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The Stranger in the Bar

Written by admin

It was a regular Wednesday night for most people. The May air was unseasonably warm, and all over the city couples took advantage of the pleasant night to go out. A light breeze carried the salty smell of the ocean with it, blowing gently across the streets.

It wasn’t a regular night for Melody, however. It was a night of celebration. It was the night that marked the end of Melody’s time at college. After four years of studying elementary education, she had submitted the final draft of her bachelor’s thesis that very afternoon. Almost ninety thousand in debt, more expensive books than she knew what to do with, and no semblance of a social life later, she had finally reached the end of her student years. Of course, the thesis might get rejected—which she doubted—or they discovered she was missing some credits—which she was sure she didn’t—but overall, the brunt of her work was completed.

To celebrate this momentous event, Melody’s best friend, Grace, dragged her out to a bar. Melody had whined and complained a lot, at first, but Grace kept badgering her until she relented. Grace’s overall motto had been: “You’ve been cooped up in your apartment for way too long, you need some serious dicking to relieve all that stress.”

Melody didn’t necessarily disagree with that. She had taken her studies seriously, and that left her with very little time to, as Grace liked to call it, “slut around.” Grace, who graduated with the same major a year before Melody, had no such problems. It seemed like there wasn’t a week that went by where Grace didn’t gush about her latest conquests.

Their destination on that Wednesday night was The Curfew, a moderately upscale bar in their neighborhood. Despite Grace’s motives, Melody wasn’t planning to be there to pick up guys. She just wanted a nice, quiet night, with her best friend, getting drunk to celebrate to end of her school years, and the start of her career.

It felt like decades since the last time Melody had dressed up to go out, but fortunately, her friend was there to help. Grace picked out sexy, black briefs, and a scandalously short, midnight blue miniskirt. The outfit was completed by a white tank top, and a denim jacket, just in case the night turned out to be colder than anticipated.

According to Grace, wearing a bra was a mortal sin, and there was no way Melody would ever manage it in life if she kept hiding “those puppies.” At some point, Melody gave up arguing, and just let Grace take over completely. It wasn’t that she was ashamed of her body, but she didn’t have the time to go to the gym as much as she liked. Months of neglect, combined with a love for cheap junk food, had left her with a body that was more plump than fit. Grace insisted that she was curvaceous, and that guys would go crazy over her large tits, but Melody envied her friend’s slim, toned physique.

The one thing Melody truly loved about herself was her long, waist length, ash blonde hair. She took good care of it, spending more money than she should have on excellent products. It was smooth, and when the sun hit it just right, even shimmered. To her, it was worth the additional time every day. Grace, on the other hand, kept hers short: “So those brats can’t pull on it.”

After they finished dressing up for the bar, Melody thought she looked more like an expensive hooker than a soon-to-be respectable elementary teacher. Grace had even forced three inch heels on her, completing the look. Her friend’s outfit was much simpler, and consisted of skinny jeans, and a simple, red, sleeveless blouse. Covering Grace’s dark curls was a knitted beanie. Melody’s mother had knitted it as a Christmas present three years ago.

During the short drive to the bar, the male Uber driver snuck more than one obvious glance at the two of them, and Melody wondered what he must have been thinking. Probably that he had just been giving a ride to two high end hookers. He dropped them off in front of The Curfew, and Melody caught him staring at her ass when she exited the SUV. She actually enjoyed the attention, and discovered how much she had missed the dating life.

“So, have you changed your mind yet about wanting to hook up?” asked Grace, standing in front of the brick facade of the bar.

“No, I’d much rather have a quiet night out,” Melody insisted, although she was less sure of that than before.

Grace shrugged, and responded, “Are you sure? That Uber guy was checking you out the entire time.”

“How do you know he wasn’t looking at you?” Melody countered.

“Honey, he wasn’t looking at my ass when I got out of the car.” As if to emphasize her point, Grace quickly pinched Melody’s ass, causing her to yelp.

“Hey!” she protested. “What’s gotten into you?”

“Dressed up like you are, I feel like I’m kinda your pimp, tonight,” Grace giggled.

“You are most definitely not.”

“Just watch out, or I’m gonna sell you to the first guy who asks. Five bucks for your pussy, ten for your ass.”

“I told you, I’m not interested in ‘slutting around’ tonight. I just wanna get hammered, ok?”

“Speaking of, let’s go.”

They entered The Curfew, and Melody looked around the joint. She’d been in the bar a few times before, although not nearly as often as Grace. The place was dimly lit, providing a rather cozy atmosphere. The bar took up most of one side of the room, providing ample seating space at the counter. For a Wednesday night, it was actually pretty full, but on any other night it would have been considered empty. Soft jazz music played in the background, softening the buzz of conversation.

“Hey, D,” Grace greeted the bartender.

The bartender, Dustin, was an older gentlemen, in every sense of the word. He co-owned The Curfew, and had been serving drinks for longer than Melody lived in the city. As far as she was aware, Dustin had worked in the bar his entire life. Well dressed, well kempt, with graying hair, he greeted the two of us with a cheerful smile.

“Nice to see ya again, girls. The usual?”

Melody was surprised he even remembered her, but attributed it to the virtue of being friends with Grace—popular by association. She didn’t even remember herself what she had ordered the last time.

“Yeah,” announced Grace.

“No,” disagreed Melody. “I’d like a pina colada.”

“And a double rainbow for each of us,” added Grace. “We’re celebrating tonight.”

Melody didn’t even have time to ask what the hell a double rainbow was supposed to be, and decided to just let herself be surprised. Grace seemed to be making all the decisions anyway, she might as well make another one.

“Oh? What’s the occasion?”

“Melody here just finished college,” revealed Grace. As she talked, she grabbed me by the shoulders, and turned me towards Dustin. If it had been anybody but her, I would have assumed it was innocent, but the way she pressed into my back, making me subtly push out my tits was no accident. Fortunately, Dustin truly was a gentleman, and pretended not to notice.

“Oh that’s wonderful,” he boomed with a genuine smile, reminding Melody of her own grandfather. “Congratulations!”

“Thank you,” squeaked Melody.

“Your rainbows are on me,” he announced grandly.

“Thanks, D, you’re the best.”

Dustin turned around, pulling bottles off the shelf, and the two women went off, searching for a place to sit. There were many options available, and they ultimately settled on the stools at the end of the bar. It was far away from everyone else, and the closest thing to a private booth the bar offered.

Melody’s heels tapped softly on the carpeted floor, and she admired the rows of colorful bottles standing behind the bar. She took the second-to-last stool available, just around the corner of the counter, with a great overview of the entire bar, and the doors to the bathrooms at her back. Grace sat down on the other side of the corner, and it was like they had their own little private table between them.

“Here’s your double rainbow,” announced Dustin, who had finished the drinks in record speed, and placed two tall, thin glasses on the counter.

“Cheers, D,” thanked him Grace, while Melody marvelled at the mixture.

The glasses were filled with an incredible array of colors. At the bottom was a layer of red, followed by orange, yellow, including all the colors of the rainbow, until it finally ended with a layer of purple, topped by a dash of whipped cream. Melody dragged one glass closer, inspecting the veritable work of art.

“Wow,” was all she managed to comment.

“It’s wicked, isn’t it?” Grace asked. “And now you have to drink it all in one go.”

“What? That seems like kind of a waste.”

“Trust me, you’ll love it.” They picked up their glasses, and Grace toasted. “To the end of college!”

“The end of college,” echoed Melody.

She tipped the drink back, and drank it all down. The alcohol burned in her throat, and she had to fight not to cough, but she managed it. Grace slammed the empty glass down on the counter, and let out a joyful whoop. Melody was slower, and far less spirited, setting it down on the wood with a clink.

The first thing she tasted was blueberry, or was it strawberry? Or orange? Melody could taste hints of all of them, intermingling inside of her mouth. She burped, and tasted the entire fruit basket at once.

“You like it?” inquired Grace.

“Jesus, that’s amazing.”

“Now that’s what I like to hear. It’s my signature drink,” piped up Dustin, who sidled over, and set down their drinks. A large, milky white pina colada, complete with umbrella, and straw for Melody, and a double rum and coke for Grace.

“I keep telling you, if you market this, you could take over the world,” complimented Grace, and Melody silently agreed.

“But then where would I be, locked away in some fancy mansion? I wouldn’t be able to hang out with pretty young things like you, anymore.”

“Oh stop it, D, you’re making me wet,” flirted Grace subtly.

Melody couldn’t help but giggle, the alcohol seemed to have rushed straight to her head. The general rule, when on a night out with Grace, was that she aggressively hit on anything that moved, and had a cock. Well, anything that had a cock, at least. Melody suspected that if she ever took Grace to a museum, she’d hit on the greek statues.

“How much alcohol was in those things?” asked Melody, after Dustin left to serve a group of guys that had just arrived.

“Enough to liberate your inner slut.”

“I don’t have an inner slut,” complained Melody. “I only have an outer slut, and that’s you.”

“Oh, come on, when was the last time you got laid?”

Melody furrowed her brows, and tried to recall the event. It had definitely been before Christmas, maybe even before Thanksgiving. Or had it been before midterms? Frank had been his name. Grace had actually been the one to introduce the two of them, and they dated for about three weeks. He was great in the sack, with a nice, thick, seven inch cock, but that had been his only good quality. Outside of bed, he had been incredibly boring, and never wanted to do anything. He’d just lie on the couch, and watch TV all day, if he could.

“See? You can’t even remember the last time,” taunted Grace.

“I can, too. It was Frank,” she shot back defiantly.

“Frank? Oh puh-leeze! That was ages ago. Are you telling me you haven’t been laid since then?” Grace seemed almost disgusted by the idea that someone could go more than a week without sex.

“There’s always Brad,” Melody defended herself.

Grace snorted loudly, because Brad was not a person. Brad was the nickname for her favorite vibrator, named after her childhood crush. She accidentally let the name slip during a different night out, and Grace had teased her relentlessly about it for a long time, before it evolved to their inside joke.

“Seriously, you should have seen Joe’s dick, it—”

“Who’s Joe?” interrupted Melody, not really in the mood to hear about dicks.

“Joe. The guy I was with, last weekend. I told you about him, remember?”

Melody took a sip of her pina colada, and found it to be excellent, albeit on the strong side. Grace had already half finished her rum and coke, but unlike Melody, she was used to heavy drinking.

“No, I don’t. You sleep with so many guys, I can’t be expected to keep track of them all,” Melody teased her friend.

“Hah! Anyway, he had a huge cock, and I mean huge! It had to be at least nine inches, and this big,” she fawned, making a circle about the size of a can of coke with her fingers, and almost knocked over her drink in the process. “I bet if he plowed you, you wouldn’t be content with Brad.”

“Why is it always about sex with you, anyway? I just want a nice, quiet night out,” Melody whined.

She knew better, though. Grace seemed to have an insatiable sex drive, and their nights out always devolved into filthy bedroom talk. Not that she minded too much, though. Some of her stories were quite interesting, and often funny. It allowed her to live vicariously through her friend’s experiences, while she had focused her own time on her studies.

“Because life is all about sex. It’s human nature. It’s what makes the world go round,” explained Grace in a serious tone.

“Uh huh. Is that what you tell your kids?”

Grace was in her first year working at the Hertzfeld Elementary. Melody was practically guaranteed a position there, as soon as her certification was finalized. She had already worked there as an intern for a few months, as part of the requirements for her degree, and got along great with everyone, so it was just a formality before she could start.

“Well… not exactly.”

“That’s what I thought,” said Melody triumphantly.

“Bella did ask me the other day if I had a hairy vagina or not.”

Melody had met Bella the last time she interned. She was about eight, cute as a button, but incredibly inquisitive. She managed to ask at least five questions a minute.

“What did you tell her?”

“I didn’t tell her the truth, that’s for sure.”

“Oh yeah, what is the truth?”

“That my cunt is as smooth as butter, of course. That way there’s no friction when a dick is sliding in.”

“Uh huh, wise words from Grace. One of these days I’m just gonna tweet everything you say.”

“Do it. Maybe you’ll become famous, and make millions of bucks, and then finally you’ll have enough spare time to let a guy actually fuck you.”

“It’s more likely I’d get arrested for breaking the laws of decency. What was that one dumb thing you said about Obama?”

“You mean that I’d Lewinsky him any day of the week?”

“Yeah. I’m sure that would make a great tweet.”

Melody couldn’t believe that her pina colada was almost gone. It seemed to have been full just a moment ago, and then all of a sudden it wasn’t. She was comfortably tipsy, not enough to be drunk, but not enough to be sober either. Grace had already finished hers, of course.

Dustin came over, and plopped down two fresh drinks, without even being asked. Melody looked at him in confusion.

“These drinks are courtesy of the gentlemen over at that table,” he explained, pointing out the group of guys that had arrived recently.

They seemed to be around their age, maybe a little older. The typical frat brothers kind of gathering. Generally handsome, moderately well dressed, and incredibly cocky. One of them waved at the women, as they looked over.

“Thanks, D,” thanked Grace, and waved the guy over.

The guy seemed to be honestly surprised that Grace had called him over, and he hesitated a moment, before getting up amidst cheers from his friends. Melody was surprised, too, although she didn’t voice it. The guy wore khakis, and a sweatshirt with the letters of her college on it. He had short, dark hair, and one of those faces that just seemed to be eternally smiling.

“Hey there, what’s your name?” inquired Grace. She turned around on her stool, and leaned back against the bar, making sure her tits were on full display.

“Phoenix, how about you?”

“Thanks for the drinks, Phoenix,” she thanked him, ignoring his question. “To what do we owe this honor?”

Phoenix, clearly embarrassed, not having expected to actually make it this far, stumbled around a bit looking for a response. “Because, uh, well, you two are, uh, the prettiest girls in this place.”

Melody giggled. She felt bad for the guy. It had been a pretty nice gesture, and he definitely did not deserve to be on the receiving end of Grace’s machinations. She actually thought he was kinda cute.

“How big is your dick, Phoenix?” Grace asked, still keeping a straight face.

Melody, familiar with this sort of routine, rolled her eyes. Potentially more than sex, Grace loved toying with her prey. She wanted everyone to know that she was the one in charge, and not the other way around. To her credit, she usually got what she wanted.

“Uh, I’m not sure, I never measured—”

“Don’t bullshit me.”

“About six and a half.”

“That wasn’t so hard now, was it?”

Melody drank the remains of her pina colada, and replaced her glass with the new one. The poor guy had gone all red in his face, but he was brave enough not to back off.

“Cut, or uncut?” continued Grace.

“Cut,” the guy responded at once, his confidence resurfacing.

Grace spread her legs, and hooked her foot around the back of Phoenix’s knee. She pulled him closer to her, and placed her hand on his crotch.

“Wow, I think he might actually be telling the truth,” she announced, after giving it a good squeeze.

“You can tell if he’s cut, or not, just from touching it through the pants?” inquired Melody.

“It all comes down to experience,” explained Grace sagely. Melody regretted speaking up immediately, because it only reminded Grace that she existed. Grace looked at her, with a mischievous sparkle in her eyes. “Unfortunately, I prefer much bigger men, but I think you’d be perfect for my friend here,” she nodded towards Melody, “You see, she dreams of becoming a hooker, but she’s still a virgin, and she needs a starter dick to break her in.”

It was Melody’s turn to blush. Aided by the alcohol, her whole face flushed a deep red. Phoenix looked between the two of them in confusion. Grace didn’t stop there, though, she was far too amused watching her friend turn as red as a strawberry.

“In fact, just for tonight, she has a special offer available. She’ll do your whole table for just two thou—”

“Hey, that’s enough!” cut in Melody, who had regained some self control. “Sorry, Phoenix, she’s just messing with you.”

A mixture of relief, but also disappointment, spread across his face, and Melody wondered if he had actually believed the story. What did that say about her? Although, dressed the way she was, it wasn’t too much of a stretch of the imagination.

“I told you, I’m not interested in picking up guys tonight,” Melody admonished her friend.

“Fine, fine, have it your way,” sighed Grace. She pulled out a sharpie out of her purse, grabbed Phoenix’s arm, and scribbled her phone number on it. “Call me later, and we can still work something out. Maybe bring a couple of your friends, too. I’m actually a fan of cocks of all sizes.”

“Uh, sure,” Phoenix mumbled.

“Off you go, then,” Grace commanded, and he actually obeyed.

When he returned to the table, the guys badgered him with questions, and proudly showed off the phone number on his arm. Melody wondered if he’d actually take her up on the offer. He hadn’t seemed like he enjoyed his brief acquaintance with Grace too much. But then again, he was a guy. They didn’t need a lot of encouragement to want to screw a willing woman, and if Melody knew anything about her friend, it was that she was very willing.

“That was mean,” she complained to Grace.

“You should have seen your face, though. Priceless.”


“I should have taken a picture, then you could tweet that. It’d go viral in no time.”

“I could just post your phone number. That seems to be far more popular.”

“Hey, there’s a thought. I never tried that,” laughed Grace. Melody regretted putting the idea in her head. “Call it ‘Tweet me your dicks,’ and then I could have my pick of the lot.”

“You’re insane,” giggled Melody.

Melody’s face returned to a normal color, and the alcohol helped with the embarrassment. Despite the incident, she was actually enjoying herself. Grace usually had that effect on her, one of the many reasons they were such good friends in the first place. Nights out with her friend were many things, but boring was not one of them.

“Amanda, is that you?” a deep, hesitant voice asked behind Melody.

Melody did not actually hear the question, she was still giggling over the way Phoenix had walked back to his group of friends, all proud, as if he accomplished something great. She was sure he would not tell them what actually happened.

The man took a seat in the one empty chair behind Melody, the one between her and the wall, which she had been so sure nobody would take. She did notice him then, but thought that paying attention to him would only encourage him to stay.

“Amanda? Is it really you?” he asked again, louder than before.

“You’ve got the wrong girl,” responded Grace.

Melody was in the process of turning around to actually look at the man, when his words stopped her. “Wait, don’t turn around, please.”

Under normal circumstances, Melody wouldn’t have listened to him, but there was something in his voice that made her freeze. She shot a questioning look at her friend, who merely shrugged.

“I’m sorry if I bothered you,” apologized the man, and she liked the sound of his gruff, but gentle rumble. “If it’s ok with you, I’d just like to sit here for a while.”

“Sure,” answered Grace for the both of them.

Their conversation died down, unsure how to proceed. Melody practically felt his eyes staring at her in the back of her head. She quietly nursed her pina colada. The guy had not set off her creep alarm at all, and Grace didn’t seem to be too concerned, either.

In fact, she seemed so unconcerned, that she turned back to Phoenix and the group of guys. Some of them were making no secret about checking her out, and she rewarded their forward behavior with flashes of her cleavage, and smiles. Melody was sure that it was just Grace’s way of making sure that she finally had to talk to a guy, even if it turned out to be a creep.

“What’s your deal?” she asked over her shoulder, still not turning around, after getting fed up by the silence.

“Sorry… it’s just that, well, I don’t know how to put it.”

Grace decided that the proceedings were interesting enough again to turn her attention back on her friend, and the stranger.

“Why don’t you start by telling us what you think is so interesting about my friend,” suggested Grace.

“It’s her hair,” he said immediately.

Melody sighed inwardly, slightly disappointed at the fact that it did turn out to be just another creep, one with a hair fetish on top of it. The stranger sensed her disappointment, and rushed to apologize.

“Oh god, no, I’m sorry, I know what that must have sounded like, and I swear I didn’t mean it that way,” he profusely asked for forgiveness. Despite everything, Melody’s creep detector still hadn’t set off any bells, which was even odder.

“What DID you mean, then?” demanded Melody.

“Oh, um… alright, I hope this doesn’t sound too creepy. When I came out of the bathroom, and saw you sitting there, I could have sworn that you were my wife.”

“Is your wife named Amanda?” inquired Grace.

“Yes, exactly, how did you know?”

“You called her name,” explained Grace, rolling her eyes.

“Oh, I suppose I did.”

“So what, you think I’m your wife, and now you just want to stare at my hair? Why don’t you go home and stare at your wife’s hair?” asked Melody indignantly. It would have been easy to turn around, and look him in the eyes, but the pleading tone in his voice when he had asked her not to still lingered in her mind.

“Crap, I’m really making a mess of this whole thing, aren’t I? I should have mentioned this already, but my wife’s dead.”

“You’re not making it any better,” chuckled Grace, who nevertheless seemed to be amused by the whole thing. “Why don’t you start at the beginning?”

“Right, right, ok. I love my wife—loved my wife, very, very much. We were married for ten years, right out of highschool. She died in a car crash, two years ago. Drunk driver.”

“Oh god, I’m so sorry,” consoled Melody, who felt a strange sympathy for the man.

“She had beautiful hair, too, just like yours. A little bit shorter, actually, but it was exactly the same shade.” Melody didn’t know how to respond to that. The stranger continued, after a brief silence. “When I saw you sitting there, I thought for a second that it must have been her. I just wanted to sit here for a while, and pretend like my wife is still with me. That’s why I didn’t want you to turn around, so I could pretend it was her. I’m sorry I bothered you, I will leave.”

“No, stay,” decided Melody impulsively. She didn’t know what made her say it, whether it was the alcohol, or the lonely, heartbroken way the guy sounded, but she didn’t mind giving him what he wanted.

“What’s your name, anyway?” asked Grace.

“Vincent. Vincent Porter.”

“Hah! Is that supposed to be some sort of Bond, James Bond type introduction?”

“No, I’m afraid I’m not that suave.”

“I don’t know, you’ve got a certain charm about you,” voiced Melody out loud for the first time. Grace immediately raised her eyebrow at that, and Melody did not like the scheming look on her face. “Why don’t you tell us a little bit about Amanda,” she forestalled anything Grace could say.

“Ok, that’s fair. I met her in middle school, actually. We both had the same schedule, and I spent all my time looking at her, instead of the blackboard. I don’t think she noticed me for the entire year, though. I did work up the courage to talk to her eventually, though. We started dating in highschool, and by senior year I was head over heels in love with her. We got married a week after graduation.”

“What was she like?” asked Melody.

“Just about the most wonderful woman you can imagine. She was always kind to everyone, even when she shouldn’t have been. She loved walking in the rain. She…” he trailed off, and Melody heard him sniffle.

“Oh god, I didn’t mean to drag it all back up, I’m so sorry,” apologized Melody.

“No, no, it’s ok. They’re good memories. They hurt, but they’re good memories.” Vincent picked up his glass, and took a big gulp. “She wanted to be a teacher. Elementary, or preschool, something to do with kids, but we couldn’t afford to go to college, and both of us had to work to support ourselves.”

“No shit?” piped up Grace, who had managed to stay quiet an awfully long time.

“None,” he replied calmly.

“Our little friend here just graduated today. She’s gonna be teaching elementary, soon.”

“I haven’t graduated yet,” corrected Melody. “And you already teach third grade.”

“Yeah, but I’m not Vincent’s long lost love,” countered Grace.

“I’m not—Ugh, forget it.”

“Are you two really teachers?” asked Vincent.

“Uh huh,” answered Grace.

“Not yet,” repeated Melody.

“I…” Vincent choked up. “Could I ask another favor?”


“Is it alright if I put my hand on you?” he asked, timidly.

“Like what, grope her?” asked Grace, suddenly defensive.

Her concern was drowned out by Melody’s quick answer of, “Sure.”

Moments later, she felt a hand on her shoulder. Vincent’s touch was incredible gentle, and she barely felt it. He dragged his palm across her shoulder blade, and through her long, luxurious hair. Her heart almost broke, sensing the loneliness in his actions.

Melody made an impulsive decision. She reached behind herself, grabbed Vincent’s hand, and pulled it across her stomach. She pressed the palm of his hand against her midriff, like a lover’s embrace.

The rest of Vincent followed, too. He leaned forward, and laid his head sideways across her back, listening to the rapid beating of her heart. Melody took a deep breath, and enjoyed the way the stranger held her. It resonated with a deeper need inside of her, one that no Brad could fulfill.

“Is everything alright?” came Dustin’s gruff voice.

Melody and Vincent both jumped, caught completely off guard, as if they had done something naughty. She let go of his hand, and he quickly sat upright again.

“Everything’s fine, D,” answered Grace for the both of them.

“Alright.” He didn’t seem fully content with the answer, but accepted it regardless. “Anybody need a new drink?”

Melody’s second pina colada had remained largely untouched, but Grace’s drink was once again empty. She ordered another one, as did Vincent. Dustin returned moments later with their drinks, setting them down on the counter.

Melody remained largely unaware of it. She was too focused on herself, more specifically, the sense of excitement that grew inside of her. Without narrowing it down to one specific root cause, she decided that she liked this strange man.

She grabbed Vincent’s hand again, and once again pulled him closer. He laid his head on her back again, and she smelled his aftershave. Looking at her friend, she mouthed the words, “Is he cute?” Grace immediately nodded frantically, and gave her two thumbs up.

Melody moved Vincent’s hand further up, placing it directly on her breast. A huge grin broke out on Grace’s face.

“What?” asked a confused voice behind her. Vincent raised his head off her back.

“Just go with it,” she mentioned over her shoulder, and the head resumed its position.

Melody moved the hand higher, placing it flat against her heart, which was pounding furiously. She looked down, and considered the appendage. The hand was rough, and calloused, indicating some sort of blue collar job. On his ring finger was a small, golden wedding ring.

“You still wear a ring?” she inquired.

“Yeah. I never had the heart to take it off after she died,” he answered. Melody actually felt every word resonating inside his body.

Melody moved the hand lower again, to the hem of her shirt. She looked around the bar, to see if anybody was looking in her direction, but apart from Grace, everyone was minding their own business. Dustin was talking to a pair of older, white haired women at the other end of the bar. Her friend looked like Christmas had come early, and she nursed her rum and coke while watching.

Melody moved Vincent’s hand under her tank top. His rough skin scratched her soft stomach, but she relished the warmth that emanated from it. She pushed it higher, and higher, until Vincent acted on his own.

His large hand grabbed her breast, and squeezed it gently. Her breathing quickened, and the excitement in her stomach intensified. Vincent caressed her breast with skillful fingers, running his index finger around her areola, and then gently pinching her nipple.

Melody let out a soft sigh, and moved Vincent’s hand to her other breast, where he showed it the same, loving attention. She wondered briefly what would happen if someone glanced over at them that very moment, and a surge of excitement coursed through her body. She couldn’t believe how wet she was all of a sudden.

“Jesus,” muttered Grace quietly. “You have no idea how hot this is.”

Melody ignored her friend, and with her free hand, reached behind her, trying to find Vincent’s crotch. It didn’t take her long, and she found what she was looking for. Vincent was undeniably turned on, evident by the raging hardon Melody felt through his pants.

Vincent’s hand still caressed her nipple, and Melody found it increasingly challenging to pay any attention to her surroundings. Fortunately, Grace was more than happy to play wingman for her, and she trusted her friend to keep her safe.

Deciding that she had enough of the teasing, Melody once again manoeuvred Vincent’s hand. Downwards, this time, across her stomach, over her bellybutton, and ultimately to the belt on her miniskirt. She hesitated for only a moment, before sliding his hand inside of her skirt, and under her panties.

Vincent took over from there, and his hand trailed over her short fuzz, finding her dripping wet lips. Blinded by his position, he navigated the unfamiliar landscape with exploratory touches.

His fingers touched her labia, and he rubbed it between two fingers, sending ripples through Melody’s body. His fingers found her hooded clit, and he brushed across it with his callous fingers, making Melody let out a quiet moan. His fingers found the entrance to her pussy, and he ran his fingers up and down the slit, making Melody silently beg him for more. His fingers found their way inside of her, at first with only one finger, before a second one joined, and Melody finally got what she desired.

Melody threw back her head, as Vincent’s large fingers slipped repeatedly in and out of her. He picked up his speed, widening his movements, and dragging his palm across her clit with every pass. The wedding ring on his finger rubbed along her skin.

Vincent lifted his head off of her back, and she felt two soft lips place a kiss on her neck. Out of the corner of her eyes, she spotted Vincent’s dark hair. The smell of his aftershave intensified, as he nibbled on her earlobe.

It was too much for Melody, and she succumbed to a powerful orgasm. Her whole body shook like a leaf in the wind, and it took all of her concentration to keep from screaming out loud. Vincent drew out her orgasm, furiously rubbing her clit, sending Melody into a timeless state of ecstasy, heightened by the fact that if any of the two dozen people in the bar looked at her, they’d be able to see her climaxing in public from a stranger’s touch. It was incredibly naughty, and risky, and most of all, exciting.

After her pleasure faded, she placed a hand on Vincent’s, signalling him to stop. Vincent placed one last kiss on her neck, and pulled back his hand. Melody basked in her post orgasmic glory.

Grace watched her friend with an open mouth, staring unabashedly. “Holy shit, I didn’t think you had it in you.”

Melody, instead of answering, let out a happy, satisfied gurgle.

“I… I don’t know what to say,” added Vincent.

“Don’t say anything. I’ll be right back.”

Melody got up, and swiftly walked to the nearby bathroom, without looking at Vincent. Inside, she shut the door behind her, and turned on the tap. She splashed a bit of cold water over her face, and stared at herself in the mirror.

Was she, a timid college girl, really doing this? Was she taking advantage of a grieving husband? She decided she didn’t care either way. It was something she wanted to do. She didn’t do it because of Vincent, or even because of Grace. She did it, because she wanted it for herself. Because it made her feel good. No, it made her feel great.

Melody reached under her skirt, and slipped off her panties. They were drenched with her juices, and she contemplated tossing them away. They had been expensive, though, and she was still tens of thousands in debt. Almost frantically, she looked around the bathroom for a condom dispenser, but the only products available were tampons and pads. Frustrated, she returned to the main room of the bar, hoping that Grace was more prepared than her.

When she opened the door, she was surprised to find the seat behind hers empty. The only signs that Vincent existed were two empty glasses. She returned to her stool, and took a seat. The fabric of the padding felt rough against her bare pussy, and she felt a quick pang of guilt at ruining the cover. She stuffed the panties into her purse.

“Are those your panties?” asked Grace with a smirk.

“Shut it. Did he leave?”

“He went to the bathroom, too.”

A wave of relief washed over her, and she realized she had been holding in her breath, dreading the answer.

“Good. Do you happen to have a condom on you?”

“Of course. A slut like me is always prepared for the best.” Grace opened her purse, and pulled out a black, square packet. She held it out in front of her, but pulled away when Melody tried to grab it. “You never answered my question. Were those your panties?”

To answer her question, Melody lifted the hem of her miniskirt, briefly flashing her wet pussy to her friend. With a loud crash, one of the guys at Phoenix’s table toppled over in his chair, and slammed to the ground. His drink shattered on the carpet, spilling its contents everywhere.

Grace barked a loud laugh, and Melody joined in, infected by her friend’s laughter. Just after he had gone down, Melody met the guy’s eyes, and there had been no ambiguity about what he had seen. Melody, spurned on by her kinky mood, blew him a kiss, while his friends helped him up.

“What’s so funny?” asked Vincent behind her, and Melody’s heart jumped with joy.

“Melody just gave some guy an unexpected show,” laughed Grace.

Melody blushed a little, but fortunately Vincent had no way of seeing it. The man resumed his seat behind her, and placed a comforting hand on her hip. She welcomed the touch, and placed her hand above his.

“I want you to fuck me,” she whispered over her shoulder.

“What?” asked a surprised Vincent.

“She wants you to fuck her,” clarified Grace loudly, her tongue sticking out of her shit eating grin.

“We can go to my place, it’s not far from—”

“No,” interrupted Melody. “I want you to fuck me, here, and now.”

“You mean in the bathroom?”

“No,” she repeated herself.

Melody lifted the back of her miniskirt, revealing her plump, bare ass to Vincent. To underscore her point, she slid the condom packet along the countertop to Vincent. He let out an audible “oh” of realization.

“What if somebody sees us?”

A ripple of excitement ran up Melody’s spine at the question. “Then they’re going to be very lucky.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yeah, she’s sure,” answered Grace for Melody. “She needs this as much as you, trust me.”

In order to show her agreement with Grace’s words, Melody scooted back on the stool, until her ass hung off the end, and she was supported by only her thighs. Vincent’s hand grabbed one of her buttcheeks, and squeezed it. Melody looked around the bar again, and Grace was one of only two people who payed any attention to her. The guy who had tipped over in his chair, occasionally snuck glances in her direction, but she didn’t actually mind. She had inadvertently already shown him more than she planned, and he might as well see the rest, too. Everything seemed a hundred times more exciting, with the possibility of anybody walking post spotting them.

Vincent grabbed the condom packet, and tore it open. Melody heard him unzip, and her mouth began salivating. He moved his stool closer to her, and she once again felt his fingers on her wet pussy.

Moments later, the condom covered head of a cock pressed up against her entrance. Her labia were still sensitive from her recent orgasm, and Vincent’s cock turned out to be bigger than she had expected. She closed her eyes in anticipation.

With a little pressure, aided by her incredible wetness, Vincent’s cock slowly slid into her. It stretched her wide, and she didn’t remember ever fucking someone with such a massive girth. His cock filled her up completely, and she relished the feeling of being stuffed.

Whenever she thought there was no way he could push deeper, he proved her wrong. Vincent’s massive cock penetrated deeper, and deeper into her cunt. When his hips made contact with her buttcheeks, she felt like there wasn’t an inch to spare inside of her.

The sound of a shutter snapping made Melody open her eyes. Grace had her phone pointed directly at her.

“Hey, what are you doing?” she asked.

“You have no idea how unbelievably sexy your expression was. How’s his cock?”

“It’s so big, it’s, hnghhh…”

Melody trailed off with a moan, as Vincent drew his cock back out. The bulbous head of his dick scraped along her walls, and every vein rippled against her labia. She lost her train of thought, and just completely focused on the sensation of the powerful cock inside of her.

Vincent put both hands on her hips, and thrust in earnest.

“Oh jesus mary motherfucking god have mercy,” moaned Melody, lost in a world of her own.

Faster, and faster he thrust. The slick, squishy noises of sex were clearly audible, but at that moment, Melody didn’t care who heard. All she cared about was taking every single inch of Vincent’s cock inside of her, squeezing her muscles to feel him even better.

Eventually, Dustin approached their end of the bar again, to check up on their drinks, but Grace intercepted him, frantically signaling him to stay away with wild arm movements. If it had been anybody else, Dustin would have stopped it, but Grace had been a regular for years, and he himself was intimately familiar with just how wild the woman truly was.

Willing Vincent to go even deeper, Melody bent over, and lifted her hips slightly. She gripped Grace’s legs for support, so she didn’t topple over. Taking advantage of the new angle, Vincent thrust even deeper, and Melody moaned out loud.

The guy had great stamina, and he showed no signs of stopping. For several minutes he slammed her from behind. Anybody who glanced over at the two of them would not mistake their actions. Feeling his thick cock slide in and out of her, satisfied a deep, primal need that Melody had neglected for far too long. She revelled in the carnal act, and her climax rapidly built up momentum.

A second orgasm wracked Melody’s body, and she gripped her friend’s leg hard to keep steady. Wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her, and she fully surrendered to the powerful force.

Vincent continued to mercilessly pound her ass, but even he had his limits. Just when Melody came down from her orgasmic high, Vincent’s cock twitched and pulsed, and he shot his load into the condom. Melody felt disappointed at the unwanted barrier, but some risks aren’t worth it.

With his cock rapidly deflating, Vincent pulled out of Melody with a plop, leaving her with a sudden, gaping hole that yearned to be filled. She sat up again, and met her friend’s eyes, breathing hard.

Grace looked supremely pleased with the whole scenario, as if she had been the one that had been on the receiving end. Melody stuck her tongue out at her, but quickly broke into a wide grin. She let out a loud sigh of satisfaction.

“That… that was incredible,” remarked Vincent, slightly out of breath.

“It was,” agreed Melody.

“Just one question… why?”

Grace’s expression changed, as if she just heard the dumbest question of her life.

“I’m feeling generous,” answered Melody. “Maybe one more time with Amanda will help you.”

“Listen, I know you’re not Amanda, I never thought you… thank you, really. It means a lot.”

“What do we now?” asked Melody.

“Round two!” proposed Grace excitedly.

“If it’s alright with you, I actually have to leave. I was supposed to have been at my friend’s an hour ago.”

“Oh. Yeah, that’s alright,” replied Melody flatly. She didn’t know what to expect, but it hadn’t been that.

“I don’t mean to just run, I really don’t, but it’s a little confusing, and—”

“No, no, I get it,” interrupted Melody. “I had a great time, though.”

“Me too,” Vincent agreed. “This is for the drinks.”

He placed a crisp hundred dollar bill on the counter, and stood up. If she had wanted to, Melody could have turned to look at him, and see his face for the first time. If she wanted to, she could tell him that maybe, just maybe, they should meet up again. If she wanted to, she could confront the man who had given her so much unexpected pleasure.

Yet, she didn’t do any of those things. Instead, she placed her arms on the bar top, and buried her head between them. Vincent’s footsteps circled around her, and then disappeared into the distance.

Grace tapped her on the shoulder, and told her, “he’s gone.”

Melody raised her head, and looked around the bar. She had no idea what Vincent looked like, so even if he had still been there, she wouldn’t have spotted him. It felt somehow right, though. The real Vincent could probably not live up to the Vincent of her imagination, it might even ruin the whole experience.

“God. Damn. You little devil,” complimented Grace.

At Phoenix’s table, the guy she had accidentally flashed was nowhere in sight. Melody looked around, but didn’t see him at the bar, or anywhere else.

“You missing something?” inquired Grace.

“There was a guy at that table, the one who, uh, saw me.”

“Oh yeah, him,” giggled Grace. “He ran off to the bathroom while Vincent was pounding you. No doubt he’s still in there, jerking off.”

“Ah, whatever. Let him have his fun.” Silently, the remnants of her orgasm flared up briefly at the thought of someone having watched her.

“If I had any idea you were gonna be this crazy, I wouldn’t have taken you here tonight. There’s a much better place downtown. It’s always packed, and they actually let you dance on the stage if you want. And there’s this guy, they call him the bull, and—”

“No thanks.”

“No thanks? You’re the one that just screwed a guy in a bar.” Grace actually sounded disappointed.

“It was… a special thing. I don’t know. I liked the way he touched me. Like a man in love.”

“Ugh, yuck!” Grace pretended to throw up. “So, why didn’t you stop him from going?”

“I don’t know. It just felt right, not to know.”

Melody picked up the hundred dollar bill. Underneath was a business card. It read: Vincent Porter, Meyer’s Landscaping, 244-555-2625. She looked at the card for a very long time, before stuffing it into her purse, next to her damp panties. Choices like that were for another day.

“Let’s get out of here,” suggested Melody. “I’d rather be at home right now, and curl up on the couch with a nice movie.” Grace’s eyes lit up. “Not porn,” she forestalled her friend.

Grace waved Dustin over, who appeared shortly after.

“I see you girls had a great time,” he commented tersely.

“Sorry about the mess, D, it’s all my fault,” Grace assuaged him. She slid the money over to him as a peace offering. “This tip should over it.”

Dustin grudgingly accepted it, but then broke out in a smile anyway. “Ah hell, I just can’t be mad at you, Gracey.”

“You’re the best, D. What time do you get off tonight?”

“Around two, why?”

“I might come back, and then the two of us can make a mess of our own.”

“Deal,” he grinned broadly.

Grace stood up on her tiptoes, and placed a quick peck on Dustin’s lips. She grabbed Melody’s hand, and the two of them dashed out of the bar, leaving Melody’s almost untouched pina colada behind.

The evening air was refreshing, and Melody took a big whiff. They decided not to take an Uber back home, and instead walk the two miles. With every step, cool air brushed against Melody’s naked pussy, reminding her of what had happened.

Melody smiled broadly the entire way home.

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