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Let The Games Begin: Chapter 05

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The story continues. If you have not yet read the first chapters, don’t worry, this is, I hope, a stand- alone story that will excite you

They all sat there, three horny women and three randy men, with nothing to say at the moment until Tom spoke up, “Look, I know that there are still two more rounds to go, two more fantasies, but can I make a suggestion?”

“Go ahead,” Julie prompted him.

“It’s just that,” Tom started to say, “Well I fancy a brief break, maybe a bottle of beer or two, what do you lot think?”

“After what I’ve just seen,” Linda agreed, “I’d second that motion.” As she did so she opened her legs to allow the men to get a good look at her pussy, deliberately of course, before adding, “There is still Shirley and Julie to come, if you know what I mean, and I for one can’t wait but,” she paused, “I could kill a beer right now!”

“Time out?” questioned Bert and got a reply from Julie.

“Time out!”

The games had stopped for a comfort break as Tom had suggested and Paul had decided that a call of nature was in order. He waddled his way to the downstairs bathroom as the five others gathered around the dining room table, Bert being the bartender as he went to retrieve more beer and wine from the fridge.

He returned with the booty and simply said, “I think that we will have to replenish your stock tomorrow morning,” as the bottles tinkled when he put them on the table.

Linda nodded and she grabbed the nearest cool beer and quaffed it down, leaving the bottle half empty, or half full if you are an optimist!

Paul rejoined them, his gait more natural now, and followed Linda’s lead in the beer department. When he had quenched his thirst he broke the small sense of tension in the room, “God that was fucking good!”

“What?” Julie asked, “Being fucked in the arse?”

The laughter was spontaneous and the sexual well being resumed.

“Christ, I’m fucking horny!” said Shirley as she squirmed on her chair, already having made up her mind as to the fantasy that she wanted to fulfil.

Julie replicated her motions as she too had also made her mind up.

“Let’s go,” suggested Linda as the last of her beer left the bottle and drained down her throat, “These two dirty ladies want to have some sort of sex, in whatever form that might take,” she finished with a lascivious nudge at both of them, followed with a naughty wink. “Are you up for it boys?”

Three cocks twitched their agreement!

“Then let’s fuck!”

Seconds later the two couches were full once more, ladies on one and gents on the other.

Shirley spoke only one word, “Tom?”


“You get to pick.”

He did and the name that came out of the jar was…Julie!

“Oh fuck yes!” she screamed as she took her place in the centre of the floor and bent down, deliberately showing off her lace-covered ass, and picked the penultimate piece of paper that told tell her how much time she had; it had a number ‘2’ written on it.

“Well,” Linda stated the obvious, “I guess we all know who is going last…”

“…and how much time I’ll have,” Shirley had been keeping count of the minutes as well, and she smiled a delightfully wicked smile!

Julie stood up from her sexy pose and turned to face the men. Immediately her hands shot down to her knickers and prised them open at her crotch to display her ever-ready fuck hole, its juices already coating her outer lips as she pressed her clitoris, making it seem to grow even larger than usual, if that were possible, such as was the aroused state that she was in.

The guys all licked their lips in anticipation of what was to come next as Julie decided to mimic Shirley and gave them a striptease to remember. She started by turning her back on them once more and pulled her panties up on either side as she leant forward to give the men an eyeful as the thin material that was supposed to cover her ass disappeared up the crack in her bum leaving her apparently naked from her hips down. She wiggled her butt for a moment before, with open palms; she began sliding the flimsy lingerie along her thighs, rolling the damp cloth further and further down her legs until the trapped knickers were finally released from their sexual prison.

She turned around and eyed the men with lust in her eyes as she allowed the red strip to fall to the ground. With a deft movement she stepped out of them and flicked them up in the air with her right foot. Paul was the first to react as he caught them and, without hesitation, brought the sensual fabric to his mouth and nose in order to taste, and smell, the nectar that they contained.

Julie just stood there, pouting sexily, as Paul removed them and handed the sodden knickers to Bert who, after appreciating them in a similar way, gave them to Tom. He munched on them greedily, his eyes adoring the vision in front of him. “Tasty!” he said lewdly as he unravelled them slightly and wrapped them around his cock, pulling the lacy cloth back to his base where they just seemed to stick.

The stripper glanced down and admired the cock with her red knickers at its root before restarting her passionate gyrations. She massaged her breasts erotically through the Teddy that did nothing to hide her aroused nipples and, gently, began to expose herself. She unleashed one boob from its casing and circled the hard bud with her fingers, bringing a small groan of ecstasy from within and three gasps of desire from the guys.

Unhurriedly she gave her audience a glimpse of her other boob and then repeated the intimate fondling, her eyes closing for a moment in sexual bliss as she now had both nipples on view with her fingers tweaking the sensitive objects of the men’s desire. She continued to tease them as she slowly let the Teddy slip down her body, faint beads of perspiration already forming on the bare flesh as she grew more, and more, naked.

As the lingerie slipped down to her waist she changed her tactic and pulled the sleek covering up to allow the buddies to admire her smooth pussy lips, her clitoris sticking out erect like a mini penis. Her right hand encircled what Linda called her third nipple and her gyrations became more erratic and erotic. Her left hand was busy as well as she inserted three fingers up her hot pussy and started to finger-fuck herself. The spectacle was almost too much for the men to handle and their right hands moved south to play with themselves before Julie uttered hoarsely, “Get your hands off your cocks!”

They reluctantly obeyed and simply stood there with cocks at attention as Julie finished off her titillating display that had increased the men’s swelling. She wiggled her hips and removed her hand away from her clit and out of her steaming pussy, the wet fingers going at once to a mouth that was made for sucking. Forming a perfect ‘O’ she stuffed the fragrant digits into her gaping oral organ and teased the guys with a thrilling picture as she pushed the wet fingers in and out, imitating the blow-job that each man knew she was so talented at.

As she was doing this her right hand had eased her Teddy down and down to the top of her thighs until, with another exaggerated wiggle, her nudity was complete. Cat-calls and whistles ensured that she knew that she had performed well and, with a longing look at the monsters between the guys legs went on to say…

“…now, about my fantasy,” she whispered lecherously as she raised her hands and put them on top of her head, “you now have two minutes to make me wet all over.”

“I think you’re wet enough as it is!” Tom said obligingly with a smirk.

“Come here you guys,” she said invitingly, “No hands and no cocks, just your mouths and tongues to saturate every part of me; and not just the obvious bits as well.”

“Bits,” Paul said, “rhymes with tits!”

“It certainly doesn’t rhyme with pussy anyway!” Bert contributed as the trio surrounded the naked object of their current desire.

Tom put his face an inch away from Julie’s right armpit, Bert positioned himself a similar distance away from her left ear while Paul knelt down and lowered his head until it was almost touching her big toe on her right foot.

Julie looked round at Shirley and Linda and gave the nod for the timer to be started. Both of the seated women looked on with rapture and a hint of jealously as Linda spoke, “Oh God, you’re going to fucking love this, aren’t you?”

“You’d better fucking believe it!” she said with a thrill in her tone as Linda pressed the ‘go’ button.

“Ok boys, get to work. Make that girl scream!”

Tom smothered his face into the sweet smelling armpit that oozed with moisture and began by using that to run his tongue down smoothly along her inner arm before returning to the apex and repeated the operation down Julie’s right side, stopping where he could see, and feel, the pantie-line that the sexy knickers had left, those same red knickers that he now had wrapped around his cock. Returning his tongue back upwards, just skimming the side of her shapely breast, he slipped his tongue into Julie’s ear lobe before putting the whole organ into his mouth and sucked on it. Julie thought that she was about to faint with desire!

Bert stuck his tongue out and mangled her ear lobe with his saliva, immediately causing paroxysms of lust throughout her entire body. Seconds later his tongue drifted south, first seeking out the sweaty left armpit and devoured the sweet smelling beads of desire, before he too moved down her body trying to comply with the wishes of the writhing woman to lick every part of her. His adventure took him down her side until he reached her wriggling thighs. There, he changed direction and he moved his mouth to the side as he licked, and licked, her sexy left butt! Julie thought that she was about to faint with desire!

Paul, in his kneeling position, delved his tongue into the space between Julie’s big toe and licked away with abandon. He swiftly changed his posture so that he could work his way up her foot to her ankle, drooling all the time as he tried make her foot as wet as possible. The right foot duly drenched, he turned his attention to her left foot and repeated the operation with successful results. Julie thought that she was about to faint with desire!

As Paul started to work his way up Julie’s calf, knees and thighs, his eyes were drawn to the pussy above him; it had started to leak! He could see the first signs of her cunt juice form on her outer lips, a droplet that clung to her shaven skin before, inevitably, gravity took its toll and the globule fell to the floor only to be replaced by another, then another. He continued his licking, never from a minute taking his eyes off the sensual sight above him. His tongue took him further north until me could smell her sex and he suckled her thighs as she bucked back and forward in ecstasy. Julie thought that she was about to faint with desire!

By this time Tom had followed Bert’s initiative and was now licking Julie’s other bum cheek. She now had two men licking her ass, and another tongue tantalising close to her aching pussy. Julie thought that she was about to faint with desire!

Tom stopped paying attention to the pert ass that he was enjoying, instead he started to lick the crack of her bum cleavage, going as far down as he could, and he could feel the quivering of desire that Julie emitted. God she was in sexual heaven!

After reaching the arse that he had already rimmed that day, he enjoyed himself once more tasting the sweaty butt-hole with glee before turning his oral talents upwards and his tongue made a bee-line to the base of Julie’s spine and licked his way all the way up to the nape of her neck. Julie thought that she was about to faint with desire!

She couldn’t hold out any longer and she screamed lustfully, “I need you guys to suck my tits! Suck my fucking tits!”

Bert and Tom continued to lick her ass and neck as if they hadn’t heard her; Paul continued to stimulate her as he tickled her inner thigh.

“Paul!” she screamed, “my clit, fucking put your tongue on it!”

He continued to nibble on her thigh as if he was deaf.

In desperation Julie turned towards Linda and asked, “How much more time have I got!”

Linda glanced at her phone and pronounced, “Less than a minute.”

“I need to cum!” she squealed and the men finally succumbed to her wishes. Paul’s tongue darted towards her most sensitive spot and Bert and Tom ceased their adulation of her wonderful ass and upper body and attacked her nipples with gusto!

“Oh fuck yes!” she screamed in joyous rapture as her orgasm reached its passionate height. She thrust her hot body hard against the willing tongue that Paul had between her legs and forced him to put even more pressure on her as she bucked back and forth , fucking his tongue.

By now she had lost all self-control, her body language simply said ‘sex!’, and she was loving it!

Her hands finally came down from the top of her head and she pulled Bert and Tom’s faces harder into her breasts, encouraging them to maul them harder and harder. Seconds later she had to release Tom’s head and lowered her hand to grab hold of Paul’s hair and forced him to suck her off with delirious passion.

She was cumming, an orgasm that was about to climax, if you would excuse the pun. She was on a wave of pleasure that she hadn’t experienced before. She was…


“Turn that fucking thing off!!” she shrieked as she continued to thrust her pussy into Paul’s willing mouth, “I’m going to have a wonderful…”

Words failed her as the moment arrived. Her inner thighs were drenched with the succulent droppings that poured out from her excited pussy as she succumbed to one orgasm after another. Two men suckling her tits and another man licking her third nipple was too much for even Julie to survive and she collapsed onto the stained rug, and writhed about in ecstasy in the glory of sexual fulfilment, before going into the foetal position to enjoy the afterglow of orgasmic pleasure.

She squeezed her thighs together and the only sounds that anyone could hear were the sweet sounds of rapture as she continued her orgasmic rapture in a whisper, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she hissed as even more waves of bliss passed through her entire body.

The three men returned to their couch, never for a second taking their eyes off the gyrating Julie who was mimicking what Linda had done earlier and seemed to be fucking an invisible cock!

“Christ, she’s fucking hot!” Paul said pointlessly as all of them watched the floor show, literally!

After another moment of the sexual treat that Julie was giving them all, it was Shirley to first voice her opinion. “Get up here!” she said, patting the cushion beside her, “You can’t keep cumming all night, some of us have to have a go too!”

With a final thrust of her hips that gave another mini-orgasm Julie gradually tried to get herself vertical, but failed! She had to resort to crawling towards her seat and clawed her way up to join her two sex-starved, at least for the last two minutes, friends on the couch.

“Jesus!” Linda said in a hoarse voice, “I would love that to happen to me. Was it as good as it looked?”

Julie took a moment to respond as she fanned her exposed pussy, “Fucking unbelievable!”

“I wish I had thought of that!” Shirley said in a quiet voice full of wonder.

“You still can if you want?” Julie motioned as she tried to cool down.

Shirley shook her head before replying, “I’ve already got something else in mind,” she said in a devilishly, and deliciously, sexy voice.

“Well, it’s only your name left,” Linda prompted her, “and you know you have three minutes, what have you got planned?”

Shirley paused for a moment before responding in a barely audible tone, “I want what Linda had this afternoon.”

“What?” Paul asked incredulously, “You want to be…”

“…airtight!” she finished off his sentence with a smile that did little to hide her excitement and anticipation.



“Lie on the rug.”

He did as he was told and, seconds later, he lay prone on the floor, his long cock standing proudly to attention, made to look even more attractive to the woman who was about to fuck it as he grabbed his shaft and pointed it up towards the ceiling.

Shirley rose and moved over to him, her legs astride above his head giving him an idyllic vision of her cunt as she prised open her lips to allow him a view of her pink wetness through the crotchless panties that she still wore. Slowly she lowered herself onto his face, her knees on either side of his torso, her eyes gazing leeringly at his familiar cock.

She let him sniff her sex, still encased in the pearl knickers, and ordered him to take them off. He started to roll the tiny piece of cloth down her ass but she stopped him before he could go any further.

“Just rip the fucking things off me!”

A tearing sound followed and the useless item was removed in the blink of an eye. “Give them to me!” Shirley barked and Paul handed them over. She leant forward and wrapped the sodden material around the base of Paul’s flagpole mimicking Julie’s discarded knickers that still adorned Tom.

Linda looked over at Bert and apologised, “Sorry Bert,” she said, “I wish I had worn panties as well!” Her legs opened as she uttered those words displaying the opening to another hole of joy.

Shirley pulled back from Paul and admired her handiwork. Then she continued her downward motion until he was able to use his tongue on the inviting pussy.

“No,” Shirley told him firmly, “not there, I want you to lick my arse! Get it ready to be fucked!”

Paul’s tongue shifted its attack to the sweaty brown hole and slurped the tight entrance, tasting the intoxicating mixture of her sex and her butt hole. Shirley moaned in pleasure as she felt herself being rimmed. They had often talked about anal sex but, up until this moment in time; ‘talk’ was as far as they had gone. Now she was about to have a cock up her dirty hole for the first time.

After a moment of sexual bliss from Paul’s talented mouth she, almost grudgingly, threw her body around so that she faced her lover and sat on his knickers-coated penis. He slipped inside her easily she was so wet and she began a methodical rocking motion as she savoured the feeling of having his dick giving her the thrill that she knew so well from him.

Continuing to gently fuck Paul, Shirley turned her gaze towards Bert and motioned him, with a tilt of her head, to join in the fun. “It’s my first time Bert,” she said as he approached her. “Julie and Linda might be able to take you up there but I don’t know if I’m ready for it yet. Fancy a blow job?”

He moved into position and knelt in front of her, his cock sticking out majestically while his balls moved dangerously close to Paul’s face, still coated in Shirley’s juices. She licked the can of beans greedily, running her tongue up and down its massive girth before tickling his pee-hole, causing a passionate growl of delight to emit from his mouth.

“Jesus fuck!” he managed to utter, “are going to swallow me whole again?”

“I’ll try,” she told him in a sensuous slur; “if you don’t try to break my fucking jaw!” she finished with a thrill, and a hint of humour, in her voice. She then gave him a taste of what he was about to receive as she opened her mouth as wide as she could and put the first few inches inside of her.

“Fuck you’re good!” was all that he managed to whisper before she withdrew, her saliva creating a link between her mouth and his penis like an umbilical cord. She licked her lips, causing the connection to be broken, and turned her attention to the last man on the couch.


“Uh uh?”

“Do you want to fuck my arse?”

“Hold me back!” he answered jokingly and, seconds later, his cock had taken up its position.

“But…?” Paul started to say.

“…Now baby,” Shirley squirmed as she clenched her inner muscles around him, “Tom got to fuck you up your arse, it’s only fair that he shags me first!”

“You lucky bastard Tom,” Julie shouted over from her couch, “You get to deflower two arses in the one night!”

Tom grinned back at her, “At least this one has got tits in the front, not balls! No offence Paul.”

“None taken,” he rasped as Shirley carried on gently screwing him.


“No need to ask Shirley, we’re coming with the lube.”

It was Linda that played with Shirley’s quivering ass as Julie rubbed the soothing oil all over Tom’s long dick. Shirley then felt Linda’s fingers enter her butt and she squealed with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“Don’t worry,” she said soothingly, “You’ll love it, Tom is a great arse fucker.”

“So you said,” Shirley hissed and, in order to take her mind of the new sensation, went back to munch on Bert’s pole.

“You’re ready,” Linda declared and removed her digits from the well oiled-up arse, only for Julie to guide Tom forward so that the tip of his cock touched the puckered hole.

“Oh fuck me,” Shirley whimpered as she began to have second thoughts.

“If you insist,” Tom replied gallantly and pressed forward an inch, attempting to enter her gently past the first barrier that the sphincter muscle presented. He paused as his next thrust did just that and he stayed still, allowing Shirley to get used to the violation.

“Just relax,” Julie said encouragingly, “the worst is over.”

Shirley didn’t know whether to believe her or not but she did manage to press her butt backwards giving Tom a signal to continue. He did!

All this time Paul had remained still, firmly inside her natural lubricated hole, as he felt Tom’s cock starting to slide up her arse, until he bottomed out, if you will excuse the expression, and the two pairs of balls rubbed together. Tom paused once more once he had gone as far up her as possible and waited for a moment before continuing.

“Oh fuck yes!” Julie squealed as she discovered a new world of rapture as the two men inside her built up a rhythm between them. As one cock pulled out of her arse another fucked her cunt. That dick then withdrew and her arse was filled up again. The process continued and the speed built up as the duo worked in sweaty unison to a remarkable rate of knots.

Shirley was in heaven as she felt her innards being mauled as never before as Paul mangled her luscious tits with hands and mouth. She hadn’t forgotten Bert either and her moth returned to his thick cock and, after a struggle to fit him inside her, finally managed to swallow him whole.

“Fucking Christ!” Linda shouted out in awe, “would you fucking look at that, now that is what I call airtight!” she gasped as she stretched forward, her own tongue seeking out Bert’s and she kissed him passionately, almost with enough craving that Tom was enjoying with Julie’s mouth as he persistently shagged the butt of his best friend’s girlfriend.

The fucking and sucking was becoming uncontrollably hot for the randy Shirley and she had to release Bert from her mouth to screech out obscenities, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she yelled as her arse was abused with a very hard, and long, cock going at an incredible speed in and out of her virgin hole.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed, “I’m going to fucking cum!”

Saying this she bucked her up ass higher letting Paul to slip out of her cunt but allowing Tom to continue his merciless assault up her poop-chute.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed one last time as the first of her ejaculations squirted out of her pussy as Tom pummelled her.

“Oh fuck!” she repeated as his next push went up her bowels as far as it could.

That was all that could be heard and seen for a dozen, or more, thrusts; the slap of his cock and balls as he filled her up to the brim, “Fuck!” and squirt, all three happening simultaneously!

Slap! “Fuck!” Squirt!

Slap! “Fuck!” Squirt!

Slap! “Fuck!” Squirt!

Slap! “Fuck!” Squirt!

Slap! “Fuck!” Squirt!

Slap! “Fuck!” Squirt!

Slap! “Fuck!” Squirt!

Slap! “Fuck!” Squirt!

Slap! “Fuck!” Squirt!

Slap! “Fuck!” Squirt!

Slap! “Fuck!” Squirt!

Slap! “Fuck!” Squirt!

It couldn’t last, Shirley couldn’t last, her back passage couldn’t take any more punishment and she pushed forward forcing Tom’s cock out of her arse into the fresh air where it bobbed up and down, its oily lubrication mingled with the aromatic slime that combined together.

She collapsed down on top of Paul whose erection found its way, once more, effortlessly up her cunt.

“Oh my God,” she breathed huskily into his ear, “that was….that was…that was…” she failed to finish the sentence but the message was clear.


“Tell me you enjoyed that?” Linda asked, her mouth being freed from Bert as she had turned to watch the erotic spectacle.

Shirley could only nod, not trusting her voice again, and slumped off Paul and laid on her back on the woollen rug that Linda would have to get professionally, and discretely, cleaned.

Tom excused himself and aimed for the bathroom. He cleaned himself up, discarding the, now shitty, red lace from the base of his cock. He was only in there for less than two minutes but, when he returned, he was greeted by a sight that transformed his semi-flaccid state to one of glorious beauty. Shirley had obviously recovered sufficiently enough so that the games could finish on an unexpected high.

The view that he saw, apart from the backsides of his two very excited friends, was of three women in wanton pose. Each one was lying back on the couch; their legs in the air with three pairs of hands stretching open the lips that led to sexual glee.

“What the fuck?” Tom started to ask as if he couldn’t guess.

It was the owner of the arsehole that he had just screwed who was the first to answer, “You know the procedure boys, pick a pussy but, this time, listen out for the two rules.”

“Rules?” Bert looked bemused.

“I’ve set the timer to go off every minute,” Linda declared.

“That’s sixty seconds to you lot.” Julie contributed.

“Each time the timer goes off; you get to fuck the next one in line.” Shirley clarified.

“Nice one,” Paul agreed, his eyes darting from one moist opening between the legs on display to another, then back again.

Tom’s eyes, on the other hand, were glued to the brown hole just south of Shirley’s gaping pussy, the one that he had just been up, and he wondered at how much she had enjoyed her first ever anal experience. The vision of her squirting as he banged her hard would remain with him forever.

Paul looked over at his pal and saw the direction of his lustful gaze. He leant to his side and whispered into Tom’s ear, “Guess who is the next lucky fucker who is going to bugger her?”

Tom didn’t even need to ask.

“Second rule,” Shirley carried on although she hadn’t missed the comment, “is that, whoever of you cums first has an extra minute to make sure that he deposits all of his spunk into whichever one of us that receives it…”

“…and,” Julie took over, “the next guy to blast his load has to do it up somebody else…”

“…which means,” Linda concluded, “that the last man standing, so to speak, has to make sure that the third pussy is also full of cum, got it?”

“We’ve got it,” Bert replied for the three of them.

“Ok then,” Shirley announced as she opened her legs even further apart, “Let’s start fucking!”

The men all moved forward to their designated cunts, Paul for Julie, Bert for Shirley and Tom for Linda. Just before they entered into the toxic realms of desire that were waiting for them, Linda offered one last piece of advice.

“I think that we have had enough foreplay so do us girls a favour.”

“What’s that?” asked Paul innocently.

“Just fuck us!”

“…and hard!” Julie demanded.

“…and fast!” Shirley finished off the instructions and three cocks buried themselves deep into the sopping pussies and started screwing like madmen. Linda pressed the starter.

“Oh fuck yes!” was the response in triplicate as the trio were filled with two feet of raging hard-ons. As requested the guys didn’t bother with niceties and the room was soon filled with grunts and groans from the merry fuckers!

The games had so aroused everyone that the evening had turned into a full blown orgy. Apart from the verbal noises emanating from them all, the sound of fucking was obvious with the slapping of rigid cocks slamming in and out wet pussies!

Smell was the next sense that came into being as the aroma filled the room with a heady scent, the origins of which came mostly from between their legs although the mingling of their sweat was also stimulating as droplets fell from the men onto the mounds of tits below.

Sight was also being used erotically as glances were stolen, by them all, at the other copulating couples on the sodden couch. The women watching the impressive torsos of their fuck-buddies, their chests saturated with perspiration, as they screwed long and hard, and fast. The men doing what you might expect men to do as eyeballs nearly fell out at the vision of three great pairs of breasts quivering and bouncing with the furious shagging they were receiving.

Taste? That came from the French kissing, ear nibbling and, when the men got a chance, boob licking!

Touch? You don’t have to be a genius to work that one out!


Tom quickly pulled out of Linda and made his way to the other end of the couch, allowing Bert to take his place inside her. Paul moved up one and deposited his dick into the craving pussy of Shirley while Tom renewed his acquaintance with the sexy Julie. He did have the good manners to say “Hello,” as he slid his cock up her ready cunt. The fucking continued apace.


Bert left Linda empty for a few seconds as he sought out the next pussy to greet him. He didn’t even utter a greeting as he ploughed his monster into the gaping hole left behind by Tom who had already started to fuck Shirley enthusiastically, this time up her ‘right’ hole, as Paul left her for his bout of delight with Linda. Musical pussies, sorry chairs, happened all over again as the men shagged the third cunt in as many minutes while the girls screwed their third cock in 180 seconds! The fucking went on and on until…


All senses were at their height right now as the orgy went on and on; sound, smell, sight, taste and touch; each of them being used to maximise the desire and lust that they all felt.


The sound grew louder!


The aroma became more sensual!


The spectacle was even more thrilling!


Mouths and tongues were being used with abandon to increase the ecstasy!


Touch? What do you think as the stiff erections clashed with the river of juices dripping out the women!


“I’m fucking cumming!” Linda shouted at the top of her voice and she looked up to remind herself who was causing such an explosion throughout her entire body. “That’s it Tom, make me fucking cum!” she yelled, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she continuously screamed each time the piston entered her at a blistering pace and, seconds later…


“Oh fucking no!” she cried but she was only minus a cock inside her in the time that it took Bert to replace Tom. “Oh fucking yes, yes, yes!” she resumed her gyrations and Bert only had to thrust into her a few times before he was rewarded with a lusty growl, accompanied by a shower of hot liquid that soaked his balls, as her orgasm overpowered her. Bert didn’t let up and spent the next fifty seconds or so in not releasing Linda from the throes of sexual rapture as one orgasm was followed by another and another until they all combined in one gigantic climax.


Paul replaced Bert and restarted Linda’s pleasurable punishment. Her next orgasm took her completely by surprise, she was sure that she had been shafted to oblivion but, within a few seconds of having a different cock inside her with all the physical changes in size and angle of attack that a new dick could bring, added onto which was the sexual thrill mentally that she experienced.

She began to scream again as Paul took her to another level ecstasy.

Her yelling, as she approached yet another climax, started an avalanche of female orgasms and ejaculations as Julie and Shirley added their own lustful noises to the happy occasion. Bert and Tom joined Paul in delivering wave after wave of passion to waft throughout the girls’ bodies and the sound was deafening; three extremely horny women all cumming at the same time, what a fucking sexy scene!


Paul yanked himself out of Linda and plunged into Julie; a moment later he was up Shirley’s pussy and sixty seconds later he was shagging Linda again. He couldn’t last and he knew it, and he wanted the world to know it!

“I’m going to…I have to…” he grunted as he sped up his thrusting, bringing him to the brink of the inevitable. “Oh for fuck’s sake, I’m c…!”


He pulled out of the bitch on heat, so to speak, and immediately impaled himself into the equally welcoming warmth of Julie. He fucked her relentlessly and selfishly and she responded by encouraging him with sexual body language, as she matched his frantic shafting with her own gyrations, and filthy language.

“You’re going to cum, aren’t you?” she said pointlessly as she felt his body begin to stiffen. “That’s it Paul, fuck me big style. I want all of your spunk up my cunt and I want it NOW!”

He obliged and, with one final grunt, exploded inside of her.

“Oh God, that fells fucking good!” Julie screamed as she felt the first spurt of cum blast deep inside her, followed by another, then another, then another, until Paul finally collapsed on top of her, his body spent, their mixed sweat creating a suction between them that would need a crowbar to separate them.

The timer went off but Julie whispered into his ear, “Just stay there, I want to milk you dry.”

He couldn’t have moved anyway as he felt completely drained but, to his right, he saw that Tom and Bert had swapped pussies and were banging away with abandon.

As the seconds passed away, and his distorted breathing began to return to normal, he heard the soft voice mutter into his ear once more, “Time to get out Paul, I need a stiff cock up inside me. Come up here,” she added as she patted the top of the couch, “and I’ll lick you clean.”

He pulled out of her with a large squelch that all could hear and, when the timer went again, Julie got her wish and felt another nine inches of hard flesh penetrate her, as Tom stuck his cock up the cunt filled with Paul’s semen. More squelching noises were heard as he started to fuck her and Paul’s sperm tried to escape, soaking his buddy’s balls in the process, coating them with their stickiness. Tom couldn’t give a fuck and continued to bang the randy Julie to his heart’s content.

The thought, however, of enjoying sloppy seconds with her were overpowering and, halfway through his allotted time he made the announcement of the imminent departure that was about to leave his testes.

“I’m going to fucking cum!”

“Not inside me you bastard!” were Julie’s tender comment, “Fucking cum up Shirley!”

Tom only had seconds to last and he made the most of them as he left one pussy for another. Shagging Shirley hard he didn’t have to say any more, even if he could speak coherently, and he flooded her canal with loads, and loads, of his own ejaculation, his prick still having the remnants of the sticky goo of Paul that had been left up Julie and which Shirley knew so well.

He too heard tender comments being whispered into his ear as Shirley insisted that he stay inside her while her vaginal muscles caressed his flagging penis, pulling as much of his spunk out of his body and into hers.

That left Bert, so to speak, as the last man standing. He could only put his staying power down to the fact that it hadn’t been so long ago that he had spurted his cum, quite spectacularly, from between the gloriously mammoth tits that belonged to Shirley, bathing her with a pearl necklace that could make a fortune on e-bay!

“Come on Bert!” Tom complained after he had watched him have another round of trio fucking, “We don’t have all night. Hurry up, blow your load!”

Bert grunted that he was trying, and trying with as much energy that he could muster, when he felt the final dénouement. He was shafting Julie at the time but he suddenly had to release himself from her and, with thick cock in hand, pushed himself into the only cunt without recent cum inside of her.

Linda sighed with pleasure as she felt the jumbo can of beans slide up her, knowing that she was about to receive its hot juice that was currently hiding in his balls. Not for long though, as his semen started the race to leave their home and find a new one. The starter’s gun went off and millions of contestants left the double globes and sprinted up the blood-engorged cock to blast out of it into the silky warmth that awaited them.

Bert’s pleasure was complete as he forced more, and more, of the suicidal sperm up Linda’s hot, and luscious, hole until, like the two men before him, collapsed on top of a panting female.

“Oh fuck!” he managed to utter as he tried to give Linda a kiss, but he desperately needed to breath so that had to be curtailed. “Oh fuck!” he repeated instead as his head fell into the side of her face and nuzzled there content.

“About fucking time!” Tom moaned as he was being treated to post-orgasmic bliss by the soothing tongue of Julie as he watched his pal slump onto the generous folds of skin that belonged to Linda. “I thought you were going to be at it all night!!”

Bert ignored him as he felt Linda’s muscles doing to him what Julie and Shirley’s muscles had done to Paul and Tom before. Then he pulled out, making a disgusting sucking sound that sounded as if Linda had just farted.

Julie interrupted the moment of sensitive passion by declaring, “We’re not finished yet boys, not yet!”

“Uh?” asked Paul in disbelief as he looked down at his soft member and glanced across at the other two pricks that were in a similar state.

“You have to perform one more act for us,” she continued.

“But…” Tom began to plead but, with a flick of a finger from Julie, he was silenced.

Shirley carried on, “Bert?”

“Yes?” he somehow managed to mouth.

“Come and kneel in front of me,” she said in a commanding voice.

He did as he was told, albeit it with wobbly legs.

“Tom?” Julie was the next to speak.


“Kneel in front of me.”

He obeyed.

“Paul?” this time it was Linda that spoke.

“I get the picture,” he said resignedly and he took his position and genuflected in front of the seeping pussy.

“Right you guys, you’ve had your fun,” Julie started to say but was interrupted by Paul.

“And you’ve not?” he asked incredulously.

“Oh yes we have,” Shirley said with a huge grin on her face, “but we need one more thing from you guys.”

“And what is that?” Bert asked tremulously.

“We want you to clean us up,” Linda finished the conversation.

The men looked at the three dripping pussies being displayed in front of them and, one by one, they realised what they had to do. Normally it would be a pleasure but each fuck-hole had another man’s cum inside of her and they had to lick them clean! Not only that but semen had run down from their pussies and had formed a small puddle of sperm in their arseholes. The girls recognised where the men’s gazes had taken them and it was Linda that spoke for them all.

“That’s right boys,” she said seductively, “start from the arse, make us clean again, then suck the semen from each other out of us until you make us cum! Got it?”

The men simply nodded and, just before they tackled the job in hand, Paul said in a quirky voice, “So no pressure then?”

Tom and Bert had both huge grins on their faces as their heads leant forward towards the puddles and their tongues prodded lewdly out of their mouths as they prepared to try a buffet of sex as yet unconquered. Paul joined them. He was not so lucky, or was he luckier, as the pools of semen in the butts of Julie and Shirley had gone cold and had congealed somewhat. Bert’s spunk, on the other hand, was still warm from his recent orgasm and Paul got to taste another man’s hot semen for the first time.

He was pleasantly surprised; it had a flavour, not unlike his own, and he rimmed the arse of Linda with relish. He quickly slurped up the goo and moved his mouth northwards to receive some more that Linda gladly squeezed out of her pussy. He continued with his feast for a couple of minutes before raising his head and turned to Bert to ask, “Fuck man, how much did you dump up here?”

Bert had to pause from his own liquid snack that oozed out of Shirley and answered, “About half as much as Tom left inside this delicious pussy.” As he said this he inserted a couple of fingers inside her and scooped out even more of the salty meal and continued with his task of cleansing.

Tom, in the meantime, was happy just to pleasure Julie and he quickened the pace of his tongue on her, oh so sensitive, button until, with a squeak emanating from her lips she begged him to stop. She rapidly pulled his head away from her and collapsed back onto the couch, “I can’t take any more,” she insisted. “I can’t take any fucking more!” she reconfirmed as she curled into the foetal position. She lay like that for a moment before she could trust herself to move and, when she did, she looked down at the worried look on Tom’s face.

“Don’t fret darling,” she said soothingly, “come up her,” she patted the edge of the couch, “and give me a cuddle. I am, as you might gather in the immortal words of General Custer, well and truly fucked!”

Linda didn’t take long before she too succumbed. Her battered pussy had taken all that it had to offer but she felt one last thrill as the tongue inside her brought yet another orgasm, a small one to be sure but welcoming none the less. She grabbed Paul’s head and clenched her thighs around him nearly cutting off his ability to breath. She bucked her hips, grinding her delicate button of pleasure hard against the dulcet tongue.

“Oh shit!” she whispered as the oral talents that she was receiving brought its final rewards. “Do it. Do it like that!” she whimpered as the sweetest of orgasms spread throughout her entire body.

“Oh fuck!” she finally managed to say as, she too, collapsed back onto the couch, a tongue still clinging onto her pussy that she had to, reluctantly, remove. She was knackered! Even her, seemingly insatiable, appetite for sex had been satisfied and she beckoned for Paul to join her on the couch as Julie had done with Tom. Now, the four of them were an audience to Bert and Shirley who were still enjoying themselves.

But not for long!

Bert’s tongue was slurping, as a man dying of thirst would slurp, on the engorged clitoris that had found its way into his mouth. He knew that whatever he was doing was going to result in extreme passion but even he was taken aback when Shirley forced his head away from her silky and smooth vagina and, instead, began to finger herself furiously.

He got a first rate view of her digits pleasuring herself, the pace was frantic as she came closer, and closer, to orgasm. Almost at the last second she ordered Bert to open his mouth with the delicate phrase, “Drink my fucking cum!”

Bert’s mouth gaped open to receive the tasty squirt that threatened to blast out of her pussy, and he wasn’t disappointed. The gush was awesome! The first burst even managed to miss his mouth completely; such was the force of it, going straight into his eyes. He blinked and put his open mouth even closer to the breeched dam, his action being rewarded with a jet of nectar that he only just managed to swallow before another mouthful of the sweet juice filled him once more.

Four more ejaculations left her and went down Bert’s throat before the orgasm that she had been enjoying finally subsided. Like the other two women before her, she collapsed in sexual fulfilment back onto the couch, leaving behind Bert’s sodden face and whimpered, in a similar way to Julie’s analogy, “To quote the last words of a poor bastard that was about to face the firing squad, ‘I’m fucked!'”

There was no room for Bert to join her on the couch so, instead, he just fell forward and forced his face between the two massive mounds of sweaty flesh in front of him and savoured the perspiration that surrounded him.

It took a few moments before anybody could speak coherently as each couple tried to come to terms with the magical feeling of elation and satisfaction. Eventually it was Linda that managed to put together a sentence, if three words count that is?

“Fancy a beer?” she asked rhetorically.

The squelching sound of six bodies pulling apart from each other confirmed her answer. Tom, bravely, volunteered to raid the fridge again and he brought half a dozen cool bottles back into the room. He plunked them onto the table and returned to the kitchen, re-emerging this time with a chilled bottle of Chardonnay. By this time five seats had been squirmed upon and Tom took his place on the sixth.

As he placed the bottle onto the table he looked, apologetically, at Linda and said, “I think that we have to replenish your stock of booze tomorrow.”

“You’re staying then?”

“Fuck yes!” five voices cried out as bottle tops were opened and thirsts were quenched.

After the first gulps began to have their affect, and eyes had wandered around; the men, as men do, gazed longingly at the mounds of flesh before them, sometimes called breasts or boobs but, in this story they were most definitely tits!

The women’s eyes, however, gazed further south at the objects of their desire. They were soft and flaccid, yes, but impressive also, even in their current state.

After the beer had refreshed them, and wine glasses had been filled, it was Paul who had to ask the question that had been on the men’s mind all evening. “The fourth jar?” his head nodded to the item in question, “what’s in it?”

Linda started to explain, “Well,” she began, “it all started as us girls were having a chat when you guys went out to get the beer and wine. Shirley, she with the dirty mind,” she continued as she pointed an accusing finger, “assumed that we would all have to stay the night and…”

“…and,” Julie continued, “she thought up this.”

“What?” Tom pondered.

Shirley spoke up for the first time since she had orgasmed in front of the rest, a climax that should have quenched Bert’s thirst but, obviously, hadn’t. “Bedtime,” was the one word comment.

“Eh?” Bert asked with wrinkled brows.

“When we all got together this afternoon, remember?”

Heads nodded all around.

“We all had great fun on Linda’s bed.”

Heads nodded all around.

“But,” she seemed to calm the tone down, “having a six-some on one bed is one thing, having to get to sleep is something else.”

“Sleep? Who gives a fuck about sleep?” was Bert’s contribution to the conversation.

“I do!” said Linda emphatically, “I don’t want to copy the girls here but, if I were to quote someone, it would be the mayor of Hiroshima as he watched the bomb descend, ‘We are all fucked!’

They all sniggered, in spite of the poor taste of the joke, as she carried on, “So,” she said emphatically, “one bed, good for a fuck between six of us but not good for a sleepover.”

Shirley went on to explain, “Linda has two bedrooms, both with king-sized beds. What is in the jars are our six names. We pick the pieces of paper at random and…”

“…and,” Julie interrupted to further elaborate, “We have two threesomes until the morning.”

“Cool!” hissed Paul

“But!” Julie went on further, “no same sex trios ok?”

“That means…?” Tom sought clarification, “MMF and FFM?”

“You’ve got it in one pal,” Shirley agreed and then added, “Why don’t we all stand up and go to the end of the table?” Everyone agreed silently and, by doing as they were instructed, they left the table empty but there were three vacant chairs on each side. Who was going to fill those chairs, one representing Linda’s bedroom, the others greeting the large bed in her guest-room?

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