Awkward Moments

Written by admin

‘What the hell am I going to do now?’ Chris thought. High school had ended as abruptly as it does for many young people, and now he was faced with all the possibilities of his life stretching away before him.

He looked at himself in the mirror. He was tall at 6’3″, but not a giant like the guys on the basketball team. He had a lean muscled frame from many trips to the gym. Dark brown hair and deep-set brown eyes with heavy eyebrows gave him an intense look, and he thought he was not altogether bad looking.

A frown wrinkled his face then as he thought to himself, ‘Then why the hell am I still a virgin?’ He shook his head as he turned from the bathroom mirror to get dressed in the warm sunlight of his room. The dust motes swirled around him as he pulled on his clothes.

The first day of life after graduation, and he had no idea what he was going to do with himself. Dressing quickly he skipped down the stairs to the big empty kitchen and the smell of coffee in the morning air. His mother had left for work hours ago. As a partner in a big real estate firm she was always home late and gone early. The huge kitchen was filled with every cooking gadget and device known to man, which he found amusing considering his mother never cooked.

He made himself some toast and coffee with sugar before heading into the living room, and then out onto the back patio next to the pool. The sun was warm and relaxing as he flopped down in a chair, and looked out at the sculpted garden. He lived in a posh neighborhood due to his mother’s vanity. A pair of retired doctors, who attended all of his mother’s dinner parties, owned the house to the left. He could not think of two more boring people. The Nelsons owned the house to the right.

He used to spend hours staring out of the upstairs window at the Nelsons’ pool and their daughter when he was a sophomore in high school. Her name was Sabrina, and she was a few years older than he. She had been away at college for a few years now. Still her shapely body and the tiny bikinis she wore had provided a great deal of fantasy for him to masturbate to. He had noticed recently that she must have gotten her good looks from her mother when Ms. Nelson came to his mother’s last party. She was like her daughter: short and slim with a large chest, full hips, brown hair, and striking blue eyes.

He finished his breakfast and rose to leave as the sound of someone diving into the pool next door drifted to his ears. Maybe Sabrina was home from college for the summer. He raced up the stairs two at a time and to his old familiar perch looking out the window in his mom’s bedroom down onto the pool next door. It wasn’t Sabrina, but her mom swimming laps. She was wearing a one-piece bathing suit and her full round butt stirred his penis in his pants as he watched her swim. She was shorter than her daughter and had a fuller figure which he liked, and her dark brown hair and graceful movements made her very attractive.

He reached down and began to rub his crotch as he watched her, finally dropping his shorts and taking his hardening cock in his hand. She made slow deliberate laps doing the breaststroke, and he watched her ass as she swam each length. His cock was rock hard now and he was stroking it firmly as he watched her. She reached the end of a lap and turned on her back cutting through the water in a backstroke. The sight of her large breasts made him stroke faster and he could feel his orgasm building inside him as his balls tightened against his body. He closed his eyes and leaned against the window as he felt the cum shoot from his cock, stroking it slowly now as each spurt of cum shot from him. He opened his eyes and could see her standing in the shallow end of the pool. He ducked back out of the cum-streaked window. His heart was hammering in his chest as he leaned out to see if she had been looking at him but she was already disappearing into the large house. He breathed a sigh of relief before grabbing the tissue off his mother’s night stand and the Windex from her bathroom to clean the long white streaks of his cum off the glass.

He spent the rest of his day playing video games on the computer in the office and surfing the net. He went to all his usual porn sites and masturbated twice more during the day, the normal routine for his 18-year-old hormones. Around five the phone rang.

“Hey Chris, it’s mom. How was the first day as a graduate!?” Her voice was its usual perky, full of energy voice. He didn’t know how someone who worked 12 hour days could always have more energy than him.

“Good mom, just hung out at the house. Might try to do something with Tony tonight.”

“That sounds like fun honey!” God he hadn’t even told her what he was going to do. “I’m going to be a bit late, but Barbra is supposed to meet me at the house at six so we can go to the gym. Can you stick around to let her in, and keep her company till I get there about 6:30?”

“Sure mom, no problem. I wasn’t planning on going out till around nine anyway.” Great he thought, now I have to baby sit mom’s friends.

“Thanks honey, you’re a dear. Order some pizza for dinner on the credit card in the desk drawer, and I’ll see you soon.”

“Okay mom, later.”

He hung up the phone and walked back upstairs into the den. An AVI file of a woman slowly riding a huge cock had finished downloading and was slowly playing on the screen. You could see the hard cock pulse as the man shot his cum up into the pink pussy. The pulse of each wad of cum seen clearly in the flex and jump of his cock with just the head buried inside her. When the woman slid off of him his own cum ran back out of her all over his still dribbling cock.

Chris felt his cock twitch and begin to harden again. He walked toward the desk and glanced out the window as he passed it, and froze in his tracks. The lights were on in the bedroom next door and he could look right into Ms Nelson’s bedroom and bathroom. What had caught his attention was the naked image of his neighbor as she stepped into the shower. He had only seen her for a moment but he had caught a glimpse of her bare breasts and tan body as she stepped into the shower. His cock was rock hard now, the video on the computer forgotten as he stared into the windows next door.

The office had grown dark as the sun had set and only the glow of the CRT illuminated anything as he pulled his cock out and began to stroke himself. He imagined her floating on her back in the pool this morning, and the thought of really seeing those big tits had him close to cumming already. He knew she would be getting out of the shower any minute and he would be able to watch her as she dressed. His cock began to ache as his fourth orgasm of the day began to build in him. The doorbell rang.

It was like being hit in the head with a hammer as he realized it had to be Barbara, and a quick glance at the clock confirmed it was just before six. “Damn it!”

He stuffed his sizable erection into his shorts and started down the stairs, pulling his loose T-shirt over his crotch. He snapped on a few lights as he went down the stairs and into the foyer to answer the door.

Barbara had been his mom’s best friend for as long as he could remember. They had been roommates together in college, and some of the stories mom had told him about their time together were quite wild. He often wondered about what they did that she did not tell him.

He opened the door and Barbara smiled at him as she saw him. She immediately stepped into the doorway giving e him her usual quick hug. He prayed she couldn’t feel his erection straining his shorts.

“Hi Chris! How’s it going for the big graduate?”

She was taller than his mom, about 5’8″ and had long blonde hair and green eyes. Her chest was small, but complimented her small waist well. She was very fit, and loved to run and cycle in her free time. He always thought she was too skinny. He had always had a thing for girls with big chests anyway.

“I’m good Barbara, mom is gonna be a bit late, so she told me to have you wait for her.”

“Stuck babysitting me Chris?” she said smiling as she stepped in and he closed the door. He headed to the kitchen not wanting to stand there where she might see his bulging shorts.

“It’s no problem. I don’t mind. Besides I’m not going out till later.”

He turned the corner in the kitchen and grabbed a seat on one of the bar stools around the center island. Barbara dropped her purple gym bag on the floor before crossing to the refrigerator to get a bottle of water. Her ass strained her tight shorts as she bent over in the fridge and he felt his cock retain some of its stiffness at the site. As she stood and turned he quickly looked away

“Got big plans tonight? Going to take some lucky girl out somewhere?” Barbara’s smile was still on her face as she spoke, and she took a long pull on her water.

“No. Probably just going to hang out at Tony’s. I don’t have a girlfriend or anything right now.” He didn’t mention he had never had a real girlfriend, figuring why volunteer information that you were a looser.

“No girl!? Well now what is the world coming to?” She paused a moment as she smiled again. “Look Chris, you don’t have to hang out with me, I’ll wait for your mom. Go get ready for your night.”

“Cool. Thanks Barbara, I’ll be up stairs,” he said, suddenly very anxious to return to the office upstairs.

He took the stairs two at a time, and the video was still repeating on the screen of the computer as he looked out the window. The bathroom was dark and Ms Nelson was standing in front of her mirror in a full-length black evening dress. She was already dressed and he shook his head as he turned to the computer.

He dropped down in the seat and watched the man’s cock cumming in that pink pussy over and over again. He pulled his own hardening shaft free of the elastic band of his shorts and began to stroke it, his eyes glued on the screen. The pleasure of his hand, and the site of that cock squirting into the woman’s pussy had him close to cumming immediately. Suddenly he heard Barbara call to him from right outside the office. He yanked his shorts back up over his throbbing cock.

“Hey Chris your mom called me and…”

She stopped talking as she stood in the door and could see the picture of the huge cock ramming into the pussy on the screen in the moment before he could shut it off. She took in the large budge in his shorts, the tissue box in his lap, and the scene on the computer screen and a slow smile spread across her face. Chris could feel his face heat up as he blushed.

“Um Barbara I umm…”

He turned in the chair to face her waiting for the diatribe that he was sure to come. He hunched forward a bit to allow his loose shirt to hide his erection, but Barbara just kept smiling for a moment. It wasn’t a condescending smile but he couldn’t place what it conveyed either.

“Your mom called and said to meet her at the gym so I’ll let myself out,” she said in a quiet voice.

Chris nodded unable to speak or think of what to say. He knew she had seen the porn video and the erection in his shorts. There was a strange look on her face as she glanced back down at his crotch before turning and walking away.

He woke late the next morning again, and the first thing to come to his mind was Barbara catching him masturbating the day before. He had never been so embarrassed in his life. He hoped she didn’t tell his mom. He didn’t think she had seen anything, but he wasn’t sure. He rose and went to the bathroom before getting in his shower. After a quick wash and shave he headed over to the window in his mom’s room and looked down into the neighbor’s pool. Ms Nelson was lying on a lounger in the sun wearing a small black bikini and sunning herself. He felt his cock twitch instantly in response to the sight of her.

Her tits looked even bigger in that bikini. Her body was much fuller and rounder than Barbara’s, and he thought she looked much more womanly because of it. She was facing almost directly at him, but she had on dark sunglasses and seemed to be resting. It almost felt like she was looking at him, but he knew when his mom sun bathed she usually either was asleep or had her eyes closed against the glare.

He pulled down his boxer shorts and began to stroke his cock as he looked at her. He began to get turned on at the memory of her bare tit the night before, and the sight of them down below him only enhanced the memory. He began to stroke harder leaning against the window as he did so, his eyes riveted on her sleek body.

The image of Barbara’s ass bending over flashed in his mind and he suddenly imagined her watching him as he jerked off in the office last night. He could feel the orgasm building in him now, and he imagined shooting his cum all over Ms Nelson’s tits. He groaned as he began to shoot his load on the window, moaning as the first rope of creamy white cum began to splash on the window pane.

At that moment he heard the toilet flush in his mom’s bathroom that adjoined her bedroom, and the door opened to reveal his mother in her business suit. She saw him there with his hard cock in his hand, cum shooting from his cock all over her window. He wanted to stop, to run, to hide himself, but his body was in control now. He stood rooted, like a deer caught in the headlights as his cock continued to blast several more loads of cum out and down the windowpane, the final spurt of cum falling onto the floor at his feet. Chris’s just stood there unable to speak or move, the embarrassment almost overwhelming with his mouth hanging open.

His mother opened her mouth to speak, then closed it, then opened it again before turning and walking back into her bathroom and shutting the door. He had never before in his life been so embarrassed. ‘What the hell is she doing home!’ he thought as he pulled up his boxers and struggled to wipe off the window and floor. ‘God my mother just saw me masturbating! How fucking weird!’

He finished cleaning the window, unable to get the streaks off without the glass cleaner he had grabbed from his mom’s bathroom yesterday. When he looked down Ms Nelson was gone as well and he fled the room back to his own bedroom where he proceeded to bury his head under a pillow.

He knew what would come next and he dreaded it. It didn’t take long before there was a knock on the door to his room and he heard the muffled voice of his mother call his name. He pulled the pillow off his face and sat up with it in his lap.

“Yeah mom, it’s open,” he said, his heart already burning in his face.

‘Mom looks as uncomfortable as I feel,’ he thought. She opened and closed her mouth several times before she was finally able to speak. When she did, it came out in a rush of words.

“Look honey, I’m so sorry I surprised you there, and I know you must be embarrassed. I am too. I stayed home this morning since I have to meet a client on this side of town for a breakfast meeting.” She paused only to draw breath. “Look that was nothing to be embarrassed about okay? I know you must be mortified, I know I am, but don’t worry about it okay. It is a natural thing for all people, and especially boys your age. Okay?”

He nodded his head wondering if his face would catch fire from the blood pounding in his cheeks. His mom smiled then and seemed to regain some of her composure.

“Okay, good. Now let’s forget about it!” she laughed, and he nodded again. The tension suddenly lightened in the room. His mother turned to go, but checked herself and turned back to him with a wry smile.

“Oh, but one other thing, don’t let Mandy Nelson see you doing that while your watching her or her husband will be over here trying to take it out of my hide, and yours!” She laughed at what she obviously thought was a very funny joke as she closed the door. He felt like he wanted to die.

The rest of the day was thankfully uneventful, and he made a point to keep his dick in his pants. He ran over the last 24 hours in his head. He had maybe been seen jerking off by his neighbor Mandy Nelson, and his mom’s best friend had interrupted him jerking off and maybe seen something, and then the worst of it, he had cum all over his mother’s window while she looked on. Then to top it all off she had given him a little talk on it being okay, and joked not to let Mandy, the neighbor, see him jerking off while he peeped at her! He figured if he never jerked off again it would be too soon.

He was sitting on the couch in the living room as he read a book when he heard a knock on the front door followed quickly by Barbara’s voice.

“Anybody home? Shelly? Chris?”

‘Shit!’ he thought, he was not up to dealing with her after this day he thought. He looked around, and jumped over the back of the couch laying flat on the floor behind it. He felt slightly ridiculous laying there, but he thought he would feel worse having to face Barbra after last night. She must be meeting his mom here again tonight. They must be going to the gym every night now that they were training for the triathlon his mom kept talking about.

He heard the soft popping sound of the refrigerator being opened, then the slap of it closing. Barbara’s shoes squeaked on the wood floor as she came into the living room where he was hiding. Then he heard the leather creak as she sat on the couch in front of him. ‘Shit,’ he thought, ‘just my luck she decides to hang out in here.’

She let out a long sigh and he could hear the leather creek again as she lay down on the couch. It was quiet for a bit and she figured she must be taking a nap or something when he heard her make a small moan. He was immediately at attention. Could he have heard that? Then Barbara moaned again, but this time louder, followed by a few soft words.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh yes. Ummmm.”

‘Holly Shit she is getting herself off!’ He felt his cock spring to instant attention and he started rubbing himself through his sweet pants. He could feel the couch shaking a little now as she pleasured herself, her moans and cries getting more intense.

“Oh fuck yeah that feels good, oh fuck, oh fuck!”

He couldn’t help himself as he pulled his cock out and began to stroke himself furiously. He had never been so turned on as he listened to Barbara get off a few feet away. His cock was as hard as it had ever been.

“Fuck! Oh god I’m gonna cum, ohhh fuck yes!” Barbara was getting louder as he felt her rock the couch slightly.

His cock swelled as his balls tightened against his body. The pounding of blood in his temples and the tingling in his toes made him close his eyes tight as he felt his cum shoot from his cock. At the moment he came he heard Barbara cry out a long low moan and the couch shook violently. When he opened his eyes there was his cum all over the back of the couch and his shirt, and he could hear Barbara breathing heavily. The sound of the garage door brought him back to reality when he realized his mother was home. He heard the leather creak again as Barbara sat up. Moments later the door from the garage opened and he heard his mother’s irrepressible voice.

“Hello? Chris are you home honey?”

“In here Shell,” Barbara yelled nearly scaring him half to death.

“Hey girlfriend! How long have you been here?” His mom sounded like she always did, more full of energy than any human being had a right to be.

“Just long enough to relax here on your comfy couch.” Barbara’s voice sounded natural, even had a hint of laughter in it as she said this, but Chris’s jaw was hanging open.

His mom laughed,. “God I wish I had time to rest and have a drink, but we are late for the trainer already. Get your smirking ass up and let’s go!”

“Okay, okay, keep your shirt on.” He felt the couch shift as Barbara rose. “Where is Chris, I could have used his help a minute ago,.” Barbara said again with a laugh in her voice.

“Really? Why is that?” His mother asked with almost the sound of suspicion in her voice.

“Oh no reason.,” There was a laugh hidden in Barbara’s voice.

“Your thinking about yesterday! You leave my little boy alone, you!” His mom sounded genuinely angry.

“Keep your shirt on. I’m not going to do anything. Though that was quite a site!” God Barbara must have actually seen something. Oh shit, and told his mom.

“God did I tell you what happened this morning?” His mom’s voice had the tone of someone wanting to share a piece of incredulous news. Chris groaned internally at what he knew was coming.

“No. What?” Barbara’s voice had become serious.

“I stayed home this morning since I had to meet the Pernhow account downtown for a breakfast meeting, and I didn’t want to double my commute. Anyway, I was in the bathroom getting ready, and I guess Chris didn’t know I was home because when I walked out he was staring out my bedroom window buck naked at Mandy sunning herself next door, and masturbating!”

“You’re kidding?!” Barbara sounded both excited and incredulous.

“I wish I was, and not only that, I walked out and I saw him cum all over my window. Then he saw me and I wanted to disappear, the poor guy was so embarrassed. Shit I was so embarrassed.”

“Oh my god Shell, I think I need to touch myself. That is so hot.” Barbara did sound a little excited, he thought, which was a new idea to him. ‘She liked the idea of watching him jerk off?’

“Well exciting for you maybe, but mortifying for me. God I wanted to crawl under a rock and disappear. I’m his mother for Christ’s sake! I wonder if he knows how embarrassed I was!” His mom sounded a bit exasperated. “First you see him last night, then I surprise him this morning, the guy must be a regular masturbating machine.”

“God I would have loved to see that, though I would not have been able to stop myself from helping the poor guy. I swear last night when I saw how hard he was in his shorts I knew I had interrupted something and it took all my restraint not to go in and suck that poor hard cock.” Barbara defiantly sounded excited now.

“You leave him alone Barb. He is still a virgin. I’m warning you okay, some things are off limits.” His mother sounded strict now, it was her mama voice that he had heard many times.

“I will, I will, I don’t want your wrath down upon me. Come on let’s go, but I want you to describe every detail of this morning to me in the car. You know Mandy would go nuts knowing that he did that watching her; she is such an exhibitionist.” Barbara’s voice receded as they walked to the garage. He heard his mother’s voice faintly before they disappeared into the garage.

“Yeah, she would be walking around naked out there if she knew that. I bet she would even…” her voice was cut off by the closing of the garage door.

A few minutes later he heard the garage door open and close and only then did he get up and clean up his mess behind the couch. He wondered what his mom was about to say. Apparently Ms Nelson, Mandy, had a thing for showing off. He would have to see if he could let her see him sometime. His head was spinning already, and this thought just made it more so. Not only did he listen to Barbara masturbate, but he heard her tell his mom she wanted to suck him! This was definitely a day he would remember.

The next morning when he awoke he made a quick inspection of the house to make sure his mom was gone. She had left him a note in the kitchen with 100 dollars telling him to get out of the house and have some fun. He planned to have some fun right here he thought to himself.

He ran upstairs and showered and threw his robe on before heading into his mom’s room. The window was clean so he figured his mom must have cleaned it not wanting to make an issue of it by asking him to do it. He looked down to the pool next door and Mandy was just getting out of the water, this time wearing a white bikini that he swore he could see through. He dropped his robe and started playing with his already hardening cock. She stopped on the edge of the pool and dried off and he though maybe for a moment she glanced up at the window he was in, but he wasn’t sure. He had a moment’s hesitation before he threw caution to the wind and stepped right up next to the window in the warm sunlight.

Mandy walked over to the lounge chair and put her sunglasses on before laying down. He couldn’t tell if she could see him or not but the sight of her lying there in her white bikini made it so he didn’t care. He ran his hand up and down his hard shaft, his pre-cum lubricating his shaft for him. Then Mandy reached up and untied the bow between her large breasts and pulled her top away. There before him were her huge breasts, with their erect pink nipples standing up on top. His dick ached and he felt his orgasm building in him instantly. He shot a huge load of cum onto the glass in front of him. Unable to help himself he leaned forward as he shot his load smearing his cock and cum against the glass.

As he finished Mandy turned over on her lounge showing him her full ass and tan back. God how could an older woman be so incredibly hot he thought. He turned away reluctantly and headed into his mom’s bathroom to get the Windex and tissue. He made sure he got the window perfectly clean before he left. Mandy didn’t stay out much longer and quickly went inside only giving him a glimpse of her breasts again.

He spent the rest of the day thinking about Barbara and what she had said the night before which necessitated several more wasted tissues in his room. He was turned on by the thought that she thought he was sexy, and he wanted to try to do something to encourage that. He especially wanted to hear her masturbate again. In fact he wanted to see her masturbate.

He dug out the video recorder and found a place to hide it on the bookshelf where in the dim evening light it would be invisible. He then set about testing it until he had it focused to record a perfect picture of the couch. He knew he was being a pervert, but he didn’t care, all the events of the last few days were making him crazy.

After he had the camera set up, he sat at the computer and used his mom’s $800 web cam to record himself jerking off. The cum shot all the way up onto his face he was so turned on. Then he took some screen shots of him cumming, and printed them out on his mom’s photo printer. Then he printed out an assortment of the porn he had saved to his pictures directory. He stuck all the pictures and a few of the penthouse magazines he had into a binder which he wrote “Private” on the front of in big bold letters. He would then leave this strategically on the couch for Barbara to find. If this didn’t get her horny enough to touch herself, he didn’t know what would! He congratulated himself on his ingenuity before having a lunch of Totino’s pizza and coke.

When the evening rolled around, he hid behind the couch with the remote for the camcorder and his fabricated notebook on the couch. He was more nervous then he had ever been. If he got caught doing any of this he would be in so much trouble his mom would kill him!

About 5:45pm the doorbell rang followed again by Barbara’s voice.

“Anybody home? Chris you here? Shelly?” He ducked down behind the couch his cock already growing in his pants.

He could hear her walking again to the kitchen then into the living room as she had the night before. There was the sound of her dropping her gym bag on the floor then the creek of leather as she sat down. Something scraped on the leather, and he thought maybe she had picked up the binder he had stuffed next to the pillow on the end.

“Oh my god!” He heard Barbara moan out in a low husky whisper. He pushed record on the camcorder remote as he heard the rustle of paper while she leafed through the pages. “Oh Chris you naughty boy.”

He nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the garage door opening as his mom got home. ‘Shit mom, of all the nights to get home early!’ he thought.

“Shit!” he heard Barbara exclaim then he heard the sound of her rising off the sofa and the zip of her gym bag.

Her shoes squeaked as she walked out to the door to the garage, and a few minutes later the garage door hummed as it closed as they left for the gym. ‘The best laid plans of mice and men.’ he thought when he stood up. Then he noticed that the binder was gone. ‘Oh no.’ he thought, he hadn’t expected her to take it with her.

He walked up the stairs and looked out the office window, and the lights were on in Mandy’s bathroom and bedroom. He waited watching through the window until he saw her walk into the bedroom from the bathroom. She was completely naked and her large breasts looked fabulous as she towel dried her hair and they bounced around to the vigorous motion. Chris grabbed the office chair, and remembering his new found boldness, turned on the dim desk lamp so that he would be slightly visible in the dark room. He dropped his shorts freeing his erection and began to stroke it slowly looking out the window.

Mandy continued to dress her eyes drifting past the window. Did he imagine it or had she done a quick double take? He continued to stroke himself as she sat down on the bed facing him and began to brush her hair. His cock was already aching at the sight of her naked before him, the beautiful fall of her breasts and her long brown hair. He could see the dark hair between her legs as he stroked himself, and he felt his excitement starting to build. She sat as if staring absentmindedly out the window, and he wondered if she could see him at all with the glare of the bright light in her room. If she could, she gave no indication of it.

She reached to her night stand and grabbed a bottle of lotion and pouring a liberal amount onto her hand she began to massage it into her breasts and body. He was in ecstasy as he watched his cock leaking pre-cum as his hand pumped faster and faster. Then she spread her legs and he could see the glistening moistness of her sex as she spread the lotion down her thighs and calves. His whole body shuddered as the site of her pussy pushed him over the edge and he came with a loud moan, his cum shooting out into the light cast by the lamp in long bright white arcs of pleasure.

He sat back in the chair and took deep breaths as he looked across at his neighbor. She was looking at him now. There was no doubt about it this time, she was smiling too as she looked across the dark expanse between their houses. He knew she had just watched him cum for her, and the thought made him tremendously excited. His cock which had begun to soften began to grow hard again, and he reached down and began to fondle it as they stared at each other. Her smile grew a little more and he could see her nipples harden on her full breasts. Then quickly as if she had made up her mind she stood and walked to the bathroom taking her robe from a hook on the door and throwing it on. He felt his excitement sputter out as she turned and walked from the room.

The next morning he woke at his usual late hour and once again made the rounds of the house. There was a note from his mom saying she would probably be late tonight again, and to leave the door unlocked for Barbara if he went out. He was a little disturbed about the fact that she had taken the binder with her. What if she showed it to his mom? He shook his head; he didn’t think she would do that. He wondered if she intended to keep it. She should figure that he would miss something like that.

He ate a quick breakfast before heading to his normal morning perch by his mother’s bedroom window but was saddened to find Mandy was not pool side. He was about to give up when he saw someone else emerge from the house and cross to the pool. It was Sabrina in a lime green bikini. He stepped back from the window a little in shock and watched as she lay down in the same chair her mother had been in the previous morning. She had large breasts and full hips like her mother but was quite a bit taller, and her long legs and shapely neck gave her a gracefulness. She must be home for the summer he thought his hand almost instinctively falling to his cock as he looked at her laying in the sun.

Some motion caught his eye and he looked across to the house and the window of what looked to be an office, and was surprised to see Mandy opening the window shades and smiling at him. She was wearing her bath robe and as she saw him she quickly dropped it to the floor striking a pose and motioning for him to do the same with his, which he did without hesitation. His cock was rock hard as it stood out in front of him. He started stroking himself while he looked at Mandy but she shook her head and gestured that he should look pool side.

He looked down and his mouth must have fallen open as he saw Sabrina completely naked smearing oil on herself in the lounge chair. Her body glistened with the oil, and her completely shaved pussy could be seen even from his high vantage point. He watched as she spread the oil evenly over her body and large breasts, her hands stopping to pinch her nipples a few times before she lay on the chair her legs slightly spread allowing him to look at her pink smooth pussy.

His hand moved of its own accord as he looked at her, his cock so hard he felt like it would burst. He wanted to touch her smooth mound, to run his hands over her oiled body and pinch her brown nipples. His hand moved faster as he imagined grabbing her firm tits, and sucking on those hard little nipples. He leaned against the window forgetting his caution as his passion grew. He glanced over at Mandy in the office next door and she was stroking her clit as she sat in the office chair watching him get off on her naked daughter. The sight of her naked with her fingers shoved in her hot slit was too much for him and he shot his load over the window in a triumphant moan. He looked back down to the pool and Sabrina was sitting up holding her towel over herself and glaring at the window where he stood with his leaking cock in his hand.

She shook her fist at him before swiftly retrieving her bathing suit and heading for her house. ‘Oh shit, I am in so much trouble,.’ He thought. He looked to Mandy who was sprawled in the chair with her head thrown back and her hand still lightly resting on her now very wet pussy. She had obviously cum as hard as he had. He waved to her to try to get her attention but she seemed lost in the afterglow of her own pleasure. Suddenly she looked up as Sabrina came in the room still clutching her towel and looked at her naked mother spread eagle before the window, then looking across to the cum streaked window. At first she looked livid then he could see her mother talking to her and she shook her head in amazement. Then they both broke out laughing. Sabrina looked back to her mother and he could see them talking when Mandy nodded her head at the window. Sabrina smiled.

Sabrina walked to the window and put one leg on the ledge and pulled her pussy open with her fingers giving him a perfect view of her glistening slit. He felt his cock stir again and stepped up to the window to stroke his hardening meat for her. She immediately seemed to get into it as she saw him back in the window her fingers rubbing furiously on her shaved pussy. His cock grew hard again as he watched and stroked himself again.

She began rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples with one hand as her face contorted with pleasure. He could see Mandy behind her pleasuring herself again as she watched her daughter getting him off. He could feel another orgasm building in his aching cock, and Sabrina seemed to quicken her stroking as he did. He heard her scream even through the windows as she came and he shot another load of cum onto the streaked glass. His legs nearly failed him as he stood trembling against the window frame. Sabrina looked across at him and blew him a kiss before reaching over and drawing the curtains. This summer was certainly looking up he thought.

He was excited to see what Barbara’s reaction would be to the pictures she “found” last night, but he was torn on if he should meet her at the door, or hide behind the couch again to see if he might get lucky with the camcorder. As it approached 6pm, his nerves failed him and he took up his position behind the leather couch. She arrived in the usual manner just after six, and he heard her walk into the living room after her trip to the kitchen for water.

The sound of her gym bag was distinct as she dropped in on the hard wood floor. He heard her unzip the zipper as she pulled what must be his fabricated binder from her bag. There was the sound of pages turning again and he figured she was going to take one more good look before she stuck it back on the couch.

“Oh Chris you bad, bad boy.” The sound of her sitting on the couch was amazingly close as he lay there. “Ummmm, ohhh god I need to cum…” she moaned and he thanked the gods wondering what his camera would show him later.

He pulled down his sweats as he stroked his cock with increasing force. Her moaning increased almost at once and she let out another exclamation.

“Oh Fuck! Oh yeah cum, cum, cum!” she yelled as Chris was forced to slow his stroking on his cock in the quiet after her rapid orgasm. She must have been really horny to cum that quick he thought, and after all the action his cock had seen lately it would take a little more for him to cum this time. He didn’t mind as he figured the video he would be watching later would be more than ample to get him off.

“Oh that was good. Now what to do with this little naughty book so bad boy with think he just misplaced it.”

She was talking to herself, but he thought she sounded incredibly sexy as his hand continued to slowly stroke his throbbing cock. He heard the creak of leather and suddenly he was looking up into Barbara’s blue eyes as she leaned over to deposit his binder behind the couch. She took in the entire situation and instead of screaming, which Chris fully expected, she smiled. Her eyes locked on his swollen cock and she licked her lips as she smiled.

“Stand up mister, right now!”

Her voice left no room for argument as he struggled to rise with his cock waving in front of him rock hard. He fished for his sweat pants but somehow he had managed to kick them under the couch in his ministrations to his cock. As he stood he saw her workout shorts on the floor, and that her lower body was completely bare and his cock twitched at the site of her. She smiled and looked down at his raging hard on.

“You have had this coming to you mister,.” She said and in one fluid motion leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth.

He felt the incredible warmth of her mouth as she leaned over the back of the couch and sucked his cock, bobbing her head up and down his shaft. He was in pure heaven. He realized her naked ass and pussy were facing right at the camera as she sucked him and he felt the cum already boiling to the top of his cock.

“Oh god Barbara I’m going to…” his sentence faded into a moan as his cum shot into her mouth and she sucked it from him, her eyes now looking up at him as she swallowed every drop of his cum

.He had never felt an orgasm be so powerful, even this morning while masturbating for Sabrina and Mandy. She sucked him until he had completely stopped cumming then let his cock slide from her mouth with a soft pop. She smiled at him and sat back on her legs with her hands on her hips.

“That will teach you to tease me!” She said with a sparkle in her eye. At that moment the sound of the garage door opening could be heard. “Quick, lay back down!”

Barbara looked truly alarmed and he dropped to the floor, which was not difficult considering the state his legs were in after that. ‘God Barbara gave me a blow job!’ he thought to himself. He couldn’t believe it. He heard her quickly pull on her gym shorts and the quick squeak of her shoes as she walked across the room to the garage door to meet his mom.

The next morning he just about leaped out of bed even though it was earlier then he was used to rising. He made his rounds through the house and grabbed his usual coffee and toast before heading upstairs to his mom’s room. He checked the pool and found it empty before he decided to check the bedroom and bathroom view from the office.

He walked in and turned on the computer as he sat down in the office chair and looked across the way. The window next door was open and in only a few moments he saw Mandy cross the window. She glanced his way and saw him sitting there in his robe and a huge smile broke out on her face. She was wearing her robe and her hair was wet from getting out of the shower. She gestured to him to close his curtains by doing the same with hers. Though she pantomimed that she wanted him to keep them cracked and watch her. Whatever he figured, he stood and closed the curtains except for a crack to look through. Mandy smiled and gave him a thumbs up before holding her hands up and mouthing the word, “wait” to him.

She disappeared into the house and a few minutes later she returned with Mr. Nelson in tow behind her. She had dropped her robe and was splendidly naked as she dragged him into the room. She turned in front of the window and began kissing him passionately. He could see her fumbling with his pants and soon she had dropped them around his knees.

Mr. Nelson was a big man, taller even than him, but what he saw next stunned him. Mandy dropped to her knees and pulled down his shorts revealing the most massive cock he had ever seen. It had to be 9 inches long, and as big around as a salami. Mandy licked around the head before plunging it into her mouth. He could see Mr. Nelson roll his head back in pleasure as she stuffed his cock into her hot mouth. He thought of last night and he started stroking his already hard cock watching Mandy give her husband head.

Chris could feel his orgasm building when Mandy stopped and stood back up kissing her husband again. Her hand was wrapped around his massive cock and pumping away as she kissed him, and his hands alternated between her tits and between her legs. He could see Mandy squirming as her husband rubbed her pussy. Finally, she pulled away from him and bent over turning her ass to him as she grabbed the dresser next to the window. He could see her in perfect profile as her husband walked up behind her and in one fluid motion rammed his cock all the way into her.

Chris was stroking his cock hard now, thinking how his seven and a half inches didn’t even begin to compare to what he was seeing in front of him. Mr. Nelson held Mandy by the hips with his hands and pulled her into him as he drove his cock into her. Chris couldn’t believe she could take that whole thing inside her. Mandy’s tits were rocking back and forth madly as her husband fucked her. Her face held a look of absolute pleasure as she took his rod over and over again.

Chris could feel his orgasm coming and it felt like he was going to cum like a madman. Mr. Nelson was fucking Mandy faster and harder now, his hips almost a blur as he pistoned into and out of her. At last he threw his head back and yelled as he drove into her. Mandy pulled off him and turned to take his cock in her mouth again. A huge blast of cum shot across her face before she could take him in her mouth. Mr. Nelson grabbed her hair as he gently fucked her mouth, his cock twitching as it pumped out his cum. He could see Mandy swallowing as some dribbled out the sides of her mouth. At that moment Chris couldn’t take it anymore and he shot his load all over the curtains, one streak even shooting between the curtains to hit the glass.

Mandy stood and kissed her husband as he licked his cum off her chin. They both smiled and Mr. Nelson turned to retrieve his cloths. Mandy glanced at him through the windows and smiled and winked at him. The next moment they were both gone, disappearing into the house.

Chris collapsed in the office chair, his cock still leaking cum and his body panting like a dog. The curtains were literally covered with cum. He would have to clean that up before it dried and stained the curtains he thought. The image of Mandy sucking that enormous cock filled his mind and he felt his cock twitch in response to it. He still couldn’t believe Barbara had done the same thing to him last night.

He sat bolt upright in the chair. The tape! He had forgotten about the tape. Last night he had been so tired after she sucked him he had gone and collapsed in bed almost immediately. He staggered to his feet retrieving his robe and headed down the stairs.

The camcorder had kept running all evening since he had forgotten to turn it off so he would have to rewind the entire tape. He popped it out and inserted it in the VCR under the large TV in the living room. The VCR hummed as it rewound and he jumped at the loud click as it reached the end of the tape.

He punched play dropping into the leather chair nearest the screen. The picture came up and it was just the empty couch at first followed by Barbara entering the frame and dropping her bag. She bent over and pulled the binder he had made out of her purple gym bag. The camera was fairly zoomed in an the couch so she filled most of the screen, and her head was above the top of the picture. He could hear her open the book and thumb through the pictures. She turned to sit on the couch and in one pull of her hand dragged her spandex shorts off onto the floor as she sat down. She ran her hand through a shaved pussy with only a little tuft of hair at the top.

“Oh Chris you bad, bad boy.” The sound of her voice startled him slightly. It was so loud. “Ummmm, ohhh god I need to cum…” she moaned as she began rubbing herself while looking at the book beside her. He could see her pussy perfectly, and the moisture that was flowing from her hole.

Every detail of the night before was perfectly captured on the screen. He stroked his now hard cock again as he watched her jam her fingers into her open cunt, and her hips buck as she came all over herself. He watched and stroked himself as he watched her discover him and then suck his stiff cock, her soaking pussy and ass pointing right at the camera. Just as he shot his load in her mouth on the screen he came in his hand, his cum flying out onto the polished wood floor.

He sat panting as he stared at the screen with just the empty couch on it now. His mind was wandering as he absent-mindedly hit the FFW button on the remote and watched the screen fuzz in fast motion. He let his mind wander with his body awash in endorphins of pleasure.

His attention snapped back to the screen as something changed. He hit normal play, what was it. Then he realized the lighting had changed as the light in the Nelson’s house next door had come on. His living room window looked into their downstairs den, and someone had just turned on the light in the room. He craned forward and saw Sabrina walk into the picture in a long white evening gown looking absolutely stunning. The glare off the two sets of windows and the camera lenses made the view less than perfect, and the only sound he could hear was the silence of his house. The time counter in the screen indicated it was close to 1am.

Somebody else entered the screen with her, and he realized it was a man in a black tux with blonde hair, and roughly her own age. They immediately embraced and began to kiss each other passionately. Chris shook his head in disbelief. ‘Has the whole world gone sex crazy?’ he thought to himself. Eighteen years of nothing then the last week of masturbation heaven. As if in response to his thoughts his cock began to slowly stiffen.

The man reached up and unzipped the back of Sabrina’s gown and it fell to the floor revealing a white bra and garters and hose. Chris’s tired cock stiffened more at that site and he wished the picture was clearer. They continued to kiss and soon the man had her bra off and he was catching glimpses of her beautiful full breasts as he pinched and sucked on her nipples. He could tell she was really enjoying herself and the blonde man slid down to his knees, raising one leg over his shoulder. Sabrina had no panties on and he immediately buried his face in her shaved pussy.

Chris was stroking his now hard cock again. It ached from all the abuse it had received in just the last hour. He jumped in his chair as someone else entered the window area. It was another man with jet black hair. He was in the process of stripping out of his tux as he walked up behind her and reached around to pinch her hard nipples. She leaned her weight back into his now naked body, his hard cock nestling up between her ass cheeks. The man between her legs was licking her quickly now and she threw he head back and her body convulsed and twitched. The man behind her had to hold her up as she came.

The man behind her turned her and bent her over a large heavy chair and moistened his cock in the entrance to her pussy as the other stood and began ripping off his clothes. Her head arched back as he pushed his cock into her. Chris thought he was not as big as his cock, but she sure seemed to enjoy it thrusting into her. Her tits were firmer thaen her mother’s but even so they still bounced as the man fucked her pussy hard from behind.

The blonde man walked around in front of her and offered his enormous cock to her mouth. Unlike his friend he easily had an eight-inch cock that Sabrina greedily sucked into her mouth. Chris moaned wishing he could see with more detail. His cock ached as he pumped it, his pre-cum oozing down his shaft, and his balls aching in rhythm to his pulse. Both men continued to use her like this for some time till the blonde man getting sucked motioned to the couch beside them and the man behind nodded and smiled.

They both pulled out of her, one from her now dripping pussy and the other from her mouth. Sabrina looked like a wild animal that was about to attack one of them. The black-haired man with the normal sized cock sat down on the couch, and pulled her down onto his cock as she faced away from him. He plunged into her cunt several times before he pushed her up and Chris could see him adjusting his cock beneath her. ‘Oh my god he is going to fuck her ass!’ Chris thought his hand speeding up on his hard cock. As she sank down on his shaft he could see Sabrina motioning to the other man to come to her. The other man dropped to his knees between her legs and slowly shoved his huge cock into her pussy as his friend fucked her tight ass from behind.

Chris was close to cumming but his cock and balls ached so badly he didn’t know if he could cum again after doing it twice already so hard and so close together. The men were now fucking Sabrina with a slow steady rhythm that caused her breasts to bounce up and down as she rolled her head back, her mouth open, in an obvious scream of pleasure. Suddenly she began to jerk and thrash around as her body surrendered to orgasm after orgasm from the onslaught from the two cocks inside her. Chris could tell by the motions of both men that the tightening of Sabrina’s ass and pussy had pushed them over the line too and they were pumping their juice into her. Chris’s cock was so hard and he felt so close to cumming but he couldn’t get over the last edge. As the threesome collapsed into a tangle of arms and legs on the couch he too slumped back relinquishing his hold on his cock.

He watched the rest of the tape but the three only got dressed and the room went dark. About two in the morning there was a brief glimpse of his mother as she got home from wherever her and Barbara had been and made the rounds turning out the lights. The tape was dark after that.

When he finally stumbled into the kitchen later, he found a note from his mother saying she was having a dinner party that night to celebrate the closure of her latest deal, and could he please hang around to let the caterers in around 3pm and supervise them setting up. She would be home at five, and the guests would be arriving at around 6:30pm. She said if he wanted to invite some friends that would be fine. He dialed a few of his buddies and left them messages about the party, and told them to bring whomever they wanted, within reason. They usually showed up since his mom would let them all drink as long as they stayed the night and didn’t try to drive home. Since the house had three guest bedrooms and a number of couches, this was never a problem. Hell half of his friends had lost their virginity at his house while staying over with their girlfriends.

He went up stairs and collapsed on his bed and fell into a deep sleep for a couple of hours until the persistent ringing of the doorbell woke him. ‘Must be the fucking caterers.’ He thought as he crawled out of bed. Indeed it was and as they began to rapidly take over the entire kitchen and downstairs as he retreated upstairs to shower and do his miscellaneous grooming for the night. His mom always insisted he wear a tux since her parties were always formal, though she never cared when his friends showed up in any manner of dress. Fortunately most of them got tired of feeling out of place so at least put on something nice when they came over. His buddy Tony would usually even come in his tux too.

He left his jacket tie and cummerbund off for the time being and went downstairs to watch the caterers set up and see if there were any cute chicks working. He discovered two of the girls were very attractive, yet when he tried to talk to them realized they spoke no English whatsoever.

The afternoon crawled by until near five when his mom got home in a whirl of bags and boxes.

“Damn mom did you buy the whole damn store!?” he said with laughter in his voice.

“Close, now run out to the car and help me get the rest of the things would you. Take them up to my room would you?” she was out of breath and he could recognize the whirlwind mode coming on. Best to just do as he is asked and stay out of the way.

“There is more!?” he joked as his mother scowled at him. “Just kidding mom, I’ll grab it and be right up.”

“You’re a dear!” she called over her shoulder as she tried to manhandle the packages up the sweeping staircase. Why on earth she bought such a big house he would never understand.

He grabbed the dozen or so bags from the back of his mom’s car and headed up the stairs to dump them on her bed. She was already in the bathroom singing away at the top of her lungs, and he could hear the shower running.

He skipped back down the stairs and hung out watching TV. He had almost forgoten to take the tape out of the VCR from earlier, but luckily remembered and stashed it in his room. The caterers had transformed the formal dining room into an opulent spread of food, buffet style, and the sounds of cooking from the kitchen were still frantic and loud. He was used to this though, as his mother liked to throw one of these parties about once a month.

Guests started arriving about six. He answered the door knowing his mom wouldn’t be down for at least another half hour, but all her friends expected this tardiness, as it just wouldn’t be her otherwise. The first people were employees from her office. They were always a mixed crowd of people who genuinely wanted to be there, and others who felt it must be required to go to the bosses’ parties. Then some of the older friends of his mom’s started showing up. The place was starting to look like a party by six thirty and Chris found it increasingly difficult to juggle host obligations and the caterers. It was at this time Barbara showed up.

He opened the door for her and did his best not to stare. She was wearing a black dress with a short hemline that showed off her legs, but an even lower neckline that showed off her small perky breasts. He swore there was no way she could be wearing a bra, though he supposed she didn’t need one with her little breasts. She smiled when she saw him and stepped in to give him her customary hug, though it felt awkward to him considering what had happened the other night.

It was a short perfunctory hug but when her mouth was next to his ear she whispered to him.

“I love the way your cock tastes. You gonna let me have another taste?” she then pulled back and said in a much louder voice. “Chris you get more handsome every year, the ladies at college are in real trouble.” She swept around him as he stood there dumbfounded and disappeared into the growing crowd.

He had just finished closing the door when another knock caused him to spin on his heal and pull the door open again. There on the door step were his buds from school, Mike, Tony, Denny, and Travis, but they had girls with them. He knew them all from school, though nothing more than as friends of course. Kelly was with Mike, Amber with Tony, and Krista and Michelle looked like they had just come along on their own. Denny and Travis clearly looked like they wanted this to be otherwise.

“Hey guys, come on in, food’s in the dinning room. I gotta play host until my mom gets…” at just that moment his mother swept into the foyer in a completely over the top gold gown with matching shoes and sash.

“Sorry I took so long dear, go hang with your friends I can take it from here.”

She was already engaging the next couple who was walking to the door. Chris shrugged and motioned for the others to follow him to the food. They all loaded up and made a visit to the bar the caterers had manned in the den. The group began to break up at once in the large crowd and Chris found himself only passing one or two of them every so often as he mingled. He knew once things started to settle down she wouldn’t care if he disappeared, but for now he had to play dutiful son.

He had gone into the kitchen to get more bottled water for the bar when he ran into Sabrina. She stopped right in front of him and smiled up at him. She was wearing the same white gown from the video. He felt his cock twitch in his pants.

“Hey Chris, how are you?” she asked with a smirk that kind of irritated him.

“I’m good Sabrina. Gotta get some more water out of the garage for the bar,” he said and she nodded at him.

“I’ll go with you, might need some help,” she said with that same smirk. He just nodded his head as he opened the door to the garage and snapped on the light. His mom stored a stockpile of food and drinks in the storage room on the far side of the garage.

He opened the door and looked around for the cases of water in the clutter. The noise of the party was very faint out here. He bent over to grab two cases of water when Sabrina put her hand on his ass and slid it down between his legs. He jumped up and spun around. She was smiling very big now, and had a look like the cat who was about to catch the canary. When he spun around she just let her hand slide around to rest on his rapidly growing cock.

“Well, I have wanted to feel that for a while. Did you enjoy the show the other day?” she was still smirking as she rubbed his cock through his pants. He felt his anger rise a bit.

“Yeah, but I liked the one you gave the other evening with your two friends better. Though I have to say the site of you out of that dress is far superior to you in it.” Her face began to grow red and then she burst out laughing.

“Holy shit I can’t believe you saw that! That was the first time I have ever, ever…”

“Fucked two guys at once?” he asked. She nodded her head. “Well you sure seemed to enjoy it,.” he said

“Oh god I did, I think I’m hooked,.” she said as she continued to rub his crotch.

His cock was fully hard now and straining to escape his pants. Some little fear, some little bit of shyness he had always had fled him at that moment and he reached out to pull Sabrina to him. Her body was hot and soft as he mashed his mouth to hers. She kissed him passionately back for a few minutes before pushing him away.

“Holy shit you’re a virgin!” she exclaimed.

“What! I am not a …,” he stuttered trying to deny the charge.

“Look Chris, I have fucked enough virgins to recognize one, and you kiss like a virgin.” Now the smirk was replaced by a wanton smile. “This is going to be fun.”

She reached back and unzipped her dress letting if fall to the floor revealing the same white garter and bra, and shaved pussy. Chris almost came in his pants just at the site of her. She spun slowly in a circle for him before sliding her body up against his.

“Now let me teach you how to kiss me. Then I’ll teach you how to kiss these.” she said cupping her large breasts. Chris just nodded, his throat suddenly closed to speech. “Don’t pucker your lips so much, relax them, and wet them before you touch them to mine. Tilt your head just a little, and let the kissing slowly work to opening your mouth a little.”

He nodded as she leaned into him. He wet his lips and gently brushed his against hers. Naturally, almost as if by instinct he slowly lightly contracted his lips kissing her gently. He could feel the passion in him as he did so, and he became more heated his mouth parted hers and he felt her tongue dart just the tip into his mouth. His hand roamed up her body and found her breast. He began to squeeze it and caress it. Sabrina never stopped kissing him as she reached up and unhooked the front clasp and let her breasts fall free to his hands.

Their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths now, his kissing feeling more and more natural. Her firm warm breasts were under his hands. She broke their kiss for a moment.

“Caress my breasts, tickle them lightly, and make my nipples hard. Then caress them and lightly pinch them when they start to get hard.” The speech came out in a rush of works before she glued her mouth back to his, her hands fumbling to get his pants open and at his cock.

He caressed her breasts and found her nipples already hard. He lightly toyed with them and she moaned into his open mouth. He pinched each lightly in turn and felt her body shudder. She freed his cock from his pants and began to stroke him and he leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth. He sucked it lightly then dragged his teeth along it and her whole body shuddered. He bit it lightly and she moaned her hand picking up a little speed on his cock.

“Chris are you out there? We need that water, and grab some more Champaign too!” his mother’s voice was suddenly shrill and the sound of the party could be heard through the open door where she surely was standing.

“Okay mom, I’ll get it, be right there.” He rushed to stuff himself back in his clothes while Sabrina stood by with her mouth hanging open.

“You’re not going to leave me here like this are you?” she asked, with a bit of a pout and the sound of anger in her voice.

“I’ll be right back, just hold on a second.” He could see she was really worked up, and frankly so was he as he tried to button his coat over his raging hard on.

He grabbed the cases from the floor and staggered across the garage and into the kitchen where the cases where immediately taken by the caterers from him. He breathed a sigh of relief even as Tony walked toward him with a really pissed off look on his face.

“What’s up man, you look like someone just took your hit?” he said joking, knowing how much of a straight edge Tony was.

“It’s Amber. She just took off with some guy in his Porsche. What a bitch!” he shook his head as he looked at the ground. He looked kind of torn up he thought. Something devious clicked in his mind at that moment and he began to smile. Tony looked up and a puzzled look crossed his face.

“What are you smiling for? Damn man, it’s not funny,.” Chris shook his head.

“No, it is not that. I want you to do something for me.”

“What?” Tony looked wary, knowing now the look was one of mischief not amusement.

“Just go out to the pantry in the garage and get another case of water. Whatever you do, be prepared for anything, and go with the flow. Cool?” Tony was looking at him strangely. “Trust me on this one man. You can thank me later.”

“All right man, whatever.”

Tony disappeared through the door to the garage and it took all of his self-control not to burst out laughing. That would teach Sabrina to think she could control him like some toy sex puppet. Though his need now was very real from her teasing.

He turned and walked down the side hall that connected the large kitchen to the formal dinning area. As he headed into the living room, he saw Mike sitting on the couch already looking rather drunk, and Kelly sitting next to him with a scowl on her face. ‘Oh, looks like they are having a good time.’ he thought sarcastically as he headed to the bathroom off the den. As he walked into it he felt a sharp push and nearly fell as he was propelled into the room, banging his shin on the toilet.

“Ouch, shit!”

Chris spun around to see Barbara standing with her back to the door as he heard the lock button click under her hand. She was smiling a little, but mostly she had that lusty look on her face she had the night they had their encounter on the couch. She licked her lips at him and smiled a little wider.

“I have been trying to find you all evening young man, where have you been hiding?” she asked as she walked over to him placing her hands against his chest. “You haven’t been avoiding me have you?” she asked with raised eyebrows.

“No Barbara, just been trying to help mom out. You know?” He felt decidedly uncomfortable, but he was still very hard and turned on from his encounter with Sabrina.

“Hmmm, I was wondering if Sabrina had found you first, she had been asking about where you were for the last hour.” Her smile broadened as his face grew red and his mouth opened and closed several times. “Oh she did find you then?”

Chris felt a little of his self confidence return as he thought of her in the pantry half naked and turned on as hell when Tony walked in.

“Yeah you could say we talked for a bit.” He shuddered as Barbara’s hands caressed down his side and began to rub his still hard cock through his pants. Her face had become serious again now, and she licked her lips subconsciously.

“I’m gonna suck this big cock of yours again, but first it is my turn. You left me far too horny the other night and I deserve a payback before you get anymore.”

She let go of his cock almost reluctantly and slid herself up on the bathroom counter hiking her short skirt up as she did. He was treated to the site of her black stockings that ended in black garters, and her partially shaved pussy. ‘Looks like no one wore panties anymore,.’ he thought to himself.

She spread her legs wide exposing an already dripping pussy. “I want you to suck me Chris,.” she said, her voice husky with desire. He must have looked panicked a bit because she smiled again at him. “It’s okay, I’ll tell you what to do, come on before I change my mind.”

He dropped to his knees then, and could smell the rich musky scent of her pussy. It was the first time he had ever smelled this special scent, and he found his cock twitching in his pants to the wonderful smell. He had seen plenty of pictures of pussies but this was the first he had seen up close. It was a combination of pink and rich browns. There were two swollen lips protruding from her slit, each slowly opening like a flower. Inside he could see the softer pink of her pussy, and the very top of her clit peeking out.

“Now dear, just lick me around the sides for a bit, tease me with the thought of what your tongue will feel like. Only then start to use your tongue on me, but very lightly at first.” He obeyed, dropping his head to kiss lightly along her thighs and in the crease where her leg met her body. There was a light coating of her juices there and her got his first small taste of a pussy, its musky sweet smell and taste causing his excitement to build more. He kissed around her pussy, and down then back up her other leg. She was squirming now, trying to get him to lick her.

His first touch of his tongue to her pussy was as light as he could manage, and he slowly licked with just the tip of his tongue up the swollen lips protruding from her. Her entire body shuttered. Again he licked lightly up her pussy, the taste of her sex dribbling onto his tongue. The taste and smell of her drove him on and he continued to lick her applying more and more force with his tongue. Barbara writhed on the counter top as he licked her.

“Now kiss and suck my pussy Chris, suck my fucking pussy.” Barbara’s voice was even lower, almost a whisper, but he could plainly hear the need in her voice and he thought he might cum in his pants right there.

He opened his mouth turning his head slightly as he gently took both her lips into his mouth. Barbara’s hands grabbed his hair pushing him into her pussy as he began to gently suck her, his tongue flicking back and forth across her lips in his mouth. He could flick his tongue between her swollen labia and then touched her clit lightly. Barbara jumped like he had shocked her.

“Oh God easy with that,.” she said. He wondered if it was as sensitive as his cock felt when he got really hard, because it felt as if her clit was very swollen.

He started licking her clit through by flicking his tongue on her lips surrounding it. He then began sucking and playing with her clit through the protective covering of her own pussy lips. She began to moan softly and squirm on the counter. Chris could feel her legs trembling.

“Put your fingers in my pussy, finger fuck me while you suck me Chris,.” she panted. “Put your finger in and make the motion like you are telling someone to come to you with your finger.”

Her whole body was shaking now as she spoke. As she finished speaking Chris heard the door knob rattle from someone needing to use the bathroom. He ignored it.

He reached up and felt the bottom of her slit till his finger slid into her open hole. She jerked again like when he had licked her clit directly and he carefully pushed it the rest of the way into her, trying to pay attention to his mouth and the incredible feeling of her pussy on his hand. He could only imagine what that would feel like on his cock! He turned his hand palm up and began to stroke the top of her vagina with his finger. As he felt the smooth inner walls of her cunt he discovered a ridge of tissue that felt swollen like her pussy lips around her clit, and he ran his fingers down the length of it. As he did so Barbara moaned rather loudly and he wondered if anyone could hear her over the music.

He focused his finger on that spot, finding one area that felt a little wider thaen the rest and gently stroked that soft smooth place as he continued to suck her clit. Once he had the rhythm down with his finger he focused on her pussy, sucking the folds of her into his mouth, and licking the swollen area around her clit. He could feel her shaking increase as her flesh in his mouth began to swell. Her pussy lips became almost hard and he could feel the ridges in them as he licked and sucked them. At the same moment her pussy began to tighten on his finger, and he could feel the spot he was stroking swelling as well.

Barbara came with a great gasp of air and bit down on the hand towel in the rack next to her. Chris could feel her pussy contracting on his finger and the liquid pouring from her cunt onto his face as he gently liked her clit. Her whole body rocked to the rhythm of the contractions going in her soft swollen pussy, and he could feel his cock almost bursting in his pants. He licked her very softly as she finished cumming, thinking how sensitive his cock felt after he came but wanting to milk every bit of pleasure out of it for her. As Barbara stopped biting the towel and looked down at him he stopped and stood up immediately kissing her face, smearing her juices on both their lips. He remembered Sabrina’s lesson earlier, and the kisses were warm and full, and exploring.

She began to fumble with his pants as someone hammered on the door. “Hey people are waiting here, come on in there!” Chris jumped and pulled back from Barbara.

“Shit!” she said jumping down and pulling her skirt down. “Here, wipe your face off,.” she said handing him the towel she had momentarily stuffed in her mouth. He quickly whipped his face straitening his clothes and hair.

“I’m not letting you off the hook that easy mister, I want to fuck you,.” Barbara said before he could open the door. “Let’s go to your room.” Her face was almost ferial.

Chris nodded. “Okay, but I’ll meet you up there, I have to check on my friends to make sure they won’t come up looking for me.” Barbara nodded as Chris turned and opened the door. Just as he opened it Barbara spoke again in a loud voice.

“Thanks for helping me with my contacts Chris, I can never get it out when it gets wedged down in my eye like that.”

There were a few people waiting outside the door, and they all smiled as they passed them. Fortunately they all looked like people from his mom’s office, not anyone that would tell his mom her son had come out of the bathroom smelling of sex with her best friend. He turned to walk back into the living room and Barbara winked at him as she headed through the den toward the stairs.

He was glad his tux jacket hid the budge in his pants, even so he was finding it hard to walk. In the living room he saw Travis and Denny sitting on the couch drinking. They nodded when they saw him and he walked over and crouched in front of them.

“What’s up guys, where is everybody else.” Travis shrugged and shook his head.

“Amber left with some rich guy, and I haven’t seen Tony since,.” he said and Chris smiled to himself. Looks like Sabrina decided Tony was as good as he was, or maybe she thought he would be joining both of them. Travis went on.

“Mike passed out a little while ago and we dumped him in the guest room upstairs. I haven’t seen Kelly, though she was pretty upset when we dragged Mike off.”

That made him kind of angry, he had always really liked Kelly “Where are Krista and Michelle?” he asked.

“Beats the fuck out of us, they disappeared shortly after we got here. Dude, I think they are into each other.” Travis raised his fingers in a V and flicked his tongue in it imitating that they were lesbians. Chris reached over and hit him.

“Man don’t do shit like that at my mom’s party,” Chris said jokingly.

“Anyway man, looks like a dry night for us. None of the chicks here are interested in guys our age.”

Chris began to have another devilishly good thought. The smile that broke across his face must have warned his buds that something was up because they both sat forward as Chris hunched toward then and spoke in a conspiratorial tone.

“Maybe not guys, I can get you laid if you want, but it will be a little weird.”

“What are you talking about man.”

“Look, you gotta keep this a secret man, but my mom’s best friend has been hitting on me and trying to get me in her bed for a while now,” he said with a bit of exaggeration. Both his friends looked stunned for a moment.

“Are you talking about Barbara man? Holy shit she looked hot tonight!” Travis was positively drooling. Chris nodded.

“The very same. She is waiting in my room right now to fuck me, but if I do it my mom will kill me.” Travis and Denny looked even more stunned and he thought in a minute they might just start laughing hysterically. “Look, if you guys want her, you can have her. She is so horny now I doubt she will care if it’ is me, or both of you. Hell if you’re lucky the lights will be off and she won’t even realize it until your already going to town.”

Travis looked at Denny and they both started grinning and shaking their heads at the same time. For a minute he thought they were going to tell him he was nuts but instead they both got up clapping him on the back as they did so.

“You’re the king Chris man, don’t wait up for us.” Laughing they headed for the stairs and Chris crossed his fingers that he wouldn’t be seeing a very pissed off Barbara in a few minutes.

He collapsed on the couch leaning his head back. The noise and the excitement had been rather a lot for him and he needed a break from this crazy night. He wasn’t sure what had gotten into him. A few days ago he would have killed to have sex with Sabrina or Barbara, but now he felt different. They were very sexy but he felt like he wanted his first time to be more than a quick fuck. Plus they looked at him as a conquest, not as someone to share something with. Or maybe he had just cum so much in the last few days he couldn’t think straight. He chuckled to himself.

He was startled out of his thoughts by someone sitting down next to him on the couch. He looked up into Mandy’s clear blue eyes and almost jumped out of his skin. She smiled at him, but unlike her daughter or Barbara she looked kind, or maybe playful.

“Howdy neighbor, enjoying your mom’s party?” her voice was soft, deeper then Sabrina’s but they defintantly sounded like mother and daughter.

“Well it has been interesting,.” he said looking away and trying not to blush.

“I just wanted to tell you I had fun with you the last couple of days, and not to worry about it okay. I’m not going to attack you or anything, I just like to watch and be watched.” He looked at her and she was still smiling. “Besides, I think Sabrina had plans for you tonight,.” she said with raised eyebrows.

Chris chuckled, “Well she did, but I think I threw a wrench into her plans.”

“Oh really, is that why I saw her leave with your friend a little while ago?” she looked amused as she said this, and Chris had a sneaky suspicion she knew more than she was letting on.

“Well…yeah maybe. Did she look mad or anything?” he asked beginning to worry.

“Mad? No. Maybe a little flushed and rumpled. I would guess they were getting to know each other rather well somewhere, but that may just be mother’s intuition.”

Chris found himself relaxing with Mandy. She was easy to be around, and pleasant to talk too. She made the events of the last few days feel natural and normal, and he defiantly needed some of that reassurance right now. She was still smiling at him as if she was waiting for a response and he felt his misgivings slip away.

“Yeah well, she wanted to get to know me better, but somehow it didn’t feel right. I don’t know. I just don’t want to lose my virginity on some conquest or something.” He suddenly blushed a deep red realizing what he had just said. Mandy touched his arm, gently in an almost motherly way and nodded her head; her face serious.

“Chris if I had any doubts, which I don’t by the way, that you are a first class gentleman they would be gone now. That is the most wonderful thing I have heard in a long time, and good for you. I don’t blame you for not wanting to share such a special thing with my daughter. To be honest I think that girl will screw anything that moves!” she laughed and he joined with her.

It felt good to talk to Mandy, to have someone to share his feelings with. “Thanks Ms. Nelson, you make me feel a lot better.”

“Please, after what we have been through I think you can call me Mandy!” They both chuckled again at that.

“Chris let me teach you something if I might,.” she said with a serious look on her face.

‘God I have already gotten some lessons tonight.’ Chris thought as he began to tense up. “Do you know why my daughter and I, and the other women around you are attracted to you?” He shook his head no. “It is because you are genuine dear. You don’t play games, or put on airs, you just come across as you. A woman likes to be admired and wanted dear, and you do that openly without attitude. That is very attractive. You also give a woman your complete absolute attention.”

He sat puzzled for a bit thinking on her words. ‘Women had never been attracted to him had they? I mean until this week he had only kissed a couple girls, and then only as a peck on the cheek,.’ he thought.

Mandy squeezed his arm. “I know you’re thinking I must be off base here, but let me show you. Look over to where that girl in the pink dress is standing. I have seen her looking at you several times just since we have been chatting.” She gestured toward the TV.

He looked up and saw a young woman talking to an older lady by the TV. She wore a pink dress, and had a very shapely figure, and stylish glasses on. Chris thought she was really cute, and she held herself with a comfortable grace that was very flattering. As he looked at her, she turned her head and looked right into his eyes. His first reaction was to look away but he held her gaze for a moment bolstered by the hold Mandy had on his arm. The woman smiled a small pretty smile as she sipped her drink and looked slowly away. To Chris it seemed she was making fun of him, or teasing him.

“Did you see the way she looked at you when she saw you looking at her?” Mandy asked him. He nodded his head.

“She kind of looked like she was teasing me, or making fun of me or something. She definitely wasn’t interested in me,.” Chris said looking at Mandy. She shook her head laughing lightly.

“Chris. That look was a come on. She likes you, quite a bit I would venture. I would bet if you went and started talking to her and spent some time with her you could probably even get in her pants tonight. Watch her, I bet you she looks over again and smiles at you, then looks down and away again.”

Chris watched her again, and once more the lady in pink looked over at him and smiled, a little bigger this time. Then she winked at him before looking down and turning away. For a moment he was sure she was making fun of him with the wink, but then something in his brain clicked and he suddenly felt the mood she was trying to project. She wanted to appear both sexy and vulnerable, yet in control and sexually empowered. She was inviting him to talk to her.

Mandy must have seen the light come on because she laughed at him as he turned back to her with a big grin on his face. Suddenly in his mind came countless times he has seen looks like this and always avoided the woman. He remembered his date Karen looking at him like that, and he had assumed she was not really interested in him. He felt like he had just been handed a key to a room full of doors that had previously been locked.

“God help the women of this world for what I have just unleashed!” Mandy said laughing. “Now you know, but don’t go assuming that every woman who looks at you like that wants to jump you, it is just an invitation, an opening so to speak.”

Chris nodded. “Thanks Mandy, thanks a lot.” He said glancing back up at the girl who smiled at him again. “God I feel like I just found the light switch in a dark room.” Mandy squeezed his arm again.

“I am so glad dear,.” Mandy said rising from the couch. “Well I have to go. Need to take my husband Roger home now before he gets any ideas. We should be in our bedroom shortly,.” she said with a wink at him, and he felt himself blushing as she turned to leave, her full bottom swaying in her long black dress. God he loved her ass. Of all the girls here, her full ass was the most attractive to him.

The party was starting to wind down a bit he thought so he figured he would not be missed if he went up stairs for a bit. He smiled to himself imagining the show Mandy was probably going to give him. He headed through the crowd and up the stairs and instead of heading right and down to the office immediately he turned left and tiptoed down to the door to his room. The lights were off he could tell from the darkness under the doorframe. He stopped for a moment before turning away, and in that moment heard a grunt and a soft moan through the door. He leaned in closer and could hear a woman’s voice faintly say something.

“Fuck me, oh fuck me both of you…”

Chris smiled to himself. Sounded like Barbara was not going to be angry with him. Hell she might still think one of them was him if they had kept the lights off when they went in. Regardless looks like he would not be sleeping in his own room tonight. He turned and headed down the hall to the office.

He noticed the door to it was open and the light was on inside. Somebody must be up here he though, which was weird since upstairs was basically off limits. He walked to the door and looked in. Kelly was sitting on the small love seat against the wall crying softly. He walked in as he spoke softly to her.

“Kelly, what are you doing? Are you okay.” She jumped so hard it made him jump as he crossed to the desk chair and sat down in it facing her. “What’s wrong?”

She shook her head as she tried to dry her eyes. “I’m sorry Chris, I just had a bad night is all.” Her voice was broken from crying, and it went straight to Chris’s heart. He had known her all through high school and they had always been kind of friends. She hung out with Mike mostly.

“What happened?” he asked scooting the chair up close to the loveseat and putting his hand on her shoulder.

“Oh it’ is just Mike. He made a big deal about bringing me to this party, and I got all dressed up, and then he flirts with Krista all the way here and then gets drunk and passes out in front of everyone downstairs.” The words came out in a rush, as if she had needed to say them all night. “He is just such a jerk. I don’t know why I ever bother to hang out with him.” Her tears started to flow again and Chris almost on instinct shifted his body out of the chair and onto the couch next to her and put his arms around her. She buried her head in his shoulder and sobbed.

“It’s okay Kelly, just let it out. Mike is a jerk. I’ have known him since I was twelve and he has always been a jerk. He has to be crazy to not treat you better.” He stiffened a bit at what he realized he had just said. It had just come out, and he realized he had always liked Kelly but had never thought about approaching her in anything other then friendship.

She pulled away from him, and even with tears streaming down her face her green eyes and dirty blond hair framing her face, she was still stunningly beautiful. “You mean that Chris?” she asked sniffing.

“Of course I mean it. Look at you Kelly, all of the guys would kill to be with you. You’re smart, you’re funny, and you’re just cool to be around.” He felt even more self conscious, but the events of the evening had given him a bit of confidence he hadn’t had before.

Kelly looked at him and smiled, and then dropped her eyes as she looked away. He felt a tingle of recognition thrill through him.

“Why didn’t you ever ask me out then Chris?” she asked quietly. He thought for a moment, but he was feeling a rising confidence in himself after the events of the last few days.

“Damn Kelly, you were out of my league. I’m just a dork. I didn’t figure I would have a chance with you. Besides you were always hanging out with Mike and all. Why, would you have gone out with me?” he shrugged as she looked at him and smiled. He felt that thrill of recognition again from that look.

“Chris you’re sweet, but you are a dork. Any of the girls would have gone out with you in a heartbeat. We all like you,.” she smiled at him and looked a bit self-conscious. He opened his mouth once and closed it again smiling.

“Well how about that,.” he said smiling shaking his head and they both laughed. He looked at her seriously for a minute thinking things through in his head. “Hey Kelly, you want to go out tomorrow night?” Kelly laughed and smiled at him.

“Of course I will you big dork.” She leaned toward him and he took the hint, lightly kissing her on the lips. This kiss was different from the others with Sabrina and Barbara. It was gentle and firm, but unsure and honest too. That one kiss turned into another, and they sat holding each other on the couch, kissing for what seemed like ages. When they parted, he looked into her smiling eyes and then down at the pretty black gown she was wearing. Her breasts were nice, and her dress showed off ample cleavage. Her skin was very pale and soft, and the flush on her cheeks was very becoming. Then he looked over her shoulder and his mouth fell open. There were Mandy and Rodger naked in the window next door kissing. Kelly saw the look on his face and turned around to look.

“Oh my god, look at that!” Kelly almost squealed, but she did not look away. Chris watched her as she watched with rapt attention. Mandy dropped to her knees and began sucking her husband’s enormous cock. She looked both stunned and excited. “Oh my god, look at that thing,.” she said slowly, almost in a trance.

They both sat in silence as they watch Mandy suck on her husband’s rod before he pulled her head back and motioned for her to get up. He positioned her by the dresser as he had before and positioned his massive shaft in the entrance to her cunt moistening the head before slowly pushing it in. He began to stroke slowly, each thrust pushing it in a little more, stretching his wife’s pussy to take his huge meat.

Kelly turned to look at him and now the look in her face was the same as the one he had seen earlier in the night. It was the hunger, the passion boiling up from the base of her being. She almost lunged at him as she pressed her mouth against his, both of them tearing at each other’s cloths as they kissed. Chris felt all his inhibitions stripped away as he tore her dress off her as their mouths locked on each other. He pulled the zipper in the back of her gown as she pulled his jacket off and began working at his tie.

Her dress fell off her shoulders as she pulled his shirt open revealing his broad chest and small hard nipples. She wore a black lacy bra with a clasp in the front that Chris fumbled with for a moment before one of Kelly’s hands found it and released it for him. Her breasts were not huge like Sabrina’s, but full enough to fill his hands as he began to caress them and tickle her nipples gently. She moaned lightly into his open mouth expressing her pleasure at his hands on her breasts.

He pushed her down onto the couch and his hot mouth took one of her nipples in. He sucked and kissed it lightly before dragging his teeth gently up the nipple. Kelly arched her back as he teased her, then took her whole nipple in his mouth, flicking his tongue back and forth across it, his eyes looking up into her face contorted by passion.

“Oh god Chris, that feels so good. You’re driving me crazy.” Her voice was low her body writhed as he sucked her breast. His mouth found her other nipple with his hand he began to pinch and roll it between his thumb and index finger even as his mouth and tongue teased her other nipple.

“Oh your making me so wet…oh Chris.”

She had her hand hanging off the side of the couch rubbing his cock through his pants as he sucked her breasts. She fumbled with his belt and clasp for a moment before his cock sprang free into her hands. Chris heard her gasp as she realized how big he was, and he bit her lightly on her nipple before moving to the other breast, kissing his way between them. She moaned again as she stroked him.

He pulled on her dress and Kelly lifted her hips so he could slide it off of her. He paused and hooked his thumbs through her sopping wet panties and pulled them off with her dress. Her pussy wasn’t shaved at all like the others he had seen lately, but it was neatly trimmed. He thought it was by far the best one he had seen with its pink brown lips poking up through her brown hair.

He began to kiss down her belly as her hand continued to stroke him. As he neared her pussy he inhaled the light musky scent of her. It was different than Barbara’s, much fainter and subtler. It made him want to burry his nose in her and inhale deeply. As he kissed around her pussy and down and up her thighs her stroking of him stopped and he knew her entire attention was on his mouth so near her cunt. He could see her juices flowing out of her and pooling on the couch as he slid up her thigh and so softly licked the lips of her pussy in her soft brown hair. Her whole body convulsed and he could see more of her juices dribble out of her. He paused for a second to drag out the need before his own passion drove him on and he continued licking her in long strokes up her velvety lips, her taste sweet and salty at the same time.

“Ohhh, Ohhh, Chris god that feels so fucking good!”

She was stiff and her legs were trembling as he lowered his head to take her into his mouth. He began to suck her gently and slowly as he had learned from Barbara, and almost immediately her entire body began to buck and shake.

“Ohhhh Chris, Ungh, Ungh, Goooooood!”

She came with almost reckless force and he continued to suck her very gently. She had one hand in his hair and the other had begun to softly caress his cock again. He could feel her light jumps as he sucked her, and slowly her motions turned into thrusts to meet his tongue and he could tell she was building to another orgasm. He slid one hand up between her leg and the other found her breast where he began to twist and pinch it lightly.

She shuddered and she felt his finger trace around the entrance to her pussy, and his tongue began to flick back and forth across the swollen lips above her clit. He slowly pushed into her amazed at how tight she was and began to stroke her pussy with his finger, searching until he found the same swollen ridge he had found in Barbara. She moaned as his finger stroked it and focused his strokes in time to his mouth. He continued to pull and twist her nipple as he sucked and stroked her and once more her hand on his cock fell still as she was overwhelmed with his ministrations. He could feel her orgasm building as her pussy clamped down on his finger and her pussy lips swelled in his mouth. Her legs trembled and he heard a sharp intake of breath as her pleasure overtook her.

She came in complete silence except for some small grunting noises as her body rocked with pleasure. His mouth and hands stroked every last contraction out of her pussy. Her whole body collapsed into the couch as her orgasm subsided. Chris kissed slowly up her body until he found her breasts again, and teased them lightly before he stood and kicked his pants and shoes off.

His cock stood out stiff in front of him and Kelly immediately sat up and grasped his cock with her hand. She stared at him for a moment before kissing the pearly fluid oozing from the tip. She licked her lips and plunged his cock into her mouth sucking as much of his large cock as she could. Chris moaned and entwined his hands in her hair as she sucked him with wild abandon. All the orgasms of the past few days and the ones today helped him keep from coming immediately in her mouth, but he desperately wanted to feel her pussy wrapped around his cock now.

He pushed her back onto the couch his cock springing from her mouth with a soft pop. She smiled and then her face took on one of absolute lust as he straddled her on the couch, his legs pushing hers open, his cock laying on her soft belly. Hit gave each nipple a little bite as he lowered his hips and his cock slid down her wet lips. She shuddered her hands reaching out to grab his hips trying to pull him into her.

She slid one hand down and grabbed his cock, guiding him into the entrance to her sex, and slowly while his eyes locked with her he began to push into her. The head of his cock slipped in and he could feel the incredible pressure of her pussy on him. Her mouth was open and she almost panted and he slowly stroked his cock deeper and deeper into her. At last he felt his pubis collide with hers as he buried his entire shaft into her. He stopped for a moment his cock twitching inside her and kissed her gently. She smiled at him for a moment before he started to slowly stroke his cock into and out of her. At that she reached up and bit his lip before kissing him passionately.

As he stroked her, he ground his pubis into her swollen clit, his body stimulating her from inside and out. Her pussy felt so hot and silkily smooth on his cock as he pushed into her, and her mouth was sweet and passionate. He felt as though every moment of his life was somehow focused through his mind in this one event, this transition from boyhood to manhood.

He pulled his mouth away from Kelly’s and they stared into one another’s eyes, their bodies moving in a rhythm as old as a heartbeat, as sacred as a holly chant. Each stroke of his cock into her he could feel her tightening on him, and his balls began to constrict against his body. Each stroke they looked into one another and the boundaries between two humans melted away. The isolation of the human mind was no more as each movement connected one to the other, and their eyes shared their souls with the other. All the pleasure he was feeling was building from his toes to his head, and filled his body with an electric tingling so fierce and powerful his movements became autonomic as his body took over on the oldest dance of all.

Kelly’s mouth opened and her eyes grew wide as her orgasm built to a peak within her. It rolled across her body like waves caressing the beach with immense force, and yet amazing gentleness. At the moment Chris felt her contract upon him his orgasm shot stars through his head as he felt his whole being rushing into Kelly as he filled her with his cum. They never stopped looking into each other’s eyes, and for a moment they were one-person, not separated by physical being, but whole and fulfilled in both spirit, mind and body. For that fleeting moment there was no isolation of the human spirit, there was only union.

As the orgasm drifted away and they felt once again the fatigue and pleasure coursing through them Chris relaxed letting his body curve into hers. He kissed her face and neck lightly as he lay on her, and he could feel his cock and her pussy twitching in little spasms of pleasure. He lay like that for long minutes as she gently stroked his bare back, and he kissed her neck and shoulder. At last he leaned up to look once more into her eyes.

She was smiling, and her eyes were bright and shining. He kissed her lips gently and smiled back into her eyes.

“I don’t know what to say to you,.” he said ,his voice soft and gentle, his mind awash with emotions. “That was the most amazing experience of my life.”

Kelly smiled at him. “Me too. You don’t have to say anything Chris. I felt it too.”

He nodded and nuzzled her face with his before kissing her again. He smiled suddenly, a mischievous smile. “You still want to go out with me tomorrow night?”

Kelly suddenly looked serious and shook her head no. “No. I think we should stay in tomorrow night.” Her face broke into a smile and they both laughed the tension in the room relaxing into a gentler comfort and ease.

“Oh shit, Chris said as he leaned up and looking out the window. Kelly did as well to see what the neighbors were doing. What greeted them was quite a site. Mandy and her husband were sitting on the bed, and standing to the side of them was Tony and Sabrina. They were all naked, and when they saw them sit up to look they all began applauding most enthusiastically.

Chris snorted out a laugh before looking at Kelly with worry. She was very red but smiling, and they both broke out into gales of laughter. “Should we give them a bow?” Chris asked in jest but Kelly jumped up dragging him with her and they gave a full stage bow at which point the audience applauded even harder.

Laughing he walked to the curtains and drew them closed before turning back to Kelly. She was flushed but smiling and radiant. She stood naked facing him unashamed or self-conscious, even as he stepped to her and took her in his arms. He held her for long minutes before they pulled apart slightly looking at each other.

Kelly spoke softly, “Well I never expected to lose my virginity like that,.” She said as she looked at the now curtain-covered window a smile on her face.

“God, me either!” Chris said chuckling. Kelly looked surprised for a moment.

“You mean? That was your first…” Chris nodded and she smiled even bigger before kissing him passionately.

“There is another guest room down the hall, are you going to be staying?” Chris asked a little nervously. Kelly smiled before kissing him passionately again her hand sneaking between his legs to rub his growing cock.

“Let’s go to bed shall we?” She said and Chris led her from the room and down the hall.

“To bed yes, but not to sleep.” He said with a smile.

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