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Young, Dumb And Full of Cum

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18-year-old Emily was always a staple of the mean girls’ group, not because she was one of them, they certainly didn’t think of her that way, to them, she was a useful idiot, a rather harsh term to be sure, unfortunately, Emily was indeed far from being the sharpest tool in the shed, and to top it off, she was kind to a fault, optimistic, gullible and impressionable, not to mention easy to arouse.

At 5″8′, Emily’s massive 36DD breasts, round and bouncy ass, not to mention her blonde hair gave her the appearance of a typical blonde bimbo, something easily exacerbated by her personality, and thanks to that as well, she was always the target of the pranks and mean tricks the school played by mean girls that swarmed around her for simple fun.

For instance, as she did not have a car, Emily was forced to walk to school, it was chilly at this time in November, she opted for a nice warm gray sweater and jeans, along with a cute set of pink underwear before stepping out to head to school.

“Oh goodness, I think I’m going to be late.” she looked down at her cellphone to see the time, she had to hurry up, but just then, a red convertible car drove right next to her and came to a halt.

“Hey Emily!” A girl yelled from the car, when Emily turned to see, she found Cindy, along with her friends Mindy and Candy, or as the school liked to call them, the Triple Dees “You look like you need a ride.”

“Oh yes! I would appreciate it!” Emily happily accepted, now she wouldn’t be late, but when she reached out to the passenger seat’s door, Cindy stopped her.

“In the back, Emily.” Cindy pointed at a spot between Mindy and Candy.

“But this one’s empty, why-” Emily wondered aloud, once again Cindy stopped her.

“Just get in the back, Emily, or do you not want a ride?” Cindy seemed to lose patience, so Emily obliged, a ride is a ride after all.

For some reason, Candy, who was closer to the door, got out and let Emily get in first before sandwiching her in between the two girls.

“You know Emily, you have ginormous boobs!” Mindy commented, making Emily blush, and even began massaging and kneading Emily’s left breast.

“Yeah, you’re like a cow!” the comment from Candy made Emily blush even more, especially when she took the right breast in hand.

“What are you…” Emily began, but her words were lost as a soft moan escaped her lips, as she was taken by surprise.

She stayed quiet for a second, but had to marshal up some self-control to stop the girls from going any further.

“Please stop, if you keep doing that, I won’t be able to focus in class.” Emily blurted out, and the two did stop for a second.

“What’s wrong, Emily? You can’t be turned on just by that?” Mindy asked.

“Um, well…” Emily felt a little embarrassed having to admit it so blatantly now.

“That can’t be right, oh I know, I read it in Cosmos, sometimes a little cold air can distract from such a thing!” Candy obviously lied, though to sweet Emily, there was no way her friend would lie to her.

“Really? So what should I do?” Asking so innocently, the two girls smiled inwardly at how gullible Emily was.

“Well, you should take that sweater off.” Candy suggested, and Emily looked at her for a second, for another second Candy was wondering if Emily had wised up to the trick, but then Emily began to nod, as if understanding the ludicrous logic…

“Of course, it’s like a cold shower… Okay! I’ll do it!” And with that, Emily began pulling the sweater up off her body, exposing her pink bra clad breasts to the sunlight “Oh gosh! It’s so cold!”

Emily handed the sweater to Candy, who tossed on the front passenger seat next to Cindy.

“Just stay like that for a bit, you’ll feel better.” Mindy assured the gullible teen, rubbing her arm sympathetically.

However, Emily noticed that her arousal was not fading, if anything, it was increasing! She began to worry.

“Oh no, Mindy, Candy, I’m still-” Emily caught herself, still embarrassed about stating her current condition “I think it’s even worse!”

“Really? That can’t be right, you should take off your pants then, you probably need more cold to shock your system.” Candy seemed puzzled at the ineffectiveness of her technique.

“Right!” Emily nodded fervently and began unbuttoning her jeans, sliding them down and tossing them on the front seat with her sweater all on her own, Candy and Mindy exchanged a knowing glance.

Another couple of minutes later, Emily was distraught that her arousal was increasing even further! She could now feel a wet spot forming on her panties!

“I’m still…” Emily caught herself, looked left and right as if someone invisible might be watching her in the car, before leaning in towards Candy and whispering “I’m still horny.”

“Are you sure you’re horny, Emily?” Candy said out loud, to an Emily who was red as a beet “You’re not making this up, are you?”

“No, I’m not!” Emily was quite worried, she was quite turned on.

“I don’t believe you, Emily,” Mindy jumped in “I bet your nipples aren’t even hard!”

“They are! They’re so hard and sensitive right now!” Seemingly forgetting about her shyness now that she was being accused of faking, Mindy marveled at how gullible the young blonde was.

“Prove it then, take your bra off and show us your nipples.” Candy seemed quite oppositional, but Emily, ever the optimist, was sure that if she did so that Candy would believe her.

Reaching behind her back, Emily unclasped her bra and let her large, round breasts free, her nipples were, just as she claimed, extremely hard.

“Hmmm, they do appear to be hard…” Candy proclaimed as she tossed the bra onto the seat, then taking Emily’s pink nipple in hand and giving it a gentle pinch, which caused Emily to moan “I don’t know, Emily, it could just be the cold weather.”

“That’s right, if you want to know if you’re horny, you should see if your pussy is wet, is it?” Mindy once again jumped in with a suggestion.

“It is! My pussy is soaking wet!” Emily exclaimed, once again, oblivious to the lewd comments she was making about herself now.

“Well, you have to prove it Emily, take your panties off.” Emily slid her panties off at the behest of Candy to reveal her cleanly shaven lips, but instead of tossing the panties to the front, she gave them to Candy, who wished to inspect them.

“Okay Emily, show us your pussy.” Mindy asked, and Emily propped her feet up onto the car’s seats, spreading her legs wide open.

“We can’t see quite well Emily, spread your pussy.” Mindy said, as she bent forward to take a good look at Emily’s pussy, and it was quite clear that Emily was soaking wet, juices leaking out in copious amounts as the lips were spread open to reveal her pink flesh.

“Hmmm, I can’t see it quite well from this angle, let me take a picture of it to make sure.” Mindy added as she took out her cellphone, placed it between Emily’s widespread legs and took a close up of Emily’s drenched snatch, when she looked at the picture, Emily’s bald mound glistened quite brightly “You’re right Emily, you’re leaking like a faucet!”

“See? I told you!” Emily was relieved that her friends believed her, even though it took stripping naked in a convertible in bright daylight to do so.

“As an apology, let’s all take a selfie together!” Candy suggested, and Mindy gleefully agreed, Emily was no stranger to being photographed by her friends naked, though she was always a bit embarrassed about being the only one naked.

“Oh, I should put these somewhere.” Candy remembered the panties in her hands, but once again, instead of simply tossing them on the seat in front of her, she stuffed them into Emily’s mouth just as Mindy took the picture, Emily’s bouncing boobs quite visible in the picture with two fully clothed and grinning girls, and her panties stuffed into her mouth, her eyes showing clear surprise at the sudden act.

“So what should I do? I can’t go into class this horny!” Emily complained once she fished the panties out, she didn’t mind her friends’ odd behavior every once in a while.

“Well, since you’re already naked, why not just masturbate?” Candy suggested, a deceptively innocuous smile on her face.

“What? Why?” As gullible as Emily was, she still was puzzled at the sudden request, true, she was extremely horny, but why would her friends tell her to do that?

“Well, it’s probably the only way at this point to calm yourself down, otherwise, you won’t be able to focus all day.” Candy explained, and just waited for a second as the gears turned in Emily’s head, until it seemed that Emily’s own horniness and gullibility overpowered her sensibilities and doubt.

“Oh… I suppose you’re right…” Emily was certainly embarrassed, but this was her friends’ advice, they wouldn’t give her bad advice, right? Besides, she always seemed to find herself naked and doing all sorts of things like this, and she always enjoyed every second of it, so it was all fine.

Emily closed her eyes and let her hands wander freely, one gravitated to her breasts, the other dropped to tease her clit, now grasping at her rock hard nipples, Emily pinched, tweaked and pulled at the tiny nubs, all while her finger rubbed circles over her joy button.

Forgetting all manner of decency, Emily was now in her own world, moaning loudly and freely, writhing in pleasure inside the car as her fingers worked their way into her sopping wet pussy, she wasn’t even aware that Cindy had pulled over at a red light, all cars around her, all walkers on the sidewalk had their eyes on the pretty blonde girl, naked in the convertible fingering herself to a pleasurable climax, Mindy and Candy were even recording her in the act on their phones, they certainly didn’t need blackmail material on Emily, she was quite likely to do whatever they wanted her to do, but they enjoyed showing it to her and teasing her about it once she calmed down and realized that she’d been caught on video.

Emily’s back arched as she hit nirvana, she screamed loudly in joy as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body, announcing repeatedly and loudly to her friends that she was cumming.

The light turned green and Cindy drove on, they were almost at school, Emily was able to recover from such a great orgasm by the time they arrived, however, when Emily reached over to her clothes, Cindy just slapped them away.

“Did I give you permission to masturbate in my car, Emily?” Cindy angrily asked, Emily was taken aback by her reaction.

“Um, no… I thought-” But before Emily could explain herself, Cindy cut her off.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, being so presumptuous as to think you can let your juices flow in my car, I will have to clean the seats, you know.” Cindy pointed at the wet spot Emily’s ministration had left on the upholstery, now Emily felt quite ashamed of herself.
“You don’t deserve to wear these clothes, I’ll keep them.” Cindy declared, and Emily’s eyes were wide as saucers.

“I can’t go to class naked!” Emily protested.

“Well, then I suppose you’ll have to run to your gym locker and get some clothes from there.” Cindy simply explained, and Emily hung her head in shame, silently getting out of the car and jogging off in front of all the students buck naked.

“Say, you think she’ll ever stop being so gullible?” Mindy asked, watching Emily’s ass bounce freely as she passed her fellow students who were used to seeing Emily in various states of undress thanks to the triple D’s antics, the rhythm was quite hypnotic.

“Who knows, you know what they call girls like her…” Candy was just as mesmerized by Emily as Mindy was.

“Young, dumb and full of cum.” Cindy sighed, putting Emily’s clothes in her trunk

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