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Let The Games Begin: Chapter 06

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Shirley went on to explain, “Linda has two bedrooms, both with king-sized beds. What are in the jars are our six names. We pick the pieces of paper at random and…”

“…and,” Julie interrupted to further elaborate, “We have two threesomes until the morning.”

“Cool!” hissed Paul

“But!” Julie went on further, “no same sex trios ok?”

“That means…?” Tom sought clarification, “MMF and FFM?”

“You’ve got it in one pal,” Shirley agreed and then added, “Why don’t we all stand up and go to the end of the table?” Everyone agreed silently and, by doing as they were instructed, they left the table empty but there were three vacant chairs on each side. Who was going to fill those chairs, one representing Linda’s bedroom, the others greeting the large bed in her guest-room?

The selection was about to begin, the games weren’t over yet. They had all enjoyed the start of the weekend but there was still Sunday to explore and, if you haven’t got it yet, that wouldn’t involve going to church together!

Linda was the first to dip her hand into the last remaining jar. She unravelled the piece of paper and read the name that was written on it out loud, “In my bedroom, we have…Bert!”

He took his place on one side of the table and reached out for the second name, the first to be allocated to the guest bedroom. With great aplomb he announced who was not going to be sleeping with him, “its Tom!”

He duly took his place at the table, opposite Bert and foraged into the naughty jar to see who would be joining Bert in the main bedroom. It was Linda.

“Yippee!” she cried much to Bert’s amusement.

“Yippee?” he queried.

“Well at least I get to sleep in my own bed,” Linda countered.

“Sleep? What’s fucking sleep got to do with it?” he asked sarcastically with a huge grin on his face. This was rewarded with a hefty blow to his ribs from Linda’s elbow as she took the seat beside him.

“Just watch it pal or there will be a distinct lack of pussy coming in your direction! Sleep,” she added, “is when I keep my legs pressed tight together!”

The banter continued until Linda was reminded that she had to pick the next name from the jar in front of her. She rummaged, theatrically, and brought out the next piece of paper.

“Well, who is it?” asked Julie expectantly as Linda took her time in unravelling the scrap in her hand.

“Joining Tom in the other bedroom tonight is…” It was as if she were waiting for a drum-roll to appear out of no-where, “…is…”

“Oh come fucking on!” Shirley squealed in frustration, her body bobbing up and down, causing her breasts to become a major Health & Safety issue as they threatened to give her an upper cut of tremendous proportions. The men didn’t seem to be in much of a hurry as they revelled in the titillating (if you will excuse the pun) display being acted out in front of them.

Linda put them all out of their curiosity as she, finally, named Tom’s bed-mate, “Paul!”

He gleefully joined his pal at the table, giving a high-five as they came together, and breathed a sigh of lust that the guessing game was almost over. It was now his pick that would settle the arrangements for the night to come. There was Bert and Linda, Tom and himself, but who was to join them? Who was going to be their fuck-buddy in the threesomes that were to follow; Shirley or Julie?

As his hand went into the jar he looked around at Tom as if to say, “Who do you want?” All he got was a vacant shrug of the shoulders which he interpreted as a four word answer.

“Who gives a fuck?”

Thus reassured, Paul swiftly picked the penultimate name out of the jar and, unlike Linda, immediately announced that Bert and Linda would be joined by his girlfriend Shirley and that Tom and he would have the carnal pleasure of Julie to spend the night with.

The last two naked women took their respective places at the table. Glasses refilled, they all toasted each other with certain wickedness in their eyes.

“Good luck everyone,” Linda was the first to raise her glass, “and good fucking!” she added before taking a quaff from her wine.

“Yeah,” they all agreed before replying to the toast, “Here’s to good fucking!”

Several drinks later, and a fair amount of fondling between the two trios, Linda was the first to announce that she was going upstairs to her bedroom. “Anyone care to join me?” she asked seductively as she gave Bert a gentle squeeze on his thick tin of beans which was trying to get hard but, unfortunately, was failing. Linda read the sign so well and she immediately turned to her other bed-mate for the evening and reached out her hand as an invitation. Unfortunately, or should that mean deliberately, her hand fell on the sensitive right-hand boob of Shirley’s impressive bosom and she felt the nipple harden.

“I’m with you,” Shirley said as she rose from the table, “and him!” she cheekily jerked her thumb towards the knackered Bert.

“Let’s go then,” Tom contributed as he also rose from his chair and offered his hand for Julie to accompany him, which she took eagerly. Paul wasn’t far behind and both men took a bum cheek in each hand and mangled her lovely butt as they guided Julie towards the door.

Just before they left the room Paul turned round and gazed into his girlfriend’s eyes and asked the question silently. “Are you ok with this?”

She nodded. That was all, she nodded.

The brace of threesomes then wound their way upstairs towards their respective bedrooms. Tom couldn’t resist one last act of bravado as he made Julie kneel on the first step and slipped inside her, albeit without the hardest of erections, and started to fuck her slowly. After a few thrusts they managed to make it onto the second step, then the third, and so on. They were doing rather well, encouraged with some raucous comments from the others, until they reached the top landing when Tom slipped out of the hot vagina in his attempt to stand up.

“Can’t get it up anymore?” Linda wheezed brazenly as she witnessed the scene from below.

“Just you wait and see,” Tom retorted although a brief glimpse down at his flaccid member confirmed Linda’s suspicion. He simply grinned and looked back at Linda before repeating, “Just you wait and see.”

It was at that point that everybody said “Good-night” to the others and they all made their way, wearily, to their respective rooms. Moments later they were all prostrate in the large king-sized beds and more fondling, and groping, was taking place. All, alas, with the same result as Linda found out. She whispered something lewd into Bert’s ear and was greeted with the soft purring of a gentle snore.

She repeated her suggestion, only this time; the snoring had turned into a duet with Shirley accompanying Bert with the sweet sound of slumber.

A similar story had taken place in the guest room and Julie soon found herself lodged between two sleeping hulks that had succumbed to the eyes of Morpheus and were blissfully asleep.

“Fuck it!” were the last tender words that she remembered saying before, she too, nuzzled up and drifted off to the land of dreams.

The saying was never truer, “The spirit was willing but the body was weak” or, in this case, bodies. The hours drifted by and it was the thin light that announced dawn before anything would change and the fun could recommence.

* * * * *

Linda was the first to rouse. She stretched and stretched, her hand brushing against the naked torso of Bert by her side with the duvet having been discarded at some point during the night leaving only the thin sheet to cover their bodies. It had been a hot and humid few hours and the skimpy material left nothing to the imagination as to what was underneath it. The women were, unashamedly, topless and, as Linda became more awake, she glanced over and gazed in appreciation at the wonderfully large, and firm, breasts of her co-fucker who lay on her side facing, sightlessly, towards the couple beside her.

“Christ,” Linda thought, “I wish mine were as beautiful as hers.” A thought that she held onto momentarily before her natural instinct changed the direction of her eyes down to where the thin covering clearly showed the outline of something far more interesting.

The sheet had managed to form a perfect condom around Bert’s impressive prick which, like its owner, seemed to be in a state of slumber. Linda grinned wickedly as her hand sneaked down under the flimsy covering and teased it to one side revealing, bit by bit, more of the flesh that she so desired. “Only not in this state!” she grinned silently to herself as, with one finger after another, she traced up and down the shaft watching it grow as she did so. With a quick glance up to ensure that the sleeping Bert was just that, sleeping, she returned to her administrations and was rewarded by the sight of a slumbering giant come to life.

Linda was usually randy in the morning, with or without a partner, but this dawn she was extraordinarily horny. Two more checks she made; the first to see that Bert was still in the Land of Nod, the second to confirm that the myth about morning erections was true. She was right on both counts and swiftly, but gently, rose from her prostrate position and knelt above Bert, her thighs on either side of his torso, her wet pussy directly above the object of her desires.

With her right hand she raised the thick phallus to its proper fucking angle and, with a sigh of pure lust she lowered herself upon it, gasping in delight as she did so. Now Linda had enjoyed Bert’s cock up her many times but always with caution to begin with; this was to be no exception as she gingerly invited the mammoth cock into her sopping pussy. The pleasure that she received was immediate, her horniness ensured that, and she started to grind, slowly at first, on her sleeping fuck-pole.

Linda increased her momentum, pleasure assured with every stroke, until she felt Bert respond. She looked down upon him and saw the first sign of life and felt his contribution to the early morning fucking.

Bert had, indeed, come awake and with such joy. He was being fucked.

Linda bounced up and down with more abandon, now that she had her lover’s attention. She knew that Bert would be looking at her tits as they flailed from side to side and she made no excuse for flaunting herself at that. Instead she leant forward so that her boobs slapped together in a fashion that simulated a seal clapping!

The fucking continued; the fucking increased.

The gyrations of the both of them was enough to wake the dead, let alone Shirley, as she gradually came to life beside the copulating couple. The first sight that she saw, through sleepy eyes, was the fantastic vision of the impressive tits applauding the pounding that Linda was receiving from Bert.

“Good morning,” Shirley said in a seductive voice. “Started without me?” she then asked pointlessly as she watched Linda in rapture.

“Oh fuck!” Linda hissed, “I’m fucking cumming again!”

“Again?” asked Shirley as she knelt up from her sleeping position.

Linda glanced across at the awakening woman by her side and repeated herself, “I’m fucking cumming again and…” she froze for a few seconds as the orgasm spread throughout her body, “…and it just gets better and better!” she managed to say in a raspy voice as she bore down hard on the thick boner inside her.

Shirley took the opportunity to sidle up towards Bert, her right hand going towards his torso, and she leant forward to give him a sensuous kiss on his lips, revelling in the tickly sensation that she got from his unshaven face.

Her fondling fingers headed further south down his abdomen until she felt the heat coming from Linda’s throbbing pussy as she thrust her groin against Bert’s pelvic bone, further increasing the pleasure that she was receiving by the early morning fucking.

Shirley’s fingers ventured further until she was able to feel the delicate button of desire between Linda’s legs and she probed the sticky flesh, trying to discover how to enhance the experience of eroticism that Linda was in the thralls of. She played with Linda’s clitoris, firstly rubbing it gently in a circular motion then guided her fingers to the right and left. That was when she found Linda’s erogenous soft spot, slightly to the side of her love bud, and she used her fingers more vigorously to ensure that even more pleasure came Linda’s way.

“Oh fuck yes!” was the response from Linda as yet another orgasm convulsed her and she increased her attack on the can of beans with gusto!

The smell of sex was all too evident and it engulfed the bedroom. All were aware of it, the sweet smelling, and slightly fishy stench, of unwashed, and well fucked, pussies pervaded the air about them.

Shirley, recognising the aroma, put three fingers of her left hand into her vagina and soaked them with her juices. She played with herself for a moment, enjoying the fornication in front of her, before pulling her hand up to her face; her nose actually. Taking a deep sniff at her own scent, that seemed to have come from the sea, she offered her sodden fingers under Bert’s nostrils.

“What do you think Bert?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye, “Cod or Haddock?”

He inhaled the fishy odour that was proffered to him and, without a pause in his copulation of Linda, announced, “Trout!”

He opened his lips so that Shirley could stuff her fingers inside of him, giving Bert a true taste of the ocean, and he sucked the liquid off as if he had a mini cock in his mouth.

“Rainbow Trout,” he declared as he added, “and I love Rainbow Trout!”

“Well feast on this!” Shirley said as she put her legs over Bert’s face and scrunched herself down on his eager mouth, her sodden cunt desperate for some attention. He breathed in the exotic aroma of her juices, aroused even further, as he continued to fuck Linda. On the downside he was denied the sight of seeing Linda’s slapping tits; on the upside he had Shirley’s smelly cunt in his face as she shifted her position so that Bert could change from licking her clit to her pussy.

He soon found himself with his tongue slipping in and out of Shirley’s wet, and slightly odious, cunt. The aroma was so erotic! This was compounded by the posture that Shirley had changed to. She had pushed her body forward an inch or two so that Bert’s nose now had no option other than to nuzzle into her sweaty arse.

She pressed down hard and his nose threatened to break through her sphincter as fluid, after fluid, escaped from her cunt and he no choice but to swallow the sweet juice; either that or drown!

Linda continued her increased bouncing and she lifted her head higher, stopping the seal-like slapping, and showed off to Shirley what her boobs could do as they tried to reach the ceiling with one motion, and attempted to hit Bert’s belly with the next. She was having a ball, literally, as she felt the impending orgasm approaching.

“Shit!” she squealed, “this is going to be a big one!” and she upped her tempo once more. Linda didn’t stop this time, as she sometimes does to savour the cock inside of her as she orgasmed, instead she continued to bounce up and down with frenetic energy as Shirley watched in fascination at the convulsive gyrations of a woman lost in ecstasy, her fingers still adding to the excitement as she continued to rub Linda’s erogenous button, only now with more vigour.

“Oh fuck yes!” Linda finally screamed as her world misted over in the throes of rapture. She carried on impaling herself on Bert for what seemed like forever but, eventually, she couldn’t continue and she had to stop, the feeling being so strong. She tried to squeeze the monster cock inside of her but her vaginal muscles refused to work and she collapsed onto his torso, forcing Shirley’s fingers away from her so, so, sensitive clitoris.

Seconds later she collapsed to one side, forcing Bert’s cock to breathe fresh air as it was crudely removed from the heat that it had been enjoying. Linda lay on her back, trying to get her breath back, all the time panting in a lustful, post-orgasmic, sensation of well being.

Shirley looked down at the, still convulsing, Linda and admired the perspiring skin that was on display. This admiration didn’t last long as her eyes were attracted to the huge, erect, knob that had slapped onto Bert’s torso, its impressive thickness coated with Linda’s vaginal slime. She slid forward, allowing Bert to inhale once more, and moved her own aching vagina down Bert’s body, leaving a trail of her own juices all the way as she edged nearer, and nearer, to her goal.

Bert’s chest was soon soaking as Shirley headed south, her emissions leaving their mark in a straight line as she crawled down until she reached her target. Grabbing hold of Bert’s shaft, she positioned it at its optimum angle and slowly sat down on top of it. The greasy pole slid up her surprisingly easily and she wasted no time in getting into her rhythm and she gasped as she realised what was inside her.

Her position meant that Bert got to enjoy the view of her rear end. His cock had stretched her pussy to an improbable size and it had the added advantage of spreading her butt-cheeks apart as well, giving him an uninterrupted vista of her twinkling brown hole as she waggled her ass in a sexual frenzy.

Linda, in the meantime, was starting to regain her senses and she realised that there was another bodily function that she had to do; she needed a pee! Before she went she allowed herself another glimpse of the sweaty couple by her side and sighed as she tried to imagine what feelings of bliss that they both must be feeling, especially Shirley, as she drilled herself down on the same cock that had brought Linda to ecstasy.

Unable to hold the urge any longer Linda managed, somehow or another, to hoist herself up and swung her legs around until they felt terra firma. Bert’s spectacle was disrupted at her movement and he glanced over in trepidation. “Ok?” he asked with a nod of his head.

Linda smiled back at him and, for an answer, pointed towards the en-suite bathroom.

He understood immediately and returned his gaze to the wonderful sight of his cock appearing, and disappearing, up Shirley’s wet and extremely tight pussy, augmented by the fact that she was showing off her butthole as he fucked her.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” Linda stated as she walked round the base of the bed pausing, only for a moment, to squeeze Shirley’s impressive mammary glands with a twinge of envy.

“God, they’re so fucking beautiful,” she murmured as she caressed them, heightening Shirley’s own sexual bliss.

Reluctantly, due to the call of nature, that was as far as Linda could manage and she swiftly headed towards the bathroom, taking only one backward glance at the sensual sight behind her. Once she had flushed away her liquid waste, and was enjoying the bliss of the bidet, she managed to hear the screams and squeals of debauchery, but it wasn’t coming from Shirley and Bert. Rapidly she dried herself off and left the confines of the small room. With a cursory glance to the ecstatic couple on her bed, she made herself scarce, out onto the hall and towards the guest bedroom. The door was unclosed, why would it not be, and Linda pushed the wooden partition slightly more ajar to let her get a better vision as to what was causing all the noise.

The sight that greeted her was well worth the subterfuge as she was treated to the sight of Julie being given a right good spit-roast!

Both Tom and Paul were kneeling upright with Julie knelt in doggy fashion between them; one cock buried up to its hilt in her cunt as she sloppily sucked on the other one. The “other one” belonged to Paul and he held his head up towards the ceiling, his eyes closed, as he enjoyed the beauty of Julie’s cock-sucking talents. Tom, in the meantime, was thrusting his long dick into the receptive pussy that was being offered to him.

Linda’s hand went, automatically, to between her legs as she took in the exotic sight in front of her; a motion that Paul, who had opened his eyes to view the vision below him, happened to notice out of the corner of his eye. He smiled and motioned Linda to join them.

She thought about it for a few seconds but then remembered about Bert and Shirley. She shook her head sadly and started to back out of the entrance of the room, the look in her eyes simply saying ‘enjoy yourself!’

Paul went back to fucking Julie’s mouth!

Linda went back to her bedroom to see what was going on, and she wasn’t disappointed! Bert and Shirley had changed position but the immediate picture that greeted her was of Bert’s tight bottom, muscles clenched, as he stood at the side of the bed with Shirley lying in the foetal position, her butt slightly off of the edge of the bed, as he fucked her relentlessly.

Linda knelt down and edged her way towards the lovely buttocks of Bert in order to give herself a better view of his impressive buns, and the heavy sacs that flopped between his legs and slapped against Shirley’s bum with each, and every thrust.

She couldn’t resist it. Her hands went forward to caress the objects of her desire and Bert turned round as he felt himself being fondled from behind.

“Hi Linda,” he grunted, never losing a beat in the fornicating act he was performing with Shirley, “Where have you been?”

She licked each of his buttocks before she replied, “watching the action next door if you must know.”

“Worth watching?”

“Fuck yes!” and she rose up and went around to the other side of the bed leaving, reluctantly, Bert’s sexy bum alone. She knelt on the love mattress and sidled towards the sweaty couple, raising her breasts with both hands, putting one engorged nipple of her large left boob in her own mouth and offered the other one to Bert in a blatant sexual act meant to arouse the already excited male of the species.

What was he to do?


Bert sucked on the fleshy meat that was forced into his mouth.

“Forced?” No, not “forced,” just another sign of Linda’s randy feelings on this naughty morning.

After a moment of sucking her breast, all the time never missing a beat as he continually slipped in and out of Shirley’s dripping pussy, he raised his head to kiss Linda fully on her lips; a notion that always turned him on, kissing one woman while fucking another. The action, however, caused him to change his stance and that caused a scream from Shirley.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s fucking it! That’s fucking magic! Just fuck me like that!”

Bert had, accidentally, managed to hit another one of Shirley’s G-spots and they both knew it.

“That’s it!” Shirley squealed in pleasure as Bert’s thick dick pummelled her relentlessly. “Oh for fuck’s sake!” she continued to whimper loudly as her orgasm approached, “I’m going to fucking cum, I’m going to fucking cum!” she repeated.

“That’s it!” she yelled out in encouragement to Bert whose lips were still entwined with Linda, “Faster, faster, faster, fuck me faster!”

Bert broke off his kiss and looked down at the writhing, sexy form that he was pounding, the sweat dripping down from his forehead and chin, falling on his own hands that grasped Shirley’s hip and upper thigh as he pulled her towards himself in perfect synchronisation to his own thrusting.

“Faster?” he struggled to breath.

“You want me to fuck you faster?” he asked in disbelief. “I can’t go any faster!”

He needn’t have worried about increasing his speed as Shirley was already in the throes of a massive climax. Her entire body was in a state of sheer joy that spread from her vagina up to her skull and down to her toes and every tissue of muscle in between.

“That’s it Bert,” Linda shouted encouragement as he continued to slam his dick into the whimpering Shirley, “Come on, fuck her hard! Satisfy both of us you bastard!”

That was all that the male ego wanted to hear and, as Shirley was crying out her incoherent curses as she orgasmed, Bert lost any semblance of self control and groaned with rapture as he felt the grey juice leave his balls, shoot up his cock and into the wet pit of Shirley.

“Oh fuck yes!” he grunted again and again as he dumped his load up the wanton cunt.

“Shit yes!” Linda screamed as she watched the act of copulation reach its zenith and she, once again, sought out Bert’s mouth killing some of the groans of rapture that he was trying to produce as his semen pumped its way up the velvet tunnel.

Bert felt his legs giving away as his orgasm subsided and he popped out of Shirley’s moist hole making a bee-line for the horizontal comfort of the bed, only for Linda to swoop forward and put his sticky fuck-pole in her mouth and started to suck him clean. She tasted the exotic cocktail of his fresh sperm and Rainbow Trout, a delicious mixture for her to enjoy as she sought out her own clitoris to enhance the moment.

Shirley opened her eyes, that had been tightly shut from the moment that her climax had built up inside her, and peered at the oral talents of Linda as she slurped up the juices that clung to the huge dick that had made her cum so hard. Naturally, or should that be unnaturally, she placed her hand under Linda’s busy fingers and took over the rubbing motion of exciting the sensitive bud between her legs.

Linda, gratefully, allowed Shirley’s digits to fondle her clit, leaving her with both of her hands to wank the softening dick in front of her which still proved to be more than a mouthful.

“Oh fuck yes!” she whimpered incoherently, her mouth full, as she felt the tremor of yet another orgasm surge up from between her legs, less powerful than the ones that she had enjoyed earlier but strong enough to make her release Bert to look down at Shirley’s hand; and the sight, and thought, of another woman bringing her to climax was enough for her to leak her sexual juices as she came hard.

Bert, having got his cock back, simply fell onto a vacant piece of duvet and lay there trying to capture his breath as the two women finally joined him in lying down; the only sound that could be heard were three lungs aiming to get back to normal.

“Fuck that was good,” Bert was the first to speak.

“Fucking amazing!” Linda added.

“Fucking magic!” Shirley gasped.

* * * * *

Julie had woken up round about the same time as Linda had next door. She looked around the strange room and tried to remember where she was or, to be more exact, whom she was with.

What she saw, as she regained consciousness, were two lumps of man-meat on either side of her. The memories of all the debauchery of yesterday came flooding back and she licked her lips in anticipation as to what morning joys were still to be discovered.

“Two cocks!” she thought to herself as she tried to decide which one to devour first. She mentally tossed a coin and it came up heads, Tom!

She started to, slowly; pull the sheet down his body, glancing up to make sure that he was still asleep. Reassured, she felt emboldened to further reveal his torso until his flaccid member came into view. Julie repositioned herself and went into a kneeling pose, pose being the operative word as she displayed her pert ass for Paul to leer at when he finally came awake.

Her mouth dropped down to envelop the floppy penis and she immediately felt the reaction that she desperately wanted. Her hand pulled back his foreskin and she inhaled the erotic odour that greeted her. By the time that she had stretched the foreskin as far down as it would go Tom was completely erect and the first signs of life came in a throaty groan.

Julie gazed at the handsome cock and noticed a circle of the crystallised remains of his semen, and others no doubt, at the base of the purplish knob. She engulfed the impressive member and started to taste the salty leftovers that had stuck there, finding it slightly different from the many times in the past that she had sucked him off.

The groans became louder and Julie looked up to see Tom’s eyes were wide open and full of lust.

“Good Morning,” Julie greeted him although she had to empty her mouth in order to say so, Tom just grunted in reply and put his hands on her head to encourage her to continue with what she did so well; Julie didn’t need encouragement.

As she put the long cock back into her mouth she felt movement from behind her and she deliberately wiggled her butt for Paul’s pleasure as well as her own.

Paul had become aroused, in both meanings of the word, with Tom’s groans and the slurping sound that Julie made with her early morning blow job. He opened his eyes to view the carefully placed ass in front of him and his cock immediately sprang to life, just as Julie had hoped.

Within seconds she could feel a pair of strong hands starting to fondle her rear and she wriggled in rhapsody as to how well the dawn had begun. Once more she had to remove a cock from her mouth to say “Good Morning,” and the only answer she got was sensing that Paul had raised himself up onto his knees behind her. That ‘sense’ became a reality as she felt a long shaft touch her clitoris.

Paul held his dick in his hand and began to rub it up and down, and from side to side, around Julie’s third nipple before pulling it up a fraction so that he could play with her pussy lips. She moved her ass back to allow him to feel the wetness and heat of her aroused vagina and Paul didn’t waste a second more. He simply pushed forward and all of his nine inches slid up the tight fuck-hole in one go.

Julie gasped in ecstasy as she felt herself being filled completely, and with such ease. She was wetter than she had ever been before, even including last night (or was that because of last night?), and she increased her rocking motion on the cock inside her.

She popped Tom’s cock out of her mouth and ordered him to kneel up in front of her so that she could give him a better blow job. He promptly did as he was told and, within seconds, was fucking her face like a madman. Julie now had the men where she wanted them, what she had fantasised before falling asleep last night, and the moment was made even better because of her positioning; she was now able to watch herself via the wardrobe mirror to the side of the bed.

There she was, in a lewd doggy position, one cock slamming her pussy as she gobbled on another beauty. Julie might not have been able to do Shirley’s trick by swallowing Bert whole, but give her a ‘normal’ nine incher and she could deep-throat it like a pro.

“Christ!” she thought, “Eighteen inches of hard cock inside me; fucking heaven!”

Tom looked down at the bobbing head and noticed the direction of her eyes; he turned around and saw the reflection that she was leering at. With a quick nod of his head towards Paul he pointed out the erotic view in the mirror. Paul turned his attention to the vista and all three of them gazed upon the sexy scene that they were engaged in. The picture that they witnessed only made Paul double his efforts in trying to fuck the shit out of Julie, a phrase that would soon become true.

With rudimentary sign language Tom beckoned to his pal and offered a swap, pointing down to the eager mouth of Julie as she turned her attention away from the mirror and back to the task that she so much enjoyed.

With a huge thumbs-up sign from Paul both men withdrew from her talented holes and left Julie bereft of cock. She sighed in disappointment, but only momentarily, as eighteen inches of hard dick was replaced by a foot and a half of enthusiastic cock which pummelled into her relentlessly.

To double, no triple, her pleasure she started to rub her clitoris with even more vigour and soon she was on the point of the ultimate rapture; her orgasm approaching so swiftly that she failed to notice what Tom was doing, apart from fucking her silly.

He had noticed a small bottle that had been strategically left on the bedside table. He couldn’t quite reach it but, with a control that was admirable, he pulled out of the sodden pussy that he was enjoying and made a grab for it. Julie was only denied his cock for a second, thinking that he had mistimed his thrust, and Tom resumed his continuous intrusion with even more energy.

As he resumed his sexual escapade, he managed to get the lid off the bottle with his teeth unscrewing the cap. The first thing that Julie knew about what was going to happen next was when she felt the cool liquid of lubrication being poured down her ass cheek.

She pulled Paul’s cock out of her mouth to glance around at Tom, who held the bottle upside down as he squeezed the fluid copiously down towards her anus. She returned the hard, saliva coated, penis immediately and sucked even harder.

Julie wriggled in anticipation as Tom threw the bottle away and massaged her buttocks, leaving them with a gloriously sexy sheen, before he started to play with her brown hole. He began by inserting a finger up her arse and teased her sphincter.

Julie became more agitated as she anticipated what she was about to enjoy. Her wriggling was more suggestive now as she felt the lubrication starting to work and Tom inserted another finger up her dirty hole.

Tom knew that this was the right time to violate her once more. He held on to the base of his cock and slipped it out of the wet pussy; aiming an inch higher he sought out the greased arse that Julie presented to him. With a quick look up at Paul, and a wicked grin on his face, he forced himself forward, gently as usual, and Julie relaxed to accommodate him.

She had to stop sucking Paul, but continued to wank him, as she felt her fuck-buddy’s cock slide up her bowels once more. “Oh fuck yes!” she hollered as she took his entire beautiful penis up her forbidden cavity. “That is so fucking amazing!” were her next words before Tom declared himself to be ‘balls-deep!’

He then started to shag her in earnest, the lubricant doing its job, and Julie responded with moans and groans and obscenities. “Fuck yes!” she yelled. “Fuck my filthy arse-hole you bastard! Fuck it!”

She continued to scream however, with her mouth full of Paul’s cock, it was a muffled sound of lust. This time it was Tom’s turn to look at their reflection and, like Paul, it increased his efforts to fuck the shit out of her, literally!

There were no coherent sounds for the next few minutes, just grunts and groans; and the noise of slapping balls, squelching every time that Tome went in and out of her greasy hole, and the slurping that Julie made as she repeatedly devoured Paul’s cock.

It was a symphony of rancid sex; a cacophony of noise that matched the occasion and added to the excitement that all three felt.

More basic sign language was exchanged between Tom and Paul as they enjoyed the spit-roast with a twist. Again Julie was left cock-less for a few seconds as the men swapped positions, Tom forcing his cock down her pretty throat as he barked, “Suck that you bitch! Suck my filthy cock! Suck it!”

Paul was slightly taken aback at the tone of his voice and the way that he held onto Julie’s head as he stuffed his cock deep into her mouth, until he realised that this wasn’t the first time that both of them had indulged in such role-play and that Julie was a more than willing ‘victim’.

That thought only passed through his head in a millisecond as he took up his stance behind Julie’s oiled ass and aimed the tip of his cock towards the gaping hole that Tom had just left. Her arse was wide open and she had used both of her hands to spread her butt cheeks in invitation.

Paul pushed forward, entering her lubricated rear with surprising ease, and with one thrust he swiftly filled up her anal channel. He continued where Tom had left off and was immediately rewarded with the response that he got from Julie as she met every powerful shove from him with her own backward motion.

It wasn’t long before the swearing began again, and increased in volume, as Julie indulged herself in the sexual buffet she was being treated to. The only downside for her being the fact that she had to release Tom from her mouth every time that she wanted to yell out, “Fuck!”

It was all becoming too much for Paul; the whole scenario that he was involved in, the sight of him abusing Julie’s arse, the fleeting memories from yesterday of fucking Shirley and Linda; it was all beginning to build up to a crescendo, starting from his testes.

“Oh fuck!” he hissed loud enough to get Julie’s attention, “I can’t last much longer, I’m going to cum!”

That was all he needed to say for Julie to increase lower body movement, thereby speeding up Paul’s denouement. This was re-insured as she wanked Tom furiously and turned her head to look lustfully into Paul’s eyes.

“Are you going to cum?” she asked pointlessly, “are you going to cum up my fucking arse?”

After the obligatory grunt and nod she continued to goad him. “That’s it, that’s it,” she screamed as the violation continued apace. “Fuck my arse! Cum in my arse! Fuck my arse, fuck it harder you bastard! You know you want to cum! Fuck me! Oh fuck yes!” were the last three words before Paul stiffened up and the first blast of his semen shot up Julie’s rear hole.

“Oh fuck yes!” she howled repeatedly each time that Paul’s cock spewed its salty load into the very depth of her bowels.

“Ugh!” and “Aagh!” were his only contribution to the conversation as he finally slowed down and gazed at Julie’s oiled ass, adding his own sweat to the mixture of fluids gathering there.

“That was so fucking good!” he managed to say breathlessly as Julie returned her attention back to Tom. After a few quick sucks she glanced up at him and hissed lustfully as she masturbated him faster and faster. “You want to cum too Tom? You want to cum for little Julie here?”

“Fuck yes!”

Julie continued with relish, “You want to pick a hole? What hole do you want to dump in? Do you want to cum up my dirty arse as well? Do you want sloppy seconds up my arse? Uh? Want to?”

Tom forced his cock away from Julie’s hand thinking that, if he wasn’t going to give her a sticky wrist only, then he had better do as she had suggested, and quick!

Paul watched his friend slide around the bed and, with undue haste, withdrew his wasted dick from the sodomised Julie and peered in fascination as a drop of his own sperm escaped. Tom noticed that as well but couldn’t have cared less as he plunged his throbbing cock up the , even more lubricated, canal of pleasure.

Julie bawled with passion as she enjoyed her anal craving being doubly satisfied; she was in a sexual frenzy as her arse was being hammered mercilessly, but not for long because Tom was never going to last for more than a few seconds, such was his arousal.

“Here it comes!” he grunted and Julie’s arse greeted another blast, after blast, hot spunk.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she whimpered as her bowels were filled to overflowing.

It seemed that, all too soon, the passion seemed to leave the trio as abruptly as the men’s stiffness dwindled. Tom pulled out, not with the usual ‘plop’ but with more of a squelch and an imitation of a noise that sounded like that of a soft fart. He threw himself down onto the bed and landed on his back, Paul copied him, leaving Julie in her original doggy position with sperm dripping out of her creating a puddle of sex on the duvet below.

Even she couldn’t hold this posture for long and she joined the men on the mattress, sandwiched between them, her backside being further coated with the mixture of semen that she landed on.

Many moments passed before anyone was able to speak, all that could be heard was the sound of three people trying to get their breath back and the occasional twitching from them all as the after effects of their bout of sex allowed their horny hormones to kick through them, in spite of their exhaustion.

Eventually the huffing and puffing subsided enough for Paul to wheeze, “I need a slash.”

“Me too,” added Tom, “I’ll go after you.”

“Why don’t you both go?” asked Julie.

She was greeted by a look from both of them as if to say, ‘men don’t do that!’

Julie answered the accusing glare by saying, “Why don’t we all go?”



“Well,” she went on to state looking slightly embarrassed, if you can believe that. There she was, bullock-naked, flanked by two nude men and lying on a puddle of semen from both of them which was being added to as even more seeped from her recently fucked arse!

“I’ve never really seen a man pee before, not up close so to speak.”

“You want to watch us…?” Tom’s words faded away.

Paul had got to the point of where he didn’t care as his bladder was telling him to go, and go now! “I don’t give a fuck!” he declared as he rose from the bed. Tom followed him and Julie brought up the rear, if you will excuse the expression.

They made it safely to the en-suite bathroom and Julie raised the seat on the WC. She knelt down in front of it and motioned for both men to stand on either side of her. They duly obliged and immediately started to pull their foreskins back and forward several times, getting ready to release the pressure that had been welling up inside of them.

Julie couldn’t resist it, she had to say, “Be careful now boys, you know what Linda thinks of men and their inability to pee without flooding the floor, take aim and…” the sentence went unfinished as two penises unleashed the water from within, much as if a dam had been breached.

Julie licked her lips as she viewed the act of male urination for the first time. She had been in the same room as a man peeing but she only had ever got to listen. The most that she had seen was Bert’s tight buttocks as he relieved himself. The vista that she got now was fascinating and, in a way, slightly erotic.

The men had paid attention to Julie’s warning and had each chosen a spot to plaster their urine. Tom lifted the mood by shouting, “Bulls eye!” and the trio giggled at the inane comment.

The peeing seemed to go on for ages but, eventually, the waterfall turned into a stream, then into a dribble and the men started to gently pump their penises in order, as they answered Julie’s question, to get the ‘last drop’ out.

She continued to watch, hypnotised, as a small squirt, after another, left their pee-holes and splattered into the golden concoction below. Satisfied, the men/boys asked if Julie had enjoyed the spectacle.

“Better than any Biology class I had in school.” was her cheeky response as she crouched up a bit, lowered the toilet seat and planked herself upon it. “Here,” she said when she was comfortably seated, “let me help you to get cleaned up.” That being said she started to lick each delicious cock in turn, savouring the amalgamation of tastes from both of them, especially enjoying the flavour that Tom had with his cock still coated with a veneer of Paul’s semen to add to the mix.

“Gently now,” Tom warned her as she began to get more energetic, “It’s a bit tender,” he explained.

“So is my arse!” was her caustic reply as she moved over and gave Paul an extra sloppy slurp.

Moving from one cock to another aroused her but, so far, there was no significant response from the men although, to be fair, they were both thoroughly enjoying the experience; heads held back in sublime ecstasy, albeit it without a hard-on between them.

During this sensitive process, both Tom and Paul heard the distinctive tinkle of water meeting water as Julie began her own peeing process. They looked down to see if they could catch the sight of a female relieving herself but her head, still devoting itself to playing with their cocks, blocked out any view so they just continued to listen.

The trickle soon vanished but, after a brief pause, the sound was replaced by a soft plop, plop, plop, followed by a dramatic whoosh as the entire contents of her bowels left her body and splashed into the saturated pool of water beneath her.

“Sorry, guys,” she said apologetically, “I wanted to do that in private but,” continuing her licking of the two cocks in front of her, “considering where these lovely beasts have been this morning, it was kind of inevitable.

This being said, she released Tom’s cock with her hand, rose slightly and wiped herself clean then, standing, still playing with the dicks at the same time, she flushed away the evidence before returning to her original position on the plastic seat.

She rose slightly and, squatting now, sidled over to the bidet and started to luxuriate in the cleansing water, all the time never letting go of her two prized possessions. As the warm water started to sooth her tender behind she increased her oral administrations on the flaccid members of both tom and Paul until, after a short while, she opened her eyes in anticipation and, looking directly up into Paul’s eyes she asked, in a deliciously innocent voice, “Is that a little piece of stiffness I feel?”

“In your dreams!” he replied too quickly as, he too, began to realise that there was, indeed, a semblance of hardness returning, “But no way!” he thought to himself.

Julie changed cocks to see if Tom felt the same way and, this time, she could definitely feel him becoming more solid. Encouraged by this Julie started to become more aggressive in her double blow job and she soon got her rewards, two stiff cocks! She liked to think that she had been able to achieve this with her own sexy body, her own talented hands and mouth, even the fact that she had ‘performed’ in front of them but, she had to admit, that here was, probably, more than a residue of a certain reinvigorating drug still inside their system that they had swallowed last night that might have helped.

She didn’t give a fuck!

“That’s better guys,” she said seductively as she rose from the bidet, water dripping from her ass, as she cooed into the men’s ears, “I think we need a shower, anyone want to join me?”

Two nods.

Julie glanced over at the cubicle and added, in her naughtiest voice, “Linda’s showers are so small that it would be a squeeze to get two of us in there, let alone three.”

“So?” asked Paul eagerly, “what do you think that we should do?”

She leered lustily at the stiff nine-inchers in front of her before suggesting, “How’s about this, why don’t I go in there and Tom can join me?”

“Uh?” Paul replied slightly disappointed.

“Then he can fuck me.”


“Then you can fuck me!”


“Up for it?” she asked knowing the answer.

“I am,” Paul said, “if he is?” he added pointing a thumb at Tom.

Before he could say anything Julie went on, “after all,” she said huskily, “he got to have sloppy seconds up my arse; it’s only fair that you get to have them up my cunt!” The use of the ‘C’ word emphasising her desire.

Not another second was wasted as Julie sprinted towards the shower and got the water temperature just right. With a seductive crooking of her finger she invited Tom to join her, wild horses wouldn’t have stopped him as he galloped forward to join the horny lady in lather.

She went for his cock as soon as he entered the cubicle and smothered it in soapy balm before, without any warning, she turned around and presented her pussy to him. “Come on,” she said encouragingly, “I know that you’ve only just cum but make this special for me. It would really be a big turn on for me if I can make you cum again!”

“I’ll try my best,” he said hoarsely as he plunged into the velvet caresses of her sodden cunt.

“Don’t even think about holding back,” Julie spoke demandingly, “just fuck me, and fill me up with your sperm so that Paul can add to it!”

He, Paul that is, stood outside wanking himself to keep hard as he watched the slightly misty scene in front of him. Julie’s tits, and ultra-hard nipples, were threatening to cut the almost transparent partition as if they were glass cutters.

Tom just did what he had to do, what he wanted to do, and, as the blistering hot water bleached his back he went into sexual overdrive; his cock attacking the bent over love goddess in front of him. It was fun!

The fun, however, was to be short-lived as he began the inevitable route to orgasm. The whole scenario was so exotic, too exotic, for him to do anything else than to enjoy himself, however briefly, and he upped the pace of his fucking to bring this to fruition.

“I’m fucking cumming!” he yelled, music to Julie’s ears.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she shouted her encouragement, “Fuck me until you cum! Fuck me!”

Seconds later Julie experienced one of her most intense orgasms as Tom spewed his semen up her vagina. She had done it, made a man cum inside her without any qualms, and she enjoyed the moment of her domination.

“Now get the fuck out of me!” she squealed before adding, “I want another cock inside of me!”

Tom did as he was told and, with a brief rinse from the cascading water, stepped out of the cabinet. He managed to give Paul a high-five as the two men swapped. “Have fun pal,” he said with a smirk, “I know that I did!”

Paul took up the obligatory position behind Julie and, with his hand on his raging cock, pressed himself forward so that his knob nestled against the moist opening that was being offered to him. He couldn’t resist a lingering look at the freshly fucked pussy and the sight of Tom’s sperm oozing out of it before pushing forward to gain the initial entry to a world of rapture.

He entered her easily, so wet that she was, and he began to shaft her slow and deliberately. That wasn’t enough for Julie and she told him so.

“I need to be fucked, and fucked hard!” she insisted as she ground her butt back, forcing Paul to put all attempts at foreplay to one side. “Fuck me, you bastard!” she growled and he did just that. He fucked her. He fucked her hard and fast. He fucked her selfishly. He fucked her senseless. He fucked himself senseless!

He also knew, as his tender dick told him, that he either had to cum soon or not at all. It hadn’t been an hour since he had last deposited a load up Julie’s arse and now she was demanding another blast up her cunt. His mind went ballistic as he conjured up all of the dirty thoughts that he could from the previous day to help him ‘deliver’; Shirley and Linda ‘playing’ together, Julie’s rim-job from all of them, the ‘pick-a-pussy’ invitation.

It was working; he knew that he could cum once more. Julie must have felt that also as she squeezed her pussy muscles even tighter around the engorged cock that was inside her.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she screamed insistently as she continued to buck back and forth in a frenzy of sexual lust.

One last thought flashed through his mind that caused him to ‘lose it.’ It was weird but it was the vision that he had of Shirley having her tits being fucked by Bert last night. “Christ, that was fucking awesome!” he remembered as the seed from his balls burst upwards and into Julie’s wanton cunt.

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” he gasped as he continued to pound into Julie, releasing more, and more, of his smelly sperm inside her pussy.

Julie just smiled in satisfaction as she knew that she had achieved her greatest goal in all things sexual. She had manipulated things to her finest fantasy, the ultimate orgasm awaited her and she was guaranteed to savour it.

Before that, she had to be alone.

Before that, she had to release some of the thick goo that was still up her pussy. She pushed forward, allowing Paul to plop out of her vagina, and then she opened her legs slightly to allow glob, after glob, of the slimy grey juice inside of her to escape.

Paul watched, in fascination, at the scene taking place in front of him as Julie’s pussy leaked, what seemed like a pint, the congealed combination of his, and Tom’s, ejaculations. The globs turned into a rivulet that reached from her butt to the floor below before being swept away by the mini whirlpool that had been created by the strong burst of water that came from the shower unit.

He couldn’t take his mind off the scene from “Psycho” as the double sperm was washed away down the plug hole.

“Now get the fuck out of here!”

His reverie was broken as Julie spoke.


“I need a shower, a real shower, and I need it by myself,” she further explained and Paul took the hint.

“See you later,” was his timid response as he left the shower to be greeted with another high-five from Tom and a soft towel.

“Wow!” he whispered.

“Double wow!” Tom answered.

Julie luxuriated in the warmth, and comfort, of the hot waterfall that cleansed her body. She smiled a consummate smile that her body enjoyed. She had achieved another pinnacle in her life; she had manipulated two men one after another. She was in heaven!

Author’s note: There is more to cum! After all, it is only Sunday morning; what could be better than Sunday Brunch?

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