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Let The Games Begin: Capter 1

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Tom knew that he couldn’t last much longer. The inevitable release of his semen was about to happen. After all, he had been sucking and fucking Julie for over two hours now and he desperately wanted release.

He told her so.

She replied; it was the first words that had emanated from her lips for the last ten minutes or so as she had encountered one huge orgasm after another. They seemed to start just after one had catapulted her into ecstasy and, as such, all that Tom had heard were guttural sounds like ‘aagh!’ and ‘ugh!’

“If you are going to cum,” she grunted, “then cum like a porn star!”

“Eh?” he stopped his thrusting for a second.

“You heard me, cum like a fucking porn star!”

He knew what she meant but this was a first time for both of them. Tom quickly got his cock back into extra speed as he hammered her pussy as hard as he could and, seconds later, screamed that the imminent arrival of sperm was about to explode.

Julie smiled, knowing that she had been well, and truly, fucked and that she was about to get her reward with hot, and sticky, cock juice.

“Pull out,” she demanded, “cum all over my stockings you bastard!”

That was more than Tom could handle and he duly plopped out of her achingly wet pussy and did as she wanted. His right hand immediately caressed his cock and he wasted no time in wanking himself in front of her adoring eyes. “Cum on my stockings,” were the last words that Tom heard before stream, after sticky stream, of hot semen blasted from his body. His first aim wasn’t too good as it flared up high in the air and splattered Julie’s stomach and tits. The initial burst over, Tom then guided his impressive fuck-toy down towards Julie’s black stockings.

A huge glob of cum came jerking out of him and saturated Julie’s inner left thigh. Another jerk of his hand saw more of his grey semen soak her left thigh, then there were more, and more, jerks that left his body and landed on Julie’s shaved cunt and tummy.

Tom had his eyes closed in ecstasy as he finished his wanking over Julie’s ravished body. He didn’t see her cup up his cum that he had blasted onto her body and massage the salty treat onto her fantastic tits.

“Come here lover,” she cooed as Tom, finally, ran out of fuck juice, “I really need you to do something for me.”

“What’s that?” said the panting man as he caressed his penis in front of her.

“I want you to suck my breasts.”

Tom didn’t hesitate and immediately flung himself forward onto the luscious orbs that were offered to him. He sucked eagerly at the first nipple that was offered to him and tasted his own cum that had been smeared on the soft mound that was held up to him.

“You bitch!” he managed to say before he moved onto her next breast to continue tasting himself. “You are a beautiful, gorgeous bitch!”

“You are quite fucking hot as well, now finish cleaning my tits but leave the stockings messy. Who knows? I might need you to clean them later?” she added with a wink as Tom devoured each breast of his cum, and then moved on greedily to the salty flavour that had been caressed into her hugely erect nipples.

Indeed, it was her nipples that Tom loved so much. Her tits weren’t the biggest that he had sucked and fondled but they were perfectly formed…and the nipples? Well, they were just to die for. Aroused, they popped out to the size of Tom’s pinkie nail. He knew, he had measured them! And sensitive? Julie could even orgasm with just having her breasts sucked and man-handled.

As Tom was enjoying this after-sex buffet he heard his phone ring; sitting up from his tit sucking he took a quick glance at his watch, “Shit!” he exclaimed.

“What is it?”

“It’s Paul and Shirley; they were going to give me a lift into town to pick up my car from the garage, oh fuck!”

“Don’t worry my lovely fuck-buddy, go and get your car and then…”

“Then what?”

“Well, let’s just say that I won’t be removing these stockings until you get back and then you get to remove them.”

“How?” Tom said with a lascivious look.

“”Your choice,” Julie said in her sexiest voice, “you can either use your teeth or…”

“Or?” Tom asked in anticipation.

“Or,” she continued, “you can use that lovely big prick you have to slip under the suspender belt and force everything down my legs until I am ready to be fucked again. Sounds good?

Tom merely answered with a wicked grin and a nod before adding, “Julie you are such a fantastic fuck-buddy but even I could fall in love with you!”

“Get off me and pick up your car,” she said venomously, “and besides,” she went on to say in a softer tone as she involuntarily kneaded her breasts and hyper-sensitive nipples which caused a low moan of pleasure to emanate from her ruby-red lips, “I want more of you inside me, asap as they say.” This was accompanied with the most suggestive wink that Tom had ever seen. He felt a response in his cock and was sorely tempted to carry on with another fucking but, he also knew that he could come back to the sensuous mouth, pussy, ass and tits later on and, the sooner he went, the sooner he would be inside her mouth and cunt. Not her ass, he reminded himself, as Julie had told him that Big Bert had been up there two nights ago and she was still tender from the biggest butt-fuck that she had ever had.

More of Bert later!

Tom hurriedly got dressed and, moments later, he opened Julie’s bedroom door and went to depart. He couldn’t resist the temptation to take a backwards glance and, what he saw, brought a huge grin to his face. He saw the gyrating body of his slim fuck-buddy as she massaged her sensitive clit and tits, bringing about yet another orgasm upon herself. Julie opened her eyes for a second, smiled at the departing Tom and mouthed the words, “don’t be long, I need to fuck!”

Tom acknowledged with a nod and, before being tempted once more, raced out of the room.

He reached the road and started a gentle jog back to his flat, less than half a mile away, to where he had arranged for Paul to pick him up. As he jogged he glanced at his mobile and saw that he had one missed call. He knew who it was from and, still running, he replied. The call was answered within seconds. “Tom? Where the hell are you?”

“I’m on my way, I’ll be there in two minutes.” His voice unlaboured in spite of the gentle run that had developed into a sprint. True to his word, Tom turned the next corner and saw the familiar sight of Paul’s car, its engine purring outside of Tom’s apartment.

“Get in!” Paul shouted as he ran down the passenger seat window. Tom gave a thank you thumbs up sign as he approached the car, recognising who the passenger was as he did. It didn’t take much of a guess as he knew it would be Shirley, Paul’s girlfriend.

Paul’s girlfriend had the most beautiful breasts that Tom had never seen. Still, that fact might change as the story progresses but they were big and she knew it. Tom had never hit on her simply because she was the girlfriend of his best pal but that didn’t stop him fantasising about being getting able to get a fondle of, what must be, the biggest tits that he could have wished for.

“Hi Tom,” she said seductively as he got into the back seat of the Buick, ‘God you are hot!’ Tom thought to himself as he eased himself into the rear seat but simply replied, “Hi Shirley, hi Paul. I can’t thank you enough for the lift.”

“Think nothing of it buddy, Shirley and I were heading into town anyway, fancy some lunch?”

“Yeah, that would be…” the sentenced was cut short as Tom’s phone rang out. “Sorry about this,” he apologised as he looked at the screen in front of him and saw the call was from Linda, his other fuck-buddy. “I’ve got to take this call, is that ok?”

“Of course Tom,” the tone of Shirley’s voice still seemed suggestive, or was that just Tom’s imagination?

“Linda?” he said as he pressed the answer button, “what a pleasure. How can I help?” he questioned her although he probably had a good idea as to what department that might lead to. For an answer he got a torrent of filthy language.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, YES! Oh God YES! Fuck me harder. Oh shit, I’m cumming you big bastard, fuck me harder, make me cum!”

Tom was a little flustered in case Paul and Shirley could hear the sexual profanities so he politely spoke into the phone, “I’ll just put you on hold for a moment.” With that he pressed the ‘hold’ button but, he made a mistake, he pressed the ‘speaker button instead. The car reverberated with the sound of Linda’s voice.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, YES! Oh God YES! Fuck me harder. Oh shit, I’m cumming you big bastard, fuck me harder, make me cum!”

Both Paul and Shirley’s eyes popped as the listened to the voice on the other end of the phone. It was Paul that spoke first.

“That’s one helluva ring-tone that you’ve got there Tom,” he said with a huge grin on his face.

Shirley turned round and looked Tom straight in the eyes, an act that made Tom squirm a bit, part out of embarrassment, part out of trying to discretely trying to control the massive boner that had suddenly erected between his legs. Shirley glanced down and saw the front of Tom’s trousers twitch. She smiled a lovely smile before she purred, “That wasn’t a ring tone, was it Tom?”

What could he say?

“Was it?”

Tom squirmed again before answering, “No, it wasn’t.”

“Let’s hear some more,” she encouraged him and, to prove the point, she moved to allow Tom to get a better view of her impressive cleavage. She knew that her breasts were a turn on to men, and women, and she always made sure that they were on show, it excited her.

Tom glanced at her fantastic pair of melons before turning away, slightly embarrassed. After all, she was his best pal’s girlfriend and he could never consider doing anything that might come between their friendship.

“Come on,” Shirley encouraged him, “Let’s hear that ring-tone again.”

Paul jumped in with his support, “I’m all for that, play it again Sam!”

“He never actually said that…”

“Oh shut the fuck up and play it!”

Tom obliged and, immediately, the car was filled with Linda’s voice. Actually it was filled with Linda’s screaming, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, YES! Oh God YES! Fuck me harder. Oh shit, I’m cumming you big bastard, fuck me harder, make me cum! That’s it, that’s fucking it, oh Christ that’s so fucking good! NOW”

The three people in the car heard Linda’s orgasm or, to be fair, another orgasm. In fact, because she didn’t live so far away, they could probably just have wound down the windows, stuck their heads outside and heard it over the sound of the engine.

As she started to calm down form her high Lind a finally managed to gasp into her phone, “Tom?”

“I’m here.”

“Get the fuck over here right now!”

“Any reason?” he asked in an innocent voice.

Linda didn’t waste any time in her reply, “Because I’ve got a fantastic cock up my cunt and I desperately want to suck you off at the same time!”

“On my way!” he spluttered into the mouthpiece and put his hand on Paul’s shoulder as he ended the call. “Change of plan pal,” he said as he squeezed his best friend’s shoulder.

“Give me directions,” was the response from, what Shirley thought, was a raspy answer.

As Tom did the obligatory pointing of, first left hand then the right, he couldn’t help but notice that the two lovers in the front seats were glancing at each other. Somehow or another there seemed to be a common agreement between the two of them but, just for conformation, Tom spotted Shirley’s hand stretched over to feel the increasing bulge in Paul’s trousers. At the same time Paul felt Shirley’s pussy. It was wet, as he hoped it would be. No, it wasn’t wet, it was soaking! The pair shared an intimate glance and an almost unseen nod.

“Tom?” Shirley turned around again to their passenger, “Paul and I have…” she hesitated.

“Yes?” asked Tom although he already hoped that he knew the end of the sentence.

“Well it’s like this,” she went on to say and Tom couldn’t help but notice that she was squirming on her seat as she continued, “well, Paul and I have talked about having a bit of naughty fun, if you k now what I mean?”

Tom’s grin stretched from ear to ear, not only was he a moment away from getting a blow job from one of the best suckers in the world but, at last, he would be see those magnificent orbs in all their naked glory, even be able to suck and, if he was really lucky, fuck them!

“Care to join me?” he asked innocently, although not a trace of innocence showed in his lecherous look.

Once more Paul and Shirley shared a look and the decision was made. “YES!” they both shrieked.

“Then turns left here, Paul, and take the second left.”

“And we’re there?” Shirley asked excitedly.

“Yep, let the games begin!”

As they sat in the car outside Linda’s house all three of them took a deep breath before Tom was the first to speak. “Her we are then, ok about this?”


“Yes Paul?”

“Do me a favour.”

“What is it buddy?”

“Just lean forward and feel Shirley’s pussy.”


“You heard me, just lean forward and feel Shirley’s pussy.”

Tom looked at his best friend incredulously but didn’t waste another second as he darted his left hand forward between the big-titted girl’s legs. Shit! She was fucking saturated!

“Does that answer your question?” Paul asked as the smell of Shirley’s sex saturated the car. “My God,” Tom went on to say as he looked into Shirley’s eyes, “You are so fucking wet!”

“I know,” she answered with a wicked grin, “so can we please just go in to start fucking?”

The last word took Tom by shock, he had always assumed that Shirley was so demure, in spite of the fact that she loved to show off her two best points, but he had never heard her swear before. He gulped and opened the car door and, striding confidently towards the front door pausing, only once, to see if he was being followed. He was!

That look seemed to speed up his pace as he opened the unlocked door, as he knew it would have been, and bounded up the stairs towards the sound of pleasure being enjoyed in Linda’s bedroom.

The sight that greeted him was so erotic. There was Linda, on all fours astride a massive cock and loving every minute of it as her fucking motion suggested. Tom’s first words were, “Hi Bert,” as he instantly recognised the massive prick that was giving Linda so much orgasmic pleasure.

“Hi Tom, what took you?” Bert grunted as Linda bounced down on him again only, this time, with a lot more vigour. Linda wasn’t as svelte-like as Julie. She had what, in men’s terms, could be described as the start of a beer belly but that was more than made up for by her big tits that loved to bounce and, as Tom took in the scene, he saw they were certainly bouncing now!

Linda didn’t settle for such niceties as a greeting. “Get the fuck over here and stick your big cock in my mouth!”

Tom didn’t waste a second and, as he hurriedly pulled off his shoes and socks, he made his way to the far side if the bed where Linda’s mouth was eagerly awaiting him. He undid his belt, unhooked the top button of his jeans and yanked them, along with his boxer shorts, to the floor just as Paul and Shirley entered the bedroom. Linda grabbed his now obvious erection and started to suck hard on it before stopping after a few seconds Tom looked down to see what the matter was and was greeted with the sight of Linda licking her lips, with a knowing smile on her face.

“Mm,” she whispered, “do I detect the scent and taste of a certain Julie?” She didn’t wait for the obvious answer and quickly popped the nine inches of Tom’s fuck-pole back into her mouth and, piece by piece, started to deep-throat him.

He did finally, and with great effort of self-control, get to tell his cocksucker about their audience of two. “Linda?”

“Mm?” she muffled, her mouth full of cock,

“These are two friends of mine, I hope you don’t mind?”

Linda didn’t let an inch of Tom leave her as she swivelled around to see what Tom had meant.

Then she had to I order to speak as, still wanking Tom’s prick, she released him from her oral duties to say, “Hi, its Paul isn’t it?” He nodded lustfully. “And Shirley, that’s right?”

Shirley also nodded although she wasn’t even looking at Linda. Instead she was gazing, admiringly, at what Linda was shafting in, and out, of her pussy. “What a cock!” she said without realising it.

To explain, Bert’s cock wasn’t the longest in the world. In fact you might say that it was average, about the six inches that everybody makes a joke about. What it did have was…girth. It was thick, so thick that when it was hard, as it most surely was now, it could be compared to a can of vegetables, a tin of beans to be more precise. Have you ever tried to suck, or fuck, a can of beans? It’s not easy!

As the view of the can of beans, sliding in and out of Linda’s pussy was watched by Shirley, she felt her panties getting wet. No, not wet, drenched. “Oh fuck, that looks good,” she managed to say in a hoarse whisper. “Paul?” she turned round to her lover, “Up for it?”

“Too fucking true,” he needed to say no more as the waft of Shirley’s sex reached his nostrils.

“I really need to suck your cock, and now!”

They started to get undressed and Linda went back to being pleasured by the fucking monster between her legs and the long cock that she was determined to deep-throat! “Oh yes,” she whimpered as her mouth and tongue tasted Tom and tried to make him harder than he even was. “Wait a minute,” she said as she paused her fellacionic activity. She slurped on his cock once more, withdrew, and licked her lips. “Jesus Fucking Christ! That is Julie’s cunt juice I’m tasting, isn’t it?” she asked once more, this time rhetorically. “You dirty bastard, a lovely one, but still a bastard!”

“Don’t waste time talking,” Tom said for an answer as his hands grabbed the back of Linda’s short hair and forced his cock deeper, and deeper, into the randy fuck-buddy.

By this time Paul had lain down on the bed with his head close to Linda’s bouncing tits, enjoying the view, as he felt Shirley’s familiar mouth take his cock and attempted to get all of him down to the back of her throat. When doing this she managed to take a sideway glance at what Linda had in her mouth. “You know what Paul?” she said as she momentarily popped Paul’s erection from her mouth.

“What?” he groaned in frustration as she stopped her administrations for a moment.

“You could be twins, Tom and you.”

“Eh?” just wanting his prick back into her soft, and moist, mouth.

“Your cocks look exactly the same!”

This time it was Linda’s turn to look around and compare the cock that was in her mouth to the one that Shirley held at the base in order to prove her point. “You’re right you know,” as she also popped Tom out of her mouth and held him at the base so that both women could gaze admiringly at the two magnificent samples of manhood that each held. “This day is just getting better and better,” she sighed, “eighteen inches of cock to look forward to. OMG, that thought is just making me wetter and wetter.” With that, she turned around to speak to Bert, “Come on you fucker, ram me harder!”

Bert increased the pace of the pounding that he was giving Linda and the whole room began to smell of sex as cunt juice began running out of two pussies at an increasing rate.

Paul had stripped completely but Shirley had been so keen to start her cock-sucking that she still had her bra and matching thongs on. This hadn’t gone unnoticed by Tom who was getting a great view of her gyrating ass as she as resumed her deep-throating. He just couldn’t resist it; his right hand wandered over and started to fondle her cheeks with the tiny wisp of lace that was all that covered them as the thong had got embedded into her crack. The response he got was worth it as a groan of pleasure emanated from her cock filled mouth. Encouraged by the reaction to his caressing he deftly put a finger round the, by now, pointless piece of lingerie.

Gently, he started to pull the string to one side and moved his finger further south feeling the increasing heat as he got closer, and closer, to her pussy. Then she gasped as his digit finally reached her sopping cunt and he playfully tickled her outer lips. With her mouth full of cock she couldn’t utter anything coherent but her guttural grunts, and the thrusting of her ass against a new finger in her most sensitive spot, allowed Tom to easily enter her. One finger was quickly followed by two, then a third, as he started to finger-fuck her in earnest. Paul opened his eyelids that had been clenched shut in pleasure and looked down at his cock-sucker. The sight that he saw brought a huge grin to his face and he glanced up and over to his buddy and gave him an encouraging nod. “That’s it Tom, give it to her!”

Tom didn’t disappoint as he sped up his assault on the drenched fuck-hole. Seconds later Shirley had to release Paul’s cock from her mouth to scream, “Oh God Paul, I don’t believe it, I’m cumming already!” With that she bucked her ass against the three fingers inside her in order to get Tom’s fingers to hit the right spot, and she succeeded. “Yes, yes, yes. Oh fuck yes!” She screamed as her orgasm approached. Tom increased his pumping and soon was rewarded with the sound that every man loves to hear. “Christ, I’m cumming!” she hollered as her ejaculation spurted out of her pussy. Tom was caught by surprise as he felt the hot liquid soak him. “Jesus!” he exclaimed, “You’re a fucking squirter!”

Paul laughed out loud at his pal’s happy comment, “She prefers the word ‘gusher’ because she believes that a ‘squirter’ belongs to porn stars only.”

“She should be a fucking porn star!” Tom replied as he felt more hot cunt-juice seep out of her as Shirley’s orgasm started to subside. He finally removed his hand and brought it up to his face and sniffed the intoxicating aroma that clung to his fingers. He stuck one finger into his mouth and sucked it as if it was a mini penis. “God, that’s delicious,” he moaned in pleasure. His actions were stopped abruptly as Linda took his cock out of her mouth and whispered in her sexy voice, “Let me taste,” she pleaded.

Tom wasn’t going to say no and he promptly shoved all three of his fingers that had been up Shirley into Linda’s open mouth. “Mm,” she sighed with pleasure, “Tasty!” Then she had a dirty, nasty, sexy thought. “Shirley?”

“Yes?” she replied absentmindedly, still feeling the after effects of her first orgasm of the day, especially as it had been brought about by a ‘stranger'”

Linda was wanking Tom’s cock and Shirley was doing the same to Paul but Linda quickly went on to say, “I’ve got two questions to ask you.”

“Go ahead.”

“The first one is easy.”

“Ask away.”

Linda licked her lips before carrying on, “Show us your tits!”

Shirley smiled and moved up onto the bed to kneel in front of Linda, “You want to see these?” she said seductively as she squeezed her giant rack through the thin lace of her bra, teasingly allowing her nipples to feel fresh air.

“Oh yes please,” said Paul, Tom, Bert and Linda in unison as Shirley continued to maul her barely covered breasts. “Ok,” she agreed, “but I need a cock inside me first!” With that said she swiftly mounted Paul and took his entire long prick up to the hilt in one thrust, gasping at the pleasure of her pussy being completely engulfed by the sudden invasion. She started a slow fucking motion as her hands went round her back to reach the bra straps.

“Wait a minute,” Linda said, “Why don’t you let Tom help you with that?”

“Oh, that sounds a good idea,” she rasped, letting her hands drop to her thighs, and she turned her head around to face her lover’s pal. “Could you help me?” she asked in her sexiest voice. For a reply she felt Tom’s hands reach out behind her back to grasp each tit and fondle them, causing another spasm of pleasure to waft through her as she continued to ride the rod that was inside her. Tom took his time as he gently mauled the fantastic melons, all eyes upon them, before he removed one hand to unfasten the strap. Keeping his other hand firmly on the material at the front he waited for his other hand to continue his playful scrunching of her breasts, teasing his audience, before slowly lowering the bra to expose the magnificent orbs. They never sagged an inch as she was greeted with cat-calls from all around. “Fuck, they are fantastic!” Linda said before the men could. “Are they natural?”


“Lucky fucking you! Lean forward, I want to suck these beautiful boobs,” Linda added and Shirley, without a moment’s hesitation did as was requested and a shiver of pleasure, which Paul felt as he was rewarded with a gush that plastered his cock and balls as Shirley experienced another, smaller, orgasm when her right breast was suckled by another woman for the first time. Linda let go for a second to allow her to speak, “Come on Tom, I can only nibble one at a time. Grab a mouthful of her left tit!” Paul watched in amazement as his girlfriend allowed her tits to be sucked by two people at the same time. If anything he felt his penis grow even harder than it was as he took in the erotic scene.

Bert was also able to get a decent view of the sexy act from his position underneath Linda and that pushed him to attack Linda’s cunt with even more fervour causing the horny bitch to announce that she was having yet another orgasm. “Fuck, fuck, yes!” she managed to squeal as she continued to lick the hard nipple in her mouth.

“Oh this is so good,” Shirley muttered as two mouths created such an erotic explosion of pleasure that Paul was drenched once more. Shirley pulled back momentarily as she tried to calm down from her cum and, eventually, she mouthed a “thank-you,” to her two nibblers. As her latest orgasm subsided she turned to look Linda in the eye and said, “You had two questions, I liked answering the first one, what is the second one?”

“Before I ask it I want Tom to do me a favour.”

“I’m not going to say no to the woman who is still wanking me off, am I?”

“Good boy,” Linda whispered and, to emphasise the point, she sped up her wrist action causing beads of sweat to come to his brow as he tried to control his own release. “Use my phone will you? It’s over there,” she pointed her head towards the nearest pillow, “and call that beautiful slut and ask her to join us.”


“How many beautiful sluts do you know?” she asked with her wrist speeding up again.

“Ok, ok, ok,” he pleaded with her to slow down, “Just don’t make me cum yet, I’m enjoying myself too much.”

“You’re not the only one!” chipped in Bert as he fucked Linda just a little bit harder for a moment.

Linda closed her eyes in rhapsody as she felt the monster hammer inside of her sopping cunt and the aroma of her aroused state filled the room. She finally managed to blurt out, “Simply tell her that we are having a small party and that she is invited. Ah fuck, that’s good!” The last comment was directed to Bert.

Tom picked up the phone and called Julie. Bert stopped fucking Linda and Shirley merely sat still on top of Paul’s cock as they all tried to hear what Julie’s answer would be. It must have been answered immediately because Tom said, “No, it’s not Linda. She is a bit preoccupied just now, it’s Tom.”

“She’s inviting you over to her house right now.”

“Why?” was the next word that the two fornicating couples heard in the one-way conversation? “Let’s put it this way,” Tom continued, “What Linda really means is that we are having a small party. There are three cocks but just two pussies, we need another cunt!”

That seemed to be the end of the conversation as Tom threw the phone back towards the pillow. “Well?” Bert asked the question before anyone else could. Tom smirked, “She’s on her way!”

“Fuck yes!” screamed Linda as Bert restarted his pummelling, “You’ll like her,” she said to Shirley and Paul between the gaps in the fucking she was receiving, “a pussy to die for, isn’t that right boys?” Both Bert and Tom agreed and Bert added, “Just you wait to suck her tits. They are so sensitive that her pussy juices start to run down her legs even if she is wearing panties!”

Shirley began to bounce up and down on Paul’s shaft once more as the thought of this orgy was about to be increased by one more, “and a randy one by all accounts,” she thought to herself as she enjoyed the cock sliding in and out of her. She managed to control herself for a short while as she asked Linda, “The second one?”

Linda looked slightly embarrassed, if that were possible, as naked as she was and having sex in front of the others, “Well,” she continued, “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but I’ve always wanted to be air-tight but I haven’t had the opportunity before.”

“Air-tight?” Shirley looked puzzled before the penny dropped. “You mean you want Paul here to…?” The thought of watching her man fuck another woman up her arse-hole caused a small flood to wet Paul again. She looked down at him and was about to ask him if he was ok with that, but the look of sheer lust in his eyes was all the reassurance that she wanted. “Oh fuck yes!” she bellowed as her orgasm continued.

“Tom?” Linda said and released his concrete penis from her hand, “Get the Lube; It’s over there on the bedside table. Tom eagerly went for the bottle of lubricant and aimed for Linda’s butt to apply it.

“Why don’t I do that?” Shirley said demurely and Paul’s eyes opened wider in amazement as she moved forward, causing his cock to spring free from her pussy with an audible plop. Tom handed her the bottle and Shirley went to work on caressing another woman’s ass, another first. “You’d better use plenty,” Linda said, “after all I’ve still got this monster up my pussy. It’s going to be one helluva tight fit!” Shirley did just that as she poured a generous amount of liquid down Linda’s backside and then inserted a finger up her rectum. “Oh that feels good,” were the next words that everyone heard from Linda and Shirley then put another finger, then another, up Linda’s back passage feeling the powerful cock nestled in her pussy.

Shirley couldn’t believe how horny she was feeling. She really wanted to see Paul butt-fuck Linda and, to emphasise that, she took her fingers out of her arse-hole and grabbed Paul by his cock and demanded that he gets behind the ass he was about to violate.

“Come on big guy,” she said in a voice that she hardly recognised, “it’s time for some serious sex!”

Paul eagerly agreed and moved into position, his impressive hard-on just inches away from the first bum that he would have penetrated. Shirley played with his erection and, gradually, brought it forward so that the tip of his penis was at the entrance of Linda’s brown hole. “Come on then,” she repeated and played with the nine inches, circling it around the lubricated ass.

It was time for Linda to take charge and she pushed back to make sure that Paul was in the correct alignment and said, in a voice that was full of debauchery, “Ok, go easy until you’re in and then you can fuck me as hard as you can!”

Shirley still held onto the base of Paul’s cock and watched, transfixed, as the stiff member made its first penetration into the greasy forbidden poop-chute.

“Hold it,” Linda commanded as she relaxed her sphincter to allow him to proceed. “Ok,” she then told him, “give me an inch or two.” Paul obliged and thrust himself forwards gently, giving Shirley a terrific view of his disappearing cock up another woman’s ass. Linda was starting to shudder with delight each time that she felt another inch, then another, disappear up her passage. Paul finally managed to reach rock bottom. “There you are,” he managed to say, just! “Balls deep!”

“Oh fuck yes!” Linda exclaimed in delirious pleasure and she looked down at Bert who had been patiently waiting, but still hard, for her command.

“Ok boys,” she semi-screamed as she went to replace Tom’s cock back in her mouth, “start fucking me!”

Bert was the next one to speak and he guided the session by telling Paul, “Right then, I’ll pull out and when I go back in again you pull out. Got it?”

Paul grunted his answer and Bert started to begin. One went out, the other went in. One went out, the other went in. One went out, the other went in. One went out, the other went in.

The pace fastened as both men felt each other between the thin membrane that separated them. They were so both concentrated on their role, as were Linda, Tom and Shirley; that nobody heard the sound of the front door being opened on the ground floor but Julie, who had just arrived, could certainly hear the familiar moans and groans of a sexual nature from the bedroom above her. She swiftly took off her jacket and threw it in the nearest corner along with her handbag and eagerly went up the steps, each pace increasing the volume of, what she assumed, was fun and games being played out without the need for clothing. At least that is what she hoped. She wasn’t to be disappointed.

Julie opened Linda’s bedroom door, still unnoticed by the five randy fuckers, and sucked her breath in at the scene that greeted her. Linda being double shafted as she sucked Tom’s cock, Tom’s hand disappearing, and re-appearing at a terrific pace, up what sounded like an extremely wet pussy. All this took only micro-seconds as she spoke for the first time, “Holy shit!” she exclaimed, followed by, “Hi Bert.”

Bert grunted his reply, “Hi Julie.”

Julie was concentrating on watching Linda’s double penetration and she liked the look of the long penis that was up her ass, it looked slightly familiar but, until Paul turned round to look at her, she thought the prick belonged to Tom, “but he’s getting a blow job?”

“Hi Julie,” said Paul and she smiled as she replied.

“Hello there big boy, I didn’t recognise you for a minute.” She remembered him as being Tom’s buddy. “Nice cock though!”

Julie then turned her attention towards Paul’s girlfriend, “Having fun Shirley?” They had met each other for a drink, that’s all, when she and Tom had gone out one night. “Uh, uh,” was the most sensible reply she gave as Tom continued his assault in her sodden pussy. Julie took a moment to admire Shirley’s breasts, “Christ, I wish I could have your boobs. I often wondered what was underneath the top you were wearing when we met. Are they, em?”

“100%,” Shirley re-assured her.

“Holy shit!” Julie repeated her previous obscenity before moving round the large bed towards Tom. She went behind him to his left hand side and started to strip. “I guess I’m a little bit overdressed, don’t you think Tom?” she asked needlessly as she gave his balls a tender squeeze.

The blouse and bra came off in a flash; her knickers were about to vanish just as quickly until she noticed that Paul’s eyes were all over her. She stopped herself and decided to put on a bit of a show. She started to play with herself and she got a fantastic reaction from, not only Paul but Bert too, and she could see them speeding up the fucking that they were giving Linda. “That’s it boys, give her what she wants and then,” she added, “you can have a bit of this.”

With that she pulled aside her soaking underwear to reveal her naked pussy lips which she, naughtily, pulled apart to show the men her eager hole. She continued to taunt her audience for a while before she went forward and knelt on the bed. Having got into position she turned around and looked at the man who was having his cock sucked like there was no tomorrow.


“Yes Julie.”

“See what your right hand is doing to Julie?”

“Yeah?” he asked.

“Use your left hand to do it to me!”

Tom quickly agreed, not by words but by action. His fingers soon penetrated Julie’s moist pleasure hole until four digits furiously started to finger-fuck her with his thumb easing its way up her ass. “Fuck yes!” Julie squealed, “that feels good,” and it looked good as well as Paul got the best view of his pal having both of his wrists being drenched in pussy juice…and the sound!

Julie swiftly got into her rhythm before she finally spoke to Linda. “Tom said you needed a spare pussy but if you have all the cocks inside you then that leaves nothing hard for Shirley and I to play with.”

“Mmph,” Linda managed to grunt as she tried to suck Tom’s cum out of his cock and into her mouth.

Julie laughed out loud as she went on to say, “You really are a dirty, horny and greedy bitch, aren’t you?”

“Mmph!” she managed to repeat with difficulty as she was being face-fucked at the time.

Paul was still enjoying the view when he felt that he wasn’t able to last much longer. “Shit!” he announced, “I don’t have long to go Linda, I don’t think that I can last much longer.”

Those words excited the woman who was being fucked a la air-tight. So much so that they brought her to the edge of a ginormous orgasm that the whole neighbourhood was about to hear. “Fuck me!” she screamed and went into convulsion, “Fuck me harder, fuck me faster, just fuck me you bastard,” she screamed at the man who was taking her to anal heaven. She somehow knew that she had taken his ‘virginity’ in that respect and that thought sent her over the edge as she convulsed into an uncontrollable orgasm. She felt the wave of pleasure rip through her body, and she also felt the first spasm of Paul’s cock deposit his initial load into her bowels.

“Fuck!” she screamed again but couldn’t last the pace. She threw herself to her right, releasing all three cocks that were inside her at the same time. She fell back on the bed, the pillows to cuddle, and her lower body twitched uncontrollably as if she was fucking an invisible cock.

Paul, in the meantime, had started to cum and, as there was no way of stopping it, his right hand went, automatically, to his hard-on and he pumped away spraying his semen high into the air.

“Hey man!” Bert complained, “Watch where you are aiming your juice!” as Paul’s sperm floated out of the air and landed on Bert’s chest and shoulder. One dollop even plastered his left cheek.

“Sorry Bert,” Paul apologised and aimed his, still emitting cock, towards the empty space that the duvet cover supplied. He groaned with pleasure as the last of his orgasm left another stain on the sheets.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Julie whispered into Bert’s ear, “I’m sure that Shirley and I can lick all that spunk off you.” As she said this she looked across to Shirley for confirmation, and got it!

All the time that Julie had been watching Paul’s performance had made her got even wetter with the experience. “Nice cum Paul,” she rasped as her pussy was being violated by Tom.

Paul wiped the sweat off of his brow and stupidly said, “thank you.” He then added, looking down at his soiled prick, “I’ll be back in a minute, just got to clean myself off.”

“We’ll still be here,” Julie retorted with a wink and, just as Paul went to leave the room, he noticed that his beautiful Shirley had already disengaged her pussy from Tom’s hand, leaving his drenched fingers, hand and wrist with nothing to do but to stuff his face to suck, lick and smell, the arousing odour that was everywhere, and she was heading directly for Bert’s thick cock. The thought of what he was about to see, once that he had cleansed his dick, made him rush into the nearby bathroom and cleanse himself as quickly as he could.

Shirley didn’t waste a moment. She slid over to Bert, turned 180 degrees and sat above him, her dripping pussy poised to receive the fucking that she had been looking forward to since she had first spotted the abnormal cock.

“Are you ready for this?” Bert asked, his hand already lifting the thick salami into take-off position.

For a response Shirley simply lowered her torso until she could feel the tip threatening to tear her apart. “How’s about that for an answer?” she purred seductively and then gasped as she felt the first intrusion as she greeted Bert inside her. “Oh fuck!” was the most coherent she could get but she rose up a fraction and tried to sit down on him again. “Oh fuck!” she squealed as the first inch penetrated her. “Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I’m cumming already!”

Those were the only words that Paul heard when he re-entered the room. His flaccid cock rose to half mast immediately at the sight in front of him; Linda was still twitching her lower body, still trying to fuck that invisible cock. Tom was shafting Julie with all his might, the slapping sound of great sex was all too apparent. Julie was loving every moment of it as she was fucking Tom as much as he was fucking her. …and Shirley?

Shirley had managed to get at least two inches of Bert’s cock inside of her and Paul could tell, by the puddle of her juices that was plastered all over Bert’s cock, balls, thighs and the duvet that she had exploded her cum all over him. He approached her from behind and gently put both arms around her to squeeze her breasts. Bert’s hands were already there but there was enough flesh in her gorgeous tits to accommodate four hands.

“Enjoying yourself?” Paul asked innocently as he whispered into her ear as he mangled her breasts.

Her reply was obvious, “Fuck yes!” she screamed as she attempted to take another inch of Bert inside her. Paul’s half-mast erection immediately came to full attention as he felt Shirley’s hand grasp it and started to play with him. He looked down to enjoy the view but spotted that Shirley’s fingers were fingering her clit and that the hand that surrounded his hard shaft didn’t belong to Shirley, but to Julie!

He looked around to her and saw the lust in her eyes; aided no doubt by the grand fucking that she was receiving from Tom. She didn’t say anything, just put her mouth into a perfect ‘O’ shape and invited him, with her eyes, to place his dick where ever he wanted. That was a simple choice to make in a man so aroused as he was, so he left Shirley to her continuing struggle to fit Bert inside of her and sidled over to the warm greeting that awaited him.

Julie can suck cock, Julie loves to suck cock and Julie knew how to suck cock…expertly!

She did, however, managed to say three words before she engulfed Paul’s cock, “Spit-roast, mm!”

Paul threw his head back in rapture as he was treated to a glorious blow job at the hands, so to speak, from the big-nippled cock-sucker in front of him. He was, unbelievably, beginning to feel another emission when, almost as a relief, Julie popped him out of her mouth and said to Linda, in a slightly worried voice as she looked over to her quivering friend. “Are you alright?”

Linda replied, or at least she tried to reply. No words came out of her but she did manage to mouth three words, and you didn’t have to be an expert lip-reader to fathom out what those three words were.


Julie, being reassured, returned to her sucking duties but that wasn’t to last long as Tom announced that he was so soon to cumming.

“Where do you want it baby?” Tom asked as he continued his assault, remembering the last time that he fucked her and she wanted him to cum like a porn star.

“In my mouth,” she said huskily although, admittedly, she had to take another cock out of her mouth to say so.

Tom looked up at Paul and their eyes met. “Fancy a swap?”

“Fuck yes!” and both men scampered around the knelt fuck machine to redeposit their long members into her moist holes. Paul slipped inside her cunt with ease and continued where Tom had left off, hammering away as fast as he could. Tom, in the meantime, had stuffed his nine-incher remorselessly into Julie’s gaping mouth and was face-fucking her with all of his might but, he wasn’t going to last long. He knew that, Julie knew that and, as if to prove the point, Tom uttered a growl as he started to ejaculate into the back of Julie’s throat.

“Fuck yes!” he yelled as the first burst of semen splattered out of him.

“Fuck yes! Fuck yes!” he screamed as the second and third blast rammed down Julie’s throat. She gagged for a fraction but managed to swallow enough to greet the next emission.

“Fuck yes! Fuck yes!” he said continuously as spurt, after smaller spurt, continued to leave his body and enter Julie’s.

Eventually he had to slow down but he still enjoyed the aftermath of Julie’s soft tongue as she pampered to his softening member. “God!” he hissed as he fondled her hair. “That was fantastic. What a fucking cock-sucker you are,” he praised her but she wasn’t listening as Paul’s penis was acting like a demented piston as he went in, and out, of her sopping pussy like a man deranged.

All that Julie felt was an increasing rise of passion as she reached one, then two, then three, then more and more climaxes that ripped through her whole body. The noises that accompanied each orgasm were unintelligible but encouraged Paul to fuck her even harder.

He was close to cumming himself again and tried to hold back for as long as he could, but all self-control was lost when he glanced over to Shirley who was having her cunt stretched like never before as she bounced up and down on the can of beans, her breasts coated in perspiration and her finger rubbing her clit frantically. Paul knew the signs well and Shirley confirmed it, “I’m fucking cumming!” she hollered, “come on Bert; fuck me, cum inside of me!”

As she was lost in her own world of ecstasy she didn’t realise that the sight of her gyrations had pushed Paul over the limit and he didn’t even have time to warn Julie that she was about to receive a cuntful of his hot, and sticky, juice.

He pumped and pumped his semen deep inside her, bringing yet another orgasm to the fuck-toy that still had Tom’s cock in her hand. After a moment Paul started to pull out of Julie but she tightened her vaginal muscles to milk another drop or two of his spunk. Enjoying this new sensation, Paul began to relax and take in the vista that surrounded him.

Linda was still twitching and fucking an invisible cock. Tom was becoming flaccid but Julie was gently wanking him. Julie’s beautiful ass continued to wiggle with his softening cock inside of her and Shirley? Paul looked down at her pubes and saw that her normal, colourless, cum juice had a tinge of grey about it.

‘My God!’ he thought, ‘Bert’s cum is mingling with hers and somehow, managing to seep out her plugged hole!”

Shirley drooped forward onto her front with an audible plop as Bert prick hit fresh air. “What a fuck!” he managed to say looking at the mess that ran out of Shirley.

“What a fuck!” paraphrased Julie as she released both cocks and lay down beside Linda. Tom and Paul soon joined her so that all six of them were horizontal.

When the heavy breathing started to return to normal it was Linda who spoke first.

“Christ, I’m f…”

“Fucked?” suggested Julie.

“No, I meant that I am f…”

“Feeling faint?”

“No, I’m f…”


Linda looked up at her friend in disbelief before she finally managed to finish the sentence, “Me frigid? You must be joking. No, I’m fucking famished!”

The owners of three limp cocks and three abused pussies all laughed.

It was time for a respite.

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