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The Lady Protests Too Much

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“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Stacy leaned on her car horn, blaring at the protesters milling in the street. Two groups of people faced off on opposites sidewalks, though many of them spilled out into the street, shouting and brandishing homemade signs. The young woman didn’t know which side was worse, the screeching women on one side, or the religious nutjobs, mostly men, on the other.

“Some of us have lives to get to, assholes!” she leaned out the window of her beat up old Beetle to shout at them. She’d just finished her shift at the local diner and the tips had been lousy. So much for saving up for a better car! Only twenty-three, she was still working her way through college, one or two classes a semester. Her boss was on her case, her car was a mass of rust that had once been bright blue, and she was getting a low C in Western Civilization. Now these idiots.

“Sorry, Miss!” one of the women said, a tall hawk-nosed blonde. She wore a dress that left little to the imagination and held a sign that read “Futas Are People Too!” in big bold red lettering. It seemed a lot nicer than the signs on the other side, calling them freaks and abominations. People could be so ugly! The blonde ushered her sisters back and Stacy waved, finally able to thread her car through the throng.

“Thanks!” she waved as she stomped on the gas. Futas, what a weird word, but they were weird people, she supposed. She’d never heard of them before a few years ago, now it seemed like they were coming out of the woodwork. She’d been confused about what they were supposed to be, as the media only described them as a “third gender”. It took one of her ex-boyfriends to explain to her, in rather blunt terms, that futa meant chicks with dicks. Not transsexuals, he’d been careful to point out, but genetic females with male sex organs. She hadn’t been surprised when he’d dumped her for one of them a few weeks after that. The guy knew way too much about them.

The wind blew her long brown hair around her slim shoulders as she sped toward her small, but neat little apartment. She hadn’t suffered the loss of her boyfriend for long. She was pretty and she knew it, with big blue eyes, a sweet face, and slim body blessed with curves in all the places guys seem to go crazy for. Her mother said she went through boyfriends like kleenex, and she supposed it was true, but she was young, far too young to settle down!

“Home sweet home,” she sighed as she pulled into her designated parking spot. No sooner had she slammed the car door behind her and stretched, when her neighbor from across the hall pulled up next to her on her motorcycle. Monica was a bit taller than Stacy, though just as pretty and curvy. She had to admit, though, that her neighbor looked a hell of a lot sexier in her black leather pants and jacket than she herself did in her frumpy waitress uniform.

“Heya, Stace!” Monica beamed as she shook her long, black hair free from her helmet. She smiled warmly at the other woman. About the same age, Monica worked as an office junior, doing her best to make good on her business degree. In the six months since Stacy had moved into her tiny studio apartment, she and Monica had become fast friends. “You’re home late, you usually beat me home on movie night! Was traffic bad your way?”

“I wish!” Stacy rolled her eyes. “A bunch of jerks were protesting in front of the LGBTF center on third street again. I had to wait like ten minutes to get through!”

“Your standard homophobic rants, I take it? Leviticus and all that?” Monica asked as she tucked her helmet under her arm. The pair chatted as they headed up the stairs to the outdoor landing. Their apartment doors faced each other.

“Not this time. They were after the futas this time. I didn’t see too many of the churchy types,” Stacy said.

“Ah, I see,” Monica shook her head sadly. “Let me guess a bunch of men calling futas horrible names?”

“You got it. I really don’t see what the big deal is. I guess if you’re going to sleep with someone, its nice to know what in their pants,” the brunette giggled. “But otherwise, it’s nobody’s business.”

“You’ve got a pretty enlightened attitude for this one-horse town.” Monica studied her face for a moment after unlocking her door. “What’s your opinion on futas? Ever thought about it?”

“You mean thought about going out with one?” Stacy cocked her head. She’d never even thought about other girls, let alone girls with male sex organs. “Nope, not really. I like penis too much I guess,” she giggled.

“You realize that futas have those too, right?” Monica teased, her chocolate brown eyes lighting up with mirth.

“Oh yeah! I forgot! Still, I don’t know, what about you?”

“Futas aren’t really my thing,” the black-haired woman replied quickly.

“It’s okay if you were, Monica, you’d still be my bestie!” Stacy laughed and playfully punched her neighbor’s arm. “Come to think of it, you haven’t had any boyfriends since I’ve known you.”

“Guys aren’t my thing either,” Monica said carefully.

“Oh,” Stacy blushed a little. She’d just outed her best friend and felt a little bad about it. “Hey, that’s cool! I’ve never really had any gay friends,” she lamented.

“I didn’t say I was gay!” Monica pulled her inside and shut the door. She seemed to be bracing herself, taking a deep breath. “Like most other futas, I prefer women,” she said in a rush, as if eager to get it all out.

“Oh crap!” Stacy covered her mouth in surprise. She looked the tall young woman over but nothing seemed to indicate anything abnormal about her.

“Shit, please don’t freak out on me, Stace!” Monica begged.

“I’m sorry, Monica!” Stacy said quickly. “I was surprised! I never met anyone like that before, not that I knew of anyway! It’s totally cool. I mean you’re cool. I mean it doesn’t make any difference to me. You’re a person too, right?” she said hastily, remembering the blonde’s protest sign from earlier.

“That means a lot to me, Stacy,” Monica sighed, looking terribly relieved. Small towns like theirs in the midwest weren’t the most open-minded places, and Stacy’s heart went out to her friend. Monica had never been one of those touchy-feely, overly affectionate types, but Stacy wrapped her arms around her and gave her the fiercest hug she could muster.

“I’m glad you told me, Monica. Best friends share these things about each other!”

“Thanks, Stacy,” Monica said softly. They embraced for a while longer, before Stacy felt something twitch against her body, just below her waist. It took her moment to realize what it must be. Her eyes flew wide and she pulled back quickly.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean for that to, uh, come between us,” Monica blushed and covered the bulge forming in her rugged black leather pants.

“Come between us?” Stacy found herself giggling. “Yeah, it sure did!”

“Christ, a pun!” Monica groaned, but soon started laughing right along with her friend. “Look, I’m sorry, its just a natural reaction when a beautiful woman holds me like that!”

“Yeah, okay,” Stacy nodded. That lump behind her friend’s hands certainly seemed big! She realized she was staring, and she forced her eyes upward, only to find her neighbor smiling shyly at her, biting her lower lip.

“You’d better go back to your place and change, before things get weird,” she said.

“It’s not weird,” Stacy said firmly. She didn’t want her friend believing the crap those protesters were saying about her gender. She was gorgeous, smart, and self-reliant, those dicks had no right to make her feel bad about herself. Heck, if she was that way inclined, she might just date Monica herself! The thought sent a tingle down her spine straight to the juncture between her legs. The thought of doing things with another woman’s vagina was simply gross to her, but she remembered what Monica had said. She had a cock, and Stacy loved cock. Maybe…

“What are you thinking about?” Monica asked, arching a delicate black eyebrow.

“N-nothing!” Stacy gulped.

“Really? Your nipples are hard as rocks,” the raven-haired woman said. “Gosh, our little hug didn’t turn you on too, did it?” she teased.

“Of course not! I’m not gay! Not that there’s anything wrong wtih that!” she yelped, her eyes darting back and forth.

“I know you’re not Stacy. But I’m not a woman, remember?” Monica grinned, flashing her even white teeth. “Most of us futas don’t consider futa-woman relationships gay at all. To us they’re natural and normal. Straight even.”

“Yeah, that’s great, but I like guys!” Stacy protested. Her eyes drifted over her neighbor’s body, and she suddenly wished those biker leathers didn’t hide so much.

“Okay, Stacy. I think the lady doth protest too much, as Shakespeare would say,” Monica chuckled. “But I don’t want things to get weird. We’re friends and I don’t want to risk that just for a little nookie! I promise I won’t put the moves on you! You go and change and I’ll get the pizzas on!”

“Right,” Stacy mumbled. She shook her head quickly. “Right! It’s girl’s night! I’ll grab a cheesy rom-com and be over in five!” She rushed to her apartment, her heart thudding in her chest. As she quickly shed her uniform for a comfortable set of flannel pajamas, she realized her panties were soaking wet. What the hell was going on?

She repeated the names of her favorite hunks of music and movies as she changed clothes. Thankfully her head, not to mention her pussy, calmed down. It had just been a strange moment, that was all. Everything would go back to normal! She grabbed her DVD and took a deep breath before crossing the landing and stepping in to her friend’s apartment.


Things didn’t go back to normal, Stacy realized a week later. That first night had gone well enough, the two of them slipping into their old ways. They’d laughed about the silliness of the movie they watched, but still cried when the girl finally got her man at the end. They’d eaten their pizza as they sat in their pajamas on Monica’s ratty old couch, shoulder to shoulder, and Stacy hadn’t thought a thing about it.

It was after that, that things hard started to change. After she’d gone home and slipped into bed, Stacy’s slumber was troubled by strange, sexy dreams. Images of her body entwined with Monica. Images of the other woman gazing in her eyes as she filled her with her hard cock. She’d woken up that morning soaking wet, her pussy throbbing with urgent need. Every night had been like that, but it hadn’t stopped at her dreams. She found herself looking at other women at school and at work, and comparing them to her neighbor. Whenever she thought of Monica, with her super-long legs, her raven hair, and her friendly smile, her pussy responded immediately. She just didn’t know what to do with those thoughts!

She found herself avoiding her as much as she could. She stayed after class to study in the library instead of at home. She picked up an extra shift at the diner. It was exhausting her, but she managed to bring her C up to a B and pick up some extra cash. It didn’t really help much though, the dark woman next door still burned in her mind. Finally it was Thursday again, movie night. As she undressed from work, she thought about texting Monica to cancel.

“She’s your best friend, Stacy, don’t be a douche!” the busty young brunette said to herself as she looked into her bathroom mirror. Talking to herself was the best way she knew to ensure she did the right thing. It was like her reflection was her conscience. She padded naked to her underwear drawer, humming to herself. Her big, round breasts wobbled as she pulled out her sexiest black and white lace bra and skimpy panties to match. She normally chose more modest lingerie when hanging out alone or with her friend, but her hands gravitated to them. She pulled on her flannels and headed across the landing.

“Stacy!” Monica beamed as Stacy let herself in. The tall woman wore a black silk kimono that hung to just above her knees. Not her usual fare either; she usually wore long baggy tee shirts. “I was worried you weren’t going to make it, I’ve barely seen you all week!”

“Wouldn’t miss it, Monica!” Stacy said, forcing herself to sound cheerful and unconcerned. “Work has been rough and I had to put in extra hours at school to keep by grades up!”

“Well, I’m glad you made it!” Monica smiled and crossed the distance between them. She touched Stacy’s arms lightly and leaned down to kiss her cheek. Stacy shivered at the touch of her soft lips, an erotic chill spreading through her body. “Say, where’s the movie?”

“What?” Stacy looked down at her empty hands. “Crap! I must have forgot to bring it!”

“That’s okay, silly!” Monica laughed. “Is it because you’re overworked or…something else on your mind?” she smirked a little.

“Uh, Monica?” Stacy forced herself to meet the woman’s dark eyes with her own. “Do you think I’m pretty?” She realized then why she’d been avoiding her friend all week. Ever since hearing the truth about her, and feeling her through her pants, she’d been curious. More than curious, actually. The woman, the futa, turned her on. Standing just a few feet from her was almost too much to bear. Her pussy felt like it was going to explode!

“You’re really asking me that? You’re hot and you know it!” Monica took a half step toward her. They were so close their big breasts nearly touched.

“Thanks Monica. I think you’re awfully hot too,” Stacy blushed and licked her lips. “Maybe, I don’t know. Maybe it wouldn’t be that weird if you, you know.”

“If I what? If I kissed you?” Monica whispered. She brushed her lips ever so softly against the busty brunettes, their soft skin barely making contact. “I’ve wanted to, Stacy. For a long time.”

“I’m game,” Stacy replied, her voice so soft she worried Monica might not hear it. She must have heard just fine, for the leggy woman wrapped her arms around Stacy and kissed her deeply. Their lips meshed and parted. Tongues slipped forth, tasting and teasing one another. Stacy moaned and ran her fingers through Monica’s silky black hair. She’d never imagined that kissing could be so sexy, so sensual and tender. Then again, she’d never kissed another girl before!

“Oh Stacy,” Monica cooed between kisses. Her hands were all over, touching the young waitress through her pajamas, squeezing not only her big, firm breasts, but her arms, her belly, her back, and her taut rump. Stacy sucked on her tongue like a little cock, delighting in the way her friend teased her playfully with it. Her own hands slipped down, untying the kimono’s sash. She nearly jumped when her fingertips made contact with Monica’s smooth belly. Her skin was so soft!

“Let’s get these clothes off,” she suggested as she traced the lace edges of Monica’s bra.

“What a wonderful idea!” Monica agreed as she quickly unbuttoned Stacy’s pajama top. Stacy slipped the woman’s silk little robes from her shoulders and stepped back to shimmy out of her soft pants. They faced each other, clad in only their flimsy, seductive bras and panties. Both women had slender bodies with hourglass figures and full busts, but there was one glaring difference.

“Holy moley, Monica!” Stacy gasped as her emerald eyes focused on Monica’s panties. The black fabric bulged out, and the young woman could clearly make out the shape of her massive cock as it skewed up and to one side, as well as the big balls bulging underneath.

“That’s right, you don’t know much about us futa girls do you, Stace?” Monika winked. “We’re a bit bigger than you may be used to!”

“You aren’t kidding! How do you even fit in your underwear?” Stacy asked as she licked her lips. She loved cock, but she wasn’t sure if the size of Monica’s bulge seemed bigger because it was on her willowy, feminine body, or if it really was that big! She sank to her knees, bringing her eyes level with that bulge.

“Get a closer look,” the raven-haired beauty suggested. She spread her bare feet wider on the carpets, putting her hands on her rounded hips and smiling down at her friend.

“Don’t mind if I do!” Stacy giggled. She bit her lip as she started tugging those panties down. The mass of the objects stuffed into them made it difficult, but she pulled harder, taking the panties halfway down her neighbor’s thighs. Her semi-had cock flopped down as it was released from its silken prison. The thick shaft was tinged with pink, smooth, with a long thick vein tracing its length. It ended in a rounded, lavender head just slightly wider than the wrist-thick shaft. She kept herself smooth, her body, cock, and enormous swinging testicles completely free of hair. Even half-hard, Monica was already bigger than any cock she’d ever seen, and Stacy had seen a few!

“See what I mean?” Monika ran her fingers through Stacy’s long, soft brown hair. “You said you loved dick, why don’t you show me?”

“I’d love to!” Stacy purred. She wrapped her small hands around the thick base of it, feeling her body heat through the silky flesh. She stroked it in both fists, pulling the skin back and forth over the rapidly hardening shaft beneath. She gave the purple head a soft kiss, looking down the length of her as she swelled and grew. And grow she did, the shaft stretching a couple more inches and growing even thicker in her hands. She could barely touch her fingers around the straight column of flesh.

“Do you like giving head, Stacy?” Monica asked. She smiled down at her neighbor. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a woman, and you’ve got the sweetest lips I ever did see!”

“Uh huh,” Stacy nodded and held that huge girlcock to her lips. She licked at the tip slowly, dragging her soft, wet tongue over the crown. The young woman shuddered as the brunette kissed and slathered her cock all around, rocking on her heels and letting out a soft moan of pleasure. Stacy grinned up at her, she loved making men feel good, but doing the same for the tall, curvy woman was even sexier. She prided herself on her oral skills, but with her size, it was going to be a challenge!

She parted her lips and wrapped them around the crown, sucking hard to pull that monster cock inside her mouth. It was a tight fit, but she kept up her suction, wiggling her tongue just below the rounded tip. Monica seemed to be enjoying it, swaying on her heels as Stacy began to bob and slurp, covering the first few inches with spit as she worked them over.

“You do love cock don’t you?” she cried, her fingers curling in Stacy’s hair. The young waitress winked up at her friend. She looked damn sexy in that bra! How had she never found that attractive before? She had to make up for lost time! Stacy let go of the shaft, sliding her hands up and down Monica’s long, slender legs as she pushed her head forward. Guys always loved it when she throated them, but she’d never tried one this thick before. She sucked in air through her nose, swallowing hard as she pushed the knob past her tonsils.

Monica’s thrilled scream of pleasure spurred Stacy on. Her throat felt rough and raw from being stretched so wide, but she pushed down further. Inch after inch slowly disappeared past her full, pink lips. Their eyes met as Stacy bobbed back up, to let her gag reflex die down. She kept swallowing down on it, her head moving quicker, each time pushing the glistening line of spit marking her deepest penetration closer and closer to Monica’s smooth belly. She had to pause several times, pulling off to gasp and catch her breath, but only for a few moments before diving back in. She considered herself an expert at this, but it was taking her some time, the minutes rolling by as the young woman lost herself in the perverse pleasure of selflessly pleasuring that huge girly cock before her.

“No wonder the boys love you so much!” Monica giggled.

“Mhm!” Stacy agreed, her mouth still stuffed. Her moaned agreement made her mouth hum, vibrating around futa’s rampant appendage. Monica gasped in response, her hands becoming fists in Stacy’s thick hair. She pulled Stacy toward herself, and the young woman let her, giving in submissively as she was impaled yet deeper. Her throat bulged under her chin, but she rocked her body forward, and at last her sweet lips munched in a fitful O a round the very root of her neighbor’s cock.

“Oh God, no one has ever taken it all!” Monica cried in wonder. She let go of Stacy’s hair, reaching around herself to unclasp her bra and fondle her big, firm breasts. The sight of them nearly made Stacy cum in her panties. She shuddered in delight as lesbian urges she’d never before experienced flooded her brain. She pulled back a few inches, sucking so hard that her friend rocked forward, pulled by along by the vacuum of her hot mouth. Stacy wanted to worship those big tits, she realized. She wanted to suck those long, brown nipples, to kiss that flat belly, to lick her way down her friend’s legs and even suck her long, delicate toes. But first things first! She wanted to make Monica scream!

“You keep that up, and I’m going to cum down your throat, Stacy!” Monica moaned in pleasure. She tweaked her long nipples, licking her lips as she watched the busty young woman choke herself again and again on her huge girlcock. Stacy watched her as she sucked, her head moving faster and faster, her neck starting to cramp as her throat ached and burned. Was she doing something wrong? She’d been at it forever!

“Damn, damn it, damn it!” Monica squealed. Her cock jerked and swelled in Stacy’s stretched gullet. The young woman felt the first blast splash directly into her belly, followed by another and another. She pulled back quickly, sucking and swallowing for all she was worth. Her tongue swirled around the head as it popped out of her throat, catching the last few spurts of heavy, sweet cum. It filled her mouth to overflowing, squirting out of the corners of her straining lips and dribbling over her chin. She couldn’t swallow the load fast enough, the futa was just cumming too much!

“Oh God, I’m sorry!” Monica whimpered as she staggered back, falling onto her bottom on the couch. Her chest heaved, her nipples hard little points on her wobbling bosom. Her cock, shiny and dripping with cum and spit, stood straight as a tree trunk from her slender thighs.

“Sorry for what?” Stacy croaked. Her voice scratched like an old woman’s, and she giggled as she wiped her chin.

“I normally don’t cum that fast, but you’re just too darn good and sucking dick!” Monica blushed, clearly embarassed.

“What? You took forever to cum! I thought I was doing it wrong!”

“Oh, Stacy!” Monica shook her head, her eyes shining. “You’ve still got a lot to learn about futas! Cumming in under an hour is just, well, shameful!”

“You’re such a bullshitter!” Stacy laughed as she stood up and settled on the couch next to her new lover. “But you’re cock isn’t a joke! You’re still hard as shit!”

“Well, duh! I only came once! Maybe after one or two more, it’ll go down!” Monica boasted. She put an arm around Stacy’s slim shoulders and pulled her into a hot kiss. Stacy once again returned it with equal passion. Most guys freaked out at tasting their own cock and cum after she blew them, not Monica! She felt her heart thudding in her chest, a warm sensation spreading through her body. It wasn’t just lust, or even awe at her friend’s sexual prowess. They’d become pretty close over the last few months, and now, after this… Was it love?

“Two more, huh?” Stacy giggled as she kissed down Monica’s neck to shower her breasts with soft wet kisses.

“Maybe more, Stace!” Monica bragged. She took Stacy by the shoulders and pushed her back against the couch. She worked fast, her deft fingers peeling off the young woman’s bra and panties faster than she cold blink. Her mouth was everywhere, kissing Stacy’s big, pillowy breasts, her soft tummy, down her thighs even to her wiggling little toes.

“Gee, Monica! I was just thinking of doing that to you!” she giggled as she pulled her delicate foot away. She spread her legs, resting one foot on the floor while draping the other over the back of the couch. She kept herself waxed to just a little patch of brown hair above her tight young pussy. Her lips parted as she opened herself to her lover’s gaze. Her ruby lips glistened with dewy moisture. Her pussy felt like it was on fire, begging to be touched, to be filled.

“You can do me the next time, for now…” Monica got on her knees and crawled between Stacy’s open legs. “It’s your turn to cum!”

“Yes, put your big girly dick in me, Monica! I’ve been dreaming about this moment all week!” Stacy confessed. She reached between them, grasping the tall futa’s enormous cock and guiding it to her swollen honey pot.

“I’ve been dreaming about it for months!” Monica smiled. She hovered over her lover, her big breasts swaying invitingly. Stacy took the invitation, caressing those wonderfully full orbs as the raven-haired beauty positioned her cock right at her entrance. They sighed in unison as the fat knob pushed past her lips, burrowing into her steamy canal.

“Fuck you’re so big!” Stacy moaned as she felt a twinge of pain mixing with pleasure from her womanhood. It faded rapidly as Monica kept pushing deeper. Her wrist thick cock sank deep, stretching her open, sending waves of tingling pleasure up from her open pussy.

“And you’re so damn tight!” Monica hissed. She rocked her hips slowly, carefully opening the young, mewling woman up one inch at a time. She bottomed out with a good two inches to go. The tall futa braced herself on the arm of the couch, her long black hair falling around her slim shoulders. Her tight round ass rose behind her, then came back down in a quick, forceful thrust, driving those last two inches home.

“FUCK!” Stacy screamed loud enough to wake the neighbors. Her lover’s cock felt like a fist shoved deep within her! Her pussy spasmed, clutching at the shaft, gushing juices all over it and soaking those massive pendulous balls resting against her ass. Her eyes rolled back in her head as the hardest, longest orgasm of her young life shook her body.

“You’re so amazing, Stacy!” Monica purred as she started fucking. Her hips rose and fell, and Stacy wrapped her long legs around her narrow waist, pulling her in. Her cock never let up, slamming her aching snatch again and again. One orgasm seemed to roll into the next, and Stacy found that he only thing she could do was hold on tight to Monica’s big, wobbling breasts and enjoy the ride!

“You’re a fucking animal!” Stacy panted as time flew on. No one had ever fucked her so deep, so hard, or so long! “You should be a damn super hero!”

“Hush you!” Monica laughed. She bent to kiss the woman’s sweaty, flushed face as she kept up her erotic assault. Her cock seemed to swell inside of her, and Stacy’s toes curled in ecstasy. Her pussy was stretched, loose, sloppy with so many cums drenching the couch and Monica’s heavy, slapping balls.

“Fuck me! Oh Fuck ME!” she screamed. Monica grunted, her breath hot against Stacy’s cheeks as her pumping became erratic. Her cock pulsed, swelling inside of her. With a long, throat moan she shuddered and held still. Her cock lurched, firing her second scalding hot load deep into the young woman’s womb. The cum seemed to last forever, her pearly seed pumping endlessly. It gushed out from Stacy’s stretched lips, trickling down Monica’s gargantuan balls and pooling on the couch between their legs.

“You’ve got the sweetest pussy,” Monica moaned before kissing her lover once more. Stacy hummed in response, caressing her back with her hands and her legs with the soft soles of her feet. She felt Monica twitch inside of her, and pulled back, startled.

“Are you still hard?” she demanded in awe.

“Yep!” Monica giggled. “At least I didn’t cum too fast that time!” she glanced at the clock. “Think your pussy can handle another hour or so of pounding? I’m ready to go again!”

“Holy shit!” Stacy laughed. Her pussy throbbed, sore and tender. “I don’t think so, actually. You may be too much for me!”

“You’ll get used to it, babe!” Monica smiled and kissed her forehead. “I think I’m falling for you, big time!”

“Yeah, I’ve never felt as close to anyone before. And now that we’ve, well, done it. I think I’d like to be your girlfriend, Monica,” she said shyly.

“Really? Me too!” the black-haired woman grinned, her sweaty face beaming with joy. “Roll over! I want to consumate this relationship!” she ordered as she sat back, her cock slipping from Stacy’s sex with a wet slurp.

“Okay, but I still think I’m too sore,” Stacy said cautiously. She trembled as she turned, coming up onto her hands and knees on the couch cushions, her tight little ass pointed right at her sexy lesbian lover.

“I’m not after your pussy, babe,” Monica said as she slid her wet, thick cock between those soft, upturned cheeks. “I’ll be gentle,” she added.

“Oh god!” Stacy whimpered. She quivered in trepidation. Sure she was no anal virgin, but Monica’s cock was a lot longer and thicker than anything she’d ever had back there! She didn’t move away though. In fact, she realized, she wanted it.

“That’s a good girl,” Monica cooed. She gripped Stacy’s soft cheeks, one in each hand, thrusting slowly, letting her wet shaft slide between the fleshy globes. Stacy could feel the heat of her, the wetness against her tiny pink rosebud.

“Stop teasing and do it, Monica. Fuck my ass!” Stacy pleaded. Her pussy dripped cum, her own mixed with rivers of the futa’s pearly seed down the insides of her thighs. Her body felt weak, drained by the dozens of orgasms that the well-hung young woman had given her. She looked over her shoulder, watching as the stunning young futa lined her huge cock up against her backside.

“Just relax,” Monica soothed and pressed forward. Her cockhead was nearly as thick as Stacy’s fist, but soft and rubbery over the firm shaft beneath. She felt her most intimate opening clench, then open. She gasped in pain as it was forced wider and wider.

“Shit!” Stacy yelped, slapping the arm of the couch as her tight sphincter suddenly gave way. The head and a good two or three inches of shaft buried themselves deep in her steaming hot rectum. The tight ring of muscle clamped down hard on her lover’s cock, then relaxed slightly. She sucked in a deep breath, the pain was fading quickly.

“Don’t forget to breathe, baby,” Monica stroked her back. Her soft brown eyes met Stacy’s and they shared a smile, like they were sharing a secret. Perhaps in a way, they were. Stacy nodded as the pain evaporated completely, leaving her feeling ever so full.

“I’m ready,” the brunette said softly. Monica took firm hold of her rounded hips and worked herself deeper. Back and forth she sawed her giant cock, making the woman’s tight ass stretch, her guts expand. Stacy rested her head against the couch, breathing deeply. The sensations were almost overpowering. Not quite the pure pleasure she’d experienced when Monica had stuffed her needy young pussy, but enjoyable all the same.

“You’re so hot and tight, I can feel you loosening up, Stace!” Monica said in wonder as she fucked her slowly, gently. Her balls finally slapped meatily against the young woman’s hot pussy, she’d taken it all! The tiny studio apartment filled with the sounds of their lusty anal fuck as Monica slammed her bottom faster and harder.

“Take my ass, take it!” Stacy screamed. Every time she thought her wonderful feminine lover was working to a crescendo, she fucked harder and faster. Futa stamina was truly something to behold, she realized. She clutched at the couch for dear life, and after nearly an hour of relentless ass fucking, something happened she’d never before experienced.

“Your ass is going crazy!” Monica exclaimed in wonder as the young woman came all over her titanic cock from pure anal stimulation. It seemed to drive the cocky futa wild, and she slammed her massive cock home one last time, her huge balls emptying their load in creamy load one blast at a time up her bloated bowels.

“Oh God, YES!” Stacy screamed in ecstasy as she felt her body fill up with Monica’s potent seed once more. The pair of them, two sexy, curvy young woman, thrashed on the couch for a long moment before they collapsed. Stacy sighed as she felt the futa finally soften inside her bottom. It was nearly as erotic feeling as her huge tits against her back.

“I think I love you, Stacy,” Monica whispered in her ear, her voice soft, almost shy.

“I know I love you, Monica!” Stacy replied. She wiggled under the tall woman, and their lips met, sharing a long, hot, passionate kiss.

The End

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