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It wasn’t that she didn’t love her husband; that was indisputable. Married at eighteen, the petite red head had kept her vows. Even when she hadn’t always wanted. Slight stirrings of desire crept lazily through Virginia as she thought of the story she had read. Bored one night while her husband worked and the kids slept, she had logged on to an erotic stories website. Not knowing what the term “loving wife” meant, Virginia had clicked on a story in that genre. What a surprise.

Nipples tingled and loins tightened as she had read. The story wasn’t at all about monogamous sex. Quite the opposite. “Loving wives” were women who fucked “for” their husbands. Beside herself at the thought of “new” cock, she had grabbed her purple Rabbit. The Rabbit was a vibrator she bought after watching an episode of Sex in the City and it was her favorite toy. The clit stimulator made it the “Cadillac” of sex toys. Hips twitching and back arching, she had cum over and over again as she read late into the lonely night.

Seated now in her industrial style kitchen, the twenty-seven year old mother of three wondered, “How can I approach my husband?” Should she approach her husband? Stephen, her high school boyfriend was now a distinguished army officer. Enlisting immediately after high school, the tall brown-headed athlete had worked his way through the ranks. Night school, second jobs and three kids had put pressure on the young marriage, but their commitment to one another had never wavered. Uneasiness settled on her as she imagined his response.

Clearing the dishes from the counter, she began to clean. The fourteen hundred foot condo situated across from Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas was quiet. With children bustled off to Casis Elementary and husband gone for the day, she found all she could think of was the stories she had read. A virgin when she met Stephen, she now wanted to know how other men tasted, touched, fucked, and she wanted Stephen to play too.

The kitchen mostly clean, Virginia headed to her bedroom with a distracted look. Only one thing was on her mind, reading more stories. One “Loving Wife” story was consumed after the other as she played with her breasts and clit. Soft moans rose into the air, as her Rabbit vibrated and pink polished nails twisted and turned pale rose-colored nipples.

Lying on her Asian style platform bed, she thought. Not having ever wanted anything so bad, she needed a plan. Not fucking other men didn’t even feel like an option. The stories had started the problem, perhaps they could also provide a solution. With a smile, she decided to get Stephen to read a few. If the stories didn’t work, she would think of something else.

Browsing through the list of stories, she selected one that had driven her crazy. After the Kids hit every button she had. Her almond shaped hazel eyes filled with lust as she replayed her favorite scenes. The one where the wife obediently masturbated in front of her husband’s friends and fellow naval officers had left her whimpering at her own hands. She wanted to entertain the troops. How could she possibly tell her hubby what she craved? How could she get Stephen to take charge? How could she share the fire now burning between her legs? Virginia’s face flushed with shame.

Later the same day as her three kids did homework, she began to prepare herself. Stephen would be home in an hour and she wanted to be irresistible. Standing before the full-length mirror attached to the bathroom door, she surveyed her body. What she saw didn’t discourage her at all. Slightly above five feet, her body was like a miniature hourglass.

Unblemished, pale white skin, natural C-cup breasts, and full hips gave the appearance of near perfection. A heart shaped face was filled with large blue eyes. Two deep dimples on each side of her rose-colored lips completed the look of innocence. She was a contrast. Both innately sexual and painfully shy, she frequently mystified men.

Hearing the car alarm set, the horny housewife slipped on a thin blue cotton sundress on. Lacy blue underwear was added. With “fucking” on her mind, she tweaked her nipples and rushed to greet her handsome military man. Dark green eyes flecked with gold met her wide blue ones and they both smiled. A squeal was heard as he lifted her into his tanned, muscular arms. Virginia giggled as he swung her in circles. Before the kids could arrive she whispered, “I want to suck your cock.”

A startled look settled on his angular face. His wife gave good blowjobs, but she never just offered one on a Wednesday afternoon. Wondering what was different, he greeted his three kids, as they jumped from foot to foot demanding attention. It was going to be a long wait until bedtime.

As Stephen dreamed of the blowjob coming his way, Virginia dreamed of all the cocks she wanted to suck. Unconsciously, she bit her lower lip. As she cleaned the blue and yellow dishes bought while stationed in Italy, her mind searched for a way to approach the subject. How does one tell their husband they desperately want to suck and fuck other men? Knowing she had no other choice but to fuck other men, she continued to search for ideas.

Teeth brushed and homework checked, three unamused children were sent to bed just a little early. Their exhausted faces was the reason given. Both parents couldn’t wait one more minute and ran to their bedroom. Door locked, Stephen turned to his wife.

“I’m not complaining, but what gives?”

“There’s a website … you’ve got to see it. It has all kinds of sexy stories. The more I read them …” and with a moan she reached for him. Between kisses Virginia told Stephen how turned on she was, how she loved him, how much she wanted to please him.

Their passionate kisses grew deeper as Stephen’s tongue entered his wife’s mouth. As she was about to lose herself to his kisses, she reminded herself that she was on a mission. Pulling back, but Virginia pointed towards the bed. Without hesitation the still surprised husband stripped. His wife stared as he removed his clothes and he had never seen such hunger in her eyes. Again he wondered: what had happened to her to cause such unexpected aggression. His wife seemed overcome with lust.

Seated on the red and ivory coverlet, he watched amused as his frantic wife darted about. Her excitement was contagious and he found his heart had begun to race. A tablet was thrust at him. Taking it, he looked down at the screen. It was a “Loving Wife” tale. With his thick eight inches rising he began to read.

Seeing the effect of the story on her hubby, Virginia smiled and told him to read out loud. Maybe this would work. With no more hesitation she pulled her sundress off and crawled on top of the tall platform bed. Only a tiny pair of blue cotton bikinis concealed her abundant charms. Quickly the twenty-seven year old mother of three rid herself of the scrap of lacy material. Licking her lips Virginia leaned back and spread her slender legs.

Longing radiated from Stephen’s dark green eyes as he stared at his beautiful wife. Cheeks and chest flushed pink gave way to two white mounds of delight. Long stiff nipples cried to be suckled. Then his eyes settled on the honey pot. Two small pink symmetrical lips were pulling open and revealing her moist delight. A small red, perfectly groomed, landing strip highlighted the beauty between her legs and called to him.

As Stephen started to reach for his wife, she stopped him. Telling him just a little too harshly to read, Virginia crawled between Stephen’s legs and grinned at him. Not wanting to cause this unexpected treat to stop, Stephen complied. As Virginia’s pale pink nails wound their way up his thighs, he groaned low and deep. As instructed he continued to read out loud the tales of married women fucking and sucking to please their husbands.

As he began to read of a man that shared his wife with others, he felt his straining cock embraced in his wife’s delicate hand. Taking just the tip into her mouth, Virginia ran her tongue lightly across the top. Precum filled her mouth with a taste both familiar and loved. Sighing, she sucked him a little further in. Wanting to draw out his orgasm, Virginia continued to tease. Moving slowly she licked and nipped only the mushroom-shaped head of Stephen’s beautifully engorged cock.

Her slender fingers massaged his balls as she continued to tease. A slight pressure urged her further. She resisted. She allowed only the head to enter her mouth as she continued her slow licks and nips. Stronger pressure, quickly followed and without warning, she plunged her head down to and deep throated all of him. Stephen gasped.

Tablet momentarily forgotten, the lucky husband watched with joy as he received a cock sucking unlike any he had ever had. Now on her knees between his spread legs, she repeatedly plunged as deeply as possible. Gagging on hard cock and saliva she would gasp for breath and do it again. As if possessed, she worked his balls with one hand and his cock with the other. Rapid strokes followed each plunge.

Sensing his pause she looked up. As he watched, she ran his cock around her lips and made smacking noises. Telling him he had to read to get his cock sucked, she continued. As the coiling in his body began to tighten, he returned to the world where husbands shared their wives.

The woman in the story became Virginia as he imagined his faithful wife split spit-roasted. Arousal unlike any he had ever felt raged through him as his balls tightened and his cock became even more rigid. The clenching within grew intolerable, images of his hot wife fucking and sucking other men raced before his eyes in slow motion.

As Stephen’s back began to arch, Virginia’s rosy lips clamped down on his cockhead and began frantically sucking. The soft skin of his rigid cock delighted her as she coaxed his relief closer. Sounds like a train ripped from the well-built military man. She greedily sucked in rope after rope of creamy seed while she dreamed of unfamiliar cocks.

Leaning back, she sat unselfconsciously on her heels, her proud breasts, softly rounded belly and gaping pussy on full display. She liked Stephen’s eyes grazing on her body. She also craved the eyes of other men. Wanting to shout out her need to be fucked by other men, she none-the-less remained quiet. Reminding herself to be patient, she kissed her sated husband and giggling said, “Your turn.”

Flipping her onto her back with ease, Stephen pinned Virginia’s hands above her head. Kissing down her slim neck, he imagined other men’s lips on her. As he chewed on her sensitive nipples, he imagined other mouths suckling his wife’s perfect breasts. Stephen’s mouth settled between Virginia’s legs as he imagined her glorious pussy sore, swollen and full of cum from a multitude of men. Inwardly cursing he wondered why this turned him on so much. Brushing the question aside he returned his attention to the openness before him.

He began to lick and they both continued to dream. Small whimpers escaped Virginia’s lips as she imagined cocks of every size and color invading all of her holes. The salty sweetness of Virginia pussy entered Stephen’s mouth and he imagined what she would taste like after being fucked by another man — and fucked hard. He also visualized cocks of every size and color plunging into his favorite three places in the world as he sucked Virginia’s her clit into his mouth and finger fucked her. He knew his wife could take it in the ass, mouth, and pussy like a pro. Pride filled him as he thought of showing off her skills.

Virginia’s moans and groans rose into the air. Scent and sound fused and surrounded the two lovers. Stephen’s tongue slurped up and down her slit as images swirled through Virginia’s mind and into her veins. Images of Stephen plowing her on one end while she sucked a complete stranger on the other consumed her as need wound itself deep within.

Taking his time and making it special, Stephen began to make small teasing licks towards her most sensitive of openings. Virginia loved to have her ass licked and tongue fucked. It left her begging to be plowed in the ass. Stephen’s tongue invaded her backdoor as he imagined inviting a friend into his beautiful wife’s shapely ass. Then he imagined friend after friend entering her sore and stretched backdoor.

Pushing her cheeks back into her husband’s face Virginia moaned and cried out. The sharp pins of desire tingled and twisted. Using her fingers, she pulled and pinched her nipples. With pictures of strangers invading her ass whirling behind her eyes, she began to beg. Filthy words that normally would never have passed the crazed woman’s lips flew into the air.

Stephen loved to hear Virginia beg. Knowing he had pleased her that much brought him his greatest joy. He pulled himself towards his wife with a flame burning in his dark green eyes. She was going to get what she demanded. His cock became another’s as he lined it up with the opening of her tight ass. Excited, the loving wife pulled her knees up towards her shoulders and made all of herself available. Closing her hazel eyes, she mentally left the room. Now, she was at Stephen’s work. Bent over in an Army a Sikorsky helicopter, her husband’s comrades plowed her ass, one after another. Pushing back hard against Stephen’s thrusts, she imagined a line of military men waiting for her.

Their bodies continued responding as both rose higher and higher — the tension coursing through them demanding release. With a whimper followed by a scream, Virginia came. Her juices ran into Stephen’s eager mouth and as the fuck-film behind her eyes continued. One cock after another paraded before her. Her orgasm had never been stronger.

The following day Virginia wasn’t sure if Stephen was still thinking about what he had read the night before. It was possible. Stephen wasn’t a morning person. His job as an aviation maintenance officer at Camp Mabry had him up earlier than most. Despite that, Stephen he had claimed her ass at four a.m. Sound asleep, she had begun to awaken as she felt a hand crawling up her thigh. Insistent strong hands parted her legs and within seconds she felt his face dive forward.

Usually patient, he wasted no time. Cheeks spread, he began to kiss and lick her tightest of openings. Small sleepy moans escaped her. She sighed as his tongue entered her. This made her crazy. Despite still feeling a little “wrong” for loving anal, she couldn’t deny it. Stephen had complete access — permission given years ago.

Moving his muscular tanned body on top of her pale one, he had growled in her ear, “I can’t be gentle . . . I’m fucking your ass—now!” Wiggling her hips, she smiled back at him.

First a pop and then a loud yelp announced his entrance. Soon Virginia had relaxed enough and Stephen began to thrust. Deep hard plunges were taken rapidly. Feeling herself filled and stretching, the devoted wife pushed back. No complaints were heard as Virginia matched his rhythm. Within moments, Stephen called out his love for her and collapsed after a roaring orgasm. Heading to the shower, Virginia replayed the events of that morning. Stephen was certainly fired up. It had to be the stories. She hoped it was the stories. Tonight, she was going to step up her campaign for permission to fuck other men. Suitable videos had been downloaded. Each one featured a hot “loving wife.”

The day was going to drag. Her mind had been lost and replaced. Never ending images invaded her head. New cocks fucking her every hole consumed her thoughts. Not to mention the idea of being serviced by two mouths, four hands, and two cocks at once. Stephen simply had to agree. Her pussy was talking and it wanted everything. Virginia continued her chores as her body tingled and her ass dripped cum.

Finally six o’clock came and her heart pounded as she listened for his key in the lock. The kids had been shuttled off to a fellow officer’s wife and the night was hers and Stephens to enjoy. She didn’t have to wait long. Replaying images of his wife being fucked by others had kept Stephen insanely horny all day. Now that he was home, he wasn’t waiting. The need was too extreme. “Dirty” thoughts had been chasing him all day and now his wife’s body was almost within reach.

Hearing Stephen’s key in the lock Virginia hurried. Taking her large butt plug with a sparkly pink crystal on one end, she coated it with coconut oil. Spreading her own curved cheeks, she gently inserted the plug. It was a present from Stephen, he loved them. Dropping her black sundress in place, she smiled in anticipation and exited the small grey half bath.

Dark green eyes burning with lust met her hazel ones and Virginia gulped. Her military man was not in the mood for talk. When she told him the kids were gone for the night, he reached for her. Giggling, she stepped back and told him to wait, then ran to their bedroom. In no mood for delay, Stephen quickly followed his fleeing wife.

Grabbing the remote from the side table, Virginia turned on the TV across from their bed. Two men fucking one woman popped up and Stephen paused. Virginia didn’t watch porn. A cock that Stephen thought couldn’t be harder became even more engorged as he watched. Unblinking, he stared. Sensations so extreme that he trembled assaulted every inch of his being and he made a decision. He had to talk his wife into fucking other men for him.

Seeing the look on Stephen’s face, Virginia fell to her knees in front of him. Unbuttoning the pants of his camouflage uniform, she released his painfully hard cock. Stephen watched the carefully selected porn as he fucked Virginia’s face. And he fucked it hard. Gagging, she struggled for breath as one thrust was quickly followed by another. Stephen’s level of enjoyment didn’t allow for much time to wait. Grabbing her dark red hair, he shot rope after rope of creamy seed down Virginia’s throat. She sucked hungrily. The taste of his cum was one of her favorites. It was proof that she had pleased Stephen.

The video continued to run as they lay together. Two sets of eyes stared transfixed as they both wondered how to approach the other. Not fucking other men, was still not an option for Virginia. Stephen didn’t want to harm his marriage but he had to find a way to broach the subject. Uneasy in their same but separate thoughts they spooned.

Three days after first reading about “Loving Wives,” Virginia wasn’t sure she had made progress in convincing Stephen to allow her to fuck other men. Their sex had been better and more frequent, but she craved more. Deep down inside she felt a slut crying to be free. Stephen was her love but she didn’t want to make love. She wanted to fuck and be fucked. The young military wife wrestled with what to do. She wasn’t going to risk losing her husband, she just needed to be patient.

All three of the kids had after school activities and Stephen was working late. Feeling restless, she grabbed her tablet and headed to her large black leather sectional. Bought at a quirky furniture store in North Austin, it was oversized and “L” shaped. Settling into the cushy softness, Virginia returned to her now “beloved” website.

The website that provided free erotica also advertised porn videos. Never a fan of porn, she was now ready to watch a woman get all her holes filled. A tall blonde getting plowed by two dark haired men appeared on her large screen TV as she grabbed for her Rabbit. Lying on the sofa and now completely nude, Virginia began to play with herself. Her pink tipped fingers twisted and turned her swollen nipples. Little whimpers escaped her mouth as she recalled the words she had read in the website’s chat room. Her left hand continued to twist and turn one nipple at a time as her right moved lower. With a quiet moan, the beautiful redhead began to circle her clit.

Being naked with one cock in her mouth and one in her ass was what Virginia craved. As she imagined fantasy becoming reality, she lifted her Rabbit from the wrought iron coffee table. Two gaping pink lips spread as the purple rubbery cock slipped into the soft folds of her pussy. Virginia’s scent began to fill the air as she settled the clit stimulator against herself.

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