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Mad Women

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“Mmm keep going baby” purred black pornstar Anna Foxxx as her blonde co-star Aaliyah Love ate her pussy.

unnamed“Yeah, suck on that clit” moaned the ebony beauty. Aaliyah took her mouth from the swollen brown button and slipped two fingers into her mouth. She pushed the moistened digits into Anna’s inviting twat and returned her lips to the black model’s saliva drenched clit.

“Oh yeah, you’re gonna make me cum like that girl” Anna groaned as her on-screen lover worked her fingers back and forth, pushing them deep into her wet womanhood. Christina Hendricks looked on in longing agony as she pictured herself in place of Aaliyah Love, pleasuring the gorgeous African American queen. The redhead fucked herself with two fingers, holding a purple vibrator to her pulsating clitoris as she watched the two sexy adult actresses make sweet passionate love.

“Oh yes baby, I’m gonna cum” said Anna in breathless ecstasy. Christina took this as her cue and she worked the fingers into her soaking snatch with more speed and ferocity as she gazed at the hot pornstar, moaning and groaning as she reached climax. The ginger actress let out appreciative sounds of her own as she stared at Anna’s beautiful cum face, fingering herself wildly until, much to her delight, she brought herself to orgasm at the same time as the ebony goddess on her laptop screen.

“Ahhhh” breathed Christina and Anna in unison as they both smiled contently after their respective climaxes. Aaliyah removed her moist fingers from her co-star’s satisfied pussy and slipped them into her mouth. Christina did the same with her own well-worked digits and closed her eyes, imagining that the sweet taste of vagina she savoured was that of the gorgeous Anna Foxxx. The busty redhead turned off the vibrator and rested it beside her on the duvet cover. She breathed heavily as the two actresses kissed and the porno faded to black.

Christina reached for the track pad on her Macbook when the next scene started. She moved the cursor to the red circle at the top left of the internet browser, before the hot opening to the erotic video stopped her in her tracks. Two stunning girls; brunette Dani Daniels and mixed-raced beauty Misty Stone knelt opposite one another on a bed, their lips locked in a sexy smooch as they squeezed and rubbed each others thighs. The camera cut to a close up of the two hotties as they simultaneously opened their mouths and danced their tongues together delicately. Then Dani broke from the passionate kiss to lick her co-star’s ear and down to her neck which she proceeded to lightly suck upon.

“Mmmm that feels good baby” grinned Misty as Christina felt her cunt wetten further. The buxom actress again moved the cursor to close the window, attempting to resist the urge to get drawn into another lesbian video so soon after the last one, and she herself, finished. But once again she was unable to force herself to close the video. The well-endowed star gawped at the sweet smiles of the caramel-skinned temptress on the screen, physically stunned by her beauty as her fellow actress made out with her neck. Christina looked in awe at Misty’s beautiful brown eyes, then focused on her glossy pink lips and imagined how great they tasted, before moving to the brown curls of her hair and imagined how nice it smelt. Dani then licked up her co-star’s neck and returned to her mouth for a second prolonged kiss. The brunette ran her hands up Misty’s back and unhooked the mixed-race girl’s bra before running it down her arms, without once breaking from their sexy snog.

Christina couldn’t handle it anymore and licked two fingers before putting them to work on her throbbing clit. Dani began to squeeze Misty’s small supple breasts and use her thumb’s to tease the ebony goddesses’ puffy brown nipples. The two pornstars broke from their kiss and Dani licked slowly down Misty’s chest and sucked away at her erect nipples one by one.

“Oh Dani, keep doing that baby” cooed Misty as Christina exchanged the brunette actress’ name for her own in her head. The redhead furiously rubbed her clitoris, deciding to make her orgasm fast and intense after the slow and intimate self-love session she’d just had.

“Oh yes, that feel’s so good Dani” said Misty in breathless ecstasy as Christina kneaded her clit with more and more intensity and started to moan and groan as Dani kissed her way down Misty’s stomach towards her special place.

“Mmmm oh my god” purred Misty.

“Ahhh” gasped Christina as she ignited her second climax in quick succession.

Just then the front door of her swanky apartment flew open, jolting her from her unfinished orgasm.

“Honey I’m home!” called her bespectacled, curly brown haired husband Geoffrey Arend from the living room. His stupid ironic use of the cliched phrase, a lame attempt at being funny, would’ve made Christina’s eyes roll in different circumstances, but at all she could focus on was keeping him in the dark about her midday masturbation session.

“Oh fuck” she whispered, desperately attempting to close the internet window with her trembling hand. She eventually did so and closed the lid on the laptop.

“Chrissie? Baby?” said Geoff from the lounge as he attempted to determine his wife’s whereabouts. Christina looked across at the bundle of clothes on the floor that she’d slung in the throws of passion for her pornstar lust interest.

“Chrissie?” her husband repeated, his footsteps getting louder. Christina slung her duvet over the laptop and vibrator and rolled onto her side.

“I’m in here Geoff” she answered softly. The bedroom door swung open.

“Hey babe” said Geoff to his wife’s back. “Hmm clothes on the floor. Were you waiting for me?” he added, adopting one of his lame ‘funny’ voices.

“Of course, who else?” the ginger beauty replied.

“Well then, me you shall get” responded the curly buffoon, in another stupid voice.

“Not now Geoff, I have a headache” said Christina weakly, trying to sound sick.

“Aww poor baby. Can I get you anything?” he asked.

“No thanks, I’m just going to try and sleep it off.”

“OK sweetie. Well, yell if you need anything.”

“I will.” Geoff wandered back into the living room and closed the door behind him. Christina rolled onto her back and began to rub her clit once more, picking up the porn scene she’d just been watching in her head, with herself in place of Dani Daniels.

“Mmm that feels good baby” moaned Misty Stone as Christina planted a kiss on her toned midriff, before circling her navel with her tongue, looking up into the ebony hottie’s deep eyes as she did so. The redhead took the hem of Misty’s panties between her teeth and eased them slowly down her long slender legs and over her dainty feet. She took the underwear in her hand and held them to her nose, inhaling her black lover’s delicious feminine scent. She tossed the panties to the floor and lifted one of Misty’s legs and kissed her heel and all the way up the soles of her feet. She sucked her big toe before moving on the others, putting all four in her mouth at once.

“Oh Chrissie, keep doing that baby” purred the ebony goddess. Christina then licked up her shiny caramel legs and kissed and tongued the underside of her knee, before working her way up the thigh.

“Oh yes, that feels so good Chrissie” said Misty as the busty actress kissed her soaking wet pussy lips, then slipped her tongue inside the warm hole.

“Mmmm oh my god” groaned Misty as Christina moved up to her clitoris.

Christina brought one hand up to mute her groans of ecstasy as she rubbed herself to orgasm, picturing her head buried between Misty’s legs as the gorgeous model ran her hands through the actress’ fiery red hair. Christina’s toes curled and shook as she came and she couldn’t help but release a muffled squeal at the point of climax. A satisfied smile stretched across her face and she rolled back onto her side.

Christina had begun to notice an attraction to women four months earlier when a new costume dresser appeared on the set of Mad Men. Her name was Alina, she was in her early to mid twenties and from Ukraine, and was the most beautiful woman Christina has ever seen. She had silky brown hair, piercing brown eyes, full pouty lips, perfect white teeth and a stunning smile. Her sexy Eastern European accent was enough to give the actress goosebumps and she always had a delicious aroma of great smelling soap products, moisturisers and deodorants. At first Christina thought it was just a girl crush and that she simply found the young girl attractive in an objective way. But then, one day when Alina was squeezing the sexy star into one of her character Joan Harris’ iconci tight fitting dresses, the Ukrainian beauty accidentally brushed Christina’s ample breasts with her hands a number of times. It was enough to send an unexpected bolt of electricity through the redhead’s body and, once Alina had left her dressing room and she waited for the make up girl, Christina realised that the innocent touches had actually made her pussy wet. She quivered uncontrollably and had to fight the temptation to masturbate right there on set, thinking about the gorgeous European touching her in a more intimate manner.

From then on Christina was like a school girl whenever she was around Alina; blushing and coughing dry mouthed ‘thank you”s whenever the girl complemented her on her figure. Christina had always loved working on Mad Men and regularly thanked her lucky stars for being granted the opportunity to be among the super talented main cast on such a great show. But from then on, she relished turning up on set every single day to see Alina, and had no doubt in her mind that she was bi-curious. However, it wasn’t just the costume girl who had awoken new emotions within her, and Christina soon suspected that she was generating sexual attractions to her co-stars. She’d always found all the Mad Men women to be beautiful but now her feelings had taken on new ground and she often found herself staring at her co-stars Elisabeth Moss, January Jones, Alison Brie and Jessica Pare in the mirror when they were having their make up done alongside her.

After a while, in addition to her attraction to women, Christina began to wonder if she even had sexual feelings for men any more. She still liked her husband very much; he was a kind, sweet, caring guy, but she found herself growing less and less attracted to him by the day. At first she thought it may have just been him she wasn’t attracted to. She was always coming across mean articles when checking her mentions on Twitter with titles like ‘Ten Beautiful Women With Ugly Husbands’, which asked how a ‘goddess’ such as her ever ended up with the ‘ugly, curly nerd’. Christina wondered if these writings had penetrated their way into her subconscious and were the source of her diminishing attraction to Geoff. However, when she and her husband watched movies together, she found herself drawn to the actresses rather than the actors. For example, when the couple watched Crazy, Stupid, Love Christina showed very little interest in a half naked Ryan Gosling, and instead found herself ogling her fellow redhead Emma Stone.

The next day Christina was like a horny teenage boy, browsing the internet for pictures of the auburn beauty. During this rather shameful activity she stumbled across an interview with Emma, in which the pretty actress declared her attraction to Christina herself. Emma’s words ‘everything about [Christina Hendricks] does it for me. That’s my kind of woman’, sent chills up the busty lady’s spine and she had to masturbate straight away. She imagined a scenario in which she met Miss Stone at an awards show and was invited back to her apartment for drinks, where they proceeded to make mad passionate love. The interview also gave Christina an idea as to how she could test her changing sexuality. She did a spot of self-Googling during which she unearthed numerous interviews from male celebrities, stating that she was their ultimate crush. However, not one single comment about her looks or body from some of the best looking men in sport and show business incurred the slightest flutter in her heart or tingle in her nether regions.

Her suspicions that she was a lesbian intensified. She came to the conclusion that there would only be one way to know for sure; to have a romantic encounter with a woman. However, for a famous star such as herself that was easier said than done. The press would have a field day if she was spotted leaving a lesbian bar with a young lady on her arm. Besides, the public were the paparazzi nowadays as far as she was concerned; if she rocked up to a gay bar one evening it would be all over Twitter within minutes. She considered the option of hiring an escort, however she was concerned about discretion, and wasn’t too hot on the idea for moral reasons also. Dating apps and websites were obviously out of the question. She had no idea how she could go about meeting other lesbians. Christina’s new found gay feelings were simultaneously a blessing and a curse. On one hand, they had awoken a sexual appetite that had been dormant for many years. But on the flipside, it was frustrating and upsetting that she had these romantic and sexual urges but had no way of acting upon them.

It didn’t take the actress long to discover lesbian pornography, and within days she was already masturbating to various sapphic videos every time her husband went out. Sometimes she’d even sneak into the lounge to watch all girl porn after Geoff had fallen asleep. Her busy viewing schedule meant that Christina came across (so to speak) a large variety of women and quickly developed a mental list of favourites that she returned to regularly. She loved the valuptuos natural bodies of actresses like Siri and Jelena Jensen. She enjoyed the clear passion for women exuded by performers like Sovereign Syre and Sandy Fantasy and the hot, energetic performances of Sinn Sage and Celeste Star. However, to her surprise the sub-genre of lesbian erotica that Christina found herself visiting most often was interracial, and she discovered that the pornstars that she found the most desirable tended to be black. She found Jada Fire and Nyomi Banxxx very beautiful, though she wasn’t the biggest fan of their fake breasts. Among her favourites were Skin Diamond and Ivy Sherwood, but her actress of choice had to be Alia Star, a curvy, dark skinned beauty with big natural boobs and pouty lips to die for. Christina trawled the internet for every sapphic scene she could find starring Alia and watched them all.

However, as much as she enjoyed watching porn it was no substitute for the real thing, and the longer she went on viewing the erotic material, the more she wanted a taste of her own lesbian loving. But then the same old problems would arise. What Christina needed was another woman in the same boat as her; one who could be trusted and for whom discretion was of the upmost importance. But where could she find someone like that?

“Mmm yes baby” cooed the beautiful black actress Teyonah Parris as she ground her hips rhythmically in time with her gorgeous blonde girlfriend Jessica Robbins, the pair tribbing wildly. Teyonah lay flat on her back with Jessica on her side, rubbing their most pussies together so their pulsating clits met in a passionate embrace. Teyonah held tightly to one of Jessica’s long slender legs and looked across at her girlfriend as they writhed faster into one another, black skin bucking wildly against white skin. The pair moaned and groaned in delight and Jessica knew her orgasm was imminent. The blonde wanted them to get off at the same time and knew exactly what to do to make her girlfriend cum. Jessica reached across to her ebony princess’ feet as her toes curled with pleasure, she took hold of her left foot and sucked on her big toe as the pair bucked their hips ferociously into one another.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum” moaned Teyonah, just as Jessica had expected. The blonde removed her girl’s toe from her mouth

“Uhh me too baby” she replied in breathless ecstasy, before the pair clamped their hands together for a mutual thunderous orgasm. Teyonah’s head slumped down into the pillows at the top of their bed.

“Oh my god, wow!” she panted. Jessica knelt at the edge of bed with her sexy round ass sticking up in the air and kissed her girlfriend’s flat toned stomach.

“Did you like that sweetie?” she asked, looking up at her African-American lover as she planted another kiss on her midriff.

“It was amazing baby” replied Teyonah, reaching down to run her hands through her girlfriend’s pretty blonde hair.

“And how do you feel now?” said Jessica as she kissed between the black goddess’ perky breasts.


“Still?” asked Jessica, planting a kiss on Teyonah’s collarbone.


“Aww, poor baby” said Jessica, giving her girl a peck on the cheek as she laid on top of her. “You’ll be fine sweetie. I’ll be thinking about you, text me and let me know how it went.”

“Sure babe” smiled Teyonah, placing her hands on the small of Jessica’s back as the pair exchanged kisses. “What time is your flight again?”

“8.20, so I’ll have to leave super early” Jessica answered. It was her father’s 60th birthday party that Saturday and she was flying back to Pennsylvania so she could attend. “OK baby, sleep time. You’ve got a big day tomorrow” she added, climbing off her girlfriend and lifting the duvet. Teyonah slipped underneath it and the blonde joined her, cuddling up behind the black beauty as the big spoon in their same sex snuggle. “Night Tey” Jess added, kissing the back of her girlfriend’s neck.

“Night Jess.”

Tey laid still and stared ahead of her. She was far too nervous to sleep and knew she was in for a long night devoid of shut-eye. She always got incredibly anxious before an audition or the first day on a new job, and tomorrow was her opening day on the biggest job of her career thus far. Teyonah had won the role of Dawn Chambers, the only African-American employee at Sterling Cooper Draper Price, the advertising agency which provides the setting for AMC’s hit drama Mad Men. Nerves nearly got the better of her during her audition, but she hadn’t let her anxiety stop her from performing to the best of her ability and landing the role. Nervousness had been a big issue for her and had so far held her back in her goal of becoming a successful actress. Since moving to Los Angeles three years earlier Teyonah had attended dozens upon dozens of auditions, most of which were unsuccessful. So far the only gigs she’d landed was a guest spot in one episode of The Good Wife and a small role in romantic-comedy How Do You Know starring Reese Witherspoon, whom Teyonah crushed on when meeting in person, though she thought the blonde star a little stuck up.

Her lack of success combined with the intense anxiety she felt when attending auditions nearly made her quit acting altogether, until Jessica suggested she try out for a supporting role in a show. ‘You’ll have a regular job and won’t have to worry about first night nerves and auditions so much’ her girlfriend reasoned. Teyonah told her agent Tom to focus his attention on finding her a recurring part in a series, to which he replied, very honestly, that there weren’t many TV roles out there for young black women. But nevertheless, Tom got on the case and months later Teyonah received a call from him asking if she’d be interested in auditioning for a supporting part in Mad Men. The young lady jumped at the chance as the period piece had long been her favourite show, a fact that had astonished her ex-girlfriend Shavonte to the point of borderline rage. ‘Why do you like that boring ass white people show?’ the dark-skinned girl would ask. Teyonah would respond by praising the great storylines, the fantastic writing, the amazing performances, the complex characters, and most of all; the gorgeous women. She had a crushes on damn near every female actress on the show, in particular Jessica Pare; hearing her speak French just melted the young black girl, and Christina Hendricks.

Christina was her ideal woman, stunningly beautiful with fiery red hair, plump, inviting lips and gorgeous pale skin which Teyonah thought contrasted perfectly with her dark brown tone in the many fantasies she’d had about the actress. Not only was Christina drop-dead gorgeous, but she also had a body to die for. She was naturally busty with a breathtakingly curvy hourglass figure and sizeable round rump. She was excited to meet Christina and her sexy co-stars and see how beautiful they were in the flesh. However, the thought of being surrounded by so many women she’d lusted after for so long made her even more nervous.

Coming out to black parents in South Carolina was difficult for Teyonah, and the news was not well received by either her father or mother. The uncomfortable atmosphere around the family home after she delivered the news was one of the key factors in Teyonah’s decision to move to LA, along with her desire to pursue a career in acting. The young black girl found that her sexual preference was generally better accepted on the west coast, and since relocating to California she’d been involved in three same sex relationships. Jessica, her current girlfriend, was the person Tayonah had been the most serious about. They’d been together for 15 months and cohabiting for seven. Sure, like every couple, they had their fights, but they were few and far between and generally they got on like a house on fire. In fact, Jess was Teyonah’s first girlfriend that she also considered her best friend. This was the happiest Tey had ever been in her personal life, and thought that if her day on set tomorrow went well, then life would be absolutely perfect. However, little did she know that her existence was about to change drastically in ways she couldn’t possibly have imagined.

“Good morning beautiful” said Geoffrey Arend, standing over a sleepy Christina Hendricks in a t-shirt and boxers, with two cups of steaming hot coffee in hand.

“Morning” the redhead smiled back weakly. She propped a pillow up against the headboard of their kingsize bed and sat up, taking the beverage from her husband as he handed it to her.

“How are you this morning darling?” asked Geoff.

“I’m good, still tired” replied Christina, before taking a sip of the coffee.

“Well the cor-ffee will sort that out” grinned the curly goon, nodding at the drink in her hands and adopting a silly New York accent. Christina shot back another weak smile.

“You sure you’re OK?” asked Geoff, slurping his milky coffee.

“Fine” replied the busty actress. “What are you doing today?”

“Oh you know” answered Geoff, “putting myself out there” he added, in another dumb voice.

Another factor that was often referenced amongst bloggers and social media users when discussing the sheer unbelievability of Christina and Geoff’s relationship was that the gorgeous ginger was far more successful and famous than her husband, and demanded a much higher fee for her talents, of which she had considerably more, than him. It was, in some ways, even more baffling than the disparity in their looks. If he was the more successful party in the relationship one might have understood how he’d managed to reel in a woman who was so much more attractive than him. But as this was far from the case, the whole thing was enough to puzzle even the greatest minds. One thing that Christina knew that Geoff had going for him was that he was a sweet, kind and generous man, and she was sure that she couldn’t cheat on him. If she decided to pursue her lesbian feelings, there was no doubt that she would break it up with Geoff first. Sometimes she even felt bad for watching pornography, like that was somehow being unfaithful. Finding out she’d had an affair would break his heart and she couldn’t do that to him. She’d been building up the courage to tell him for weeks now but she’d always chicken out at the last minute. She just couldn’t bare to see him so upset when she let him know that she didn’t love him anymore. But stringing him along like this wasn’t fair on either of them and the longer it dragged on the worse it would be. She had to tell him. She should do it now. What was stopping her? No time like the present as her mother always says.

“Geoff, there’s something I need to tell you” Christina said, taking the last swig of her coffee.

“Gonna have to wait I’m afraid sugar plum” he replied in another of his stupid voices. “Those directors ain’t gonna come knockin’ at our door now are they?” he grinned, before pecking the redhead on the cheek. “Finished?” he asked, motioning to her empty mug.

“Yeah” she replied, handing it to him. He walked out of the bedroom into the longue.

“Dammit” sighed Christina.

Lauren emptied a sachet of sugar into a styrofoam cup of coffee and give it a stir. She picked it up and walked it across the studio floor to where Teyonah Paris sat on a fold up chair.

“Here you are Miss Paris” she said, handing the ebony actress the cup.

“Ah thank you very much” she smiled, “and please call me Tey.”

“OK” replied Lauren, “anything else I can get you Tey?”

“No thanks, I’m good” said Tey, taking a sip of the instant coffee. Lauren smiled politely and turned on her heels to assist the next actor. Teyonah looked up to steal a quick glance at the cute girls butt in her tight jeans. Eyeing up a production assistant in such a way made her feel lecherous and pervy but she just couldn’t help it. Wow, she thought to herself, even the PA’s are hot on Mad Men!

After she got over the inevitable nerves at the beginning, Teyonah had a great first day on set. She’d only made a couple of very minor mistakes, but the crew had been very patient with her and her co-stars were all very friendly, offering her advice and encouragement along the way. Most of her scenes had been with Jon Hamm, who portrayed the shows protagonist Donald Draper, and the black girl found him to be a very humble, kind and funny man, nothing like his arrogant and bossy character. She found him to be very handsome, objectively speaking, however when it came to looks, her attention was firmly elsewhere. Every woman on set, from the make up girls, to the extras, to the main cast were nothing short of stunning. She’d met almost all of her female co-stars already that morning.

Alison Brie, who played Trudy Campbell, she found to be very down to earth and funny. Not to mention beautiful with an absolutely killer smile. Elisabeth Moss, portrayer of Peggy Olson, was very warm and welcoming. January Jones, who played Betty Francis, she found to be less approachable than the others, not stuck up exactly, just not as friendly as the rest of her co-stars. Jessica Pare, or Megan Draper, was very friendly and even more beautiful in person than on TV. She hadn’t spoken in the French that made Teyonah go weak at the knees yet, but she thoroughly enjoyed meeting the gorgeous French-Canadian. However, there was one cast member she was yet to meet; her ultimate crush, the perfect woman, Mrs Christina Hendricks. Even though it was only her first day, Teyonah couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that she hadn’t met the fiery goddess, but assured herself that the day had gone well, and she was looking at a getting a good run on the show. Therefore there would be plenty of time to meet the woman of her dreams over the course of the production.

However, she soon realised the wait would be a very short one, when, as if one cue, Christina sauntered into the studio. Teyonah’s jaw nearly hit the floor when she caught her first glimpse of the ginger beauty in the flesh. As the day progressed and the anticipation at meeting her crush grew and grew, Tey had an increasingly sneaking suspicion that the event was going to be a ‘don’t meet your idols’ type of scenario, and that Christina wouldn’t look anywhere near as fantastic in person as she did on screen. However, the cute black girl was thrilled to be proven wrong, and it had only taken one glance at the redheaded star to realise that she was even more beautiful in real life. To Teyonah, it was as if Christina was walking in slow motion, as she smiled broadly and waved at members and the cast and crew as she moved past them. She removed her dark sunglasses, revealing her piercing blue eyes. Her red locks hung over her shoulders and Teyonah’s heart did a little flutter as the gorgeous actress executed a tantalising hair flip to remove a stray lock from over her eye. Christina stopped and slipped off her black pea coat and handed it to a waiting production assistant, giving Teyonah her first view of the redhead’s killer body. Her outfit; a tight fitting black top and skinny blue jeans, accentuated her phenomenal figure perfectly, and as she stood in profile to Teyonah, the young ebony received a superb view of her bountiful bosom and her round rear end as they stuck out on both sides of her body with the ideal amount of curvature and definition. Christina smiled at the PA as she took her garment, parting her full pink lips to reveal a set of perfect white teeth.

“Straight to make up please Christina” called Matthew Weiner, the show’s creator, who served as director of this episode.

“Sure Matthew” Christina shot back as the production assistant returned with a cup of coffee and handed it to the pretty ginger. She thanked the PA and followed her to the make up room, giving Teyonah a breath taking view of her butt from behind, the perfectly sized and shaped cheeks moving up and down rhythmically as she walked.

“Miss Paris” came a voice from behind her, which went unregistered by the young black actress as she stared in wonder at the almost hypnotising motion of Christina’s amazing ass.

“Miss Paris” the voice repeated, a little louder this time but still lacking the force required to snap Teyonah from her admiring gaze.

“Tey!” came the voice again, finally jolting her from her lustful gawp. The pretty African-American turned to see the same cute PA who had fetched her coffee standing before her, grasping a clipboard in her hands. “Sorry ma’am, you’re wanted back on set.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I was miles away. Thank you.”

Christina Hendricks emerged from her dressing room in a sexy red dress that clung to her curvy hourglass figure and cut off just below the knee. Matching stilettos adorned her dainty feet and red ear rings hung from her lobes. Her hair was pinned back with her bangs swept over to one side. Mascara darkened her long eyelashes and bright red lipstick accentuated her pouty lips. She made her way over to a small crowd of cast and crew that had congregated around Don Draper’s office set, waiting to watch the scene unfold. Scenes with Jon Hamm always generated the largest audience, mainly from young female extras and members of the crew who stared dreamily at the suave handsome man, but also from his co-actors, both aspiring and established, hoping to gather some techniques and inspiration from the leading man, who was unquestionably the most talented performer amongst the entire cast. Christina stopped next to Elisabeth Moss and lightly stroked her back and mouthed a ‘hey’. The brunette actress turned and smiled warmly at the redhead and took a sip of her coffee.

“OK, action!” called Matthew Weiner and the audience watched on in awe at the acting masterclass that unveiled before them as Don Draper received bad news from an important client. As usual Jon nailed the scene in one take and when the director yelled ‘cut’, the dark haired actor received a round of applause from the onlooking crowd.

“He’s great isn’t he?” asked Christina, leaning across to Elisabeth.

“He really is” sighed the brunette, a good deal of admiration and just the slightest hint of jealousy evident in her voice. The next scene was set up, Don on his own in his office, dealing with the bad news he’d just gotten. He paced up and down the room before pouring a glass of whiskey and knocking it back, followed by another.

“Dawn!” he yelled, summoning his assistant. The door opened and in stepped Teyonah Paris as Dawn Chambers, her hair straight and cropped like a member of a 60’s girl group. Silver hooped earrings hung from her lobes and a matching bracelet adorned her wrist. She wore a light blue dress which cut off at the knee, revealing her slender brown legs, with colourful heels to match.

“Mr. Draper” said Dawn, offering her assistance. As Don Draper proceeded to rain down instructions upon his new secretary, Christina’s blue eyes widened as she looked on in awe at the beautiful black girl as she nodded intently at Don. Once again, Jon nailed the scene perfectly in one take.

“Cut!” yelled the director, “well done guys, everyone take fifteen.”

“Who’s the new girl?” asked Christina.

“Her name’s Teyonah, just started today” replied Elisabeth, “sweet girl.” So I see, thought Christina as she looked on in awe at the young ebony chick, while she spoke to Jon. The handsome actor cracked a joke, making Teyonah grin broadly, revealing a set of pearly white teeth which stood out against her beautiful black skin. Christina longingly eyed the pretty African-American, mesmerised by her gorgeous smile and the redhead’s heart fluttered at the sight of the most alluring girl she’d ever seen.

“Anything to eat Miss Hendricks?” asked a production assistant from behind her. The ginger actress turned to the PA.

“A sandwich please, anything with meat, and a coffee” Christina requested.

“Sure” acknowledged the assistant.

“Thank you” said the redhead star, before turning back to face the set. But, much to her horror, the brown skinned beauty had disappeared, replaced by the director who was now conversing with Jon. Though she knew the notion to be absurd, Christina thought for a moment that the stunning black girl may have been a mirage of some sort, a figment of her overactive, and overhorny, imagination. The pretty ginger quickly and desperately scanned the studio to find the young ebony goddess, and when her search came up fruitless, her frenzied mind gave extra weight to her crazy theory that she had imagined the ethnic enchantress.

“Your sandwich Miss Hendricks” came the voice of the hard-working production assistant from behind her, “pastrami and rocket, hope that’s OK.”

“Yes that’s fine” replied Christina, taking the food and coffee from the PA, whilst staring ahead blankly in disappointment and confusion, “thank you.”

“You OK Miss Hendricks?” the girl asked.

“Yes dear, I’m fine” she replied.

“Well let me know if there’s anything else I can get you” offered the helpful assistant.

“Thank you” said Christina, offering a weak smile. The PA scuttled off and the redhead actress took a dejected sip of her drink. Then her pouty face suddenly lit up as the dark-skinned dish emerged from the ladies toilets and took a seat on a fold out chair, before being quickly approached by a diligent assistant. Christina felt silly for getting so excited at the sight of a new woman on set, even one as eye-catching and ravishing as the black belle was. In her naivety, the actress had mistaken her longing for the ebony peach as her being the answer to her problem. As Christina calmed her excited disposition, the more logical part of her brain took over, and it soon dawned on the redhead that she didn’t know the first thing about this girl, other than that she was breath-takingly beautiful and had a very pretty name. She was almost certainly straight, thought Christina, I simply don’t get that lucky, she rationalised. However, despite the near impossible chance of the African-American queen being a viable love interest, it didn’t mean she couldn’t be friendly towards her, the ginger beauty concluded, and with that she decided to approach the attractive ebony girl.

Teyonah gazed longingly at Christina as the fiery goddess sipped from a cup of coffee. The redheaded actress turned to face her, and the young black chick nearly jumped out of her skin with shock, before shooting back a nervous smile. Then to her joy, surprise and horror, all at once, the stunning star began to approach her. Teyonah exhaled deeply through her nose to calm herself and discretely wiped the moisture from her clammy palm on her handkerchief.

“Teyonah right?” asked Christina as she approached the dark-skinned actress.

“That’s me” replied Teyonah with a smile, inwardly shuddering at her awkward reply.

“Hi, I’m Christina” announced the gorgeous ginger, offering the black beauty her hand.

“You don’t have to tell me that, I know exactly who you are” replied Teyonah, taking Christina’s soft hand in a dainty handshake. She’d wanted to compliment the redhead on her fame and success, but worried that her tone had been too curt. “Sorry that was rude” she apologised awkwardly, “great first impression I’m making here” she added. Christina smiled, finding the girl’s nervousness cute, and thinking, hoping, that it could possibly be the result of sexual tension.

“You mind if I…?” asked the curvy ginger, gesturing to the chair next to the black babe.

“No, please” replied Teyonah.

“Well you’re clearly making a good first impression with Matthew, he seems very impressed by you” said Christina, taking a seat and placing her coffee on the floor beside her.

“Oh wow, you think so?” asked Teyonah excitedly.

“Yep” Christina replied, opening the wrapping of her sandwich. “Trust me, I’ve worked on this show long enough to tell when Matthew likes an actor, and believe me, he’s very happy to have found you.”

“Really? Wow, that’s great to hear.” The ebony girl flashed a smile so pretty it made Christina’s heart flutter once more.

“And so he should be” the redhead went on, “you’ve done a great job so far. You’re really settling in very well.”

“Aww, thank you so much” said Teyonah, her blushes unnoticeable due to the darkness of her skin. “Coming from such a talented actress, that’s a real compliment” she added, beginning to regain her composure.

“Aww, that’s sweet” smiled Christina. She took a bite of her sandwich and waited to swallow before continuing. “But the important thing is, are you enjoying yourself?”

“I’m having a great time” Teyonah replied, “I’m so honoured to be here, and everyone’s been so nice and welcoming.”

“Yeah, it’s a good group we’ve got here” said Christina, spotting an opportunity to test the black cutie’s sexuality waters. “You and Jon seemed to hit it off.”

“Yeah, he’s a really nice guy” responded Teyonah, “and wow, what an actor.”

“I know right” replied Christina, slightly buoyed by the young ebony’s response. Usually whenever she mentioned the name of Jon Hamm to another woman, whether they knew him personally or not, they always replied with a reference to his rugged good looks, but not Teyonah. Christina fully realised she was clutching at straws, but the black girl’s words at least boded well for the busty actress. She decided to change her tactics and pry a little into the pretty African-American’s private life.

“So where are you from originally?” Christina asked.

“South Carolina” said Teyonah.

“And how long have you been out here in LA?”

“It’ll be three years next month.”

“You like it out here?”

“I love it, such a great city.” Teyonah wasn’t really giving Christina anything to go on as the redhead desperately searched for a way to subtly determine the brown-skinned girl’s sexual preference. Finally, she decided to just be up front, to come right out and ask it.

“So is there a special someone at the moment?” said Christina, slightly embarrassed by her lack of tact.

“Yep, I’ve been with my partner just over a year now” Teyonah nodded. The answer simultaneously crushed and delighted Christina. She was disappointed to discover that the sexy sister was in a relationship but, at the same time, the ginger was heartened by the ambiguity of the term ‘partner’. Christina surmised that it was more likely for a homosexual to refer to their significant other as a ‘partner’ due to fear of persecution, while a heterosexual woman would probably just say ‘boyfriend’ or ‘husband’. Despite the unavailability of the source of her infatuation, the cute ebony’s probable sexual preference had Christina in high spirits. She proceeded to delve in deeper to find out for sure.

“OK, and what do they do?” she asked.

“She works in marketing” replied Teyonah. ‘She’ thought Christina, ‘she’, that sweet, beautiful, magic word. Other than ‘I’m single and I want to make sweet love to you as soon as we wrap’, there was no better thing she could’ve heard.

“So what are you girls doing this weekend? Got any plans?” asked the buxom actress.

“It’s Jess’ dad’s birthday so she flew home this morning,” Christina’s heart started to pound in her chest, “so I’m gonna be all alone.” The words were music to the redhead’s ears, and she forced herself to stifle a smile.

“Oh no, poor you!” said Christina, sensing her opportunity to pounce. “Well my husband is working late tonight, so if you fancy some company, we could go for a drink after we wrap?”

“Yeah, that sounds great” replied Teyonah.

“Awesome! Do you know Bar Marco on Century Boulevard?” Christina asked.

“I don’t, but I’ll find it” said Teyonah.

“Great! Nine?”

“Nine’s good” smiled Teyonah.

“Then it’s a date” grinned Christina.

“OK, time everyone” called Matthew Weiner.

“See you tonight” Christina added, rising from her seat. Teyonah smiled up at the stunning ginger. Oh my god, she thought to herself.

Teyonah stood in front of her bathroom mirror wrapped in a white towel. She ran a comb through her thick hair, puffing it out until it formed a 70’s style afro. Her big, gorgeous hair seemed to defy gravity in the way that it remained standing tall no matter how much she moved and shook her fabulous fro. All the while Teyonah got ready for her evening out Christina’s words ran through her head. When the beautiful redhead said ‘it’s a date’ had she meant those words literally, the young black girl wondered to herself as she applied mascara. She was conflicted, on the one hand she had a girlfriend whom she was in love with, but on the other hand it was Christina Hendricks; a woman she’d lusted after since she first saw her on her TV screen, and even more so once she’d met her in person.

She puckered her lips and rolled on bright red lipstick, then opened the bathroom cabinet and perused her selection of perfume. She settled on a half full bottle of Bamboo by Gucci and sprayed it lightly to the base of her neck, followed by her inner wrists. She removed her towel and hung it on the rack over the radiator. She looked at her beautiful brown body in the mirror and inspected her flat, toned stomach, her pert, petite breasts, her cute, round ass and shaven pussy. One thing was for certain, if, and it was a big if, Christina saw her naked she’d like what she was seeing. Teyonah walked from the bathroom, through the lounge and into the bedroom. She opened her closet and rooted through the hanging dresses. She chose a hot black number and pulled it over her cute afro and down over her sexy body. Thin straps hung over her shoulders and the top hem sat around the top of the breasts, revealing just a hint of her cleavage. The garment clung tightly to her figure and cut off an inch or so above the knee. She tugged on a pair of lacy black pantiesa and put on a pair of matching black stilettos. Then she selected a thin brown snakeskin bag and filled it with her purse, phone, lipstick and keys. She headed back out of the bedroom and across the lounge to the front door.

Teyonah heels clicked on the sidewalk as she wondered down Century Boulevard. She stopped when she saw the neon sign of Bar Marco and took a deep breath to compose herself. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach and pretty black girl did her best to remain calm as she prepared herself for a drink (or was it a date?) with the heavenly goddess that was Christina Hendricks. She smiled at the doorman and stepped inside. As she took a look around the swanky establishment she quickly realised it was like nowhere she’d ever been before. The bar was lit up with bright blue neon lights and the stools were thin with transparent seats. Three rows of glasses stretched along the entirety of the back wall behind the bar, with every bottle of liquor imaginable stood on the counter below. She scanned the rest of the bar, taking in couples and small groups sat at transparent tables and neon lit semi-circular booths. Finally the ebony cutie located Christina sat at a booth with two orange cocktails sat on the table in front of her. She beamed a smile at Teyonah and as the dark-skinned beauty approached the redhead she noticed that she looked more stunning than ever. Her fiery hair hung over her shoulders and her full lips were a deep red. She wore a silver dress that cut off just above the knee, with thick straps over her shoulders and a plunging V that showed off a good helping of her phenomenal 36F boobs.

“Well hello” grinned Christina as Teyonah pulled up a chair.

“Hey Christina” replied the young African-American as she rested her cute butt on the seat.

“You look stunning” said Christina, making Teyonah’s heart pound even harder in her chest.

“Thank you” she smiled, “so do you.”

“Why thank you. I took the liberty of ordering you a drink” said Christina, edging the glass towards the pretty black girl, “hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not” Teyonah replied, “what is it?”

“Well why don’t you try it and find out?” Christina answered with a smirk. Teyonah lifted the glass to her red lips and took a sip of the orange liquid.

“Mmm” she said, savouring the fruity taste, “that’s delicious.”

“I know right” laughed Christina, “it’s a Bellini. Prosecco and peach.”

“I love it” replied Teyonah, taking a second swig.

“So did your girlfriend enjoy the party?” asked Christina. “I guess it will be nearly finished now” she added, checking her silver wristwatch.

“Yeah, she’s just gone to bed” replied Teyonah. “You’re married right?”

“I am, three years” Christina answered.

“Wow, congratulations” Teyonah smiled.

“Thank you dear” Christina replied, taking a sip of her cocktail. “So are you looking forward to Monday?”

“Can’t wait” Teyonah answered. “I can’t believe how lucky I am, getting a job on my favourite show.”

“Excuse me” announced Christina, getting the attention of a passing waiter, “two more please” she added, gesturing to her empty glass.

“Of course ma’am” replied the waiter.

“So it’s your favourite huh?” Christina asked.

“Uh huh” said Teyonah, finishing he drink. “But I bet all the new people say that don’t they?” Christina laughed, sensing a way to turn up the heat in this, thus far rather pedestrian, conversation.

“So what is it you like about it?” she asked.

“Everything” replied Teyonah, “the setting, the stories, the characters, the acting, the writing.”

“The women?” smirked Christina. “Thank you” she added, glancing up at the waiter as he brought their drinks. Teyonah took a sip of her beverage to stall in giving her answer.

“They’re all very beautiful” she replied, still rather nervously, even after the strong drink.

“Can I ask you something?” said Christina. “I’m gonna warn you, it’s quite forward.”

“Go right ahead” Teyonah laughed, slightly uncomfortable.

“Who do you find the most attractive?” she asked with a grin.

“Oh wow” replied Teyonah, bringing her glass to her lips, again delaying her answer.

“Come on, you can tell me” said Christina, “we’re all friends here.”

“OK, well I would have to say you” smirked Teyonah.

“That was the right answer” laughed Christina. “Though I can tell I’m gonna have some competition now” she smiled, looking into the young girl’s deep brown eyes. Teyonah definitely sensed a romantic tone beginning to materialise in their conversation. Was the gorgeous redhead hitting on her? Was she really considering cheating on her girlfriend? Would Jess even be mad at her if she slept with Christina Hendricks? Surely that’s an opportunity that nobody should ever pass up. Teyonah and her girlfriend even had lists of five celebrities they were allowed to sleep with, and Christina was firmly at the top of the pretty black girl’s, alongside Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, Amber Rose and Kat Dennings. However, Teyonah assumed that those lists were just written for fun and that it didn’t actually grant her permission to have sex with any of the women should the opportunity arise.

“Aww that’s sweet of you to say” said Teyonah.

“Nothing short of the truth” replied Christina, giving the ebony babe another flirty glance. “So how did you meet your girlfriend?”

“Not the most interesting story I’m afraid” answered Teyonah, “we just met in a bar.”

“Well she’s a very lucky girl” said Christina. There was no doubt in the young lady’s mind that the beautiful actress was coming onto her now. She’d never thought of cheating on her girlfriend before, but an opportunity like this hadn’t prevented itself until now. Sure, Teyonah loved Jess, but could she really down the chance of bedding Christina Hendricks; her dream woman. This was the sort of thing that if she passed on she would regret for the rest of her life. Screw it, she was going to do it.

“Shall I get us another drink?” asked Christina.

“Yeah sure” replied Teyonah, before instantly kicking herself at the missed opportunity.

“Excuse me” said Christina, again attracting a nearby waiter. Come on, don’t chicken out now, Teyonah thought to herself.

“Or…” she started before pausing to finish her drink, “we could go back to mine for a night cap.”

“I’d love to” replied Christina, the words giving Teyonah goosebumps. A waiter stopped at their table.

“Can I help you ma’am?” he asked.

“Just the bill please” smiled Christina.

The apartment door opened and in stepped Teyonah with Christina following in behind.

“Well this is my place” said Teyonah, flicking on the light switch.

“I like it” replied Christina, taking a look around the compact, but homely lounge, “nice and cosy.”

“Yeah, we like it OK” replied Teyonah, setting her bag down on a table near the front door. “Can I get you a drink? Don’t think I’ve got a lot more than wine.”

“White?” asked Christina, taking a seat on a black couch.

“I can do white” said Teyonah, heading for the kitchen.

“That’s good to know” quipped Christina. Teyonah laughed nervously as she fetched two glasses from a cupboard above her head. The cute ebony decided that she hadn’t drank enough at the bar and needed a little more alcohol to fully loosen herself up. She took a bottle of wine from the fridge and unscrewed the lid. She half filled a glass and knocked it back in one swift motion.

“Woah girl” exclaimed Christina, “save some for me.” Teyonah let out another anxious chuckle and poured out two fresh glasses. She carried the drinks over to the couch and handed one to Christina before taking a seat next to the sexy older woman. Teyonah took another large swig of the wine and set it down a glass coffee table.

“Wow you’re really going for it huh?” said Christina.

“Sorry” replied Teyonah, reaching for the glass again, “just a little nervous.”

“You’ve got nothing to be nervous about baby” Christina responded, “you’re the one who’s done this before.” The busty redhead surprised herself with how forward she was being having been confronted with a situation that was alien to her. She figured that the months of sexual frustration and longing had generated the confidence needed to get what she’d desired for so long.

“Well that’s true” said Teyonah, before taking another sip.

“Do you mind if I…?” Christina started, reaching for the sexy black girls glass and placing it on the coffee table along with her own. “I’ve been wanting to do this since the first moment I saw you.” She reached out and placed a hand against Teyonah’s soft cheek and shot a beautiful smile at the ethnic goddess. Teyonah smiled back coyly and Christina moved in for the kiss. Their red lips met in a passionate embrace, sending shock waves through Christina’s body. Goosebumps formed on her skin and her hands quivered with excitement. Teyonah’s every nerve tingled as she locked lips with busty belle. She felt her nipples already start to harden and her pussy begin to moisten. The ebony femme closed her eyes and caught a whiff of Christina’s alluring scent which wettened her womanhood further.

The two parted from their sexy smooch and smiled at each other once more before going in for another kiss. Christina slipped her hand back into Teyonah’s fro and ran her fingers through the black stunner’s thick curls. The ginger enchantress placed her other hand on the gorgeous brown skin of Teyonah’s exposed knee whilst she fed her tongue slightly into the sultry sister’s mouth. Teyonah reciprocated, sliding her own wet tongue between Christina’s plump lips until both were dancing against one another in their conjoined mouths. Whilst the pair Frenched, Teyonah placed a hand at the side of the hot older woman’s abdomen and slowly slid it down to her full hips. Christina broke from the cute canoodle and moved her hand down to Teyonah’s neck.

“Oh baby, you’re such a good kisser” said the randy redhead. She felt a burning in her heart, not to mention her panties, that she hadn’t experienced in ages, and was already having a better time than she’d had with her husband in years. She leant back into Teyonah and the pair performed a cute eskimo kiss before locking their lips once more and reacquainting their tongues with one another. Teyonah put her right hand on Christina’s bare arm and gently stroked her pale flesh. Whilst she did this, the black bombshell parted her legs slightly allowing the gorgeous actress to venture her hand further up her thigh.

Christina broke from their passionate embrace and pecked Teyonah’s cheek before moving down to her neck. The ginger goddess traced a line of kisses down the young woman’s beautiful black skin, stopping just above the collarbone. Christina proceeded to suck lightly on the gorgeous ebony’s neck and gently squeeze her left thigh.

“Mmm” breathed Teyonah, as she closed her eyes, “that feels so good baby.” Christina breathed in the cute African-American’s sweet perfume as she made out with her neck. Teyonah moved her hand from the stunning actress’ arm to run a hand through her orange locks, and Christina returned the favour, sliding a hand into the black babe’s big hair to very softly pull at her thick curls. Teyonah repositioned her other hand to stroke the small of Christina’s back whilst she released light groans of pleasure. The redhead then licked slowly back up Teyonah’s neck, all the way to her ear before sucking and gently nibbling at her lobe. At the same time, Christina placed a hand on the ebony queen’s rib and moved it teasingly upwards to cup her petite breast. Teyonah held a finger to the underside of Christina’s chin and turned her head slightly to make out with the older beauty once more before taking her turn to explore her lover’s neck. Teyonah took her time, kissing down to Christina’s collarbone before moving along her shoulder until she reached the straps of her dress.

The young black woman locked eyes with the pale peach as she slowly took down one of the shoulder straps until it hung around her upper arm. Teyonah kissed across Christina’s chest just above her cleavage and slid down the other shoulder strap. The stunning ginger ran both hands through the ethnic girl’s cute afro, as Teyonah kissed gradually down Christina’s chest, lowering the redhead’s dress as she went. The sexy African-American stared down with awe at the curvy bombshell’s ever growing cleavage, until she slipped the top hem of the tight fitting garment past her nipples and the entirety of the huge natural boobs popped out. Despite the size of the titanic tits, they remained just as pert as they had been inside the dress, without the slightest inkling that they might sag.

“Oh my God” said Teyonah, as she marvelled at the magnificent mammaries.

“They’re all yours baby” whispered Christina.

“May I?” the black beauty asked, holding her hands out, ready to cup the bountiful breasts.

“You can do anything you like” purred the horny older honey.

Teyonah placed her hands on the marvellous mounds and began to caress them while she returned to Christina’s mouth for another passionate kiss. Then her mouth joined the fun her hands were having getting acquainted to the ginger’s heaving chest. As Teyonah planted a kiss just at the top of the valley of pale skin in between her terrific titties, Christina bent her neck forward to smell the ebony girl’s heavenly hair and lightly kiss her forehead. Teyonah massaged Christina’s bulging breasts and kissed between the chesticles, then pushed them against her face, fully immersing herself in the big, beautiful boobs. The redhead returned the favour, reaching a hand down to feel one of the ethnic hottie’s petite tits, whilst she continued to run the other hand through her fro. Teyonah kept kneading the monstrous mounds as she went back up to Christina’s luscious lips for another sensuous kiss.

“Lay back baby” instructed the young lady, before the two lovers shared another smooch. Then the older woman laid back, her breasts spilling slightly over the sides of her abdomen, such were the size of the magnificent mammaries. Teyonah decided to tease the gorgeous ginger, by lightly lifting her left nipple, elongating the boob before releasing the erect nip and watching the titty as it fell back into place. While the black cutie did the same with the other breast, Christina reached out to touch Teyonah’s toned stomach through her dress, then placed both hands on the athletic ebony’s hips. Teyonah squeezed both boobs and lent forward to tantalising lick each rock hard nipple, before locking her lips around the left nip and suckling at it like a new born babe.

“Mmmm, oh baby” groaned Christina, returning both hands to the black girl’s hair. Teyonah moved onto the other nipple to suck on it, before sexily circling the erect teat with her tongue, then lightly biting it. The ebony sex goddess then gently squeezed the right breast with both hands and filled her mouth with as much tit meat as she could, while her tongue worked over the nipple. She release the bosom with a loud smack before moving over to do the same thing to the other mammary. Christina reached down to stroke and squeeze Teyonah’s thighs as the black babe buried her face between her titanic titties and smothered herself with the marvellous mounds. Teyonah kept her head between the boobs as long as she could before eventually having to come up for air. The chocolate beauty pushed the titanic titties together and ferociously ran her tongue over both nipples, before switching to her lips, then suckling at one of the hard teats once more.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good baby” cooed Christina through heavy appreciative breaths. Teyonah moved back up to the redhead’s mouth to meet her for another passionate smooch. As the pair made out, Christina realised just how horny the young lady’s breast worshipping session had made her. Her vagina was so warm it felt like it was on fire, and she’d leaked so much pussy juice she could feel the wet patch on her panties against her shaven snatch.

“Come on baby” started Teyonah, before planting another kiss on her lascivious lover’s lips, “let’s go to the bedroom.”

The gorgeous African-American climbed off the couch and stood up, offering Christina a hand. Teyonah helped the ginger beauty to her feet then led her by the hand across the lounge and to the bedroom door. As Teyonah went for the door handle, Christina reached around her sexy body and placed her hands on the black queen’s toned stomach. She made out with the chocolate woman’s nape, then moved to the side of her neck. Teyonah turned her head ninety degrees and Christina brought her head up to kiss her from behind. The young lady opened the door and led her older lover inside and over to the bed. Christina took a seat on the edge of the mattress and Teyonah stood over her, running her fingers through her ginger locks. The redhead kissed the ethnic goddess’ tummy through her dress and reached behind her to unzip the sexy garment. Christina began to tug the dress down and Teyonah rested her arms at her sides to allow the dress to drop to her waist, revealing her impressive abs. The muscles on her midriff had just the right amount of definition to show off her athleticism, while still appearing feminine and alluring.

“Wow” said Christina, looking up at the black stunner “you have the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen.” Teyonah smiled down at the redhead whilst she affectionately returned her hands to the older belle’s hair. Christina kissed the girl’s now bare stomach, before travelling up her gorgeous chocolate skin to her small, pert breasts. The ginger reached one hand up to tease one of Teyonah’s erect brown nipples with her thumb and fore finger, whilst she took the other teat between her lips and sucked upon it. Christina then flicked at the rock hard nip with her tongue and returned her hands to the ebony lady’s midriff. The redhead took hold of the taught dress and pulled it down over Teyonah’s butt and let it fall to her high heels. Christina’s blue eyes widened with admiration as they travelled up her long, slender legs to her crotch, covered only by a pair of sheer black French knickers. The older woman got goosebumps once again when she saw the wet patch on the athletic girl’s underwear, which gave a tantalising amount of definition to her tempting camel toe. Christina kissed Teyonah’s abs once more, then looked back up at the hardbodied bombshell with her seductive eyes.

“Turn around baby” purred the redhead, before planting another kiss on Teyonah’s toned tummy. As the black beauty slowly span around 180 degrees, Christina left a trail with her mouth from her stomach, over her hips and finishing at the small of her back, before pulling away to get a look at Teyonah’s ass. Her butt was round and firm to the touch, as Christina found out when she squeezed the enticing cheeks.

“Mmmm, goodness me” murmured Christina as she felt the appealing orbs.

“You like, baby?” asked Teyonah, turning her head to smile back at the gorgeous ginger.

“I love it” replied Christina, before kissing each of the shapely cheeks. She then proceeded to lick one of the round orbs whilst sliding a hand between Teyonah’s thigh to tease the chocolate woman’s aching vagina, and the busty lady’s heart beat a mile a minute as she felt how wet her young lover was.

“Lay down baby” said Christina, and Teyonah climbed onto the bed and sprawled out on her back atop the while duvet covers. The buxom belle lay on her side beside the ebony enchantress, and leant on an elbow to prop herself up. Christina placed her other hand on Teyonah’s cheek and they met for a sensual smooch. Their tongues fought one another as the ladies locked lips, and the young black girl reached out a hand to fondle the older beauty’s large breasts. The lovers split from their embrace and Christina moved down to Teyonah’s neck, kissing and lightly sucking upon it, before moving down to her little titties. The redheaded queen lapped at one of the ethnic babe’s hard brown nipples with her tongue, then suckled upon it, before switching to the other.

“Mmmm, yes baby” breathed Teyonah, as Christina planted a kiss just below her boobs, then licked down her athletic body towards her special place. The ginger look the hem of the hardbodied beauty’s panties into her mouth and edged them down smoothly, with her hands planted on the young girl’s thighs the entire time. As she reached the feet, Christina manoeuvred the underwear over Teyonah’s black heels and bought a hand up to take hold of the French knickers. She smelled them and closed her eyes, savouring the delicious feminine aroma in her nostrils.

“Oh my god” sighed the curvy woman, licking her lips as she anticipated the taste of the sexy sister’s pussy that the sweet scent promised. Teyonah grinned and bit her lip in delight at Christina’s evident sexual desire. The busty babe tossed the panties to the side, they wouldn’t be needing them anymore.

“I want to make you” started Christina, lifting up one of Teyonah’s long legs, “really…really…comfortable” she cooed, interspersing each word with a kiss, first to the black girl’s shin, then her ankle and finally the top of the foot, before she slipped off the African-American princess’ stiletto. Christina locked her lips around Teyonah’s big toe and sucked upon it, before moving onto the remaining digits and accommodating all four in her mouth at once.

“Oh wow” groaned the chocolate cutie as the ginger goddess slithered her tongue in between her toes. Christina then kissed her way back up Teyonah’s dainty foot, before slowly licking up her lower leg. The redhead kissed up the young lady’s thigh then parted her legs slightly to get her first look at her lovers vagina.

Teyonah’s puffy brown lips glistened with pussy juices and her clit stood to attention. Christina reached out a thumb and forefinger to separate the luscious lips and revealed a glorious pink hole.

“May I?” asked the older lady, holding a finger to her lip in an excruciatingly sexy, though entirely unconvincing, display of innocence.

“Please” moaned the black beauty, now horny to the point of bursting. Christina slipped the finger into her mouth and sucked on it seductively, before removing the moistened digit and slipping it into Teyonah’s twat. The first thing that struck the busty babe as she sampled her first ladypart was how warm it was. It felt like she had just stuck her finger directly into a soft centred chocolate dessert (which, in a sense, she had) that had spent a minute in the microwave. The ebony chick couldn’t believe this was her lover’s first time with a woman, as Christina probed her pussy with expert precision. She removed the finger from the hot hole and fed it into her mouth to suck up the womanly juices. The buxom belle closed her eyes as she silently showed her love for the sweet taste with her hedonistic facial expressions. Christina then slipped two fingers into her mouth to wetten the digits before pushing both into Teyonah’s tight slit. The digits worked wonders inside her, venturing in deep and spreading apart to stretch the internal walls of her vagina. The ebony girl released soft moans of pleasure, which grew louder as her older lover stuck out a tongue to tease her throbbing clitoris.

“Oh my god baby” groaned Teyonah as Christina’s wet tongue flicked away at her sensitive button. The redhead picked up the pace of her finger fucking and simultaneously tongued at the black belle’s clit with her more speed and vigour eliciting louder and increasingly more sensuous moans from the young lady. Teyonah was dying for Christina to take her pulsating pearl between her pouty lips and suck on it like she had her nipples just minutes earlier. However, she didn’t want to tell her luscious lover what to do, and figured that she was such a natural at pleasing a woman, that the curvy goddess would do it of her own accord soon enough anyway. And then, sure enough, Christina puckered her full lips and sucked away at the clit with such enthusiasm and skill it was like she’d been doing it her whole life.

“Mmm, yes baby” panted Teyonah, as her orgasm drew ever nearer. The ginger continued to work her fingers back and forth inside the warm hole at an ever increasing speed as she spread her lips wide to cover the clitoral area and tongued away at the quivering lovebud. The chocolate girl moaned louder and louder as Christina simultaneously increased the pace of her finger banging and the lapping motions of her tongue. Then, suddenly, Teyonah came; the most thunderous orgasm she had ever experienced ripped through her body and she groaned at the top of her voice at the intense moment of climax. The black babe panted heavily as she came back down from pleasuretown and sat up to run her fingers through Christina’s hair to signal that her lover had done a great job. As the busty bombshell brought her head up from between Teyonah’s legs, the brown-skinned beauty placed a finger under her chin to guide the sex goddess up to her mouth. The two shared a fervorous kiss, then when they parted, Christina fed her fingers into her mouth to savour Teyonah’s delectable pussy. Then the pair Frenched some more, the cute ebony tasting herself off the redhead’s tongue.

“Wow” began Teyonah, stopping to give Christina a peck on the lips, “baby, you’re amazing.”

“Oh, I know that” smirked the curvy queen, guiding the black chick back down to a laying position.

“Well now I think it’s time I show you what I can do” said Teyonah, meeting Christina’s plump lips for another lingering smooch. Then the athletic ebony made good use of her strong, though still thoroughly womanly, biceps to flip the buxom belle over and straddled her half naked frame.

Teyonah and Christina made out passionately, exploring each others perfect bodies with their roaming hands. Then the chocolate cutie kissed her way down the ginger’s neck to play with her breasts some more. She took a titanic titty in each hand and quickly alternated between the two with quick sucks, her head moving eagerly from side to side as she lavished attention on both of the heaving chesticles. Then the African-American beauty buried her head in between them before kissing down to the redhead’s naval. Teyonah then licked up Christina’s midriff, right the way to her left breasts and suckled upon her erect nipple, before licking back down to her belly button. This time the black babe carried on venturing south, taking the fiery fox’s dress down past her curvy hips to reveal a sodden pair of black lacy panties. Teyonah ran her tongue down to Christina’s crotch and made her lover moan with a teasing kiss to the wet area. Even through her panties the older woman tasted amazing, and the young ebony couldn’t wait to return to the tempting twat.

First she pulled the dress down Christina’s legs, kissing every inch of flesh as it presented itself before her. She tugged the garment down over the busty lady’s heels and dropped it to the carpet. Teyonah had always had a thing for a woman in stilettos, so she decided to leave them on. Then she licked up from the ginger’s ankle right up to the top of her thigh, stopping tantalising close to Christina’s burning crotch. The dark-skinned dynamo decided she couldn’t wait another second to see the well-endowed woman’s pussy, so instead of removing her underwear she simply pulled the panties to the side, revealing the soaking, hairless honey pot.

“Mmm” grinned Teyonah, looking up at Christina with her deep brown eyes, “yummy.” And without further ado she buried her pretty face between the curvy chick’s legs. The black girl sent her tongue straight into the warm hole, coating it in the tasty taille, and proceeded to orally explore the sweet slit. Teyonah removed her tongue briefly to wetten the tips of her fore and middle fingers, before plunging it back in to lick out the luscious lady whilst she kneaded her pulsating clit with the moistened digits. The stimulation to her special area made Christina moan and groan and seep her girl cum all over Teyonah’s thirsty tongue. Then the chocolate chick decided to switch things up, pulling her tongue from the mouth-watering hole and put it to use on her clitoris, while her hands ventured upwards to play with the redhead’s big boobs. She squeezed the magnificent mammaries, using her forefingers to tease the nipples whilst she tongued at the engorged love button.

“Oh baby” murmured Christina, through heavy breaths as Teyonah’s tongue worked wonders on her swollen clit. The breaths soon turned to full on moans as the young woman flicked her tongue across the ginger’s lovebud. Christina moved a hand to her breasts to lock fingers with Teyonah as she felt her climax draw ever nearer.

“Mmm baby, I’m gonna cum” groaned the redhead, the words spurring her lover on to give the busty babe the best orgasm of her life. Still rubbing Christina’s left nipple with her other hand, Teyonah licked at her clit as quickly as her tongue would allow. As the curvy woman squeezed her hand tighter, the ethnic sex goddess knew she was close and that a light pinch of her nipple would send her over the edge. And sure enough, gently clamping the erect teat between her thumb and forefinger was the final incentive Christina needed to cum.

“Ahhh” exclaimed the older woman as she was overcome by a powerful orgasm. Christina’s feet shook and her toes curled in her heels as she came harder than ever before.

“Wow” panted the ginger, her head slumping back down into the fluffy pillows underneath, “how did you get so good at that?”

“I’ve had a lot of practice” replied Teyonah, running her hands down Christina’s stomach and coming up from between the redhead’s legs to kiss her navel. “I want to know how come you’re so good at it.”

“Just a natural I guess” said Christina, lifting her head to look down at the stunning black girl. The curvy lady held her arms out, gesturing for Teyonah to join her in a kiss and cuddle interlude. The African-American beauty had other ideas though.

“Uh uh” she declined, “not yet baby.” And with that Teyonah lifted Christina’s left leg into the air so her black heel pointed towards the ceiling, then proceeded the straddle the unexpecting belle.

Their wet twats met in a tantalising trib and the pair ground lightly against each other, their clits stimulating one another as they rubbed together. Teyonah held Christina’s leg, kissing her ankle and the top of her foot, while the redhead reached forward to squeeze the pretty black girl’s firm butt. The well lubricated pussies slid across each other with consummate ease, allowing both women to quickly generate speed as they buck wildly against each other. The pair instructed one another to go faster and a duet of appreciative moans rang out across the bedroom, as they both drew nearer to their second orgasms of the evening. Christina brought her hand back to give Teyonah’s ass a light smack, much to the enjoyment of the sultry sister.

“Again!” she coaxed and the busty babe slapped Teyonah’s behind a second time.

“Harder!” demanded the horny young woman, and Christina spanked her once more, this time with more force and gusto.

“Ooh yeah baby!” exclaimed Teyonah, looking down at the sexy older lady. Christina whacked the girl’s butt a fourth time, harder still and on this occasion without encouragement. The element of surprise added an extra dimension to the erotic action, and it turned Teyonah on even more. The randy duo continued their passionate tribadism, with both women gyrating their hips as quickly and ferociously as they could, their clits pressing together, until they both erupted into climax at exactly the same time. Once again, Christina’s leg shook as she came and Teyonah sucked on her ankle, muffling the screams of her own electric acme. Christina again flopped her head back into the soft pillows, overcome by the intensity of her second orgasm, and tried to remember the last time she’d come twice in a evening. She couldn’t determine an exact date, but knew it must have been at least a few years ago.

“Wow!” said the redhead through heavy breaths.

“Did you like that baby?” asked Teyonah.

“Uh huh” was all that the spent woman could manage, as she stared up at the ceiling, just catching a glimpse of her lovers sweat glistened skin in her peripheral vision.

Surely now was snuggle time, thought Christina, unaccustomed to having this much sex in one session. Expecting the black beauty to come lay in her arms, the curvy queen was taken aback when she looked forward to see Teyonah’s pretty posterior backing up towards her and come to rest on her face. The ebony then proceeded to bury her face between Christina’s legs once more. Staring forward at the inviting pussy, it didn’t take any convincing for the ginger to shoot out her tongue and lick away at Teyonah’s still throbbing clitoris. The young African-American ran her hands up and down Christina’s thighs, while the redhead reached up to squeeze Teyonah’s butt, as the pair engaged in a sultry 69; resembling a yin and yang symbol on account of their respective skin tones. The girls licked and sucked away at one another’s lovebuds with such tenacity and precision that both were forced to pause intermittently to release moans in appreciation of the other party’s performance. Christina raised her hands and brought them down to give both of Teyonah’s round butt cheeks a firm smack.

“Mmm, oh my!” exclaimed the dark-skinned honey, removing her mouth from her older lover’s pulsating clit. Christina followed up the unexpected slap, with a series of three spanks, each more forceful than last; each eliciting a louder groan of pleasure from Teyonah. The buxom babe’s expert oral abilities combined with her hard smacks to the young lady’s glutes, made Teyonah cum sooner than ever before and within moments she was in the throws of another fiery orgasm.

“Oh my god baby” exclaimed the black girl as she came down from her third climax of the evening. Once she’d settled herself, Teyonah returned to Christina’s juicy clit, and whilst she was being pleasured, the redhead ceased upon an opportunity to do something else she’d been itching to try.

She parted the hot ebony’s butt cheeks and proceeded to tongue at her puckered brown asshole. Teyonah mouth shot from her lover’s pussy with a gasp; a mixture of surprise and pleasure as the ginger licked her balloon knot. Once she was over the initial shock and delight, the chocolate chick returned to Christina’s love button and sucked at it with her pursed lips. Both women released muffled groans as they worked away at their chosen pleasure points. Teyonah suckled and slurped at Christina’s swollen clint with even more zeal than she’d exuded at any other point that evening. The curvy lady returned the favour by probing the relatively unexplored territory of her inviting anus. Teyonah had had her butt licked a few times before, but not many, and the unfamiliar sensation was even more pleasing than she’d remembered it, and once Christina slid two fingers into her warm pussy, the brown-skinned beauty knew it wouldn’t be long until she was cumming again.

Nothing had satisfied Teyonah more that evening than when she and her new lover reached a mutual climax during their earlier love making, and that was something she was keen to experience again. Knowing her apex was near, the young girl removed her lips from Christina’s clit, moistened two fingers with her tongue and proceeded to knead the older lady’s pleasure button with the lubed digits. Teyonah grew closer and closer to climax as Christina fingered her deeper and faster and licked her asshole with an ever increasing fervour. The black chick rubbed the redhead’s juicy pearl harder and harder as she tried desperately to get Christina off at the same time as her.

“Oh baby, you’re gonna make me cum” announced the curvy babe, much to Teyonah’s delight.

“Uhhh” groaned the chocolate-skinned woman as a fourth orgasm ignited within her, her moans amplified a split second later as Christina joined in her lustful chorus with her own orgasmic screams. Teyonah continued to knead her lover’s clit and the busty belle didn’t stop fingerbanging the ebony queen until they’d both reached climax.

“Ahhh” breathed Christina as Teyonah clambered off her sweaty, exhausted body, “oh wow.”

“That was amazing baby” said the black beauty, gazing at Christina with her deep brown eyes, before going in for a romantic smooch. The ladies swapped the taste of one another’s love holes as their tongues fought softly. Parting from the kiss, Teyonah nuzzled in beside the ginger goddess and rested and arm across her midriff. Christina wrapped an arm around Teyonah, genuinely surprised that the highly-sexed stunner was finally spent. The pair lay silently, basking in the post-sex tranquility. Occasionally Teyonah would plant a kiss just above Christina’s breasts and the redhead requited by kissing the young girl’s forehead or smelling her still sweet scented hair, until they both drifted off.

Teyonah’s eyes fell open on her bedroom, dimly lit by the beams of sunlight that came in through the gaps in the blackout blinds. As she lay on her side, still half asleep, her mind cast back to the events of the previous evening. In her still semi-conscious state she wondered if the entire event had been a dream. Had she really slept with Christina Hendricks? Or had the redhead’s status as her dream woman now taken on a more literal meaning? Had she gone for a drink with the gorgeous star? Had she even met her? Did she even get a job on Mad Men? Eventually, the cute black girl mustered the energy to turn over to see if the stunning starlet still, or ever did, occupy her bed. And sure enough, much to her relief and glee, as Teyonah rolled onto her other side, her eyes were met by a mane of radiant red hair. The young lady smiled and basked in the warm feeling of joy at having bedded her ultimate crush, before the inevitable doubt and worry entered her brain.

She thought about her girlfriend and what, if anything, she should tell her. Should she come clean and hope they could move past it? Should she keep it to herself and hope she never found out? Should she break it off with Jess without telling her why? Give her the age old ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ line. Would dumping her girlfriend be a bit premature? This was Christina Hendricks, for god’s sake she have any man or woman she wanted. Was there any chance the famous beauty queen would even speak to her again, let alone want to pursue a relationship? But could she stay with her girlfriend after being unfaithful to her? She cared deeply for Jess and wasn’t sure if she could stay with her knowing she’d betrayed her trust and cheated on her.

A loud vibrating sound from her bedside table jolted Teyonah from her thoughts and she rolled over to pick up her phone. The pretty ebony lay on her back and looked at the illuminated screen. ‘Jess would like to FaceTime’ read the white text at the top. Oh shit, thought Teyonah, what should she do? She couldn’t decline the call, her girlfriend would know something was up. But then she couldn’t very be like ‘hey babe, oh her? That’s just Christina Hendricks, she ate my ass last night. How’s your dad?’. She decided to ignore it, smothering her phone with a pillow to mute the vibration until, finally, it stopped. The African-American beauty stared at the ceiling and puffed her cheeks. What a mess, she thought to herself. Then, her phone buzzed again and she retrieved it from under the pillow. She saw that she had a new text from Jess which read ‘Wake up! Xxx’ followed by a heart and a kiss emoji. Due to her panic at the unexpected and unwanted FaceTime call, the time displayed on her phone hadn’t registered with Teyonah the first time she looked at the screen. Now that it had she was surprised to see that it was 11.40. Wow, she thought, she never slept this late. She and Christina must really have tired themselves out.

Teyonah heard a sleepy smack of the lips from the other side of the bed. Uh oh, she’s awake, thought the young black girl. She had to decide how to greet Christina once she rolled over to face her. Should she play it cool? Just be like ‘hey, coffee?’. Should she act confident and casual, with a ‘was that as good for you as it was for me?!’? Then Teyonah remembered the rationale she had employed last night; this was Christina Hendricks, and, much like last night when she’d ceased her opportunity to sleep with the gorgeous actress, the brown-skinned cutie decided to take a chance pursuing something with her. Who knew where it could go? Teyonah turned back to face Christina, then the redhead rolled over onto her right side and came face to face with her lover from last night for the first time that morning.

“Morning beautiful” Teyonah smiled.

“Hey” mumbled the sleepy beauty, lazily offering her puckered lips to the young lady. Teyonah leant forward and kissed Christina, before reeling back, self concious of her morning breath.

“Did you sleep well?” asked the chocolate-skinned girl.

“Yeah” replied Christina, “you?”

“I guess so” Teyonah answered, “it’s 11.45.”

“Wow” said the redhead, rolling onto her back, “I never sleep this late.”

“Me neither” Teyonah replied. “Coffee?”


“How do you take it?” Teyonah asked, hoping for the sexy, playful answer of ‘black, like my women’.

“Cream, no sugar, thanks” was the dissatisfying response she received.

“Coming right up” the ebony chick replied, climbing out from under the covers and walking nude around the bed. She glanced at Christina to see if the ginger goddess eyed her naked form, and was disappointed to see her staring up at the ceiling. She unhooked a black silk kimono from the back of the bedroom door and slipped it on over her birthday suit.

Teyonah crossed the lounge and into the kitchen. She removed the carafe from the coffee maker and held it under the faucet. Whilst she waited for the glass flask to fill, the black beauty reflected on her opening morning exchanges with Christina. The redhead hadn’t said a great deal to her, she thought as she turned off the tap, and her body language hadn’t exactly filled Teyonah with confidence. She’d just woken up though, reasoned the dark-skinned cutie as she poured water into the coffee machine’s reservoir and returned the carafe to the heating plate. Teyonah got the impression that Christina wasn’t a morning person, as she popped the lid off a tub of Folgers Classic Roast and spooned the brown granules into the filter. She was sure, or at least she hoped, that the caffeine boost from a cup of joe would turn her into the outgoing, affectionate woman she was last night. Teyonah switched on the coffee maker and fetched two cups. She took the cream from the fridge and waited for the coffee to brew. She thought about where to go from here with the luscious lady she had waiting in the bedroom. That would depend on the busty babe’s post-coffee mood, figured the young African-American, as she filled a cup with the hot brown liquid. If Christina remained as she was, Teyonah feared any suggestions she made of a second date would be shot down in flames of rejection, or met with a lame excuse. Only time would tell, the black girl thought, whilst she added cream to the strong smelling beverages. She picked up both cups and carried them to the bedroom.

Teyonah nudged open the door with her round butt and stepped inside.

“Cream no sugar” the brown-skinned beauty announced, offering the cup to Christina. The buxom starlett propped up a pillow against the wooden headboard and sat back against it.

“Thanks” she smiled as she was handed the drink. Teyonah walked around to her side of the bed and set her cup down on the table.

“Mmm, that’s the stuff” said Christina, inhaling the rich aroma of the coffee after taking her first sip.

“It’s good right?” replied Teyonah, slipping off her robe and draping it over Jess’ desk chair.

“Delicious” Christina declared before taking a second swig. “Ahh, I feel more human already” she added, the words eliciting a hopeful grin from Teyonah. The sexy sister climbed back under the covers and sat up next to Christina.

“That bar was great last night” Teyonah mentioned.

“Mmm” agreed the redhead, through a mouthful of coffee, “I love that place.”

“Me too” replied the young ebony. “I need to go back.”

“You should” said Christina, failing to grasp the hint. Teyonah took a dejected sip of her drink. This really wasn’t going as she’d hoped. “When’s your girlfriend back?” asked the gorgeous ginger, the question giving Teyonah mixed messages. Was Christina hoping for a reason to leave or seeing how long she could stay?

“Her flights at like nine Penn time” the African-American lady answered.

“So she won’t be back for a while then?” replied the curvy actress, with a smirk that sent bolts of electricity through Teyonah’s body.

“Nope” she grinned back, as the women stared deeply into one another’s eyes.

Teyonah waited for Christina to move in for a kiss, but was actually pleasantly surprised when the busty babe returned to her coffee. The black girl woke up nigh on every day with the morning horn and today was certainly no exception. Though while there was nothing more Teyonah would’ve like right now than a brunchtime romp with the redheaded goddess at her side, she wanted more from their relationship than just sex, and the lack of morning lovemaking boded well for her. However, the cute ebony was still none the wiser as to what Christina wanted from their association, and decided it was time she just went ahead and asked.

“I had a great time last night” she said, slurping up the last of her coffee and setting the mug down on the bedside table.

“Me too” replied Christina.

“Would you like to do this again?” Teyonah asked. Christina said nothing as she reached down and place her cup on the floor. The ginger’s silence initially worried the dark-skinned chick, but her concerns were quickly alleviated when Christina reached across to plant a warm, lingering kiss on her lips.

“Come on you” said the curvy beauty, kicking off the bed covers and taking Teyonah by the hand, “let’s take a shower.”


The cab pulled up to the sidewalk outside the Kimpton Hotel.

“Here we are ma’am” announced the driver.

“How much do I owe you?” asked Teyonah Paris from the backseat.

“That’s…” started the cabbie, before glancing at the meter, “20.”

“20” repeated the black girl, searching her wallet for the cash, “here you go” she added, handing him a single bill.

“Thank you ma’am” said the taxi driver, “have a good evening.”

“Thank you, you too” Teyonah replied, opening the door and stepping out onto the curb. As the cute ebony headed for the entrance, a greeter pulled open the heavy glass door for her.

“Good evening ma’am” said the doorman.

“Thank you” Teyonah responded, as she passed him. Her heels clicked on the shiny marble floor and echoed around the walls as she approached the reception desk. The dark-skinned honey marvelled at the plush lobby as she went, and figured that the hotel must have been five stars. She exchanged smiles with the girl at the desk, a cute young thing with short blonde hair and parted bangs.

“Hi ma’am” greeted the receptionist, Teyonah detecting a flirty glimmer to her pretty smile.

“Hi” replied the black chick, “I’m staying here with a friend, I believe she’s already checked in.”

“OK ma’am” said the blonde, “her name please?”

“Robbins” Teyonah answered, the receptionist responding with a knowing smirk.

“Yes Miss Robbins has checked in” she replied, “she’s in room 263, tenth floor. Here’s your key” she added, holding it out with a cheeky grin.

“Thank you” responded the brown-skinned beauty, taking the key.

“Enjoy your stay” said the cute receptionist, giving Teyonah a look that could only be described as ‘flirting but still wanting to remain professional’. The young African-American smiled and made eyes back at the blonde.

She headed for the lifts and called for an elevator. The door opened, she stepped inside and pressed the button for floor ten. Her stomach fluttered with excitement and nerves as the elevator ascended and once the doors opened she stepped out into the hall. The corridor was done out in the same plush marble as the reception area and painted portraits hung from the wall. Teyonah wondered down the hall, checking the door numbers as she went. She stopped at 263, slid the key into the lock and turned. She took a deep breath to compose herself and pushed the door open.

“Hello?” she announced as she stepped inside and took a look around the luxury room.

The walls and carpet were a pretty off-white, the duvets on the kingsize bed a corresponding coffee colour. Two small marble tables stood either side of the bed and there was a glass table opposite with an expensive looking bottle of champagne cooling in an ice bucket. Above the table was a curved 40 inch TV and next to that hung a ravishing red dress from a coat hanger. Teyonah placed her canvas Ted Baker holdall onto the bed, next to a tray holding a plate of strawberries, a can of whipped cream and a bowl of chocolate sauce, and beside the tray was a white lingerie set, consisting of a basque, a pair of lacy panties, suspenders, a set of sheer stockings and a pair of matching white heels. Rose petals travelled from the bed to the en suite bathroom. Teyonah followed the trail to the door of the washroom and turned the glass doorknob.

As she stepped inside the warm bathroom, the black girl was hit by a wall of steam, which obstructed her view. As the mist dissipated, a vision revealed itself to the ebony beauty. The trail of petals continued across the tiled floor and were sprinkled around the edge of large circular bath. A glass of champagne stood amongst the petals and inside a deep bath rested Christina Hendricks. The redheaded goddess clutched a second glass of fizz as she sat covered from the neck down by frothy bubbles. She wore mascara and dark red lipstick and had her gorgeous ginger hair pinned up over her shoulders.

“Hey beautiful” Christina grinned at the stunned sister. “I ordered room service” she added, before taking a sip of champagne.

“So I see” smirked Teyonah, still taking in the breathtaking sight.

“Well baby” Christina started, placing a finger teasingly between her plump lips, “aren’t you gonna join me?”

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