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Chastity in the Dark

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There are people who enjoy wearing chastity belts, but I was not one. I had never worn one, nor even dreamt of doing so. My idea of extreme bondage was the drawer full of handcuffs of various qualities, mostly Valentine’s Day gifts from past boyfriends. I don’t know if it was pure coincidence or whether there’s just something about me that people want to tie down.

But chastity belts? No way. Too fucking weird.

So, waking up to find myself naked save for a pair of stripper heels and a chastity belt, and with no memory of how or why, was terrifying. I was lying on my front in long grass, in the dark, no sign of civilisation immediately visible.

My last clear memory was of Sam and I relaxing in front of the TV with a glass of wine after a well spent afternoon of fucking – no love there; we were both in our own ways getting revenge on Jessica – and… nothing. I don’t remember being tired, I certainly wasn’t drunk, we weren’t doing drugs…

Or were we? Had Jessica been there? Hiding. Watching us. Waiting to take her own cruel and carefully planned revenge on me… something in the wine… Had she done anything else to me?

I shuddered.

There was something else. A tickling, tingling vibration within the folds of my imprisoned pussy. Gentle yet persistent. Try as I might, my fingers could not penetrate through or around the shield that covered my pussy. The belt was steel, I think, lined with some kind of silicone. Tight, but not uncomfortable. Perforated at the front to let me pee, an open ring around my ass to let me do the other.

This was not naughty lingerie for amateurs. This was a serious chastity belt. Jessica was determined to make me suffer. She wanted public humiliation. ‘Bitch!’ I hissed. ‘Fucking bitch!’

I forced myself to my feet – I was suddenly so dizzy I nearly fell – and discovered where she had left me.

The city where I live has a large park in the centre, dotted with playgrounds and gardens, a small outdoors theatre. A small river meanders through, becoming a boating lake in one place, and there are two major pathways, both lit by streetlights, one following the east-west flow of the river, the other cutting across from north to south.

In the northwest corner, overlooking the High Street to the north and the railway station to the west, is a hill. Not a very high one, by any stretch of the imagination, but high enough to provide a clear view across the city. I had been left at the summit of that hill – only a few metres from the now empty car park, but Jessica must have had someone helping to carry me.

One hand drifted absently to my crotch, fingers struggling to scratch the itching vibration that was kindling the fire of my desire. Already my nipples were hard, whether from the cool air or the unwanted stimulation I don’t know.

It was a midsummer night, a little cool but windless, and cloudless, no hint of daylight, only the bright stars and a moon high in the sky that would be full in a day or two. It was sure to get colder during the night, but there was light enough for me to find my way in the dark.

Light enough also for curious boys and dirty old men with misdirected telescopes, and bitchy Jessicas with binoculars, to see me there standing practically naked on the hilltop.

The city centre looked alive and busy, full of drunken Saturday night crowds. The chances of not only being seen but abused were too high to contemplate. West past the railway station was the red light district; I would be a fool to seek help there. The southern edge of the park was closest, and maybe I could knock on random doors and beg for help, until someone took pity on – or advantage of – the kinky naked girl waking them up in the middle of the night.

I sighed. My own home was a mile beyond the eastern edge of the park. The park and the streets beyond were quiet, but not dead. The chances of being seen were high. But what other choice did I have? Jessica’s evil plan was just too good.

Maybe if I got lucky I would find some clothes or a blanket or sheet or something that I could ‘borrow’ from someone’s back garden.

For the first time in my life, I wished there were more trees in the park. There were clumps here and there, notorious as places of secret assignation. Once, as teenagers, my then-boyfriend and I had interrupted our walk home through the park with some hot, wild sex in amongst the trees. Not until afterwards, as we were laughing about it and fixing our clothes, did we realise that we had been watched, maybe the whole time, by a pair of men who were not ashamed to be seen wanking over what they had just witnessed.

I’ve never understood Britain’s dogging culture.

There was no point walking across the park in stilettos. I stripped out of my stripper heels and carried them as I descended the hill into deeper shadows. I wondered where Jessica was, whether she was watching, perhaps even following, no doubt hoping that I would be seen, and worse.

Was sex even possible in a chastity belt? Certainly no one would be penetrating my pussy, but I was uncomfortably aware of the ring giving access to my ass. Wide enough to slip two fingers through. A slender cock would not be denied. I was still tender there, Sam having given my ass a good, thorough fucking with his beautiful cock that would be far too thick to penetrate the belt I wore now.

The rest of me was completely vulnerable. I kept myself fit, mainly through jogging and swimming, but I knew nothing of martial arts. I was far better at running away from danger than confronting it.

The vibrations were driving me crazy. As I threaded through the shadow and the short grass, parallel to the east-west path, the itch between my thighs built to an aching frustration. The perforations glistened with moisture. My fingertips were wet with evidence of my arousal. My nipples had never been so hard, so demanding of attention. At one point I collapsed to my knees and gave in to that need, mauling my breasts and pinching my nipples in a desperate quest for relief. None was forthcoming.

I tried breaking the padlocks, even tried hitting them with a rock, but they stubbornly resisted my attacks. I tried several times to force the belt over my hips, but it was too tight, too unyielding.

There were others in the park. A few homeless people sleeping on benches, barely visible under their blankets and coats. A few people crossing the park, mostly men in their twenties, mostly in groups, mostly between the railway station and the city centre. The first few times someone was near I was terrified of being seen. I lay down on the grass and stayed still, praying that the street-lighting along the path would blind them to me.

Gradually, though, my confidence was growing and I dared more and more. Partly I was just so horny – I was curious about how people would react. Fantasies of being chased by horny young men and being used against my will stirred in my imagination. Just fantasies, though. I had no wish to find out for real. At the crossing of the paths I ran across quickly when I judged it safe, and continued my eastward progress in the shadows, parallel to the much quieter eastern path.

Until I came to the river. I could have waded across, I suppose, though I didn’t know how deep it was. A midnight swim without any way to dry off afterwards did not seem very clever. Already the temperature had fallen noticeably since I awoke on the hilltop.

I looked at the bridge, brightly lit, and the path either side. No one was there. It was safe. I ran for it, ignoring the sharpness of the Tarmac against my bare soles. I laughed at the image I must present, a naked woman running across the park bridge, shoes in one hand, breasts bouncing wildly. At the far end, where the path turned sharply right, I ran straight ahead into the dark –

– and crashed straight into two men who seemed as surprised as I was. I recoiled in a panic, and fell backwards as I tripped and lost balance. One of them caught me by the arms and pulled me back to my feet. Blond, muscular, not much taller than me, mid-thirties I guessed. Unshaven. He stank of cigarettes.

‘Thank you,’ I said, although it was more a terrified whimper as I tried to wriggle free of his grasp. He held on effortlessly for a moment, then released me – only to circle round behind me and grab hold of my upper arms.

I wanted to scream, to call for help, and maybe I would have, but the second man was quickly in front of me, his hands cupping my breasts, and the pleasure in that contact quite took my breath away. My terror melted into the unexpected bliss of a strange man’s hands, and a sudden hunger for the hardness pressing against the tender flesh of my bum.

I should have screamed. I should have run, or tried to. Instead I pushed back against Blondie’s tented jeans and leaned into the hands in front, encouraging him to find my nipples, even as I said, ‘Please don’t,’ in a voice too quiet even for me to hear.

Like his friend behind me, he was mid-thirties and muscular, and kinda handsome with astonishing blue eyes. He asked me something, speaking Polish or Russian or something, I couldn’t understand. I shook my head. He reached down and tugged at one of padlocks, and mimed turning a key. I shook my head again.

After a moment’s thought, he shrugged and dropped his trousers, revealing a cock that was hard, and of about average length but impressively thick. Blondie forced me onto my knees and Blue-Eyes guided my head to his hungry member. I resisted briefly, but my own hunger for sex, any kind of sex, was too great.

I surrendered, stretching my mouth wide as he thrust between my lips. This was no loving blowjob. It was pure face-fuck, as he held me firmly by the hair and thrust determinedly against the back of my mouth. I worked his shaft with my tongue as best I could, keeping my lips pressed tight for friction.

I was surprised to feel Blondie’s cock pressing suddenly at my ass, but it seemed he could get no further, the chastity belt too narrow for him. But he kept the head there, nudging at the entry, while I concentrated on making Blue-Eyes come as quickly as possible.

It seemed to last forever, but it finished quickly, pulsing jets of cum tickling my ass and dribbling down about my shielded pussy, the sight of which must have been the final straw for Blue-Eyes who came moments later, his cock stiffening and swelling within my already aching jaw, and a flood of cum that I had no hope of swallowing, and didn’t try, poured out my lips and down my chin, dripping onto my breasts and the ground below.

Blue-Eyes pulled out and wiped his softening member on my cheeks, while I caught my breath and hoped they would do something for me, but they pulled up their pants and turned to go, leaving me on all fours and dripping with their cum. Blondie pulled a couple of folded twenties from his pocket and slipped them between the belt and my waist. I scowled at him, and he laughed. They walked off, leaving me alone in the dark, used and desperately unsatisfied. I turned to sit, and continued scowling murderously after them until they were lost from sight.

I cleaned their cum off me as best I could, but there was no escaping the stink of it, just as there was no escaping the purring vibrations in my pussy. The only thing that mattered was getting home as fast as I could, and getting the damned belt off me so I could finally get some relief. Not to mention have a pee. The fullness of my bladder was starting to bother me.

I would make Jessica pay dearly for this. The thought of sitting on her face and forcing her to drink my piss and lick me to orgasm, or kidnapping her and handcuffing her wrists to this bridge, naked of course, while I sat in the shadows recording every horrible thing that happened to her… Just fantasies, of course.

Five minutes later I was at the east gate, and back in heels. They would slow me down, but the rest of my journey was along pavements and streets, or through muddy back-alleys, everywhere the possibility of broken glass and sharp stones.

It was well after midnight, and very quiet, almost no lights on inside the houses, very few cars, mostly taxis, even fewer people walking. There were doorways to hide in, bushes in front gardens to hide behind, cars parked along the side of the road. My nerves were tense as I scurried between shadows and darted across roads, heading slowly homewards. Several times I was almost caught, and once I crouched within touching distance of a young couple who stopped for a kiss. It’s a miracle they didn’t smell me, let alone see me.

The need to pee grew intolerable, and I was still far from home. Too far too hold it, anyway. I squatted between two cars, my bum hovering over a drain, and managed to relax enough to let it flow. Urine splashed out from the perforated shield over my pussy, and there was such bliss in letting go, in easing the pressure.

The bliss was interrupted as a light shone out behind me. I scrambled to my feet and turned, horrified to feel wetness trickling down between my legs as I faced the elderly woman in the doorway there. ‘I’m calling the police,’ she cried, brandishing a cordless phone.

I fled, my heart pounding in time to the loud tapping of my stiletto heels. I stopped at last, two streets away, cursing Jessica with every breath I could catch. The cold was fierce against my wet skin, and the chafing of the belt against my thighs was making it painful to walk. The shoes weren’t helping either.

I was cold, I was hurting, I was desperate to touch myself. I had never been more miserable in my life. I didn’t know what was worse: letting two strange men use me like that, or being seen by the old woman. Maybe what was worse was the way I kept replaying the events in my head, and the burning ache between my thighs only intensified. At least it would be over soon.

I leaned against a wall, not in plain sight but not exactly hidden, uncaring for the moment whether anyone was watching, and massaged my breasts, crushing my nipples until they hurt. Spreading my legs, I finished what had been interrupted earlier, splashing pee across the pavement. Such a dirty thing to do, but it felt so good.

I continued on, close to home now and more familiar with the streets and shortcuts. I walked quickly down dark alleys that I would never normally dare in the dark, ran as swiftly as I could in high heels when I crossed roads. My relief at finally seeing my house was enough to bring tears to my eyes.

But I wasn’t home safe yet. Too many people around here knew me by sight, and they were all terrible gossips. I lived alone in a small ground-floor flat, but my parents were only one street away, and good friends with many of my neighbours. Maybe I had been stupid to try to come home, but what else could I do?

I breathed a sigh of relief as I made it to the lane that ran behind my house. I was –

“Oh. My. God.”

My heart racing, I whirled round to see two figures perched on the wall looking at me. “Fuck!” I hissed. What cruel fate to be discovered even at the point of victory.

“Please don’t tell anyone,” I begged. The certainty that they would was like being crushed by a heavy rock. My life splintering.

Tom and Ricky glanced at each other, and then at me. “What’s in it for us?” Tom said. I held out the two twenties that had been my earlier payment. Tom snorted. “That’s not what I had in mind at all.”

“Fine!” I snapped. “I’ll give you both a blowjob, but if either of you ever breathes a word of this, I will hunt you both down and cut your balls off with rusty scissors.” That’s how you talk to childhood friends who blackmail you into having sex with them.

Tom blinked. “I would have settled for a handjob,” he said quietly. He may even have been blushing.

“Don’t tell her that!” Ricky whined. He dropped down from the wall, his attention fixed unwaveringly on my breasts. No change there, though this was the first time he’d seen them entirely bare. His expression shy, he said, “Actually, I’ve always wanted to fuck your tits…”

Rolling my eyes, I knelt down and pressed them together, giving him a tight channel to fuck. “Go on then.”

“Awesome!” He had his pants down in record time, revealing a cock both long and slender. I was sorely tempted to ask him to try sticking it in my ass – but I guess that even in my hyperaroused state there were lines I wouldn’t cross. Ricky sighed with pleasure as he thrust between my soft breasts.

Tom dropped down to stand next to him, and presented me with another long, slender cock. They were practically twins. I studied their faces, wondering, not for the first time, whether they shared a father. My lips parted eagerly as he thrust towards me. A few awkward thrusts later and I managed to overcome the gag reflex and take him into my throat, swallowing his length whole. “Amazing,” he whispered.

They certainly weren’t the most attractive of men, but they were certainly appreciative, and I liked that. I praised them back. “Such long, beautiful cocks, boys. How come you never showed me these before?” I returned my attention to Tom without waiting for an answer, and enjoyed the way my nipples brushed against Ricky’s chest with each thrust.

For the second time that night I had the pleasure of two cocks at once. I wondered whether Jessica would be disgusted, or envious. Jessica whose popularity amongst the boys at school had been assured by her willingness to swallow. That was, after all, how she had seduced my first boyfriend away from me, thus starting the feud that had led eventually to this night.

Tom was getting close. I prepared to do a bit of swallowing myself, but he pulled out. “Wait,” he said. “Can I come on your tits?”

I sighed. “Sure.”

“Me too,” Ricky said, and pulled back. They stood side-by-side, working their identical cocks and aiming at my chest. Tom was first, Ricky moments later, but for a wonderful few seconds I had both cocks showering me with their creamy cum, making my breasts glisten in the moonlight. I scooped up some with a finger and tasted it. Not bad.

“Thanks, boys,” I said, standing. “Remember, no talking – or this’ll never happen again!” Their faces lit up with grins, and I waved goodbye as I left them there with their trousers still down around their ankles.

There was someone in my flat. I could see the TV flickering. It had to be Jessica, no doubt waiting to torture me some more, wanting me to beg her for the keys to the belt. The back door was locked, but there was a spare hidden under a flowerpot, and I eased in quietly. It was like walking into an oven.

I couldn’t hear anything apart from the TV. There was no one in front of the TV. There were clothes – not all mine – and two handbags, one unfamiliar. I peeked inside and saw two little keys. I tried them, and succeeded in unlocking the padlocks, but I decided not to remove them yet.

Goldilocks was sleeping in my bed, along with some man I had never seen before. Both naked and sexed out. I took handcuffs from the drawer and fastened Jessica’s wrists to the bed frame above her head. She murmured complaint but didn’t wake. She woke with a scream when I forced a ring gag between her teeth, but I had it fastened about her head before she understood what was happening.

Her scream woke the man beside her. After a moment’s confusion he lunged at me, but I skipped away. “You,” I said, pointing at him, “fuck off now or I’m calling the cops.” He hesitated, clearly unwilling to leave his girlfriend alone with me. “This is between me and Jessica,” I growled. “Don’t get involved any further.”

That decided him. He nodded and escaped, ignoring Jessica’s wordless scream of rage. I waited until I was sure he was gone, then climbed onto the bed and straddled my bound nemesis.

“I have spent the last few hours,” I said, “dreaming up increasingly nasty things to do to you.” I bent down and kissed her open mouth, penetrating her with my tongue. “What a pity you weren’t

She shouted at me incoherently. I grabbed her nipples and squeezed hard until she shut up. “That’s better. Do you know what I’m going to do?” I raised an eyebrow and waited until she shook her head. “Absolutely nothing,” I said. “The truth is, apart from nearly freezing to death, I’ve had a great time tonight. Call me a kinky bitch – I guess I am. Now that I have these,” – I dangled the little keys in front of her eyes – “I think I’ll enjoy this gift you’ve given me.” I patted the chastity belt. “Unless you want to wear it instead?” She shook her head violently. “Excellent.”

I climbed off her and unlocked the handcuffs. “Get out of my flat, bitch.”

She pulled the gag out of her mouth with a hiss of pain. “I really hate you,” she said, her expression tired rather than angry. Gathering up her stuff, she dressed quickly and left without another word.

Alone at last, I removed the padlocks and let the belt fall to the floor, along with the little vibrator that had tortured me for hours. On my way to the bathroom, I grabbed the pink rabbit from my bedside drawer. “Somehow,” I said to it, “I don’t think you’ll last the night…”

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