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Morning Lust

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Lisa began to wake up lazily, albeit with a smile on her face. She wriggled her butt and was delighted to feel a huge chunk of cock nestled in her ass-cheeks. She smiled even more when she realised that the thick dick rubbing into her did not belong do her husband of eight years. No, his impressive member was tucked between his legs only a foot or so away on the bed that she shared such a night of pleasure with his best friend Colin.

Mike was her husband’s name and he was snoring, no purring, away happily beside her on the large bed that they usually only shared together. That, however, had all changed last night. It hadn’t been planned, it just of sort of, well, happened.

Lisa and Mike had arranged for a fruitful and naughty night together, after dinner of course, when Mike got a call from his best friend Colin. It seemed that Colin and his wife Helen had more than a bit of a tiff between themselves and he was looking for a bit of man-to-man comfort as well and, as it turned out, a spare bed for the night.

Mike gave a brief synopsis of the situation to Lisa and she closed her shapely legs in disappointment to the fun that she was so looking forward to. “Ah well,” she sighed, “at least we have more than enough food for three.”

“Are you ok with that?” he asked anxiously, and reached out to caress her hand as he spoke.

“Of course darling, I’ll just set another place and we can still have some fun later on, albeit more quieter than usual.”

“Thank you,” he squeezed her hand once more gazed in to her sexy green eyes with a nod of gratitude.

That was last night.

She snuggled back in her bed to enjoy the feel of the sticky pound of flesh nestled between her buttocks and her natural lubrication began to seep out of her vagina, adding yet another stain on the sheet that she shared with two wonderful cocks.

That did it, she had to admit to herself, and she rose with the grace of a swan; calm on top but with a frantic fever below. Bedclothes had been abandoned during the warm evening and Lisa took a leering look at both of the men’s equipment that lay flaccid between their handsome legs before she scuttled off to the bathroom.

She peed with a blissful sigh as the memories of last night’s debauchery came back to her; then she squeezed her legs together to empty her bowels. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it, she thought, as she fantasised about repeating the butt-fucking that both men had given her in the early hours.

She finished her toilet duties, wiped and flushed, and sat on the bidet. The warming water soothed her tender arse and Lisa grinned with the thought, the dirty thought, about what she was going to do with her freshly cleaned anus as soon as she got back into the bedroom. She was going to get it fucked! She was going to get it fucked a lot! She was going to get it fucked by one man and, when he had shot a load of cum up her arse, her darling husband was going to take over the fucking duties and fuck her again, and again.

The bidet was still spurting hot water but Lisa’s natural juices were also dripping out of her horny cunt which was quite of a contest to see if only either of her two lovers could have witnessed it! She smiled to herself at the thought and tried to control, unsuccessfully, the seeping juice that refused to stay inside her body.

“Oh fuck it!” she sighed and stood up, grabbing a towel to dab herself dry. It seemed to be a pointless duty as her hormones were going crazy with the memories of last night’s sex session and the promise of more still to cum, so to speak.

As she bent down to complete the drying up process she looked behind her to glimpse at the sexy butt that she owned in the mirror. Even Lisa knew that it was her best feature; she had nice breasts, of a sort, 36D’s going up to 36DD’s at a certain time of the month but her ass was the piece of equipment that drew the most attention from men and women alike.

Ass? That was the word she thought of when it came to looking, or fondling, her buttocks.

Arse? That was the word she thought of when it came to fucking!

She enjoyed the view and started to caress her ass in a provocative way, relishing in the sexual buzz that it gave her, when her eyes spotted the familiar bottle of baby lotion that had come in so handy just a few short hours ago. Grinning to herself she stretched forward and poured a generous amount of the oily liquid on her lower back, letting the soother react to gravity as she replaced the cap. She then used both of her hands to massage the lubricant all over her buttocks and inner thighs, all the time relishing the view through the mirror. Christ, even she was getting horny just watching herself!

Her hands rubbed away, leaving a gleaming backside that, Lisa had to admit, was as sexy as hell. Not content with simply caressing herself, the middle finger of her right hand went, instinctively, to her puckered arse hole, that seemed to wink invitingly at her reflection.

“Oh fuck yes!” she hissed quietly as the digit invaded her delicate fuck hole number two; “Oh fuck yes!” she moaned again as another finger, then another, entered her anus and she started to masturbate, seriously masturbate, her anal passage with relish.

She tore her eyes away from her reflected arse, glanced into her own eyes and saw the look of lust in herself. That made her mind up, she removed her fingers from her delicate bung-hole, had a sniff which she enjoyed and, with a backward glance at her shining butt, made her way back to the bed of passion that she wanted so badly but, before that, her hands were still saturated with oil and she did her best to dry them off by using her breasts as a towel; she liked the effect that the action had left, both visually and within her own sexuality.

She paused for a second or so when she re-entered the bedroom to admire the scene in front of her. The night had been extremely hot and sensuous; with the emphasis being on ‘hot’ in many ways, none the least being that bedclothes had been discarded and there she was, as randy as hell, looking at two naked men that she lusted after. Their cocks were flaccid now, why wouldn’t they be after she had drained them three times each.

She smiled seductively at the memory of having each pole explode in her pussy, her mouth, and her arse; Lisa was very democratic, she had enjoyed six blasts of cum, three from both men, and in each orifice that she had offered. ‘My God,’ she thought to herself as she continued to ogle at the two cocks which where hers to pleasure herself with, ‘I’m so fucking randy!’

Her next steps brought her closer to the base of the king-sized bed, easily enough room for three, ‘or even four?’ she thought naughtily, as she resumed her original position when she had first woken up and nuzzled her slippery butt into the slab of cock meat that Colin had between his legs.

She wriggled her ass a few times and was immediately rewarded with a definite stiffness in the dick that nestled between them.

‘Oh yes!’ she whispered silently, as the stiffness got harder and harder.

‘Oh fucking yes!’ she said to herself as the knob behind her found itself, instinctively, aiming for the entrance of her sopping wet pussy. She didn’t know if Colin was awake or not or, for that matter, she didn’t even care, but her left hand went down between her legs, which she had deliberately opened a fraction, and she guided the pole of her desires up into her hot cunt.

She impaled herself upon the rigid weapon and then stopped.

She knew that it was in her body as far as it would go and she just wanted to enjoy the moment, and she did! She squeezed, and squeezed, the masculine erection; until she started to experience her first orgasm of the morning, savouring every delicious wave of pleasure that she lusted after.

Still it wasn’t enough; she wanted more!

As she calmed down from the delights of Colin’s contribution to her ecstasy, her left hand slipped back between them and, with a little help from the oil, she easily reached the base of his cock that she still had inside her, and grasped it with relish. Lisa then started to wank him, even although he was still inside her, and she heard the soft groan of a man in pleasure behind her. She looked around and saw that Colin’s eyes had opened; beautiful bluish eyes that she had found so attractive, but she took her left index finger to her mouth and made the universal signal for silence.

“Sh,” she added silently and Colin took the point as he felt her hand, still wanking him gently, pull his engorged member out of its heavenly haven of heat and wetness.

“Ugh,” he grumbled in wicked disappointment, feeling the morning chill (although there wasn’t any, but it felt that way) until she took the fat manhood, aka cock, and rubbed it up and down her greasy cheeks. Harder he became, as Yoda might have said, as she guided his impressive member just a few centimetres up from her dripping vagina and placed it to the entrance of her other dirty hole.

Colin knew what she wanted and he wanted it too. One thrust was all it took, one jolt of his hips and he had completely sodomized her; balls deep, so to speak.

Lisa couldn’t help but break her own, earlier, wish for silence.

“Oh fuck yes!” she rasped as she felt her innards being full to the limit and beyond, and she screwed her eyes shut in pleasure.

Over the course of the next few minutes, with a combination of the two lovers’ ever-growing noises of passion, and the rocking movement of the bed that accompanied it, Lisa eventually opened her eyes and they widened when she saw that her beloved husband had awoken and was watching her being fucked!

“Good morning, darling,” he whispered as his eyes were attracted to her oil-coated breasts that were flopping about in an obscene dance of lust in front of him, “I see that Colin is fucking you already,” he added in a lustful tone.

“Hi pal,” came Colin’s distorted voice from behind Lisa, “and I’m not fucking your wife, she is fucking me!” he managed to grunt without missing a pulsating moment of copulation.

“Good girl,” Mike rasped as he looked into his wife’s eyes but she wasn’t returning his gaze; her focus of attention was much lower as she leered at the erection that her husband had to offer.

“You like my cock, don’t you?” Mike asked pointlessly, knowing the answer.

“Shut the fuck up!” was the endearing response that he got, “and stick the fucker down my throat!”

The obedient husband did just that, he knelt up and offered his grossly hard cock to his lovable wife and she swallowed him whole; the taste of his unwashed dick excited her more than it had last night. She recognised his own flavour, so familiar after many years of fucking and sucking; there was a hint of her own spent juices as well as the odour of a different scent of semen that had coated her husband’s cock when she had let him fuck her after Colin had dumped his load up her arse!

As she indulged herself in the act of fellatio, little crystallised evidence of their lustful night fell off of his hard-on, the rest she swallowed with gusto as she sampled each, and every, taste.

“Have you cum yet?” Mike asked as he thrust his cock deeper, and deeper down his wife’s throat.

She nodded, as that was the only way to respond.

Mike turned his attention away from the woman that he besotted and, still fucking her mouth, asked Colin, “How is it? Her cunt I mean, is it as wet, or wetter, than last night?”

“How would he know?” Lisa gasped as she wanked Mike off, removing him from her mouth as she did so. “He’s up my arse!”

“You’re fucking my wife up her arse!” he shouted with a smile on his face, “you lucky bastard!” as Lisa re-inserted his cock down her mouth.

“This I have got to see,” Mike hissed as he, gently, released his boner from Lisa’s sumptuous mouth and, gingerly, he swept down the bed to watch his pal fuck his wife’s arse!

“You saw it last night,” Lisa moaned.

“Yea, and it turned me on; it turned me on so much…that Jesus!” he exclaimed, “I’m not bi, in any way, but the sight of Colin’s cock fucking your arse is fantastic, fucking fantastic!”

His gaze lingered as he watched his friend’s dick slip easily in and out of Lisa’s dirty anal hole and he had to agree with Colin, it wasn’t he that was fucking her but the other way around as the lower part of her body moved up and down the impaled cock that was inside her with lustful haste. She was fucking him! She was fucking him hard!

He leered at the sexy scene for another moment, her oiled buttocks being stretched as never before until his hard-on reminded him that she was there to be pleasured, and that thought, along with his erection, pointed his penis in one direction.

Before he reached her sodden pussy she turned around to Colin and whispered, “Honey, we need to change position, is that ok?”

He grunted a yes.

“Ok honey, turn onto your back but keep your gorgeous cock inside me. I want to fuck you with me on top and,” she added seductively, “I want my husband to fuck me at the same time!”

Colin adjusted himself expertly, clinging on to her sweaty hips as he did so, and Mike enjoyed the changing of positions more than he would admit, especially with his wife’s reddened face that always accompanied her orgasms.

“Oh fuck!” I’m cumming again she squealed as her anus was attacked from another angle and she knew that her husband was watching her; that gave her an extra thrill. Mike could only marvel at the sight in front of him but it was going to get even better. “Mike!” she screamed.

He looked up into her eyes.

“Yes, darling?” he asked in a croaky voice.

“I think that I’m going to fucking squirt, are you ready for it?”

“Ready and waiting,” he rasped as he opened his mouth in readiness for the moment. Lisa had always gushed a lot, when she sat on his cock during love-making or even when she sat on his face and tried to drown him with her succulent juices, but she rarely squirted.

Now Mike waited for the moment of her ultimate sign of pleasure as he continued to allow her arse-hole to be mangled

“Fuck me, honey,” she screamed again, “Fuck my arse and make me squirt in my fucking husband’s mouth. Fuck me!”

Colin did as he was told and Mike could hardly believe the sight in front of him, barely inches away, as Lisa’s right hand clutched at her clitoris and brought herself to a sexual high; an orgasm that was unique!

In spite of his position, her first ejaculation missed Mike’s mouth completely; it also missed his nose, his eyes, his forehead as it arced up, rainbow style, and fell on his back. The hot liquid quickly turned cold but Mike couldn’t care less as ejaculation, after ejaculation, spurted from Lisa’s pussy and, this time, he managed to drink it all in.


It was sweet and sour at the same time and so, so sexy. Lisa spurted even more of her hot juice out of her pussy and into Mike’s mouth as Colin continued his anal attack until; sadly, she began to come down from her high orgasmic peak.

“Fuck, that was good!” she managed to finally moan as her orgasm subsided although she still felt Colin’s wonderful cock in a place that wasn’t designed to be.

Her husband, thirst satisfied, pushed his head backwards to enjoy the view once more, and what a view! Lisa’s arse was so glossy and his pal’s dick was coated with the liquid lubricant as it easily slid in and out of her naughty hole.

“God that looks so fucking good!” he complimented the horny couple as they continued to fornicate in front of him.

“I need more,” Lisa pleaded in her ecstasy, “I need you,” she demanded and prised open her pussy lips once more; only this time it wasn’t to allow her to squirt, but a licentious invitation for Mike to enter her. His throbbing cock knew the route and he swiftly followed his passion, placing the tip of his member at her wet entrance.

“Oh fuck yes!” Lisa repeated to herself as she felt her vagina being stretched open by her husband’s wonderful cock that blended with Colin’s up her backside. Both men could feel each other as they tried to push her into another sexual high.

“Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes!” she screamed in a manic whisper as Mike’s cock disappeared up her wet channel. She had never felt so full, in spite of having both cocks up her last night. This time, well this time it felt so right, so naughty, so fucking randy!

“I’ve never felt so full, thank-you darling,” she hissed at her husband who was busy fucking her and, turning her head around to glance at her lover she looked into his beautiful eyes before adding, “and thank-you too my honey, Colin, thank-you…oh shit!” she interrupted herself, “I’m going to fucking cum again!”

What followed was a huge scream as both cocks slammed into her, forcing her to have an orgasm. The sound of slapping dicks was intoxicating; one being lubricated naturally, the other not! Lisa couldn’t give a fuck about which was which as she screamed even louder at the double penetration; the double pleasure, that she was receiving.

“Oh shit man,” Colin could hardly speak the words, “I can’t last much longer, pal,” he tried to say in a mangled voice to Mike but anything else he was about to say was cut short by Lisa’s, surprisingly, curt tone.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” she demanded, “not yet,” she added for good measure as she popped his cock out of her arse with undue haste.

“Not before I suck your wonderful, dirty, stick!”

Not having any choice in the matter, Colin slid up the bed and rested his head on the pillows as Lisa also took Mike’s penis out of her so that both dicks were exposed to her, and the open air, for a moment as she quickly changed position to that of an obscene doggy-style posture. Her hands went to her greasy buttocks and she opened her cheeks in a lewd invitation to her husband.

“Come on, my darling fucker!” she said in a throaty murmur showing off her ass, “honey boy here has stretched it nice and wide for you,” she continued to plead as she turned her head around to confront him, “so what are you waiting for?”

Mike didn’t say a word as he lunged forward and filled her arse up completely in one swift motion.

“Fuck, that’s good!” she yelled as her anal passage was assaulted by her second cock of the morning, and by ‘assaulted’ you could always substitute the word ‘fucked!”

Even before Mike had withdrawn and forced himself in again, Lisa had stretched out and grasped the rigid lump of prick that was between Colin’s legs and stuffed it in her gaping mouth.

Up until last night Lisa had always thought that the anachronism of ATM was where she went to get cash from a hole in the wall, now she knew that it also stood for something else as she engulfed Colin’s succulent cock as far as she dared down her throat.

“What a wonderful cock-sucker you are, honey,” he managed to say in a garbled voice that oozed with lust.

“Isn’t she just!” Mike added encouragingly as his eyes moved from one sexy view to another; one minute concentrating on Lisa’s gaping arse-hole that he was fucking as hard as he could, to her fellatio talents on the thick penis that had just left the hole that he was drilling!

The eroticism continued, and continued, until Lisa thought that she couldn’t take any more pleasure without passing out.

“Quick!” she commanded as she shuffled up the bed, leaving Colin’s boner, once more, in fresh air. “Keep fucking me!” Lisa demanded as she looked back at her husband who, immediately, knew what she wanted and he kept inside her as they both moved up the stained sheets until Lisa was in the right position above Colin.

“Honey?” she asked.

“What?” was the breathless reply from below.

She went to rasp, “Put your hand around your fucking cock, raise that fucking cock until it’s pointing to the fucking ceiling, then put that cock up my fucking wet cunt and fuck me, fuck me hard you bastard of a honey!”

She got her wish!

She got fucked!

She got fucked harder than ever before, even harder than last night, as both cocks brought her to a tumultuous explosion of passion; an orgasm that she felt in every fibre of her sodden body. She didn’t know where it started; it just seemed to go everywhere, from her hair to…everywhere!

She felt it grow in all of her extremities; her eyes, nose, ears; her fingertips to her toes but, the epicentre was definitely in the middle somewhere as her arse and pussy were being hammered.

“Oh fuck yes!” she hissed once more as the climax grew, and grew, inside of her

She wasn’t the only one to about to explode with passion as she was reminded by her two fuckers, momentarily taking her away from her own delicious, and decidedly selfish, thoughts of lustfulness.

“Oh fuck, I can’t keep this up!” she heard from below her.

“Neither can I,” she heard a gasping voice from behind her.

Lisa smiled and spoke, no screamed, before she lost all control of her functions in the sweaty sandwich in which she was the filling, “Then fuck me harder!”

The speed of each cock inside of her, incredibly, got even faster and it was Colin who had to admit first, “Fuck yes, I’m cumming!”

A second later Mike had to agree with him, “So am I,” he bellowed and shouted at his pal, over the screeching Lisa, “let’s dump our loads together, ready?”

“Fuck yes!” Colin gargled.

“Fuck yes!” Mike grunted.

“Fuck yes!” Lisa swore as she felt two hot jets of semen fill her arse and her cunt.

“Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yes!” she hollered as her orgasm overpowered her whole body in an incredible way, squirting even more of her drained love juice out of her ravaged pussy, soaking Colin’s cock and balls and leaving yet another puddle to be cleaned up later.

She was still on a high when she realised that neither man had stopped fucking her.

Both Mike and Colin seemed to be having an ejaculation contest as to how much sperm they could deposit in her body which, considering the triple service that they had performed on Lisa last night, was quite remarkable.

However, as they say, all good things must come to an end and the three of them unstuck their bodies in blissful ecstasy.

As Lisa drifted off into a sex-induced doze she thought of one thing more; the bed had been definitely big enough for three, but could it handle four? She turned around to ask Colin that, when he and Helen had made up, would she be interested.

All she got was a satisfied snore.

Mike gave her a stereo sound as he lay back, purring happily away and completely fucked!

Lisa let her mind wander before succumbing to the inevitable, “Mm?” she thought as she drifted away, “That would be fun!”

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