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Church Girl Obedience

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After a thorough examination of her conscious, an endless internal debate, Sara finally found herself kneeling in a small booth, facing her priest. They looked at each other through the screen.

Her church had been assigned a new priest who was recently out of seminary. It had been an adjustment for the congregation, but Sara personally liked that she could almost relate to her priest on a more personal level since he was in his 30’s. It was this relatability which gave her the courage to confess her youthful indiscretions.

“I’ll admit it,” she said after the formalities were done. “I’m a church girl. I love singing in the choir. I try avoiding temptations. But, I’m also a sinner.”

“How have you sinned?” he asked calmly, with a slight sense of sternness mixed with understanding.

Sara collected her thoughts and felt herself blushing. For the past few days, she had thought long and hard about this. She knew it would be humiliating telling her intimate secrets to a man of religious authority. Yet, it was something she felt compelled to do for the sake of her own morality.

“I’ve sinned sexually,” she said, her voice a little more than a whisper.

“Go on,” the priest encouraged. “I understand. This is a difficult subject for most people, please, take your time and know that you are not alone in your struggles.”

“I bet you hear this a lot,” she sighed.

“I can’t discuss other parishioners. Though, I can assure you, my child, lust is the most common sin.”
Sara nodded, gathering strength. “In spite of all the things I do, I’m also human and I try really hard to balance my hormones and curiosity. It isn’t easy.”

The words ready to tumble out of her. The need to relieve her heart and soul of the burden was strong. She desperately craved forgiveness and absolution.

“Go on.”

Sara gave the man an incredulous look. Here she was revealing her innermost sins to this man, and all he could say was, ‘Go on.’ The look on his face was passive too, now looking down at the door as if he had something better to do.

It dawned on Sara that this man, young when compared to other priests, must be accustomed to hearing intimate details of a person’s lust and desires.

So she continued, this time with more confidence behind her words.

“I have sinned,” Sara bluntly admitted. “Not in my heart, but with my flesh.”

This was enough to capture the man’s attention, luring him to look at Sara through the thin screen.

“Have you?” he asked rhetorically.

Sara forced it out. “With my English professor. It stopped at the end of last semester. But that doesn’t change the fact that it happened. I’m still technically a virgin. But we did other things…”

Her voice had trailed off.

“Go on,” he simply said again.

The lack of empathy was surprising to Sara. She at least expected to be told that this was normal, that she wasn’t a sinner, that she was still a good person. But she got none of the responses she came for. Instead, she saw the priest’s stone expression staring back at her through the screen. She considered ending this and sparing herself further humiliation. But she yearned to free herself of the burden.

“To my dying day, I’ll never fully understand how it all began,” she tried explaining the best she could. “I’ve wanted to remain pure for my wedding night. I don’t blame my professor. I can only blame myself. It just happened.”

“Nothing just happens. We are all born with free will and we make our own choices in life. You chose it. Your professor chose it too.”

Sara was taken aback by an onslaught of emotions. Had this priest just condemned her? Was he trying to say that she committed a mortal sin? Was he being supportive of her or not? One part of Sara wanted to burst into tears, the other part wanted to storm out of the booth and run home, but she remained on her knees and resisted fleeing.

“What are you saying?” she pleaded, seeking clarification. “All my life I’ve done my best. To serve. To remain pure. Am I to be condemned for the rest of my life for this brief transgression?”

He simply shook his head. “No one is without sin. Not even myself.”

Those words caught Sara off-guard. Had the new priest just admitted to being a sinner himself? She looked through the screen, seeing the impassive face. His expressions were impossible to read. Was he also fighting an internal battle of sorts? He lowered his gaze so that Sara couldn’t see his eyes.

“What then? Am I forgiven?” she asked in hope.

“It was a temporary weakness of the flesh,” he explained. “Every person alive has sinned. And not all sins are equal. You didn’t hurt anyone from this, assuming the professor was unmarried.”

“That’s correct,” she quickly asserted. “He was recently divorced. I never would have done it if he was married. You have to believe me.”

“I do believe you. You are an honest girl. A virtuous girl.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Even though I defiled myself before marriage?”

“You are flesh and blood. Your body is wired to seek things which are pleasurable. It is by design. You don’t simply grow your womanhood and desires once you have been married. These feelings and desires come naturally with age.”

Those words had a soothing effect on Sara. Finally, someone in her faith community who understood her. Who truly understood her. When spending so much time with her devoted church group, she’d feel ashamed for thinking about sex, for having sinful thoughts, for lusting before marriage.

Yet somehow, this man behind the thin screen was able to speak in such a manner which showed his understanding.

“Thank you,” she said, sincerely meaning it.

“This is my duty.”

“To help purify sinners?” she quipped. “Sounds like a serious task.”

For the first time, he flashed a small smile. “A seemingly impossible task.”

“It’s funny, you wouldn’t think so looking at these other people. Everyone in this community seems so…so…perfect. So pure and strong. I find it hard to believe they have never committed a sin as serious as what I have done.”

He shook his head. “You would be shocked by what I hear on a regular basis. Your feelings are normal. Every person lusts. It is human nature. The issue is, how you come to terms with your creation.”

Sara took a deep breath. “May I continue?”


“I enjoyed it,” she breathed, relieved to finally admit it. “I really enjoyed it, a lot. It gave me something I had never felt before. A burning feeling deep inside, and the same feeling between my legs.”

If Sara didn’t know better, she’d say there was a subtle shift if the priest’s demeanor as she confessed her enjoyment of being defiled. There seemed to be the smallest crack in his serious expression. It was almost like he needed a deep breath of his own. As if her story was hitting a nerve deep within him.

Impossible, she thought. This was a man of religious authority. A man of the cloth. But then again, he had admitted that he sinned as well. He was human like everyone else. In that moment, Sara suspected the priest was becoming aroused by hearing her confession. Not by choice. But Sara’s story was having a profound effect on his human nature.

“I understand,” he said in a soft tone. “You will be forgiven after doing penance for your sin.”

In her mind, this confirmed her suspicion of his likely arousal. It was like the priest was trying to rid her from the confessional booth before things went too far. It seemed like he didn’t want to hear too much, at the risk of the lust hidden in his own heart.

“Is this confession over?”

“We can stay as long as you’d like. Are there any other confessions you would like to make?”

The answer was no. Sara just wanted to admit that she had sinned with her body. She needed to make a full confession. She needed to make sure she left with her conscience clear and all her sins forgiven. She wanted to be free of all guilt and explain her sins so that she could truly be forgiven.

But in doing so, she’d be creating problems for this man. She knew she’d be enticing, tempting, and arousing him, which was perfectly understandable. Sara’s story was a tale of lust and depravity.

“Sara?” he asked, after the pause had been too long. “Is there anything else, or shall we move on to your penance?”

“I’m sorry for this.”

“Why are you sorry? This confession is for you. This is my duty.”

She gulped, “I mean, for making you listen to this. It isn’t right.”

“Why? Because I am a man?”

She nodded. “Yes, I don’t want to give you impure thoughts.”

“This is my duty. There are certain lines that I will not cross. I can be trusted with your secrets if you chose to repent. But only if you chose. I will never pry information from you. This is your choice. Shall we continue?”

“Yes,” she said firmly. “I want to be open and honest, or else this won’t be a true confession.”

“There are other actions you wish to confess?” he asked.

“Yes, with the same person. The professor.”

This caused the priest to lift his head and look Sara straight in the eyes through the thin screen which separated them. It was in that moment that Sara knew just how conflicted this man was. She knew he didn’t want to hear anymore. Because if he did, he would most certainly be further aroused.

And why wouldn’t he? Sara was a beautiful young woman. She was every man’s dream. And here she was, confessing her innermost sexual secrets.

“Go on,” he said, his voice sounding tighter than before.

This time, those simple words had a much different meaning. This time, Sara knew he cared about and understood her, and was willing to be there for her despite the temptations he was certainly fighting within himself.

In order to make this confession complete, to be truly repentant, Sara would have to reach down deeper. She’d have to face her shame and her sins. She’d have to ignore her own embarrassment and humiliation to divulge every detail.

“I was the one who initiated the relationship,” she confessed. “I was the one who made the choice.”


You know why! She wanted to scream.

“I want to be a writer or novelist someday. So I requested extra office hours to perfect my writing assignments. We spent a lot of time together in private. I was attracted to him. And I knew he felt the same about me. During that time, I had impure thoughts about him. Thoughts that no un-wed woman should ever have. Shall I continue?”

Sara only asked because she noticed the priest taking deeper breaths and having to shift in slight manners.

“It’s your choice. I’m here for you.”

Deep down, if Sara was honest with herself, she knew she was getting aroused as well. Of all places…In a confessional booth at church. If anyone ever found out, if her parents knew, she’d be disowned.

The next part of her story was far more graphic. The appropriate thing to do was end this before it went any further. But she couldn’t. As she looked her priest in the eyes, she felt the wetness growing between her legs. She felt the same undeniable burning which led to the sexual relationship with her professor.

“I told the professor personal things,” she confessed. “I told him about my life. My religious beliefs. Eventually, for a writing assignment, I told him about my masturbation habits. My love/hate relationship with self-pleasure.”

This prompted another visceral reaction from the priest. Now, he was becoming more aroused hearing Sara’s deviant story.

“Did you try to resist this temptation?”

She shook her head, looking down in shame. “I tried, but failed. That’s what bothers me. It was like something was inside of me, compelling me to tell him these things. I masturbated a lot during that time.”

“If this was the full extent of your sin, then your sin is only a minor one.”

“There’s more,” she said. “I…I had noticed that he was becoming, aroused, physically. I asked if I could see it, because I had never seen one before. When he showed it to me, he asked if I had ever touched one.”

“What happened next?” the priest asked in a short breath.

Now, Sara felt her heart beginning to pound, knowing that the priest was fighting his own urges because of this.

“I told him that I had never touched a penis before. We were inside his office while the door was closed. I got on my knees and took him inside my mouth.”

It was then that the priest broke eye contact and leaned back.

“I’ve heard enough,” the priest said finally. “I’m sorry Sara, but I cannot continue to hear your confession.”

Sara’s arousal was stripped away, replaced by an utter sense of shame and devastation. Had she just been shunned by the man who was supposed to help guide her to the light?

“I apologize,” she said sincerely. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to be so graphic. It’s just…I want to be sure I’m fully forgiven.”

“Don’t apologize. You did nothing wrong.”

“I made you…nevermind…” Her voice trailed off.

For the second time, the priest seemed to crack a little smile. “You made me what? Tell me?”

“I made you aroused. I caused you to sin. I’m sorry.”

He nearly laughed. “Did you?”

“Oh my goodness,” she gasped, briefly putting her face in her hands. “I thought that…oh no…I made a horrible mistake. I didn’t mean to imply anything about you.”

He shrugged it off. “I’m every bit as human as you are. I respect your search for forgiveness and strong sense of resolve. However, I fully acknowledge that this confession has turned inappropriate.”

“Are you mad at me?”

“If a parishioner comes to me seeking forgiveness and atonement, how can I be mad? This is part of my solemn duty as your priest.”

“Forgive me, Father, but I can’t help feel that you’ve been especially quiet during our talk. I don’t know, I guess I was expecting more of a reaction from you. I mean, do you think I’m a whore? Will I always be a whore? Do you think I’m normal? Say something. Anything.”

“Nothing you’ve said has shocked me, Sara.”

It seemed the priest was unwilling to directly answer her questions and it was beginning to piss Sara off in some odd way. She was used to priests who were old men, extremely traditional, very judgmental, and full of irrelevant, unhelpful advice. Now here was this priest, who was much younger by most standards, and he was giving out vague platitudes, as if sucking the professor’s cock was no big deal.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I shouldn’t have come. Thank you for your time, Father.”

As she began to stand and leave, the priest gave a quick wave of his hand, commanding her to remain kneeling.

“I believe God created our bodies,” he opined. “For all of us, and that includes our erogenous zones. Thus, people should be able to explore how their bodies are physically wired without shame or guilt. They need to be able to understand what causes these feelings and reactions. They need to know what feels good and what doesn’t. They need to be able to ask what is normal and what isn’t. If a person does not explore these things, then what is the point of living?”

Their eyes were locked. Neither of them spoke for several seconds. Finally, she thought. This man understands me.

“Pretty unconventional views for a priest,” she eventually said.

“They don’t teach that in seminary. But in my opinion, it’s greatly implied in all the texts. Who’s to say that I’m wrong? It’s merely an opinion based on what I’ve read. And I have read a lot.”

“And your life experience?” she asked curiously. “Have you, you know…”

“This confession is about you. Not me. It’s inappropriate to ask me such questions,” the priest gently chided.

Sara quickly lowered her head in shame. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry.”

Sensing her shame, the priest sighed and let his guard down. It was his job to guide the parishioners, not to exert his authority in unnecessary ways.

“I’m not a virgin,” he admitted softly. “I’ve had my own experiences.”

There was a sense of honesty and self-reflection in what he shared. Something that made Sara curious and wanting to pry even more. She was intrigued that this religious figure could have such a past. It made her feel like less of a sinner in return. And if she was honest with herself, it also turned her on.

Her eyebrow rose. “May I inquire the extent of your experiences?”

The priest ran his fingers through his hair, briefly thinking to himself. “I was someone who indulged in pleasures of the flesh. I did so liberally and freely.”

“Why did you stop?” she asked, then regretting such a brazen question.

“I found the light, shall we say. The point is, I understand your frustrations and struggles. The life of sin is difficult to overcome.”

“How did you overcome it?”

“Let’s not focus on me,” he said, trying to get the confession back on the proper track..

“I’ve already told you so much about me. I want to hear about you. To know that I’m not alone.”

There was an intensity in the man’s eyes. It was like he was torn between his old life and new. Torn between his religious duties and his natural longings as a man.

“I’ll only tell you because I believe it will help relieve your guilt and shame. As the rules of confidentiality, this will remain our secret.”

Sara nodded. “Of course. Our secret. I swear.”

“I used to be a dom. A dominant. Do you know what that is?”

As sheltered and protected as Sara was, she wasn’t ignorant by any means. She knew exactly what a ‘dominant’ was, and her mind was flooded with a million questions. Their eyes remained locked. Sara’s face full of surprise that this holy man had such a past. The priest’s face returning to its stone-like facade to maintain his religious stature.

“Forgive my ignorance, Father, but when you say you were a dominant, do you mean you used whips on people while they were chained up, forcing them to….you know.” Her voice trailing off as she realized what she was asking.

His eyes softened as he flashed a small smile. “Nothing that extreme. I focused more on the psychological aspects.”


“I’d rather not get into the details, but it was something I enjoyed at the time.”

“Oh, ok.” By now Sara’s curiosity was boundless and her arousal at the thought of submitting to such a man as this was growing.

“The point is, you’re a perfectly healthy young woman, and I don’t think you should be so hard on yourself over a short lived event in your young life. No one is perfect. Everyone sins occasionally, and that’s okay.”

“Do you still sin?” she asked bluntly, instantly regretting her words.

Sometimes her curiosity and lack of brain-to-mouth monitoring would get her in trouble, and this was one of those times.


It was a short admission that changed everything. Had he really sinned again? Had he slipped back into his old ‘dom’ ways? While in the priesthood? She felt the urge to pepper him with a million questions again.

“While you were a priest?” she asked, willing herself to ask the question which was really on her mind. “Did you dominate someone, sexually?”

“We shouldn’t discuss this.”

“Please?” she asked, almost in a pleading tone, needing to know more.

There was something compelling Sara to know more about this man. She almost felt desperate to learn of his sexual indiscretions because it reassured her that other church followers are also sexual beings who sometimes succumb to lustful temptations.

And frankly, she was feeling her sexual desires return in a strong way with each moment she remained in the confessional. There were so many sexual taboos happening, her panties were becoming moist.

“It was something that never should have happened,” he said in a moment of self-reflection. “I requested to be transferred because I had an inappropriate relationship with a divorced woman.”

“Did it happen on church grounds, in secret?”

He looked her straight in the eyes. “Yes.”

Wicked thoughts crossed Sara’s mind. Thoughts which could lead to her being banned from the church should she ever act upon them. But they were in the privacy of a confessional and she was free to speak her mind.

“Can you tell me what happened? Please?” she begged. “I’ve already told you so much about me. My secrets. My sins of the flesh. That I took the professor inside my mouth.”

“Sara, you are a good girl, a wonderful parishioner, and a dedicated servant. There is no purpose telling you this. Nothing good will come from it.”

The moment was tense, palpable, with both of them feeling angst and turmoil. They knew the actions they were contemplating were wrong, but it appealed strongly to their carnal desires. Desires which had to be locked away because of their deep rooted faith.

“I know it’s inappropriate,” she said. “But…it’s just…it makes me feel like I’m not alone. Like I have someone in the church to connect with. I’ve told you my innermost secrets. Will you tell me yours?”

He swallowed hard and clenched the rosary beads he used to pray with. Knowing what he was about to say could be seen as breaking the seal of the confessional and thus terms for immediate excommunication.

He started. “In the early years of my priesthood, which wasn’t long ago, I used to hear confessions from a divorced woman. She was extremely submissive in her sexual nature, although she never actually used the word ‘submissive.’ She would inadvertently get aroused during our talks.”

“What did you do?”

“I never actually touched her,” he said, unable to stop his story now that he had started to share. “But she would masturbate inside of the booth. She would pleasure herself underneath her dress, while I listened and watched. She would confess all of her sexual exploits and shame. All while bringing herself to a climax under my guidance and command.”

Sara felt her pussy clench and her heart rate rise. The very thought of that happening inside of a confessional was shocking to the core.

“Did you like it?” she asked softly.

“Behind these clothes, I’m an ordinary man, flesh and bone…weak.”

Sara took deep breaths and fought the urge to reveal her true emotions. Their eyes were locked and they both knew arousal was there, for both of them.

“Were you afraid that you’d get caught?” she asked.

“We can’t keep discussing this.”

“Please?” she said with a sad look. “If you tell me more, I’ll tell you more. Isn’t it your duty to help me? Well, this is how I want to be helped.”

He stared at her with a long pause. “We never got caught because she always came early in the morning. Around dawn. She found herself enjoying confessing her sexual adventures with me. I enjoyed listening, even though I wanted to remain neutral about it, as it’s my duty to give guidance and counsel.”

“I understand why she did that.”

“Do you?”

Sara nodded. “Revealing yourself is a very exhibitionist thing. Especially when you do it to someone who can never reveal your secret. Like a doctor, a therapist, or even a priest. It’s so freeing and liberating. In all honesty, I enjoyed telling you my secrets as well. It…well…it made me aroused.”

The priest turned and leaned against the wall, looking down. Much to his dismay, his sexual desires were raging.

“This is the struggle we all face as human beings.”

“What else did you do with her? There has to be more.”

“I don’t want you to think any less of me. I am your priest.”

She leaned closer to the screen. “Do you think any less of me, knowing that I sucked my professor’s cock on several occasions? How about the fact that I loved every second of it? I loved how it made me feel.”

The priest tensed and leaned his head back. Then he returned to the position in front of the screen, looking Sara in the eyes.

“I’ll tell you because I trust you,” the priest said. “If we were alone in the morning, sometimes she would be naked in the confessional booth. This was done at my order. I was dominant to her. I played to her submissive side, giving her exactly what she lusted after. In doing so, I indulged in my own desires.”

Sara lips parted and she found herself taking deeper breaths, then licking her lips. Naked in a confessional? What a thought. What a fantasy. It was making her wet and titillated. It was taking hold of her. She wanted this man. She wanted to be treated like a naughty church girl by her very own priest.

“If you were still a dominant, what would you do with me?” she asked delicately.

“Let’s not get started with that.”

“Please. Just tell me. What would you do with me? Tell me how you would possess me. You have to believe me, I will never tell anyone. I have so much to lose, just like you do. This will always be our secret.”

Once again, the priest looked at her with a torn emotional expression. He hated that his old life was coming back. His old sexual practices and habits were returning. And it returned in complete conflict with his new life as a holy man.

There was a long silence as he clenched his fists. Then he spoke:

“I would tell you to confess early in the morning,” he said. “When no one else is around. When there would be only us. You and me. I would have you strip naked before entering my confessional booth. Then I would have you admit your lust and sins. Then I would make you pleasure yourself. And you’d better hurry too, or else someone could walk in and catch you.”

Sara’s pussy clenched. For that moment in time, the good girl was gone. The church girl was gone. The young woman of faith had disappeared. All that was left was Sara, the lustful sinner.

“I beg you,” she managed to speak. “Do this to me. No one will ever find out. I swear it.”

He shook his head. “Please don’t tempt me.”

“We won’t have sex. I’ll still be a virgin. There won’t be any harm. Please? You said earlier that these feelings are normal. That we’re wired to feel this way. I want to continue exploring this. I know you want to explore with me also. I can tell by the way you’re looking at me. You want this too!”

The priest continued shaking his head. “I’m sorry, Sara.”

With that, he stood and left the confessional booth without saying another word, freeing himself of the unsolicited temptation of sin. Sara remained on her knees, alone, wondering if she had just made the biggest mistake of her life.


The rest of the day was painfully depressing. Sara went from cleansing herself spiritually, to finding a new fetish in the form of an incredible taboo, to feeling ashamed of herself. How could she? Offering herself sexually to a man of the church? Was she out of her mind?

And through it all, she did her best to act normal. Family was family. They’d know if something was wrong. With a family as big as hers, Sara did her best to act naturally; like her normal vibrant, fun loving self, as to avoid suspicion.

That night, Sara felt the urge to do something she’d normally do in a situation like this. Apologize. All her life she was a respectful, well-mannered person, courtesy of her parents, and she didn’t intend to change now. She knew she had tempted and offended the priest, and she needed to beg for his forgiveness.

She sat alone in her room at night in front of her computer. She knew the priest’s email address and sent him a message:

Father Ryan,

I hope you’re doing well this evening. I’m writing you to beg for your forgiveness. When you were transferred to this church, you did it to get away from temptations. Now, sadly I have become part of the problem.

It was a momentary lapse of judgment on my part. I don’t know what came over me, and if you ever decide you want to hear my confessions again, then I can promise you that this subject will never come up again.

Mass is tomorrow and I will be singing in the choir. When we see each other, I hope that we can be cordial for the special day.

thank you,


After the email was sent, Sara stayed in her room and did what young women normally did when alone. She played with her phone, texted friends, listened to music, and did some reading on her kindle.

All the while, her eyes lingered on the computer screen, waiting for the return email, hoping that the priest was a forgiving man. Of course he was, Sara figured, he’s a priest, of course he’d be forgiving. But then again, maybe he’d be angry at her for tempting him. He had already sinned before as a priest, this might be the last thing he’d ever want to do because there would be serious repercussions.

Before going to bed that night, the email came. It was a reply from the priest and she opened it immediately, eager to devour the message:

Dear Sara,

You have nothing to apologize for. It was our mutual doing.

I have to be honest here: You are a special young woman.

Your virginity should be cherished and nurtured. Yet, you are a vibrant woman with healthy needs.

We can continue our priest/parishioner relationship as normal.

Or, I can help you explore your feelings. We can push the bounds of your mind, but only that. I want you to remain a virgin. If you’re interested, meet me at the church at 6 am.


A pulsing feeling came alive between Sara’s legs. As calmly as she could, she went downstairs to let her parents know that she was going to church ahead of the family in the morning, so she could pray alone and prepare for choir.

Before bed, when the lights were off, Sara slipped her fingers underneath to her womanhood. Her mind swirled with racy thoughts. Some tame. Some lewd. Some of extreme taboos. She came thinking of him. A nice sparkly orgasm before bed was always good to help her fall asleep.

What did he have planned for her? She’d find out in a matter of hours.

The Morning of Sunday Mass

She had woken up early and left for church before anyone in her family was awake, leading them to believe she was going to pray and reflect. A simple lie, one she’d have to atone for later.

When she arrived at the church, it was still dark, and the priest opened the front door upon hearing her car park. He was already dressed in his black outfit with a white collar, his hair neatly slicked back and his face freshly washed.

“The others are still back at the rectory sleeping,” he said of the few other priests who ran the church. “We won’t be disturbed.”

She nodded. “We’ll be quiet.”

“Come, let’s go down to the basement.”

He closed and relocked the main door, leaving them alone in the church, which was dimly lit, giving it an eerie feeling.

“What’s in the basement?” she asked.

“Complete privacy.”

Those words sent a shiver down her spine. Her heartbeat was rising as they walked through the empty church, past all the empty rows of seats, then down the stairs to the basement which already had the lights on. The priest’s face had a cold demeanor which was impossible for anyone to read. Sara wondered if he was secretly aroused too.

Once there, Sara noted how this part of the basement was essentially a storage area full of supplies. It was a place of the church which she had never been before, and she wondered what games he had in mind.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” he asked as they stood face-to-face. “I can understand if you change your mind. What I have to offer isn’t for everyone.”

Sara gulped. “And what do you have to offer?”

“When I was a young man, I learned things from a very dominant older woman. She taught me how to control. To clench a person’s willful submission and to give pleasure from it. She taught me how to train a person’s obedience. So, Sara, I’ll ask you again, are you sure you want this?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

That was when the priest reached for a blindfold that was on a nearby table. It was long, slender, and black, in a perfectly rectangular shape. He held it out in front of Sara’s face.

“Close your eyes,” he said.

Sara obeyed. Then the priest covered her eyes with the blindfold and expertly tied it behind her head, leaving her in complete darkness.

“Now undress for me,” he said in his fatherly voice.


“Shall we end this?”

“No, don’t end this, please. I want to do it.”

While blindfolded, Sara removed her thin jacket and tossed it on the nearby table. The next step was more difficult. She pulled her Sunday dress overhead, leaving her standing in her matching pair of white bra and panties. She always wore white undergarments on Sunday because it represented her purity.

For the next moment, Sara hesitated, standing scantily clad in her undergarments and shoes in front of this religious figure. Under the circumstance, it was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. What she appreciated was the fact that the priest didn’t push her. He simply allowed her to undress at her own pace, one she was comfortable with.

She reached back and unclasped her white bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her pert young breasts on full display under the lights, curving upwards with stiff light pink nipples in front.

She reached below to slide her white panties down, kicking them away with her foot. Her nice legs and cleanly shaven pussy in full view. A thin labia displayed between her legs.

She used her feet to kick both shoes away, standing barefoot on the hard floor.

It was in that moment, the moment of Sara’s full exposure, that she felt a cold chill against her bare body, reminding her of her current naked state. She was totally bare except for the silver cross hanging around her neck; a stark reminder of her faith.

“You are such a natural beauty,” he said. “A lovely creature.”

“Thank you,” she whispered back.

As she was blindfolded, her other senses became heightened. She heard the priest’s footsteps coming nearer, no doubt getting a closer look at her nudity. Then she heard him walking behind her, probably getting a good look at her butt.

He brought his lips to her ear. “The essence of dominance and submission is the trust between two people. It is a deep and real vulnerability between both individuals, especially for the submissive. It takes getting to know each other to find out what works and what doesn’t. So, are you ready to find out what your boundaries are?”

“Yes,” she said breathlessly. “I want to learn.”

“Then follow me.”

Follow him? Where would they be going? She thought. Would they really be leaving the safety that the church basement provided?

The answer came when the priest took her by the hand and led her forward, with her bare feet walking on the cold hard floor. The surprise of the moment grew heavier as she was being led up the stairs.

Her heart continued to pound. This time, it wasn’t only out of sexual arousal, but also out of fear. The possibility of getting caught by another priest in the church was very real, and Sara questioned her decision to do this. Nevertheless, she had complete trust in him. She was ready for whatever was to come.

As they reached the main floor of the church, Sara felt the warmth against her skin. She was glad that she no longer had to be naked in that cold basement any longer. But now, she was naked in a place where the church congregation would be gathering in a couple of hours to attend Mass. The place of holy worship.

“Almost there,” he said.

“Where are we going?”

“You’re going to confess everything.”

Inside the confessional? Oh goodness. This was making her wet. She so desperately wanted to rip off the blindfold and reclaim some sense of control, but her sexual desires wouldn’t allow it. She wanted to play his game.

Finally, as they continued holding hands, Sara was led naked inside the confessional booth, getting down on her knees. The small door closed. Such an odd feeling in her current state. With the blindfold still on, she felt like she had been confined in a tiny space. Then she heard the priest enter the other side of the booth.

As exciting as this was, Sara was a little disappointed that there was now a small screen separating them. How she wanted to touch him, rub against him, and eventually take him inside of her mouth.

“You know how this works,” he said.

She gulped first. “Bless me Father for I have sinned.”

In the back of her mind, she could feel the priest staring at her blindfolded face as she made her confession. She could also feel him peering at her hard pink nipples.

“Go on,” he said. “Tell me how you have sinned.”

Sara gulped harder. “I’ve had a sexual relationship with a professor.”

“Are you still a virgin? Answer truthfully.”

“Yes, I am. I’m still a virgin.”

“Then your sin is not as grave,” he answered. “But tell me, why did you do it? You knew it was immoral, didn’t you?”

Shame was building within her; her arousal was building at an equal pace.

“I did it because I couldn’t control myself.”

“In what way?”

“Sexually,” she replied, ashamed of her moral shortcomings.

“Were these desires intense?”

She nodded. “Yes, they were. They still are.”

“Then show me.”


“You say your sexual desires are still intense. Show me what you do with yourself. This is penance for your sins, if you seek forgiveness.”

And she did want forgiveness. Sara parted her knees. She reached below and rubbed herself. All the while, she imagined the face of the priest. Was his face full of lust and enticement? Or was he still stoic? Sara could not possibly know, nor would she ever.

It felt so good being able to masturbate like this. So free of judgment and guilt. Despite the fact that they were in a holy place, Sara felt at ease pleasuring herself since it was under the instruction of a priest. Once again, she imagined what his facial expression must have been like. She hoped he was enjoying this as much as she did.

“Do you enjoy telling me this?” he asked in an evenly toned voice.

“Yes…” she whispered, her voice trailing off.


Sara tried speaking clearly as she masturbated. “Because I have no one else to talk to about this. If I talk with my church friends, I’m ashamed for thinking about sex, for having sinful thoughts, for lusting when I’m not married.”

Her fingers continued rubbing her pussy in the most elegant of ways. It was a technique which Sara had perfected; rubbing her clitoris is a circular motion. The fluids were already leaking onto her fingers.

“Don’t you have other college friends who aren’t with the church?”

“I don’t want to talk about sex with them,” she answered, breathing heavy. “I don’t want to be labeled a hypocrite for being less than completely pure and innocent while being so religious. They’d tell me to lose my faith and ditch the church because of the church’s old views on sex.”

“A fair point.”

“Should I stop touching myself?” she asked, feeling the guilt return.

“No. Part of your penance is to confess while pleasuring yourself.”

She breathed, “Okay.”

“Keep rubbing, but you are not to cum yet,” he said. “Now tell me what you have done with your professor. Confess your sins in detail. Let it go. Rub yourself while you do it. I am here for you, listening, watching.”

The fire burned deep inside Sara. This was a whole new level of taboo and sexual exploration. This wasn’t just physical, it was also mental. Her mind was being pushed to the limit that her deeply-held faith would allow. In a church of all places, while she was naked and masturbating.

She breathed deep, sucking in air. “I lusted after him, in my heart and soul. I wanted him in every way. I used our private sessions to lust after him even further. I wanted this sin, that’s why I feel so ashamed.”

“You’re hiding details, Sara. Be open. Be honest. Rub yourself while you tell me this.”

Sara breathed harder, rubbing her pussy. “I took him inside of my mouth. It would happen in his office, or in his car.”

Her fingers rubbed faster and her body tensed. The lustful expression was clear on her face. Her jaw was dropping, she breathed heavier, and her lips quivered.

“Sara, this is your confession. Cleanse yourself of the sin. Your penance is to be open and honest with me. To confess the full story.”

“I was the one who initiated it,” she confessed. “It was me.”

“I thought so,” he said, sure of himself. “Tell me how you did it.”

The shame burned inside Sara. But so did the intense arousal. A lust which would never go away, no matter how hard she tried to repress it. She clenched her eyes shut, even though she was already blindfolded. Her toes curled too.

“I told my professor that I was a virgin,” she confessed. “The topic only came up because the book we were reading in class had sexual parts to it. He was surprised, but he knew about my religious side. I always wear the cross prominently around my neck.”

“Then how did it go further? What did you do?”

For the first time that morning, Sara finally detected it. There was lust in the priest’s voice. He was definitely aroused. And that arousal from the priest only added fuel to the fire inside of Sara’s pussy.

“I told him everything,” she said. “My thoughts. My views of sexuality. And he listened. I felt safe with him. I asked if my story was making him hard, and he said yes. I told him I had never seen a man’s penis before, and he flinched. I asked if I could see it. That’s when he locked the door, sat down, and showed me.”

“What did you do then?”

Sara gulped hard. “I got on my knees. Even though I’m a virgin, I’m not ignorant. I had an idea of what to do. And he guided me so that I did a good job.”

“Did he teach you well?”

The lust in the priest’s voice was so apparent, and that only made Sara even more aroused.

“He taught me very well,” she said breathlessly. “I grew to love sucking his cock. I can take it deep. That’s what he liked about me. That I could take his cock far inside my mouth before gagging. He also liked the warmth of my mouth and the feeling of my tongue and lips.”

“Where would he finish?”

“Always in my mouth.”

This time, it was the priest’s turn to breathe deeply. There was a brief moment of silence between them, and the only sound which both of them could heard was the sound of Sara rubbing her wet pussy. She was so horny that she slipped two fingers inside of her cunt, making a slippery noise.

“It’s okay dear,” he said. “Cum for me, now. I want to hear it. I want you to feel the pleasure flowing through you.”

For the first time -in all her years of masturbation- Sara was able to do this without guilt because it was under the supervision of a dutiful priest. As odd as that was, it meant a lot to Sara. This was her chance for sexual liberation and acceptance of all the lust that was naturally within her.

While on her knees, she relaxed and continued rubbing furiously. Her mind flashed with different thoughts as she played with herself. She thought about the fling with her professor. She thought about the feeling of a hard cock in her mouth. She thought about swallowing cum.

But what brought her to an orgasm was knowing that her priest was watching her masturbate. It was the ultimate thrill. In her limited experience with sex, this was a life changing experience.

“Oh my god,” she whispered as her body clenched.

Her lips quivered and her toes curled. Her back went stiff as she played with her pussy. The orgasm sent a trickle of fluids in between her fingers, with the excess fluids going down between her legs. It left her quivering and shaking from the intensity, then came a wave of relief. The pleasure lingered.

“It is a joy watching you,” he said, almost in admiration.

“Thank you,” she breathed, putting her hand down after the orgasm. “May I remove my blindfold now?”

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Their deeply erotic and intimate moment was disturbed by a cell phone in the priest’s pocket. Who the hell would be calling at this hour in the morning? And why did the priest leave his cell phone on during their intimate confession?

Sara was slightly peeved while the priest said, ‘Excuse me for a moment,’ and took the call while they were both in the booth. He spoke on the phone, exchanging only a few words with whoever was calling.

“My deepest apologies,” he said, putting his phone away. “Church duties. We’ll have to continue this later.”

Sara was crushed with disappointment. Even though she just had a powerful orgasm, she still wanted more. She wanted to spend the entire morning with him (even though that wasn’t possible) so she could pick his brain and learn all of his beliefs on human sexuality.

“Who is it? Do we have to end this now?”

“I’m afraid so. That was Mrs. Henderson. She’ll be here any minute to help prepare the kitchen for breakfast. She also wants a private confessional.”

“She does?” Sara asked, almost jealous by the sound of that.

The priest was amused, “It’s nothing like that. We’re friends. But she prefers the privacy of early Sunday mornings.”

“Can’t I stay with you?”

“And do what?”

Sara knew exactly what she wanted. The only problem was, her desire was utterly taboo and potentially impossible. Yet, she felt the need to ask anyway.

“I want to stay in the booth with you,” she pleaded. “I’ll be quiet. I’ll stay on my knees so that Mrs. Henderson won’t see me. She won’t hear me either.”

“And why would you want to hide on your knees, in this booth with me?”

“I…I want to suck your cock. Please? I’m good at it.”

There was a pause after those words left her lips. Either the priest was too shocked to respond, or he was considering it. After a few moments, Sara got her answer.

“You must promise to be silent,” he said calmly. “And never repeat anything that you hear. Okay?”

“I swear. I’ll never tell anyone.”

She heard the sound of the priest leaving his booth. Then she heard the sound of her booth being opened. The priest had removed a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the wetness away from Sara’s fingers and thighs. Then he guided Sara to her feet. They left the booth, and once again, she was barefoot and naked in the church she had attended all her life.

“Will you remove the blindfold?” she asked.

“No. It’s part of your obedience, your submission. I control where you move, what you do, and how you do it. Understood?”

Even after the orgasm, Sara’s pussy still managed to clench in arousal.

“Yes, I understand.”

“Follow me. I will lead you to my side of the booth.”

It was only a few feet. The priest had guided her to the other booth, then placed her on her knees. It was uncomfortable being made to sit so low, but at the same time, she would be receiving great pleasure from this. Pleasure from making her priest happy.

“There is a reason I’m letting you stay in this booth with me, while Mrs. Henderson does her confessional,” he explained. “I want you to understand that human sexuality is a prevalent part of life. It is something we must accept, not shun.”

“Thank you.”

“But you want more than that, don’t you? You want more than just a simple lesson.”

Sara nodded. “I want to suck your cock. Please.”

“Very well. You must do so silently, so that Mrs. Henderson won’t hear you. Be silent, gentle, and slow. Use your tongue and your lips. Serve me.”

Her breathing became harder. “Yes, thank you.”

There was a car pulling up in the parking lot. That was the cue for Sara to crouch down and then the priest closed the door, hiding her.

For the next few minutes, Sara hid inside the tiny booth, while the priest engaged in conversation with Mrs. Henderson. Finally, the priest had guided Mrs. Henderson to her side of the confessional booth (the side in which Sara had orgasmsed just a few moments earlier).

The door to the booth opened, and the priest entered his side of the booth, while Sara was hiding on the floor.

“Bless me father for I have sinned,” Mrs. Henderson said.

“What is your confession.”

“It’s about what I’ve been doing with my husband. We finally went through with our plan to visit a sex club.”

While hiding in the booth with the priest, Sara was shocked beyond belief hearing this. After all, this was Mrs. Henderson, a childhood friend of Sara’s mom. This was a woman who practically helped raise Sara. This was a woman who was a pillar of the community and a cornerstone of the church. Mrs. Henderson was the epitome of being ‘prim & proper,’ and here she was, confessing the intimate details of her sex life.

As they spoke, the priest gently grabbed Sara by the hand, pulling her to do something. That was when she felt it. The priest had quietly undone his pants, and Sara was now holding his erection.

The very feeling of the cock made Sara’s heart skip a beat. She wondered what caused this to happen. Was the priest aroused from hearing the details of Mrs. Henderson’s sex life? Or was he aroused from naked Sara? Maybe he just really wanted his cock sucked, like all men did.

Whatever the case, Sara had a duty to perform her penance for the priest. In some perverse way, this would lead to forgive for all her sins, simply because this ordained priest had deemed it to be true. This was penance that Sara would truly love doing. In truth, she loved sucking cock. She loved it from the very first time she did it. After her first time, all she could think about was doing it again. And in that very moment, all Sara wanted, with all her heart, was to take that cock inside of her mouth so she could please it.

As she was listening to the deeply personal confession that Mrs. Henderson was giving, Sara carefully lifted her head so that she could swirl her tongue around the head of the cock. Immediately, the cock twitched, so she swirled her tongue some more. She loved that she was doing this to her Father. Then she sucked the head of the cock in between her lips, making it throb in agony. She wondered how the priest had the discipline to remain still and not make any noises.

The cock pulsed inside her mouth. Sara wondered when the last time the priest felt this sort of sexual pleasure. It must have been years. Poor guy, she thought. Knowing that the priest hadn’t received this kind of pleasure in so long was enticing to Sara, and only increased her desire to please him.

“We did everything at the club,” Mrs. Henderson confessed. “It was a swingers club. Most of the men were younger, who adore women my age. It was like heaven to me. My body was worshiped. And I worshiped them back. I performed oral sex on at least 4 men. I had sexual intercourse with 3 men.”

“Go on.”

“After this happened, I’ve had a horrible feeling of guilt. Of betraying my faith.”

“How does your husband feel?” the priest said.

Mrs. Henderson nearly giggled. “Oh, he loves it. He had his share of fun with the women there. And he loved watching me in heat.”

Hearing these juicy details made Sara slow down her efforts in sucking the cock. She wanted to pause and listen to every last tidbit. But as the priest was looking at Mrs. Henderson through the thin screen, he reached down and tapped Sara on the head, signaling her to continue sucking.

And so she did. As the confessional continued, Sara went back to work, sucking, licking, and bobbing on the hard cock. Of course, she was careful too. She didn’t want to make any unnecessary sucking or slurping noises. She didn’t do anything that would jeopardize this highly secret relationship.

Sara did just enough to drive this man wild with her mouth. And she did so silently. Her lips were wrapped tightly around the hard shaft, sucking with a powerful force. Careful not to accidentally make any noises. Then she’d bob her head. When she wasn’t doing that, she’d hold the cock in her hand, gently stroking it, then swirl her tongue around the head of penis, which consistently caused the priest to twitch ever-so-slightly.

“We’ve always enjoyed a vibrant sex life,” Mrs. Henderson said. “But now, oh my gosh, things almost feel out of hand.”

Sara continued sucking the cock, while also savoring the most intimate details of Mrs. Henderson sex life. This was the kind of information which would destroy Mrs. Henderson, but Sara wasn’t going to tell. After all, Sara now had a mouthful of her own secret, one which she greatly enjoyed having.

As Sara continued her oral service, she felt the hand of the priest strongly caressing her hair, then pulling her head down even further, ever so gently. She knew he wanted her throat, and she was determined to give it to him without getting caught. She was determined to show her obedience by taking him deep.

The confessional with Mrs. Henderson continued in graphic detail, as Sara took the erection further, inch by inch, until her throat was nearly reached. The head of the cock was in the back of her mouth. She tried not to gag or make any sounds as the priest held her in that position. But she kept on sucking the cock, even as her head was bound by the priest’s hand, and her throat was near the point of gagging. Sara was not an experienced cocksucker by any means, but she had a natural talent for it, and she had a strong desire to please.

The priest’s hand squeezed tighter, clenching Sara’s hair, silently commanding her to hold the deepthroat pose and to continue giving the oral pleasure.

“You need not be forgiven,” the priest said in conclusion, while getting his cock deep-throated. “As long as you and your husband are consenting whole-heartedly, then this is for both of you to decide. Not I.”

“Thank you Father,” Mrs. Henderson replied with gratitude.

By the time the confessional was complete, Sara felt like she had been on her knees for an eternity. Her throat was freed as the cock was pulled away, leaving a string of saliva hanging from her lips and chin. Her lower back had begun to ache from the poor posture of kneeling down so low. Her jaw was tired, but she wouldn’t complain about that, she loved sucking the cock.

With Mrs. Henderson off to the kitchen, they had completely privacy in the confessional booth.

The priest stood, then he pulled away Sara’s blindfold. For the first time in nearly an hour, Sara regained her vision.

She looked up to see the priest, who looked down at her. His cock was throbbing and wet with saliva. The cock looked impossibly hard, and Sara was happy that her naked body and wet mouth had made this happen. He was caressing his erection ever so gently.

“Your submission and penance are almost completed,” he said, with lust in his voice. “Did you enjoy listening to Mrs. Henderson’s sexual activities with her husband?”

Sara nodded. “It made me wet again. I never would have suspected that she’d do such things.”

“Sexual desires are part of humanity, my dear. What else did you enjoy this morning?”

“Everything. Being naked for you, in church. Being blindfolded. Masturbating for you. And I really love sucking your cock. Will you let me swallow?”

“Of course,” he said, stroking himself harder. “Open your mouth. Give me your tongue.”

“Thank you,” she replied, opening her mouth wide open, sticking her tongue out to catch all of his cum.

For that moment in time, Sara could barely recognize the man she was looking up at, as he furiously stroked his hard cock in front of her face. His eyes were so full of lust and sexual desire for Sara.

He came. His cock shooting ropes of cum. Each shot of cum was aimed directly towards the open hole. And with Sara’s mouth wide open, and her tongue sticking out like a thirsty puppy dog, none of the cum missed. Everything landed inside of her mouth and on her tongue, which is where they both wanted it.

When it was done, Sara looked the priest in the eyes, her tongue still hanging out to display the cum. Then, while their eyes remained locked, Sara put her tongue back in her mouth, pressed her lips together, and gulped hard, swallowing everything, sending the hot cum straight down her throat and into her stomach.

“Your penance is complete,” he said, breathing heavy and softly stroking her hair. “You are forgiven for all transgressions. Now, it is time to get your clothes. You must get dressed.”

She smiled, “I prefer being naked, for you.”

The priest held Sara by the back of her head, compelling her mouth to return to his cock. She took the flaccid penis inside her mouth and cleaned it, slurping up the remnants of cum still lingering, sliding her tongue across the tip of the penis, and making sure to swallow.


It was only a few hours later that Sunday Mass was occurring. The parishioners sat in the pew while the choir girls sang in their long pretty robes. These songs were their pride and joy. This was the tradition of the church.

Sara was in the choir loft, singing in the middle row. As a veteran choir girl, she lived for days like this. It was everything a church girl could hope for. She was embracing her faith, entertaining the community, and bringing people together. That was why the choir girls loved to sing.

But unlike the other choir girls, Sara was naked underneath her gown. Her breasts and bare bottom pressing against the soft fabric of the gown. As she sang proudly, all she could think about was taking the priest inside her mouth again, pleasing him, and serving him so obediently.

The End

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