoy watching it again and again!”

“Fuck yes!” Shirley whimpered as she let loose her bumps and threw her head back onto the rug, leaving Bert’s rapidly softening cock dripping its final emissions onto her as he fondled his foreskin back and forth as he continued to kiss Julie greedily.

“Wow!” muttered Paul, his erection so massive after watching the performance of both of them. “That was…” words failed him so Tom had to finish the sentence, “…so brilliant!”

As if to emphasise that Linda put her phone down and speedily lowered her head in an attempt to scoop up some of the goo that Bert had deposited on the busty Shirley. She was joined at once by Julie who, reluctantly, broke off her kiss from Bert and aimed her mouth at what was left of the necklace that had been created by his sperm. Within seconds both women had gobbled up the fragrant semen and turned their attention to the excited nipples that stood up hard and sucked them for all it was worth.

Shirley closed her eyes as she enjoyed sexual heaven once more.

A moment later Shirley had been licked clean, Bert had got his breathing back to normal, Julie and Linda had had their thirst consummated and Tom and Paul had returned to their seats, hard-ons abundant!

Bert managed to return to the couch flanked by Paul and Tom and waited for the women to do likewise. Eventually, after much grunting and groaning, the three ladies sat opposite the men, staring at the two rampant cocks on either side of Bert’s flaccid one, albeit impressive even when it was soft.

He spoke, “Wow Shirley that was so much of a turn on, I never intended to cum but…”

She put her finger to her lips to cut him off mid-sentence, “hush,” she whispered as she continued to squirm, feeling the afterglow of pleasure that still rippled through her.

Linda coughed, far too loudly, and went on to say, “Come on Shirley, it’s your choice for the next fantasy, pick a name.”

Shirley rose from her chair reluctantly as she was still in the throes of yet another mini orgasm and chose a piece of paper. Unravelling it, she read out the five letters that she had written earlier on. “It’s you Linda” she said, her voice trembling a trifle as she returned to her female companions. Sitting down you could almost hear a tiny squelch as her ass bore weight on the puddle of cunt juice that she had deposited there.

Linda grinned and selected the time that she was allotted, the paper had the number 1 scrawled on it. She smiled wickedly as she showed off the number to the others then, slowly, took her place on the centre stage that was the woollen rug. She looked at her three potential victims, who all had balls, and a look of pure lust shone out of her eyes. She turned to face Julie and Shirley and smiled a dirty smile. “You’re going to love this girls!”

Returning her gaze to the guys, who had bemused and excited expressions on their faces, she raised her right index finger and, with a ‘come-on’ motion, indicated for Paul to join her. ‘Willingly’ hardly does it credit as he stood in front of her a second later, his stiff cock standing a fraction over nine inches away from her as it brushed her lower belly.

Equally as quick, her hand grasped his beautiful dick and started to play with it, gently pulling his foreskin down before replacing it to its original position. This she repeated again and again, each time putting a little bit more pressure on the pleasure stick as she sped up her action.

Paul moaned as the expert hand caused wafts of delight throughout his entire body, and this was enhanced as she moved forward to mash her breasts against his chest.

Having put herself into this position she was able to whisper into his ear, in a whisper, that is, that everyone could hear, “Did you enjoy being up my arse today?”

“Fuck yes!” he answered hoarsely.

“Do you know how much I enjoyed it?”

“Em,” he struggled for a reply, “well you seemed to like it.”

“Like it?” she scoffed, “I fucking loved it!” her hand moved faster bringing Paul’s rapture to another level. She continued to wank him frantically for a few seconds before she slowed down and muttered into his ear once more, “…and do want to know what bliss it felt like?”

“Eh?” he responded, a glimmer of doubt in his voice.

Linda replied to his response by a sudden increase in the wanking department.

“I said,” as her hand became a blur as it masturbated the prodigious cock in front of her, “do want to know what bliss it felt like?”

“Em, tell me,” he answered queasily as the attention that his prick was getting from Linda was reaching a point where he thought that he might lose it.

All of a sudden Linda released her hand and took a step back. Paul wasn’t too sure if he should feel relief or regret as his stiffy fluctuated in fresh air, an occasional twitch occurring to the delight of the female voyeurs.

“I,” Linda said in a stern voice, her hands on her hips, “want to watch you,” she couldn’t resist another glance back at Julie and Shirley, accompanied with a huge, saucy, wink, before returning face Paul, “being fucked up your butt-hole by Tom!”



The echo in the room was thunderous. It wasn’t too clear who said ‘What!’ first but both words were clearly not of a friendly kind.

“No fucking way Linda!” Tom managed to screech before Paul, “No fucking way!” he repeated vehemently.

“Why not?” she responded with a girlish giggle and a look that tried, but failed, to look innocent. “An arse is an arse, and I want to see your cock up Paul’s!”

“No fucking way!” he said for the third time. “It was bad enough when you got Bert to suck me off but…”

“But me no buts,” Linda interrupted trying to sound Shakespearean, “all arses are the same and they were originally created for one purpose.”

“My point precisely,” interjected Paul, “If I were to get a tattoo then it would be a big arrow pointing to my anus with ‘exit’ printed on my left cheek, and ‘only’ printed on my right one!”

“But you loved being up my poop-chute, didn’t you?” she purred.

“Ah well,” he said hesitantly, “that’s different.”

As soon as he had said that he knew that he was doomed to an ass-fuck from his best buddy, either that or the only sex he was going to get that evening would be with his right hand. “Shit!” he swore resignedly.

“Shit!” Tom repeated as he too realised that Linda was going to get her way.

She went on, “You guys like it when we do something bi-sexual, you have to understand that us girls sometimes fantasise about men having sex with each other, only in female company,” she further explained, “only in female company,” she reinforced.

“Fuck it!” Tom swore then, with a shrug of his shoulder, he spoke with a voice of doom, “It’s only for a minute ok?”

“Sixty seconds, that’s all.”

“That’s all?” Paul complained, “I’m the one who is going to get butt-fucked, ten seconds is too fucking long!”

“Enough of the complaining,” Linda said emphatically, “Get on your knees; I’m sure that Shirley will want to make that you are sure well prepared?”

Shirley grasped the depleted bottle of lube and started to rub the oil all around Paul’s anus. Taking her cue from what Julie had done to Linda’s arse she, tenderly, stuck a finger up, and through, his sphincter. The gasp that he gave sounded painful so she continued to tickle his rectum as he grew used to the penetration. As his grunts subsided she ventured forth with another digit then, after that had been accepted a third finger went up his arse and wriggled around bringing, finally, pleasure and not pain.

Julie cupped her hands and asked for oil to be poured into them as she and Shirley reversed their roles from the Bert and Linda escapade. She was duly rewarded and went to work immediately on Tom’s penis.

“I see that you haven’t lost any of your hardness,” she commented as she lathered the swollen cock.

“How could I?” he answered stupidly, “with three semi-clad horny bitches showing off their stuff in front of me…oh fuck yes!” he finished the sentence with a lustful groan as Julie’s hands moved down to caress his balls with the slimy lubricant on her hands adding to the thrill.

“Come on boys,” Linda interrupted the foreplay, “Time to see you fuck!”

“Shit!” whispered Tom as Julie pulled him closer, and closer, to the brown hole of his best buddy; a hole that was still full of Shirley’s three fingers that were manipulating his bowels in preparation for his entry.

As he grew nearer and nearer to Linda’s fantasy, Shirley gradually withdrew her digits one at a time and, after a sniff and a suck at the slightly stained fingers, pulled her boyfriend’s ass cheeks apart to allow easier access for Tom, and to allow the others to get a better view of the spectacle.

Still unsure of what he was about to do Tom simply said, “Sorry pal,” as his cock finally touched the outside of Paul’s arse.

Paul looked around from his kneeling position and said, in a slightly raised voice. “You’re fucking sorry? How do you think I’m feeling just now? Fucking sorry doesn’t even come close!”

No more words were needed and Tom started to get the evil deed over and done with, after all how long could sixty seconds last?

“Don’t worry Paul.” Linda oozed into Paul’s ear, “Tom’s an expert arse fucker!”

“I’ll vouch for that!” Julie said encouragingly and she pressed her aching nipples into Tom’s mouth as the first insertion was made.

“Jesus fuck!” squealed Paul as he was violated for the first time, “I wish you didn’t have such a big cock you bastard!” he moaned and Tom took a breather to allow his shaft to be accepted.

“Timer on?” he asked optimistically.

“No fucking way,” she laughed, “remember when Bert was up me?”

Tom grunted and nodded and, after a few seconds leant forward to push another inch or two up his best friend’s arse. To his surprise he slid up it with ease; even with Linda and Julie it took a moment or so before he could fully go balls deep but, here he was, seconds later, completely up his butt.

The applause from the girls were only matched with a one word response from Bert, “Fuck!”

“Timer on,” Linda announced, “Now let’s see some real screwing!” she said excitedly and Tom had to oblige. He pulled back slowly and Paul gasped as the removal of the nine-incher brought an unexpected feeling of delight to his body. This was enhanced as Tom re-entered him and Paul felt the cock inside of his bowels seem to enlarge. He lowered his head and said a quiet prayer, “Fuck!”

When Tom drew back and fucked him again he did it with increasing pace and, this time, Paul could feel Tom’s balls slap against his own as he, involuntary, thrust his bum back to greet more of his pal’s long erection.

There was nothing to lose now and Tom began to start fucking him in earnest, no doubt aided by the sight of Shirley’s tits as she continued to prise open Paul’s buttocks and the taste of the fantastic, and sensitive, nipple in his mouth.

“Go on!” Linda shouted passionately, “Fuck him harder!”

He did, all the time making a mental countdown as to how many of the sixty seconds were left. He glanced down at the sodomised arse that he was fucking, grateful that Paul was clean shaven so that he could, at least, imagine that he was shafting someone of the opposite sex.

Paul, at the same time, was also pleased that the friction had disappeared and that he actually loved the feeling that Tom was giving him. It was never a thought that had crossed his mind before but, the more the seconds passed; the more he wanted them to continue. He didn’t believe the next word that came out of his lips, neither could Tom.



“Thank fuck for that!” Tom said in relief as he gradually re-introduced his cock to fresh air, fresh being the appropriate word as he gazed down at the brown slime that covered it.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” he hastily said as he went to the overused bathroom.

On his return he went immediately to Paul, shook his hand and apologised. “Sorry about that pal,” he said as he watched his buddy squirm on the couch to where he had returned. “It was the wicked witch that made me do it!” with a finger that pointed to the smiling Linda who had also taken her seat.

They all sat there, three horny women and three randy men, with nothing to say at the moment until Tom spoke up, “Look, I know that there are still two more rounds to go, two more fantasies, but can I make a suggestion?”

“Go ahead,” Julie prompted him.

“It’s just that,” Tom started to say, “Well I fancy a brief break, maybe a bottle of beer or two, what do you lot think?”

“After what I’ve just seen,” Linda agreed, “I’d second that motion.” As she did so she opened her legs to allow the men to get a good look at her pussy, deliberately of course, before adding, “There is still Shirley and Julie to come, if you know what I mean, and I for one can’t wait but,” she paused, “I could kill a beer right now!”

“Time out?” questioned Bert and got a reply from Julie.

“Time out!”

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