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Deception at the Doctor’s

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I swear, it was like a surge of new energy. I was still on a major high from what happened earlier that day: I finally broke up with my boyfriend, another guy that turned out to be a complete jerk. We unloaded on each other and said what had to be said. I kicked him out of my apartment for good. It felt absolutely wonderful to be free. You’ve heard the expression, “I am woman, hear me roar” — well, that’s me, and my roar is pretty damn loud.

I was on my way to an annual checkup at my doctor’s office, but my mind was elsewhere. To be honest, I was trapped in a situation that was deeply unsatisfying for so long that I was feeling a range of emotions; rage, mixed with the excitement for a newfound freedom, and a sudden blossoming of desire. I wanted to find a guy to mess with, even if just out of spite.

When I get like this, I automatically go back to where it all started: my friend Samantha’s pool party in ninth grade. I had to pee badly and followed after Erica Kramer to the bathroom. I assumed she was in there already and decided to play a little joke on her.

I walked across the yard to the bathroom window, which was cracked open. I got on my tippy-toes, and planned to shout, “I can see you peeing!” But when I peeked inside, I was surprised to see Anthony Ramos sitting there, with his swimsuit down to his ankles, furiously going at his massive erection. He was no doubt trying to relieve himself after an afternoon of watching his high school peers in skimpy bikinis. He didn’t see me at first, but when he looked up, he almost tripped over himself scrambling to pull his shorts back up.

I don’t know what came over me, but something started burning inside. I blurted out, “Don’t stop or else I’ll shout to everyone to come see what you’re doing.” He looked startled and terrified. He sat right back down, and resumed stroking his erect penis, differently than before… self-consciously. He kept looked up to see if I was still there, and if I was watching.

I was, and I was enthralled.

I had never seen a guy masturbating before, let alone forced one to do it in front of me. I felt a surge of power that grew and grew until he finally lurched forward and fumbled for some toilet paper. He held it in front of himself and had a sudden spasm. I knew he was ejaculating and it drove me wild to see him at my mercy. I slipped away at that moment, my head spinning with this newfound thrill.

Poor Anthony spent the rest of the day quietly avoiding all contact with me. He must have been terrified that I would tell everyone what I caught him doing. I didn’t, but I was beside myself with the thrill of dominance and sexual power.

Now here I was, more than a decade later, reliving this memory over and over again, as a means of bringing me comfort and confidence during a moment of vulnerability. I just wanted to get to the waiting room so I could sit there and figure out what I could do to recreate a moment like that.

The elevator rang and the door slid open. The office wasn’t too crowded. I went to the receptionist to check in, but she was on the phone. I began to idly take in my surroundings and noticed a guy, about my age, sitting at the far side of the room near a pile of magazines. He was already observing me, and I had to admit, he was pretty hot.

This guy was clean cut, with just a little stubble, a nice, strong frame, and what looked like piercing blue eyes. He saw that I was observing him as well so he averted his gaze, searching his messenger bag for something — clearly just an excuse to break his fixation on me. I pegged him as the shy type, who didn’t realize his own attractiveness. I love those.

“Yes?” said the receptionist, interrupting my amusement.

“Jamie Wollaver,” I said. The receptionist searched through the computer system.

“Got it,” she said. “You’re one of Doctor Weber’s patients… Unfortunately he has left our practice. His patients are being transferred to Doctor Brower. Is that okay?”

“Sure,” I replied, still glancing over at the young man in the corner. This wasn’t the first time my doctor had left. The office was connected to a hospital and new doctors were always coming and going. Whatever.

“Great. Please take a seat then. I’ll call when she’s ready for you.”

I headed straight toward the cute guy in the corner. When I was halfway there, he noticed me approaching and seemed to get a little nervous. I threw myself down next to him and sighed.

“Hey,” I said, “Did you get your doctor switched too?” I needed something banal to get a conversation started.

“Yeah,” he said, “I was here to see Doctor Weber.”

“Me too.”

He added, “Apparently there’s some problem though, and I might have to reschedule.”

“Oh, that sucks,” I replied.

I was only half listening. “Wow, yeah, he’s really handsome,” I thought. I started wondering if maybe this was the guy; the candidate I needed to have a little fun with. But there probably wasn’t enough time before my appointment to play with him.

The receptionist left for a moment and then returned, approaching us.

“So… David. I just confirmed and, yeah, Dr. Brower is going to have to check on a patient at the hospital soon. She’s only going to have time to see one more patient, and this woman here was next,” she said, gesturing to me.

“Oh, okay…” he said glumly, “It’s just that I had to take some time off from work today for the appointment. When is she available next?”

“Let me check what her schedule is going to be like,” said the receptionist.

I had a sudden thought pop into my head. It was crazy, and almost made me laugh. So I set a challenge for myself. I was about to attempt the seemingly impossible: To manipulate this poor guy, and the doctor herself, into letting me see him completely nude. And I knew exactly how it could go down.

I made a split second decision. Everything would rest on how this handsome David guy responded. He would either go along with it, or else I could just brush it off as a casual joke if all else failed.

“Actually–” I said, stopping the receptionist before she returned to her desk, “David’s my boyfriend. I don’t mind if he goes in with me. Is there any way Dr. Brower could just take us both at the same time? Maybe that will save some time.”

David turned and looked at me surprised. The receptionist responded, “Oh… Hmm. Normally we only allow that for significant others. But let me check with the Doctor. Maybe she’ll make an exception in this case.” She left.

David was still looking at me, bewildered. I said, “Do you want to follow my lead?”

He said, “Okay…” and gave me an unsure, partial smile. I smiled back. In a few minutes, Dr. Brower came through the doors, calling my name.

“Jamie Wollaver?” I raised my hand and got up.

“David, right?” she asked, turing toward him, “I’m told you’re together. If you want I can try to squeeze you both in, in that case.” She turned to me and said, “Is that okay?”

“Yeah, if it’s okay with David,” I added. We both looked at him.

“Um… okay… sure,” he replied. The poor guy looked positively confused.

“Great,” I said, taking his hand and leading him off to follow the Doctor. This was going to be fun…

We filed into our examination room and took seats by the door. “So I’m Doctor Brower,” she said with a smile. She was a cute, young blonde girl that was probably fresh out of medical school. I wondered if David would prefer her or me. I was taller than Lisa, with straight brown hair. From what I could tell, my decent set of C cups put her to shame.

After we got the introductions out of the way, the Doctor continued, “I’ll step out for a moment so you can both get undressed, just put these on. The opening goes in the back.” She handed us each some hospital gowns to put on. She then left the room.

I got up and started to undress. I glanced over at David a few times. He seemed unsure how to do this in my presence. Once I was down to my underwear, I slipped the gown on and then proceeded to remove my bra and panties from underneath. I paused for a moment, making sure he got a little peek at my naked rear end through the opening.

When I turned back around, I caught his eyes on me, which he immediately averted. As he turned to sit back down, I noticed through the opening of his gown that he’d left his boxers on.

“Um… you know you’re supposed to remove your boxers too, right?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah. I wasn’t sure… with you here,” he replied. I looked at him expectantly. He hesitated for a moment, then sheepishly slipped his boxers down underneath his gown, then quickly sat down. I sat beside him. It was already giving me a little bit of a thrill to be sitting next to this cute stranger, totally naked except for a thin veil of papery fabric.

The doctor returned. “Okay, who wants to start?” she asked.

I turned to David, asking, “Do you want to just go first?”

“Okay…” he said, wiping his sweaty palms on his thighs before getting up slowly. I caught a glimpse of his bare, muscular ass as he approached the examination table.

“Let’s take your height and weight first,” said the Doctor, directing David to the scale. After she finished, they moved to the examination table where she took his blood pressure and performed other tests. It was interesting to see how a male’s physical examination goes down. It wasn’t all that different than mine, but I knew at a certain point it would diverge, and that’s what I was looking forward to.

“Okay, why don’t you hop down,” said the Doctor. David followed her instructions. He kept glancing at me nervously. I’m sure he was thinking the same thing, about where this was headed, and the fact that I was going to be in the room with him. It drove me crazy to see him so flustered. After jotting some things down on her chart, the Doctor then turned to face David directly.

“So David, I have to examine your penis and testicles. Did you want Jamie to leave the room for a moment, or is it okay that she be here for the examination?” she asked.

David shot a look of fear at me, over the Doctor’s shoulder. I gave him a demanding look, and gestured downward, as if I say that I planned to remain right where I was. He replied, “She… can stay,” he replied, his voice breaking nervously as he tried to complete this simple response.

“Okay,” said the Doctor, wheeling her chair over to the desk, where she began putting on a pair of gloves. “Whenever you’re ready, you can lift your gown.”

I could see poor David gulping. He pinched his hospital gown on either side with his still sweaty hands, preparing himself to do the deed; to reveal his private parts in all their glory. I had to smirk. This was simply too much fun, and I could not believe I was getting away with it.

When the Doctor wheeled herself back over, and David had delayed as long as he could, he had no choice but to lift the gown. He hiked it up and stopped midway over his chest. I gawked. He had a nice flat stomach and toned abs. There was a little trail of light brown hair from his belly button that descended into a curly mass of pubic hair. Then I gazed at the long shaft of his naked, flaccid penis, dangling downward in front of me. His testicles hung in a nice, tight package behind it. His hands were quivering.

The Doctor reached forward and gently took his shaft between her gloved fingers and lifted it slightly. With her other hand, she began to gently massage each testicle, feeling for anything unusual. I cocked my head to the side, making a show of how I was taking delight in the ability to examine his junk. Admittedly, I was grinning from ear to ear.

David saw me observing his intimate parts. Not surprisingly, I saw his penis twitch and start springing to life. It quickly became engorged and rose into the air, growing into a massive erection. I almost laughed again, seeing how close his growing cock got to the Doctor’s face as she sat in front of him.

“I’m sorry…” David said, breathlessly.

“That’s okay,” said the Doctor, still feeling his balls, “It’s not uncommon. And not surprising with your girlfriend in the room.” She turned to me and smiled.

“Yeah, don’t worry, I’m well acquainted with it!” I laughed. The Doctor laughed, and this made David laugh as well. That broke some of the tension.

She began to ask him some questions while proceeding with a quick check of his shaft and head, both of which looked like they were positively throbbing. I suppose to look for any signs of concern. When she asked if we were sexual active, I blurted out, “You better believe it!” making everyone laugh again. I couldn’t help it, the awkward banter was just too funny.

After a moment, I decided to push this a little further. I added, “Dave, do you want to tell her about that thing?” I wanted to call him Dave, because it made us sound more familiar. I honestly had no idea what guys needed to talk to their doctor about when they had problems with their penises. I was hoping he’d fill in the gaps, but he looked at me with a blank expression.

I had to help him out. “Didn’t you have some tenderness or something?”

“Oh? Where?” said the Doctor.

“Let me see, I think I remember,” I said, hopping off my chair. I strolled up to David and took his penis in my hand, marveling at how hard it was. I moved my fingers up and down his shaft, squeezing it slightly here and there.

“Here?” I said. “Here?”

“There I think,” said David.

The Doctor took over, gently squeezing his shaft in the same place. I could feel a tingling in my pussy. This was too hot. Here I was taking turns examining this guy’s erection with our Doctor. I was definitely getting wet already. I can’t imagine what David was feeling.

I sat back down to watch. The doctor asked, “Do you know if anything happened recently that might have caused the soreness?”

“Uh. Well… I got hit pretty hard down there during a basketball game the other day. I guess it might have just been that,” he said.

I felt a surge of pride. He was playing along just as I wanted him to. Good boy! I smiled and he gave me a secret smile back.

“Ah, that’s most likely the cause,” she chuckled. “You aren’t the first, and undoubtably not the last, to get a sports injury in a highly sensitive area… You can lower the gown.” She wheeled away and scribbled some more notes.

I sat there enjoying the remainder of his examination, hearing all his answers to some pretty personal questions. Finally it was my turn, and I decided that I had full license at this point to keep the game going.

“Okay, you’re up,” said the doctor, as David took his seat. I switched places with him, and began getting the usual examinations out of the way. Patiently, I stuck my tongue out, felt the cold pressure of the stethoscope all over my chest, let her feel my thyroid, and so forth. I knew what was coming.

“All right, the breast exam is next,” she explained, grabbing a fresh pair of gloves, “Are you okay with David being here?”

“Are you kidding me? He’s probably been looking forward to seeing this his entire life. I won’t rob him of that,” I said, prompting more laughter.

“I’m sorry to keep asking, I’m required to,” the doctor said, apologetically, “You can lower the gown.”

I was more than happy to lower it, exposing my bare breasts to David. He sat in the chair, watching the unveiling, and then shifted quietly in his chair. I knew what war he was fighting down there. It was making me go mad inside. Now that I succeeded in my challenge to observe David naked, I wanted to make him see me the same way.

I looked down at my breasts, knowing that this increasingly erotic experience was making them swell slightly. My nipples had become seriously erect and extra sensitive. I put my arm over my head and the doctor began pressing her hand along the outside of my left breast. The repeat, circular application of pressure was causing it to wiggle left and right, up and down, and I kept observing David’s response.

He couldn’t take his eyes off them. I threw my head back and shook my hair, along with other subtle actions, to take his sexual energy on a little journey. There was no doubt he was enjoying a woman examining another woman’s breasts. What guy wouldn’t enjoy that?

“So let’s do a pelvic exam,” she said, finishing up. “Lie back and scoot your butt forward,” she said, directing me to lay lengthwise along the examination table. She put my feet up and I opened my hips. I realized that in this position poor David couldn’t see anything, because his view was blocked by my thigh. I needed a plan.

While the doctor asked me questions about recent sexual activities, I took my chance. “You know, there was recently some kind of irritation along my vaginal wall. Dave, do you remember where?” He looked surprised again, beginning to get the idea where this might be going.

“Oh?” said the doctor, “What kind of irritation?”

“Well, during intercourse, when Dave inserted his penis inside me, it just caused some slight discomfort.”

“Can you show me where?” she replied.

“Dave, come here for a sec,” I requested. He slowly approached the table, his eyes glued to my fully exposed lower body. Now that he was up close and personal, he found himself looking directly at my exposed pussy. I was neatly trimmed and my labia was clearly glistening wet, given how horny this was making me. He was undeniably gobsmacked.

“Just insert a finger inside, I will try to tell the doctor where your penis was,” I said.

He looked at me nervously. I glanced down and could see his gown tenting a bit, as his erection quickly returned. He inched a little closer to the table to hide it. He slowly took a finger and glided it smoothly inside me, brushing against my clit in the process.

I shuddered. My whole body was buzzing. As he moved his finger in and out, running it along the inner walls of my vagina, I was able to smell myself becoming more and more aroused, which meant he could too. I saw his nostrils flare a little and his breath quicken. I reached down and spread myself open as wide as I could, but really this was an excuse to rub my clit a little as he explored my depths. I was positively soaking now.

“Oh, right there,” I said at some point.

“Here?” he said.

“Yeah. Show her where?”

David turned to the doctor and explained, “About an inch and a half inside, on the left.”

The doctor inserted two gloved fingers into my vagina and began feeling in the area that David indicated. I could see him realizing how wet his finger was. He didn’t know what to do with it. It smelled like me. He could probably still feel the lingering, silky sensation of me. I laughed softly inside. This was his souvenir, I thought.

“Here?” the doctor asked.

“Yeah, it’s a little less sensitive now, but that’s it,” I explained. I found it funny that David was still standing there, watching the doctor thrusting her fingers in my pussy.

“Hmm, okay,” she said finally, before explaining a variety of possibilities. But I interrupted her.

“I have a gynecologist appointment coming up soon, actually, I just figured I’d have you take a look to see if there was anything obvious,” I said, wishing to move on.

“Oh, okay. Well I don’t feel anything unusual, but unless you’d like me to examine you further, you should definitely have your OB/GYN take a look. Please report back to me after your appointment?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Okay, all set then,” she concluded, snapping her gloves off. I followed David back to our seats, searching for any other ideas I could run with before the exam was over. I had a thought. Did I dare, though? It was almost going too far. But then again, David was doing absolutely everything he was told.

The doctor finally asked, “Are there any other concerns either of you had today?” This was my one and only chance to make this a truly memorable experience. I went for it.

“Dave wanted to… I think he’s a little embarrassed to ask. But– he wanted to… check his sperm count.” Yet again, David reacted with surprise. Clearly he was still not understanding what I was capable of.

“Oh…” began the doctor, “We usually send patients out to the lab for that.”

“Ah,” I said, disappointed.

The doctor continued, “But let me see. He might be able to have a sample sent over. As long as we can get it there within thirty minutes. Give me a moment.” She left the examination room.

“A…. sperm sample?” David sputtered.

“Yeah, all guys whatever-your-age-is and older should have themselves checked, don’t you think?” I said with a smirk, testing the waters. There was still time for him to get out of this, but I hoped he wouldn’t.

“Uh… I guess so,” he said, with a slight laugh. He was astonished, bewildered, afraid, but clearly I had managed to maintain control of the situation. All we needed was the doctor to come through for us.

The doctor returned with a container. My heart leapt with joy. “Okay,” she said. “It looks like we can do this.” She sat down and wheeled over to David. “All I need you to do is to take this collection cup, and ejaculate into it so that we have a sample to test. I’m afraid I don’t have any aids for you to use. Will that be a problem?”

David shook his head. I added, “No problem, I think I can handle that part.” We chuckled.

“Okay, I’ll give you some privacy then, and I’ll return in a little while,” she said, getting up to leave. She exited the room, and I turned to David.

“Okay, take off your gown and get on the examination table,” I said, my voice growing more authoritative. He stood up hesitantly, then just froze. “Go on,” I barked.

He removed his gown, then started to fold it in half. I grabbed it from him and threw it on the chair, impatiently. He made his way over to the table, self-conscious about his erection which was rock hard and stiffly bobbing in front of his body. He pulled himself up onto the table and sat there, unsure what to do next. He was still visibly nervous about the fact that his penis stood straight up in his lap, in front of me.

I removed the cover and set the collection cup next to the examination table, then pushed against David’s chest to make him lie down. The paper covering on the table crunched as his back pressed into it. He stared at me with his cute little puppy dog eyes. I was seething with excitement. He lay there helplessly, as I brushed my own gown off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. I stood there before him nude, watching his erection pulsing, hungry for the sight of my body.

I climbed on top of him, pulling myself over to straddle his legs, then I grasped his cock in my hand and started stroking it firmly. He gave a soft gasp, and then gazed deeply into my eyes with a pleading look. He was terrified, but at the same time aching for the pleasure that I could give him.

This was exactly what I wanted, exactly where I wanted us to be. I wanted him to think he could have me, if only so that I could deny him the full expression of that pleasure. I was the one in control. As I kept stroking and twisting my hand around his erect penis, I found it impossible to resist taking this further and further.

“Did you like inserting your finger in my pussy earlier?” I asked him. He was surprised to hear me talk dirty to him, but I could feel him quiver with excitement. “I couldn’t resist having you touch me after I saw that hard cock of yours. It drove me wild.”

He was breathing rapidly, and dared to speak. “Really?” he asked. “I enjoyed it,” he added, nodding frantically. He was a man of few words, shy thing that he was.

“Did you feel how wet I was?” I asked, “I was coming for you. Mmm it felt so good.” He shivered. I leaned down over his body, and began rubbing his erection in between my breasts, squeezing them together so that it would slip back and forth through a tight hollow.

He let out a soft moan, then muttered, “Oh… god…” My whole body was on fire. I slid back up over him, and held his hard shaft against my pussy, then began grinding it up and down, over my clit.

“Oh god — so good!” I exclaimed with a laugh. I was beside myself with pleasure. “Do you like when I rub your cock against my wet pussy?”

He could only maintain his frantic nodding as I watched him tremble uncontrollably under the weight of my nude body bearing down on him. I could see him starting to lose it. If I didn’t do anything, he was going to shoot his wad all over me. It was too soon for that.

I grabbed the tip of his cock and squeezed it tightly, stopping the urge to orgasm. “You better not come until I tell you to,” I warned him. He looked like a deer in headlights.

“Okay…” he said. Then I began stroking him again. He reached up and desperately cupped my breasts, which had been swinging back and forth in front of his eyes.

“Did I tell you that you could touch them?” I growled.

“Oh, sorry!” he said, suddenly letting go. I smirked.

“I bet you want to fuck me, don’t you?” He nodded anxiously. “What would you do if we fucked?”

He fumbled over his words. “I would… enter you… and thrust–”

I cut him off. “What the fuck!” I said. “Why does every guy just want to skip straight ahead to sticking his dick in you? You can do better than that.”

He nearly tripped over his words, continuing, “I’d… spread your legs and eat your pussy.”

“That’s more like it,” I said, laughing. I rewarded him by increasing the speed and enthusiasm with which I stroked his cock. Then I got off the table and pulled him to the edge, sitting him upright. I leaned over him, grasping his penis again, and started going at it with absolute precision, spitting on it for extra lubrication.

His body tensed and lurched this way and that, unable to bear the intense pleasure I was giving him. Then suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

“Are we all set?” said the doctor on the other side.

I happened to say, “Yes?” at the same time as she finished this sentence, though I meant for it to be a response to the initial knock. To my delight, the doctor mistook it as permission to open the door. Before either of us could react, the door crept open and Dr. Brower peeked her head in, cautiously.

There she was, confronted with the sight of the two of us, fully nude. David sitting at the edge of the table, getting his erection pumped wildly, while my breasts bobbed and danced at the force of my strokes. He nearly leapt out of his skin.

“Oh, gosh! I’m so sorry!” exclaimed the doctor, slamming the door shut.

Having the doctor catch him getting jerked off must have been too much for David to bear. I felt his whole body tense up suddenly. “I’m going to come!” he whimpered.

I grabbed the collection cup and held it at an angle in front of his penis just in the knick of time. I slowed my stroking to a gentle massage as I felt his cock begin spasming. It pulsed over and over as he began ejaculating wildly into the cup, each squirt becoming slightly less intense than the previous one. I could sense the unbelievable pleasure of his orgasm as his body leaned against mine and he jerked his hips uncontrollably.

I could smell the faint odor of his semen as the cup quickly filled with the thick, white fluid. I could feel the residual body heat emanating through the thin wall of the cup. When he finally got control of himself, he relaxed backward a bit, trying to catch his breath.

“Direct hit!” I joked. He started cracking up, between heavy breaths.

I held the cup up in the air between us. “Well… You didn’t wait for my permission to come, so I guess you lose. But I’m quite impressed, nevertheless.”

He continued laughing as I sealed and set the cup on the desk. Then I put my gown back on and threw his at him. He caught it in his lap.

“Get dressed,” I said with a smirk, “You don’t want the doctor to catch you like this.” He quickly threw his gown back on. We both returned to our seats before the doctor knocked again.

“Yes, come in,” I said. She entered.

“I’m so, so sorry about that. That’s never happened before, I honestly thought you were all done.”

“No problem,” I said, “It helped him finish.”

“Oh… okay,” she said, with a smirk. This caught her off guard. “Well then… Okay. I see you filled the cup. I’ll get this to the lab. Otherwise we’re all set here, so you can get dressed!”

“Thanks!” I said.

She smiled, took the sample, and headed straight back out of the room. I quickly got dressed, and David scrambled to follow. I could tell he wanted to say something, but was still too nervous. We checked out at the front desk, and headed down the elevator in silence, only exchanging smiles. When we reached the street, I turned him around and ran my fingers through his hair.

“Thanks for the fun and games,” I said, caressing the side of his face, “I really needed that, after the day I’ve had!” Then I winked and started off down the street, without warning.

I glanced back, he was trying to speak but nothing was coming out. I left him there in complete bewilderment, the poor, cute puppy dog that he was. And I felt the mother of all rushes, my body fueled with endorphins and adrenaline.

This was the Anthony Ramos experience that I wanted. Hell, it might not be the last one, either. I had a whole new future stretched out in front of me, with endless possibilities, now that I was free to be myself again. Just me, and my feminine charms. I was woman, goddess, succubus, all in one.

And really, what’s more powerful than that?

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