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Unexpected Guests

“Goodbye, honey.” Tonya said, as she hugged her daughter tight.

“Bye, mom. I’m gonna miss you so much.” Her daughter, Holly told her.

Holly was leaving for college, and Tonya teared up at the thought of her baby girl, all grown up. The two said their goodbyes and Holly drove off down the road. Tonya stood still; watching her drive away until the car was no longer in sight. Tonya walked back to the house, hugging herself with her arms wrapped around her shoulders, thinking about how her life was going to be now, now she lived alone.

Tonya was divorced, and for the last five years, she lived with just her daughter. She filed for divorce after she learned her husband was having an affair with one of his coworkers. Tonya nowadays, regards her husband as a bad memory, but is grateful for the daughter she shares with him. Tonya is an dentist and makes a decent living. She was given the house in the divorce, a nice little house in the backwoods of Virginia; surrounded by the beautiful Appalachian mountains.

Tonya went inside and walked into the living room; opening the sliding glass doors. She looked at the swimming pool and thought how nice it was that day; clear and sunny.

“Hmm, I always wanted to sunbathe with nothing on.” Tonya said, biting her lip with a grin.

Tonya never had the chance with her daughter always home. Tonya went into the bathroom and undressed; wrapping herself up in a bathrobe. She grabbed a towel and a bottle of sun tanning lotion and made her way outside to the pool. Even though the house was all to itself, with no one living close by, Tonya felt a little nervous to drop her robe.

She glanced around the property before untying her bathrobe. With a quick pull, the robe fell to the ground. Tonya was a real sight for a lady of 44, with long curly black hair and a beautiful tanned body. She had the body of a 20-year-old, a curvaceous figure and an ample butt. Tonya squirted a dollop of lotion in her hand and started rubbing herself.

Starting from her stomach and rubbing up; making her way to her 34D breasts. Cupping her breasts with her full hands and rubbing from underneath them to the top; getting every inch. Tonya put her foot on the lounge chair and rubbed her legs and thighs; her tan skin glistened in the sun from the lotion. She laid back on the lounge chair and finished up; getting her arms and neck.

Tonya laid quietly, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the peace and quiet of the woods. Only a bird was heard, every now and then. It wasn’t long, until Tonya sensed something else. She opened her eyes, but squinted from the sun in her eyes. She held her breath and listened carefully. She could faintly hear something breathing, it was low, but sounded deep.

Tonya sat up; grabbing her towel and wrapping it around her chest. She looked over her shoulder; in the direction where she thought she heard it.

“Hello?” She called out.

Everything was silent. She stood up and walked along the edge of the pool; her eyes peeled.

“Is someone there?” She yelled.

The entire backyard was eerily quiet. Not even a bird could be heard chirping. Tonya couldn’t help but feel she was being watched. She started walking backwards to the house; her eyes locked on the treeline of the yard. She stepped inside and closed the sliding glass doors; quickly locking them.

Tonya walked into the kitchen and leaned against the fridge; staring out the window into the backyard.

“Maybe it was just my imagination.” She said to herself.


By nightfall, Tonya was relaxed; no longer feeling paranoid.

“I haven’t lived alone for years. It’s just gonna take some time for me to get used to being by myself.” She told herself.

Tonya stayed up late watching TV and sipping some wine. She checked her cellphone regularly, hoping that Holly posted some pictures of her dorm room or the campus. It was well after midnight and Tonya decided to go to bed.

“Maybe, Holly will have some pictures posted by tomorrow.” Tonya hoped.

Whether it was the wine or staying up late, sleep came easy for Tonya; dozing off as soon as her head hit the pillow. A few hours later, Tonya’s rest was cut short. She was awakened by the sounds of screams and loud banging. Tonya jumped from her bed and stood in fright. She stared at the window; trying to see something in the moonlit woods. The screams sounded like they were of agony, like something was injured and something else was bellowing that sounded terrifying. Tonya could hear wood snapping and leaves shaking like a strong wind was blowing through the woods.

Tonya sat against her bedroom door; never taking her eyes off the window. The ordeal lasted for about half an hour, soon the woods were quiet again, but the mystery remained. The faint noise of crickets were all that could be heard.


The next morning, Tonya laid awake in bed; never able to go back asleep after what happened. She got up and went into the kitchen and turned the coffee pot on. She leaned over the sink and looked outside; nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary, but Tonya was still uneasy.

“Whatever that was last night, was really close to the house.” She said to herself.

Curiosity was eating away at Tonya. She wanted to know what was outside her home last night. Tonya was familiar with the wildlife in the area, she didn’t recognize any of the sounds she heard that night and that made her curiosity worse. Tonya got dressed and decided to go have a look.

Tonya walked to the edge of the yard and halted at the treeline. She looked in the woods as far as she could; making sure it was safe to enter. Tonya walked through the woods for only a few minutes, until she found some evidence of what had happened the night before. A small area of the woods was destroyed. Trees laid, broken in half, there were big impressions in the dirt, and it looked like something big was scooted across the ground. The ground was sunk in and the dirt was packed, Tonya also found splotches of blood on leaves and rocks. She shuddered at the sight.

Tonya hurried back to the house. She was still shaking from what she saw.

“Maybe it was bears. Perhaps a mommy bear and her cubs, ran into a male bear and they fought.” Tonya muttered, but she couldn’t shake the feeling of doubt.


That night, Tonya sat on the couch in the living room. The TV was off and the lights were off as well. She was focused on the glass doors. Hoping and praying that those sounds wouldn’t came back. An hour later, the sounds started again. Fear washed over her, when she heard the sounds! A loud bellow sounded from the woods. Tonya quivered and slammed her hands together; trying not to cry. Another call followed soon after, a ‘whoop’ sound. Soon, there were two animals making calls continuously, making a ‘whoop’ call right after another. They grew faster and louder, then Tonya heard growling and roaring, then the sounds of snarling and fighting. It sounded like two dogs were fighting!

Tonya cried out, but felt frozen. The sounds were torture for her. The terrifying ordeal worsened when she could hear the metal lounge chairs out by the pool being knocked around on the concrete! Whatever they were, they were right outside the house. Tonya took a deep breath and decided to turn the outside lights on, “Maybe the lights will scare them off.” She hoped. Tonya crept to the doors, her legs were trembling and her heart pounded faster as she neared the doors. Tonya reached up and laid her finger against the switch, she looked outside; ready to face her fears. She flicked the switch and the lights came on. Almost instantaneously, as the lights came on, she saw a black hairy mass flying through the air, straight towards her.

She jumped back and narrowly avoided being hit by the animal that was thrown through the glass doors. The sound was deafening as the glass broke and the animal hit the floor with a loud thud! Tonya ran behind the couch and hunkered down; wrapping her arms around her head, she cried and whimpered. The living room was quiet, and Tonya wondered if the animal might have got up and ran back outside. Tonya peeked over the couch to see.

From the outside lights, she could see something laying in the doorway. A large animal, she thought, covered in shaggy looking hair. She slowly stood up; her eyes locked on the animal. She thought it was dead, it lied still; no movement or breathing. Tonya stepped towards it and it moaned out! Tonya jumped in fright; covering her mouth to keep from screaming. With her eyes locked on it, she sidestepped to the wall and turned on the light.

Tonya squealed when she saw it. A large creature that had the body of a large man, but covered in thick, shaggy hair that was dark black. Tonya leaned over to see his face, his eyes were closed and she stared at his face for a moment.

“It looks like an ape, but kinda like a man too.” She whispered to herself.

She looked over his body, the hair on his chest was more sparse, she could see his large pectoral muscles and further down were abs, that shown through the hair. The biggest surprise was further on down. Tonya gasped at the sight of his cock!

“Holy shit! Was is that? A pringles can wrapped in skin?” She exclaimed.

At that moment, the creature’s eyes jerked opened. Tonya froze and stared at him; scared of what he might do. He looked at Tonya, his eyes had a look of fright in them. He tried to move, but threw his head back and moaned.

“No, no.” Tonya muttered, as she laid her hands on his chest.

“Stay still, sweety.” Tonya said as she looked into his eyes.

Tonya didn’t know what he was, but didn’t feel like she was in any danger. She walked over to the couch and grabbed a pillow. Carefully, she lifted his head and placed it underneath his neck. He looked around; his eyelids twitched and soon, he was out. Tonya was at a lost about what to do. She decided to try to get some sleep, “Maybe he’ll wake up later and leave.” She thought. Tonya went into her bedroom and locked the door and went to bed.


That morning, Tonya woke up and she immediately thought about the creature. She walked over to the door and put her ear up against it, she listened for a moment, but couldn’t hear anything. She walked out and slowly crept around the wall and peeked around the corner, he was gone. Tonya let out a sigh of relief and walked into the kitchen. Tonya reached behind her head and started working on getting her scrunchie out of her hair; her head tilted down; she walked into the kitchen and as she looked up, she gasped!

There he was! Standing in her kitchen, eating a an apple. He had ate the whole fruit basket that sat on the counter. Tonya tried to think of something to say, but she was awestruck by him. He was huge! He had to be around 6’7 and his chest was as wide as the fridge that stood behind him.

“Morning.” Tonya said with a shaky voice.

He stopped chewing and stared blankly at her for a moment, he didn’t even blink. He then resumed chewing, but kept his eyes on her. Tonya’s mind was a whirlwind of thoughts.

“What should I do? Should I call the police? Should I just leave?” She thought to herself, while holding a nervous smile on her face and staring at the creature, standing in her kitchen.

The creature then took a step forward, but he shook and moaned as he did. Tonya didn’t hesitate and rushed over to him. She looked him over and realized he was hurt badly. Under his thick hair, she could see his skin; bruised and cut.

Whatever he was fighting with, did a number on him. Tonya wanted to help him, but she was worried he wouldn’t understand if she tried to.

“Honey, I need you to sit down.” She said, and pointed to the couch.

He looked at her with confusion. Tonya boldly reached out and grabbed his arm. He pulled back a little and stared at her.

“It’s okay.” Tonya said, as she smiled and gently tugged on his arm.

He seemed to understand and started walking, with Tonya guiding him to the couch. When he was sat down, Tonya ran into the bathroom and gathered a few things. Rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs and band-aids. Tonya returned and quickly began mending his cuts, he didn’t even flinch when the alcohol touched his open wounds. The band-aids however, were useless, too much hair to stick.

He lied back on the couch and seemed to be comfortable. Tonya decided to let him rest. She wanted to get the broken glass cleaned up and get something over the doorway to keep the cold air out. She cleaned the glass up and put some plastic over the doorway. It would have to do until she can call someone to come out to fix it. She also thought about the other creature that was there last night.

“Will he come back?” Tonya wondered.

She was worried what would happen if it did. The hurt one is pretty big, and he managed to beat the hell out of him and throw him through the doors. Tonya also wanted to know, just what, were these things. Tonya walked inside and checked on the creature, he was sound asleep. She got her cellphone and tried to think of what to search on these things.

“Hmm, what about giant ape men?”

She entered it in and the search results showed ‘Gigantopithecus, Bigfoot.’

“Bigfoot? No fucking way!” She exclaimed.

She clicked on the images tab and a bunch of blurry pictures and artist rendered drawings came up. They resembled the one that was on her couch, but not so much. She kept browsing and scrolling; oblivious that the creature was off the couch and walking towards her. The sunlight around her suddenly disappeared, Tonya jerked her head around and saw him; staring down at her.

“Hi.” Tonya said, under her breath.

He cocked his head and stared at her.

“Are you feeling better?” Tonya asked.

Again, he cocked his head the other way and stared at her.

Tonya stood up and carefully stepped away from him.

“Are you hungry?” Tonya asked, as she walked over to the fridge.

She opened the fridge and looked to see what she had. Tonya decided to go ahead and fix a big breakfast. Eggs, bacon, toast etc. She got everything together and began cooking. The creature seemed interested with the stove, with all the sizzling and popping from the eggs and bacon. When Tonya was done, the table had a full spread of food. The creature didn’t bother to sit down, standing at the table and scarfing down the food.


Tonya spent the day with the creature in her house. He seemed to be full of interest, examining every little thing around Tonya’s house. Tonya continued searching online for more info about him, reading articles from self-proclaimed experts on the creatures known as Bigfoot. Tonya thought briefly about sharing his existence with the public, thoughts of fame and fortune came to mind, but she quickly put that out of her mind.

“I don’t know what you are.” She said, looking at the creature.

“But I promise, I won’t sell you out.” She said, with a smile.

That night, Tonya assorted the couch cushions on the floor and with two blankets and a big pillow she had.

“Okay.” She said, gesturing to the creature.

“This is where you’ll sleep.” She explained, waving her hands over the bedding.

“I’m gonna go to sleep. Good night.” She said.

Tonya walked towards her bedroom and looked back at him, he seemed to understand and was getting comfortable on the bed she made him.

The next morning, Tonya was getting ready to go out. She made a list of food she needed and a few things she thought the creature might enjoy. She tried to explain she was gonna leave and be right back.

“Okay. I’m gonna go, but I’ll come right back.” She said, while gesturing with her hands.

He sat on the floor; staring up at her.

“My god, you’re like a giant child.” Tonya said and laughed.

Tonya walked out and got into her car, she checked to make sure he wasn’t following her. Tonya went to the market and did some shopping, her grocery cart was bubbling over when she finished. On her way home, she thought about the creature.

“I wonder if I can bath him?” She wondered.

She noticed he had a distinct smell, but nothing terrible. Kind of like a dog.

“How in the world would I do it? I doubt he would fit in the shower.” She thought.

She then got an idea that might just work.

“Maybe I can get him in the swimming pool.” She wondered.

Tonya got back home and started unloading the groceries. The creature was standing in the doorway, he looked like he’d been waiting on her. Tonya brought in the groceries and started putting them up, she took some apples and sat them on the counter for the creature. After the groceries were put up, she started working on dinner. She thought a meatloaf would be something the creature would enjoy. With the meatloaf in the over, Tonya excitedly ran to her bedroom and changed into a bikini.

Tonya came out wearing a torqiose blue bikini. She walked over to the door and motioned for the creature to follow her.

“Come on, let’s go swimming.” She said, while gesturing her hand to the door.

The creature stared attentively at her and quickly followed. Tonya walked out to the pool and started walking down the steps that lead into the shallow end of it, she turned around and saw the creature watching her. She walked out to the middle and started swishing her hands back and forth through the water.

“Well come on!” She called out.

The creature walked up to the pool and leaned over the edge; looking at the water. He crouched down and dipped his hand in, then he pulled it back out and sniffed his hand.

“He must smell the chlorine.” Tonya thought.

The creature stayed at the edge of the pool; watching Tonya. Tonya tried to entice him by doing a backstroke and kicking her feet in the air. After a few minutes, it was obvious that the creature wasn’t going to get into the pool. Tonya was a little disappointed, but figured she shouldn’t force him to do anything that he was uneasy with. Tonya got out of the pool and started drying herself, as she walked by the creature, she noticed that he was watching her every move.

Tonya ran the towel through her hair and stood in front of him. “Well, I suppose you can lead a bigfoot to water, but you can make him swim.” She said, with a chuckle.

Tonya went inside and walked to the kitchen to check the meatloaf. She threw her towel in the sink and grabbed a spatula. She opened the oven door and bent over to check dinner. While she was checking the meatloaf, the creature approached her from behind. He bent over Tonya and started sniffing her, Tonya was caught off guard, but figured it was normal for his kind to smell each other.

The creature played with her hair; holding locks up to his nose and smelling them.

“You like my conditioner?” Tonya giggled.

The creature started running his hands lower down on Tonya’s backside. He knelt down and shoved his nose into her crotch. Tonya gasped and jumped by it. She turned around and grabbed his forearm.

“Whoa boy! Hold up a second!” She exclaimed.

The creature didn’t relent, his nose was pressed against her crotch and he was inhaling her scent. Tonya staggered, but couldn’t move. The creature was holding her thighs and she was pressed against the stove.

“Okay, just sniff me and let me go when you’re done.” She stuttered.

She assumed he was just getting familiar with her scent, but then the creature did something else. The creature grabbed her underwear and started tugging; eventually pulling them down. Tonya was now exposed. Tonya reached around and tried pulling her underwear back up, but his strength was too much.

“That’s enough!” Tonya yelled out.

The creature shoved his nose right into her clit and inhaled deeply, then he started licking it. Tonya moaned deeply, his tongue was wide and rough. His wide tongue covered both of her lips, he inserted his tongue into her clit and started flicking his tongue in and out. Tonya’s breathing grew quicker, the sensation was wild! The creature loosened his grip on Tonya’s thighs, but she had no interest in moving from her spot.

Tonya hadn’t been with a man since she divorced her husband, the sensation sent vibes up her spine. She leaned over more and grabbed the corners of the stove; shoving her ass into his face. She started grinding her ass up and down against his face, and her pussy grinding on his tongue. The creature reached his hands up and grabbed her ass, spreading her cheeks apart. He moved his tongue from her clit to her asshole. The tip of his tongue drove into her tight asshole, he started working his tongue in a clockwise motion.

Tonya could feel his tongue swirling around her asshole. She had never felt a tongue in her ass before, and the feeling drove her wild! The creature suddenly stopped and released her. Tonya turned her head back, “You’re not done are you?” She asked.

The creature stood and Tonya groaned when she saw his cock. Fully erect, the thing was massive. At least 11 inches long, but the width was what was most intimidating.

“That thing’s as big around as a soda can.” She said to herself.

The creature grabbed her waist with his left hand and started guiding his cock to her entry. Tonya bit down and squealed before he even got it in.

“Oh please, let me handle it!” Tonya cried out.

The head of the cock felt like a big fist shoving in between her folds. Tonya shuddered and whimpered; her arms and hands shook as she gripped the corners of the stove. Tonya could feel it sliding in, inch by inch. The creature placed his free hand onto her waist and started to gently move his hips back and forth. Tonya moaned and shuddered.

She felt like she was being split in half by his massive cock. The creature took a step forward and Tonya was pinned against the stove and her creature lover. He let go of her waist and started moving his hips with a longer stride. Tonya could feel his cock pull out and feel the emptiness when he did, he was driving in it all the way when he moved his hips forward, Tonya tiptoed, trying to keep herself level with him, but she was trembling all over.

The creature grabbed her around her waist and picked her up, Tonya panicked and grabbed the handle of the stove. He locked his hands together under her belly and started fucking her vigorously. Tonya screamed and moaned from the fucking she was receiving, the oven door shook and banged as she held on to it. She stretched her legs and could the counter behind them with her toes. Suddenly, the creature went still and Tonya could feel his hips tighten.

She felt the hot gush of cum erupt in her canal. She relaxed her legs and her feet dangled aside his legs, exhausted, she let go of the over door handle and slid to the floor. The creature still holding her up; her waist wrapped in his strong arms.

Tonya practically limped to the bathroom and showered. As she cleaned the sweat and animal smell off of her, she couldn’t help but think of how good he was. She never had sex like that in her life, the creature’s dick put her ex-husband’s dick to shame.

“Oh my god. What I am doing? He’s a beast, it’s not normal.

“But damn, maybe being normal ain’t all that important. That dick alone is worth it!” Tonya said to herself.


The following day, Tonya was more precautious around the creature. She couldn’t deny that she enjoyed the experience, but she was wrestling with the idea if it was right or not. To her surprise, the creature didn’t act any differently. He spent most the day, laying in his bedding in the living room, Tonya sat at the kitchen table and watched him.

“I wonder if anything like this has happened before.” She wondered.

Tonya poured a glass of wine and walked out to the pool; walking over to the steps that lead into the pool and sitting on the top one. She kicked her feet in the water; enjoying the cool sensation. She saw the creature stumble into view in the doorway, out of the corner of her eye. He stood still; peering out at Tonya.

“Wanna come join me?” She asked.

The creature walked over to the edge of the pool; eyeing the water, then looking back at Tonya. He crouched down and dipped his hand into the water; splashing and slapping the water. Tonya giggled watching him. From his crouched position, he made a quick leap with his legs and splashed into the pool.

“Hey, you did it!” Tonya cheered, amused by his bravery.

The creature waded through the water; heading towards Tonya. He made it to the steps and stopped, he was taking sharp, deep breaths; chilled by the cold water. Tonya watched as his shoulders and chest rose up and down with his quick breathing; admiring his muscular build. Tonya took a deep breath and reached her hand out; placing it on his chest. She rubbed her hand over his left pectoral muscle; his thick hair sliding in between her fingers. Tonya’s mouth was dry as she took a dry swallow and placed her other hand on his chest. She sighed and moaned, as she felt his muscles.

Tonya looked down and saw his erect cock floating on top of the water. She ran her hands down his stomach; her fingers felt each bump of his abdomen as she rubbed down. Tonya wrapped her right hand around the base of the cock and started stroking him; moving her left under and caressing his balls. The creature shuddered and let out a deep sigh as she did so. The water helped make his cock slick and her hand glided over the shaft with ease. Tonya noticed how human his cock looked, the skin with a dark brown and it looked normal; only the size was abnormal. Tonya released him and grabbed the bottom of her shirt; pulling it off.

She slid down to the next step of the pool; getting her face level with his cock. Tonya lifted his cock up and stuck her tongue the base of it; licking up all the way to the head. She looked up to the creature who was watching her; his eyes widened. Tonya stuck out her tongue and laid the head of his cock on it, she started to flick her tongue around the head. The creature made a low growl as she did it, Tonya took it in her mouth; managing to get about 3 inches in, before she felt it hit the back of her throat. Her jaw ached as she tried to accommadate the girth of his cock.

Tonya started to think that she had made a mistake; unsure if she would be able to please him, his cock was just too wide. She moved her hand up the shaft and decided to work the head of his cock. Tonya slobbered and slurped the head; trying her best to please him. The creature reached his hands down around Tonya’s neck and started rubbing and gently squeezing; his breathing was rapid, inhaling and exhaling, sharply.

He rested his right hand on the back of her head and started to apply pressure. Tonya could feel him, shoving her head forward; his dick going deeper in her mouth. The creature started bobbing her head; his cock ramming into her mouth, deeper and faster. Tonya was starting to gag and panicked a little, she slapped her hand around the base of his cock and tried slowing him down. The creature started rocking his hips; fucking her wet mouth.

Tonya held onto the base of his cock, while he rocked his hips back and forth. Tonya could hear the sloshing of her mouth as he pumped in and out. He started rocking his hips with quick, short strides; Tonya’s head bounced up and down as the cock slammed into her mouth. Tonya soon felt her cheeks become engorged with the huge gush of warm cum. Tonya gagged and choked; cum seeping and dripping from the corners of her mouth. The creature slowed his momentum; slowly moving his cock in and out. Tonya felt it soften and turn flaccid in her mouth. The creature leaned back and the flaccid cock fell from her mouth; strands of cum, dripped from the head of his cock.

Tonya was dazed, she rubbed her jaws that ached from the pounding. She licked her lips; tasting the cum and feeling it drip down her chin and neck. All of a sudden, the creature jerked his head around and stared over to the treeline. He froze for a moment; he seemed to sense something. Tonya looked in the direction he was looking; trying to figure out what was going on.

“Was is it?” She whispered to him.

He huffed and quickly crawled out of the pool. Walking into the yard; still focused on the treeline. Tonya hurried and caught up to him.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” Tonya pleaded.

At that moment, a loud bellow sounded from the woods! Tonya jumped and squealed out in fright. The creature’s eyes widened and he roared in the direction of the treeline. Tonya could spot something moving in the timber; getting closer to the edge of the yard. Tonya started walking backwards; keeping her eyes on the movement. Another creature emerged from the treeline, Tonya gasped when she saw it.

It was another creature like the one that had been staying with her, but much larger and had a brown coat of hair. Tonya hissed as she looked at him, he was undoubtedly over 7 foot tall and much broader than the black haired one.

“That’s the one he was fighting with. The one that threw him into the glass doors.” Tonya muttered to herself.

The creatures stared each other down, huffing and snapping their teeth at each other. Tonya tried to intervene, she ran in front of her creature lover and held her arms out; trying to create space between them.

“Stop it!” She screamed.

The creatures look confused and stared at her.

“No more. Okay? No more fighting.” She demanded; waving her hands at them.

The creatures grew silent, but kept their eyes on each other. Tonya carefully walked over her to her creature and grabbed his hand; turning back and looking at the brown one.

“Come on, let’s go.” She said; pulling him along with her.

Tonya managed to get him into the house, but he kept resisting; trying to get back outside to the other one.

“Just stop! You’ll get hurt.” Tonya pleaded to him.

The creature stood in the doorway and kept watching the other one. Tonya went into the bathroom and tried cleaning herself up, she couldn’t stop her hands from shaking. It was getting dark and Tonya feared that things might escalate between the two creatures. She went into the living and coerced her creature to come to the bedroom. She opened the door and tried explaining what she wanted him to do.

“We’ll sleep in here, okay?” She said while gesturing to the bed.

He was still agitated by the whole ordeal, but Tonya was able to get him to sit on the bed. Tonya sat beside him and tried comforting him, rubbing his chest and playing with his ears.

“I don’t want nothing to happen to you.” She explained; nudging her forehead beneath his chin.

The creature laid back and Tonya rested her head on his chest. Tonya hoped they would make it through the night.


Several hours later, a loud crash came from the living room. Tonya and the creature bolted up from the bed. The creature started growling and sucking air through his teeth. The brown one was in the house; he made a loud whoop call and the black one slammed his fists against the door.

“Stop! Don’t go out there.” Tonya cried.

But the creature kept pounding on the door, Tonya knew the door wouldn’t hold against his rage and opened it. Tonya ran out first, trying to get in between the creatures like she had before. She ran into the living and spotted the brown one, standing in the doorway. The room was barely lit; it was just starting to get daylight outside. The black had no fear and charged straight at the brown one, Tonya put her hands on his chest and tried stopping him, but she couldn’t hold him.

Tonya was soon pinned, between the two raging creatures. They snapped their teeth and popped out their chests; trying to intimidate one another.

“Stop, stop. Just calm down.” Tonya cried out, while trying to push them apart.

Tonya was being crushed by them. She lowered her head and pressed her forearms against their stomaches; trying to pry them apart. It was useless, Tonya dropped her head in exhaustion. She stared at the ground; quietly weeping. Tonya thought she was gonna be killed when they start fighting. Then, Tonya noticed their cocks swaying, close to her legs.

“How can a woman, relax a man?” She thought to herself.

Tonya got an idea, a risky idea. She reached down and wrapped her hands around each of their cocks; the cocks were long and flaccid. Tonya started tugging on their members and took a deep breath. The creatures went quiet, and focused their attention on Tonya; they had confused looks on their faces.

“That’s it. We can all get along.” Tonya said, grinning.

Tonya leaned over and starting licking the head of the brown one, Tonya noticed the heat of his cock, like a wiener fresh out of the warmer. She kept stroking both of them and then she switched from the brown one to the black one; greedily taking his cock into her mouth and sucking him. Tonya could the brown one’s cock getting hard in her other hard, she worked the head of the black one the same as she did in the pool. Tonya felt a firm grip on the back of her neck, she stopped sucking the black one and turned to look, but in an instant, the brown shoved his cock straight into Tonya’s mouth.

Tonya didn’t want him to feel left out; fearing it would anger him. She felt her shorts being pulled down and felt the other’s tongue slide in her pussy, Tonya roared, playfully by the sensation. The black one was lapping his tongue up her entire crotch, from her pussy up to her asshole. The brown one was getting fully erect, and Tonya immediately took notice of how big he was. Bigger than the black one for certain, the head of his cock could barely fit in her mouth.

Tonya worked up a spit and slobbered her lips down his shaft; jacking him and spreading her spit for lube. The brown one let out a deep huff and pulled back, he grabbed Tonya by the hair and twisted her around; bending her over by pushing her head down. Tonya tried to stay calm, worried if she screamed, the black one might think she was being hurt and would fight the brown one. The brown one positioned himself behind her and spread his legs out; lowering his pelvis to her level.

The brown one jutted his hips towards Tonya’s crotch; his cock flung up and hit Tonya in the stomach. He poked and prodded, but couldn’t find the entry, Tonya reached down and guided him in. The brown one’s cock was much larger and he wasn’t gentle; shoving his prick in quickly, till his balls slammed against Tonya’s pussy. Tonya tried to scream, but couldn’t make a sound, she gasped deeply and quietly whimpered. Tonya felt like she was going to split open at any second, his girth was massive and she could feel her walls stretching; tightly choking his cock.

The brown one started fucking her harder, his hips smacked her buttocks with each thrust.

“Oh shit!” She screamed.

Tonya’s moans and screams echoed through the house as the brown one fucked her mercilessly. The brown one hooted and hollered as he fucked her. Tonya couldn’t stand, her legs buckled and with each thrust, she lost her footing. The brown suddenly relented and pulled out of Tonya, he got down on his knees and cradled Tonya’s legs in his arm and laid her down on the floor, stomach first.

Tonya laid still; panting and shaking. The brown one leaned over and put his hands on the floor beside Tonya. She could feel his weight came down on her lower backside and felt his cock slide into her, Tonya buried her face into the carpet and squealed as he plowed his cock into her. He started pounding her with longer strides, Tonya bit into the carpet, feeling herself growing to orgasm. She started huffing and making animal sounds, going crazy. The brown one seemed to take note and started pounding her harder.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” She yelled, over and over.

With a final thrust, he fell onto Tonya and she could feel him erupt. Cum filled her canal and she felt the cock go soft. The brown one rolled over and laid on the floor next to her, psychically spent. Tonya looked at the ceiling; seeing spots and feeling numb all over. The black one walked into view and stared down at her.

“Hey sweety.” Tonya mumbled.

Tonya noticed that he was rock hard, apparently from watching her get fucked like that. Tonya wasn’t sure if she could handle another hard fucking, but she didn’t wanna leave him out. Tonya reached up and placed her hands on his thighs.

“Lay down, sweety.” She said.

He seemed to remember what that meant and laid down on the bedding in the floor. Tonya leaned over and took his cock in her hand and started jacking him, his cock was hard as steel. Tonya crawled on him and threw leg over him, she leaned over and guided his into her already sore pussy. His cock was smaller, but it was comfortable fit. Tonya pulled her shirt off and unhooked her bra; caressing her boobs as she started riding him.

He leaned back and opened his mouth, exposing his large, white teeth. Tonya started exhaling deeply and quickened her pace. He placed his hands on her hips and started rubbing her, moving up to her breasts and wrapped his large hands around her tits. Tonya grabbed his arms and started bouncing up and down on his cock, her ass cheeks slapped his thighs as she bounced.

“Oh, yeah. Mmm, fuck!” Tonya hissed.

Tonya leaned over and started bopping her booty, his dick felt like a pole that wouldn’t bend. He wrapped her up in his arms and held her tightly; propping his legs up. He started fucking her hard. Tonya screamed out and moaned, her pussy felt like it was being hit with a jackhammer! The creature started to grunt and pant, fucking her faster and harder! Tonya buried her face into his shoulder and screamed! In his quick rhythm, his dick popped out, but he kept thrusting. Tonya could feel the cum, splatter and land on her back.

Tonya was exhausted and couldn’t keep her eyes open, she rested her head on his chest and ran her fingers through his hair.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to this.” She chuckled.

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