Couples Story Fantasy

Allie and Friends at the Beach

“Nothing sexier than a lawyer in a suit, with her hair up, right after she’s won a case!”

It was just something Rayma had overheard in a bar once. Now, as she strutted home from a great interview past the municipal swimming pool, she wondered. Nothing? Not even a lawyer in a bikini, shaven clean down below like she used to be?

She was still feeling beautiful in her black business suit and two-tone purple silk blouse. No amount of bikini envy could destroy that on this triumphant morning. The tight skirt and well-cut coat had her sweating profusely in the bright summer heat, but that had only intensified the pleasurable itch of anticipation for tearing Sam away from his bar exam studies when she got home. The stage was set for the sweetest of studybreaks! Still, she mused as she surreptitiously admired the many topless guys beyond the fence and envied the very scantily clad women among them, she probably should have taken a different route home.

It wasn’t so long ago that she could have been among them, Rayma thought wistfully as she tamped down a frustrated thought of how she would look in a bikini now. It had been entirely her own decision to join the I-can’t-wear-a-bikini club and embrace her natural beauty. Sam adored her natural appearance with her vast, wild bush — which he called her “black diamond” due to its shape and hue and his immense treasuring of it — and the sense of camaraderie she enjoyed with Allie and Darlene was absolutely priceless. But everything had its price, and Rayma couldn’t deny that she occasionally missed turning heads in a bikini at the pool or the beach.

All her frustrations about that were set aside — though not forgotten — once she arrived home at the tiny apartment she and Sam had been sharing since last fall, for she was fairly glowing with success and summer sweat when she opened the door to find Sam hunched over his study guides.

“How’d it go?” he asked, not looking up.

“Fantastic!” she declared. “They want me back to meet the partners.”

That was enough for Sam to look up. “Wow! Congratulations!” But he remained in his seat.

“Is that all I get, dear?” Rayma grinned.

“Sorry!” Sam stood up and came around the table to embrace her. “Just stuck in test prep mode, you know? I haven’t even showered yet.”

“Well, how convenient,” Rayma said. “I’m dying for a shower myself after the walk home.”

“Oh, well,” Sam pulled back. “Why don’t you go first, then?”

Rayma kept a lid on her exasperation — the poor thing was awfully stressed over the bar exam, after all — a feeling she recalled only too well. She watched him retake his seat and go back to his reading, and then she got an idea. “Oh, very well, then, I’ll go first.”

“Take your time.” He didn’t look up.

Rayma pulled her coat off and set about unbuttoning her blouse. “Oh, I will,” she said. “I mean, I really need to after getting all sweaty out there, don’t I? It’ll take a lot of soap and steamy water to wash it all away, no doubt. But first, I’ve got to get out of these clothes!” With her blouse now unbuttoned, she tore it off with a flourish and was rewarded with an admiring but frustratingly fleeing look from Sam.

Undeterred, she continued. “Did I ever tell you how good it feels to get out of my bra on a day like this?” she asked as she reached behind and did just that. “So much better to set the girls free!”

“I believe it.” He said it with that hungry grin of his, but didn’t actually look up to see Rayma rubbing her breasts to savor the relief.

“But you know,” she cooed, pausing to unzip her skirt. “They’re not what need a shower the most.” She pushed the skirt down around her hips and stepped out of it. “No, it’s the black diamond that needs it the most.” Leaving her panties on for the moment, she patted the fat bulge in the fabric that had wisps of hair showing on all three sides. “She’s really going to need a nice soapy scrub, you know, after being confined in my hot, stuffy panties all morning.”

“Rayma!” Sam cried out in frustration, throwing his pen down. “Come on, you’ve already passed and I just don’t want to let us both down by failing, you know, and here I am…” He finally looked up to see her peeling away her panties to reveal her huge bush in all its natural glory, smiling at him through her frustration as she kicked them to the side.

She ran her fingers through the matted hair and was not at all surprised to find it damp from her thoughts on the walk home. “And here you are what, Sam?” she asked.

“And here I am, a fool for the black diamond all over again,” he admitted sheepishly. He stood up and Rayma was thrilled and flattered, but not surprised, to see his shorts bulging.

“You’re not a fool, Sam,” Rayma said. “Just a man with very good taste, who needs a break and a shower anyway. Come on, undress and join me. Please?”

Rayma wasn’t sure which she enjoyed more — watching Sam peel his clothes off, or standing naked in the bathroom doorway and basking in the glow of his adoring looks and his rock-hard cock as he did it. When it caught in the waistband of his boxers and bounced up and slapped his belly, Rayma couldn’t help herself. She reached down and began stroking herself, her middle finger disappearing completely in her bush but rustling it in the most enticing way. When Sam pulled his shirt over his head, he saw what she was up to and his face dissolved into his goofiest grin. Rayma burst into giggles but didn’t stop playing with herself. This was well worth not being able to wear a bikini!

“Careful, it needs a good washing!” she squealed as Sam swooped her up into his arms and then ran his fingers into her bush.

“Then no point in worrying about getting even messier now!” Sam said. His fingers took the place of her own, and she arched her back against the doorjamb as he slipped the first finger inside. His other fingers massaged her furry mound as she loved so much, while the one rubbed her gracefully from within.

“Ooooooohhhh…” Rayma bobbed up and down and grabbed at the wall to keep her balance. “Faster, Sam! Faster!” Still holding one hand against the wall, she gripped his shoulder with the other as he did stroke faster, inside and out. With his free hand he squeezed her right breast lightly. His well-practiced teasing of her nipple with his thumb was the final touch that brought her off with a deeply satisfied grunt, and she threw her arms around him. “Now let’s go clean up your mess, shall we?”

As the steamy water fell, Rayma watched with her usual adoration as Sam soaped up her pussy hair with shampoo, and also as usual she scooped a handful of it to rub up and down his still-hard penis, which she tickled gently as she did. “You’re the most ticklish guy I’ve ever been with!” she teased as he laughed at her touches.

“Yeah, I ought to be used to it by now, shouldn’t I, with all that hair always tickling me!”

“And you know you love it!” She kissed him and threw her arms around him. “Mmm, a wet naked hug…that beats even passing the bar exam, doesn’t it?”

“Says the one who already has passed it.” But Sam returned the embrace.

“You’re going to do fine!” she said, stroking his cock again. “But if you’re going to concentrate, we need to do something about this, you know.” She thought about reminding him of all the many masturbation breaks she had taken while studying for the exam, but she had no doubt that he remembered every one of them.

Minutes later, patted dry on every part of her body but one, Rayma lay back on the bed and beamed up at Sam as he shut the door. She had forgotten about her moment of insecurity by the pool, but when she spread her legs it came flooding back. It did not spoil the joy of knowing what the sight did to Sam, and if anything it only intensified her pleasure at his reverent fingers in her huge bush as he started making love to her. But it was there all the same.

The window was open and the warm urban breeze offered just a hint of the sounds of the city below. But Rayma’s moans and screeches drowned everything out easily. Once again Sam wondered if they mightn’t be disturbing neighbors on nearby floors, and once again he realized he hoped it more than he feared it. Once again Rayma’s insecurities disappeared for the time being as she enveloped Sam ever so lovingly within. She would never trade such joy for looking sexy at the pool for guys she didn’t even know!

“So unfair!” she opined after her second orgasm, not even counting the one in the bathroom. “I shouldn’t have all the fun!”

“You don’t hear me complaining!” he grunted, and to her delight he didn’t slow down. Not until he hit his own crescendo and she felt him explode inside her in the most delightful way. “God, that never gets old!” she exclaimed, stroking his hair as he lay his head on her breasts.

“Best studybreak ever,” he declared. “But…”

“Oh no you don’t!” Rayma clamped her legs shut. “You’re not going anywhere just yet!”

“Ohhhh, thank you!” he replied. “That feels so awesome.”

“Oh, you just wanted me to do that!” Rayma burst out laughing. “Well played, Sam, very well played.” She squeezed her vagina as tightly as she could around him for good measure. “Careful what you wish for, dear.”

“That’s never gotten me in any trouble yet with you!” Sam laughed, and then kissed her and rubbed her breasts with his hands. After their lips parted, he pulled out. “Sorry, dear, but I really do have to get back to studying.”

“Oh, I know,” Rayma said. She curled up and admired the last look at his body as he pulled his clothes back on. “Let me know if I can help with studying.”

“You already have!” Sam took a long appreciative look at her body, and he was gone.

Rayma rolled onto her back and stretched her legs out. She felt beautiful. Who cared what anyone else thought?

And yet, why did she have to even ask herself that?

Rayma knew why, all too well.

Allie had told Scott before about her memories of admiring her aunts’ and older cousins’ bodies at Aunt Marina’s poolhouse when she was younger. But of course he wanted to hear it again as they headed to Aunt Marina’s for their first visit as a couple, and her first visit since going natural.

Allie was more than happy to repeat the story anyway, for she was equal parts turned on and nervous as she gunned their rental car down the expressway. “Remember, I didn’t know I was going to grow up to be a bush queen,” she reflected, feeling herself get wet as she anticipated changing into her swimsuit with an audience of her relatives. “And I didn’t know my cousins and aunts were, either. If they even were — maybe I’m exaggerating what I saw in my memory now that I know how I turned out.” She flashed a grin at Scott, knowing how her very hairy pussy turned him inside out.

“I sure hope not,” Scott quipped.

“I’ll bet you do, you naughty boy!” she replied. “Anyway. That was before we moved down south, before Corri poisoned my mind on the whole ‘pulling a Felicia’ thing, and all I knew at the time was how grown up and elegant their pussies looked with that nice dark hair, and I couldn’t wait to have a triangle of my own. God, I wish I could’ve kept that attitude all along!” The memories of the itching, cuts and hassle that came with shaving still had the power to annoy her now that she had come to love being the natural hairy lady she was. All those years could have been so much easier!

“Allie, I’m just glad you came to love your body in the end,” Scott reassured her. “You’re the one who taught me that’s what’s most important, after all.”

Allie grinned. “Thanks. I needed that.”

“Did you really?” Scott asked. “You’re the most confident woman I’ve ever met about these things!”

“I guess this just takes me back to a time when I never even imagined I’d need to be confident about it,” Allie said. “And the memory of what came in between kind of bugs me.”

“What came in between. Like meeting me and the Hallowe’en party and putting Darlene’s brother in his place? Not to mention bringing Sam and Rayma together?”

“Don’t forget the nudist camp,” Allie quipped.

Scott laughed. “Yeah, I do tend to forget that one. But I didn’t know you yet, after all.”

“Thanks,” Allie said, now feeling more aroused than ever as she recounted the lovely adventures she’d had, most of them with Scott at her side. “I guess it still stings a bit that I let Corri bully me for so long.”

“Whatever became of her anyway?”

“I never heard from her again after that day at the nudist camp. I have no idea what happened.”

“And it really doesn’t matter, does it?”

“Not a bit,” Allie agreed. The traffic having thinned out quite a bit as they got farther out of the city, she got an idea. “You know, Scott, talking about this has me awfully wound up.” She took one hand off the wheel and pulled her skirt as far up her legs as she could, and flashed him an inviting smile.

“Is that safe, Allie?”

“Not at all.” But she was still grinning as she said it, though she did keep her eyes on the road.

Scott never had been able to resist such an invitation, and now was no exception. Allie spread her legs as far as she could while keeping her right foot on the gas and, though she couldn’t look down, she soon felt the wonderful sensation of Scott slipping his fingers inside her panties. He started off by teasing her abundant pussy hair as usual, and she could feel the tiny tug as he wrapped the damp follicles in curlicues around his fingers and then let go. Allie was grinning ear to ear with anticipation even before he started rubbing her lips and clit, wondering if any of the other drivers on the road would have an inkling of what they were up to.

She inhaled sharply at his first stroke around her clit, as he circled it expertly and left her silently begging for more. Before she could even let the breath out, he gave her more: a lush, leisurely brush with his thumb, while he wiggled his middle finger further down and then inside, to her delight.

“You’re sopping,” he teased.

“Your fault!” she gushed in a husky voice, wiggling her left leg intensely, enjoying the frustration that came with having to hold her right still. She started to follow that comment with something, but promptly had to settle for only a yelp of joy as his finger tickled her vaginal walls. “Ohhhh, that’s beautiful!” she screeched. “Do that again!”

He did, several times. Soon Allie was thrusting her hips up as far as her seatbelt would allow, loving the pleasant frustration of her confinement nearly as much as Scott’s gentle inner stroking, which never let up for at least two miles. With the windows rolled up and the radio on, Allie had no qualms about moaning out loud.

Scott began rubbing faster as his fingers started to get tired, and with a final flourish of his thumb hard against her clit, he brought her off. Allie only just managed to keep her eyes open as she roared in joy. “Thank you!” she said in a mellow tone as he withdrew his fingers.

“That ought to put you in a good mood for meeting the relatives, huh?” Scott quipped.

“I could use that,” Allie admitted.

Scott didn’t need to ask what that meant. He knew Allie had, after some uncharacteristic angst about her body, decided to buy a bright blue one-piece swimsuit without a skirt. A modest cut for most women, but a daring one for Allie with her huge bush. “I’m just tired of having to hide something perfectly natural and harmless, especially when the skirt never stays down in the water anyway” she had explained, “And they are family. They won’t care.”

“Are you sure about that?” Scott had asked her.

“No,” she’d admitted after a moment’s thought. “But it’s who I am and I’m not going to apologize.”

There was no need to apologize on their arrival just in time for lunch. Allie’s Aunt Marina was beyond thrilled to meet Scott at last, and she hurried him through an introduction to her two other aunts and half a dozen cousins whose names Scott forgot nearly as soon as lunch was served. One cousin whose name he did not forget was Paige, an extremely talkative college sophomore who insisted that he and Allie stake out a corner of the table with herself and her boyfriend, Mike. “Hope you don’t mind, Scott, but Allie was my rock in the family when I was a troubled teen and I haven’t seen her in a while, and girlfriends just have to catch up! Hope you’re the kind of guy that understands that.”

“He is, Paige,” Allie reassured her. “I’ve been looking forward to meeting Mike here as well.”

“Wouldn’t have missed this,” Mike said. “I figured any cousin of Paige’s had to be gorgeous, and sure enough!” He flashed a cocky grin the like of which Allie recalled all too well from high school and college — the mark of a guy who had no idea how inappropriate he was being. But after exchanging sympathetic looks with Scott, she kept her cool.

A few more inopportune comments from Mike notwithstanding, the early afternoon passed agreeably. Scott sat quietly and enjoyed listening as Allie and Paige got caught up. All the while, an amusing thought tickled him: after all the stories about Allie admiring her older cousins in the poolhouse when she was younger, perhaps the younger cousins like Paige would feel the same about her? He could hardly wait to ask her, but that would have to wait until they were alone.

For all Allie’s bravery about her new swimsuit, Scott had his doubts that she would go through with wearing it. Judging from the look she gave him when Aunt Marina announced that anyone who liked was free to go in the pool, it appeared her doubts were lingering up to the end. But she did stand up and announce that she would be joining in. “And you guys?” she asked Paige and Mike.

“Wouldn’t miss it,” Paige agreed.

“All these bathing beauties? I’m there!” Mike said. Paige punched him on the arm but didn’t quite look disapproving. Allie did look disapproving, but by then she had him pegged as the bare-pussy type. That only strengthened her resolve. It would not, after all, be the first time she had put a chauvinist pig in his place.

As she would be able to confirm hours later, Scott was right: Allie did find herself hoping her younger cousins would admire her natural beauty the way she had done with the older ones. One of those older cousins, Gia, happened to arrive in the women’s side of the poolhouse shortly after Allie and Paige arrived. “Allie!” she exclaimed in surprise on opening the door. “I didn’t even know you were coming today!”

“I wouldn’t miss this!” Allie said. “It’s been way too long!” She had her skirt and top off, but she paused in her undressing to give Gia a hug. “Have you met my fiancé, Scott?”

“Is that the guy in the green shirt? I’ve seen him but haven’t met him.”

“That’s the one.” Allie resumed undressing, and couldn’t resist a glimpse at Paige, who had all her clothes off already. She was clearly in a hurry to get her tiny bikini on as quickly as possible, but not before Allie could see she was completely shaven down below. She could only hope that was Paige’s decision and not Mike’s.

Allie and Gia continued their impromptu catching-up banter. Since Allie had a head start on undressing, she had all her clothes off well before Gia did. As it took a few moments for her to dig her swimsuit out of her beach bag and she was more interested in hearing how her cousin was doing than in covering up (and, she would have admitted had anyone asked, her exhibitionist streak and a desire to show anyone who cared that the little girl they once knew had grown up), Allie spent a good few minutes standing there in the nude talking to Gia. She was vaguely aware of Paige taking a rather long look at her bush before going out to the pool, and of Aunt Valentina coming in from the patio to change. Only when Gia started to put her suit (a bikini, albeit less skimpy than Paige’s) on did Allie follow suit — more than enough time to notice, as she had always suspected, that at least some of her cousins were not as well-endowed down below as she had always remembered them being.

The blue swimsuit fit just as well as it had when she’d tried it on in the shop, and Allie felt perfectly elegant as she blossomed forth poolside. She was also perfectly aware that she was the only woman under 50 or so in a one-piece suit and of course she was aware of the readily visible wisps of hair that peeked out onto both of her thighs, not to mention that her thick, dark triangle was visible behind the brightly colored fabric of her suit — the classic Felicia look, as she had always called it. Also as always, Allie was proud of her natural beauty and refused to show any embarrassment. She had made up her mind to ignore any dirty looks, but she had fully expected to receive some. And so she couldn’t be sure that there were any or that there weren’t. Once the initial rush of her appearance had passed, she didn’t care.

Scott was chatting with Aunt Marina, who was also in a one-piece suit. “Hey you,” she said, slipping her arm around him.

“Hi, sweetie,” Scott said, kissing her cheek.

“Thank you so much for bringing him home, Alessandra,” Aunt Marina gushed. “He’s a perfectly delightful young man! You ought to give all your cousins lessons on how to attract one like him!”

Allie couldn’t help laughing. If only she knew what had attracted Scott to her! “I’ll do what I can, Aunt Marina,” she said. “But there’s only one of him.” Not wanting to go any further down that particular alley, she took Scott by the hand. “Coming in the pool?”

“Of course!”

The water was warm in the afternoon sun, a lively round of water polo was soon underway, and Allie soon lost all qualms about her appearance — with one exception. More than once over the course of the afternoon, she noticed Paige and Mike looking askance at her. She couldn’t guess just what they were thinking, but she had no doubt as to what they were thinking about.

Nevertheless, it was a wonderfully stimulating afternoon for Allie. By the time the party started breaking up, she felt beautiful and invincible. Two things happened afterward that threatened to take the wind out of her sails. While neither quite succeeded, both served as an unsubtle reminder that the statement she made in her swimsuit was a controversial one.

The first happened shortly before dinner. Allie was on her way back from the shower when she passed by Paige’s room. The door was ajar, and Mike’s voice was loud and clear. “You think she knows?”

“She must,” Paige said. “I mean, that must be why she was wearing a one-piece suit. Obviously she can’t wear a bikini.”

“She could if she got a waxing.”

“Too lazy, maybe, or maybe she just doesn’t care. I love Allie, but she always was a little weird. I feel sorry for her, though. Imagine going through life with a beaver like that — yuck!”

Allie hurried on her way to the room she and Scott were sharing, and thanked her lucky stars Scott was downstairs already and couldn’t see the ungodly shade of red she knew her face must be. She can’t wear a bikini…though Allie had been describing herself quite proudly with that very line for a good four years now, it sounded oddly insulting and confining coming from someone else. Or maybe it was just because that someone else was her beloved Paige. So much for setting a positive example for her younger cousins!

She was still smarting from the overheard conversation when the second incident happened, just after dinner. About a dozen hangers-on had stuck around for the meal, so Allie was able to position herself and Scott at the far end of the table from Paige and Mike. By the time it was over, she had calmed down and was thinking about how — or if — she ought to confront Paige on what she had heard. She was carrying dirty dishes out to the kitchen and thinking about what to say when Aunt Marina cornered her by the sink.

“Alessandra.” It was a stern tone, one she had rarely heard from Aunt Marina before. And yet Allie had little doubt what the matter was.


“Would you mind telling me what you were thinking with your appearance at the pool this afternoon?”

Allie’s heart leapt, but she had known this might happen and she kept her cool. “Probably the same thing everyone else was, Aunt Marina — that I need to lose a few pounds here and gain a couple there. But I didn’t let it bother me much. After all, everyone else had their own insecurities.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it,” Aunt Marina said. “I was referring to your…your grooming. Down below. Or the complete lack thereof. Allie, you’re an adult woman!”

Allie turned around and returned her aunt’s glare. “Yes, and most adult women have hair on their bodies. Especially me. And I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.”

“No one is suggesting you ought to be ashamed; only that you ought to keep it covered!”

“Have you said this to any of the guys? Most of them had hair showing, and a lot more of it than I did!” She managed to keep a straight face as it occurred to her that Scott, for one, had less pubic hair than she did.

“That’s different and you know it, Allie!”

“No, it isn’t, not really. It’s just a double standard and I choose not to comply with it.”

Aunt Marina sighed and shook her head. “Allie, I didn’t want to have to tell you this, but some of the others were quite uncomfortable with your appearance. Linda’s two girls were almost in tears, they’re afraid they’re going to grow up to look like you! Is that what you want?”

Allie recalled her two much younger cousins lounging about the poolside all afternoon, batting their eyes at every boy who walked by and mouthing off at all the other girls and doing very little else, and she couldn’t help smiling. “You know, Aunt Marina, I do in a way. It’s perfectly possible that one or both of those little brats could grow up to be like me. And maybe — just maybe — they’ll recall how I embrace my difference and I’m comfortable with my body, and they can be too. What’s wrong with that?!”

Aunt Marina, to her credit, clearly stopped to think about what she had said. At last she replied, “Nothing, Alessandra. Absolutely nothing. But please don’t call your cousins ‘brats’ at least.”

“Even if they are?”

“Yes. Even if they are.”

After dinner, Allie broke with the tradition holding that all the women helped out with clearing the table and washing the dishes. (Scott tried to break with the same tradition by helping, but the older women shooed him away as if he were trying to enter the ladies’ room.) She brought her own and Scott’s dishes to the kitchen, cast Aunt Marina a meaningful and scornful glance, and left.

Arriving upstairs, Allie shut their bedroom door firmly behind her and leaned against it to let out a sigh of frustration and relief all at once. Scott jumped up from their bed. Misinterpreting her irritation, he said, “I’m sorry, Allie, I did try to help with the dishes –”

“Relax, Scott, I’m not angry about that!” Allie took Scott in her arms. “I know how Aunt Linda and them get about the men trying to help.”

“That must drive all the younger women crazy.”

“It would if their husbands and boyfriends ever offered to help. But I think you might be the first one who ever did!” That made her laugh in spite of everything, and she squeezed him tighter in her appreciation.

“Then what is wrong?”

“Beauty standards. They’re what’s wrong. They’re why even my family thinks I’m a freak when I go natural.”

“Not that jerk Mike!” Scott said. “I had a feeling he’d make some stupid comment. But you don’t care what he thinks!”

“It’s not just Mike.” Allie shook her head and pulled back from Scott. She looked near tears, but she held her composure. “It’s Paige. Paige, whom I’ve always thought admired me like a favorite older sister, and now I know she thinks I’m a freak!” Allie ran her hands through her hair and then clenched her fists in frustration. She opened her mouth to add the news about Aunt Linda’s two little brats, but realized she welcomed their scorn. But not Paige’s.

“That’s…awful, Allie. I’m really sorry.” Scott hugged her again.

“Thank you for not trying to make excuses,” Allie said. There were no excuses to be made on this one. “I’m used to some people thinking it’s repulsive, that’s always been an issue. But not anyone I care about.”

“What about Casey?”


“Your friend, the one with the ‘pulling a Felicia’ thing?”

“Corri,” Allie corrected. “Yeah, we were best friends from way back, but I always knew she was a little bitch underneath it all. I didn’t want to think that about Paige.”

“Maybe Paige isn’t,” Scott said. “What did she say to you exactly?”

“Nothing! That’s what makes me so mad! She didn’t even have the courage to confront me about it. I just overheard her and Mike talking about me like I belong in a circus freak show!”

“Maybe she was just agreeing with Mike to shut him up. He does seem like the kind of guy who’d expect that of his girl.”

Allie nodded. “Could be. But she didn’t just agree with him, Scott, she said she felt sorry for me!”

“Then shouldn’t you feel sorry for her, Allie?”


“Well, I know how you carry yourself, especially with respect to…that. Remember, that’s how we got together in the first place, isn’t it? You scream confidence, at least about that. Anyone who thinks you deserve pity, well, they really aren’t paying attention or they’re just not very bright!”

“But Paige isn’t stupid, and she’s known me all her life!”

“Then maybe she didn’t really mean it, don’t you think? Like I said, just trying to impress Mike.”

Allie thought about it and nodded. “I hope so. I mean, I hope she’s not a boy-crazy fool, but…”

“She’s young. We all make mistakes. You know, maybe you could even help her see the light on that.”

“There’s a lot I’d like to make her see right now,” Allie grumbled. She realized a moment too late just what it sounded like she might want Paige to see.

Scott, also understanding a moment too late, joined in. “Well, that has worked for you before, after all,” he said. Then something else occurred to him. “Remember how you first came to hope you’d grow up to look just like you do now underneath?”

Allie nodded. “Right here. My older cousins…you know, that’s another thing, Scott. I saw one of them change in the poolhouse, and she was nowhere near as bushy as I am! I always wondered if I was overestimating that in my memory, and I guess now I know.”

“Then you’re even luckier than you thought!” Scott couldn’t help grinning.

“You would say that,” Allie replied with a sad smile.

“Oh, come on, Allie! You love being hairy as much as I love you that way! We both know that!”

Allie nodded. “True.”

“I don’t blame you for being hurt over Paige, but if she thinks you’ve got a problem, it’s her problem, not yours! And if I know you, you’ll find a way to set her straight.”

“I was already thinking about that,” Allie said. “I guess I’m just too wound up to do it right now. Besides…” The sparkle returned to her eyes and she tightened her arms around Scott. “…I can think of a better way to cheer me up.”

“Are you sure you want to? Now?”

“I was going to say no sex in this house, too weird. That’s one reason why I…you know, in the car. But now I feel like we ought to show them just how little there is to be sorry for! Besides, this whole thing has me feeling kind of sweetly vulnerable.”

“I don’t see you vulnerable too often, Allie.”

“You do all the time!” She pulled back and pulled her top off, and Scott followed suit. “You just don’t see it that way because I’m so safe with you.” Matter-of-factly she pushed her shorts and panties down. “But it’s there all the same. And at a time like this…” she ran her own fingers across and through her big bush. “…it’s sweet. Bittersweet, kind of, but sweet.”

“Bittersweet…” Scott exhaled the word in disbelief as he reached down and began teasing Allie’s triangle just the way he knew she loved it; she got her own hands out of the way by unbuttoning his shorts. “It breaks my heart to think you could ever be bitter about this, Allie. The things it’s always done to me, from the very first time I saw you in the pool…”

Allie laughed, and the bitterness washed away in the joy of his fingertips frolicking in her bush. “That was so adorable, Scott, the way you kept trying to be such a gentleman and not quite succeeding!”

“Thank heavens I didn’t, huh?”

“You said it!”

As she liberated his hard cock and began rubbing it gently, their lips met in an easy familiarity and she enjoyed his gentle tickling. There were no more regrets about Paige now; all Allie wanted was Scott’s lovely cock inside her. No need to rush that, though, and she enjoyed every bit of his teasing fingertips as her pussy grew wet with desire and his own response to her loving touches grew more intense. For several minutes, there were only the most fleeting of caresses on her lips and inside, and she welcomed the sweet teasing as they stood locked together.

As usual, Scott’s focus down below meant Allie was stuck in her bra — the only article of clothing left on either of them — for a lot longer than she’d have liked. When it finally came to be unbearably confining, she gave in and reached back to undo it herself. Scott opened his eyes and let out a guilty chuckle. “I forgot that again,” he confessed.

“They do like a bit of attention too, you know,” Allie said as she pulled it away and let her breasts fall free, and in the same motion she gave him a gentle push so he fell onto the bed. With a triumphant flair she climbed atop him, took his cock gently in her hands and slipped it into her hungry pussy. “Mmmmm.” She resisted the temptation to close her eyes and better savor the lovely fullness — it was even hotter to look down at Scott and appreciate his own response to being enveloped. As she made her first gentle pushes, she gathered up his hands and placed them on her breasts. “Didn’t I tell you not to forget these?”

“How could I?”

His fingers were still damp with her own arousal, and made his expert strokes on her nipples all the more intense as she began rocking harder atop him. “Oh, Allie, love that!” he groaned as the pace increased. As things got more intense, his caresses on her breasts grew to firm rubbing and kneading, almost to the point where it might have hurt if they hadn’t had so much practice together. But they had, and Allie thrilled to his expert touch as she rode him into a wonderfully uninhibited orgasm. “Oh, yes!” she yelled out loudly enough to surely be heard up and down the hall, but in that beautiful moment she didn’t care.

Neither did Scott, who was just behind her as her intense climactic thrusts brought him off as well. As Allie finally came to a stop, still clutching him lovingly within, Scott sat up and buried his face in her breasts, kissing them appreciatively. Allie threw her head back as she held him tightly. “Beautiful,” she murmured.

“Yes, you are,” he said.

After a few minutes’ afterglow and snuggling, it finally occurred to Allie. “We were loud…do you think the others heard us?”

“God, I hope so,” Scott said.

Allie laughed, but then grew serious. “Scott, this is my family. They knew me as a little girl!”

“And they all know you’re not that anymore, don’t they?” That lightened Allie’s spirits, but Scott wasn’t done. “After the way you were feeling before, Allie, don’t you think they deserve a hint of what we’ve got? How happy you are just the way you are?”

“Yeah,” Allie said, and she gave him a triumphant squeeze. But she wasn’t sure it was enough.

There was no further confrontation with Aunt Marina about just who else had been “quite uncomfortable” with her at the pool, but of course it was an open secret that Paige and Mike were among them. So Allie was quite taken aback at breakfast the next morning when Paige invited her and Scott to join them for another swim before they left. “Please, Allie, we didn’t really get any close-cousins time together yesterday, did we? It could be the last time for a while that we’ll get the chance!”

Allie had managed to keep her hurt over Paige’s overheard comments to herself, and she kept up the charade. “Yeah, it would be nice,” she admitted. “But Scott and I do need to beat the traffic…”

“All the more reason you should come swim with us!” Mike piped up. “It’ll have you nice and relaxed if traffic is bad.”

“And you’ll beat the rush hour as long as you leave before one o’clock or so!” Paige insisted. “Come on, guys, there’s plenty of time.”

Allie looked back and forth between the two of them, and was surprised at first to see Mike looking just as hopeful as Paige. All at once she figured it out — they wanted another look, whether it was morbid curiosity or because one or the other of them secretly liked it, or both. Very well, then, she would give them all they wanted and probably a lot more. “Okay,” she said, “You’ve talked me into it.”

“Are you sure?” Scott asked.

“Completely,” Allie said. “Let’s just wash these dishes and go get changed.”

“You can change in the poolhouse, silly,” Paige said.

“That’s what I meant,” Allie said over her shoulder as she disappeared into the kitchen. But it wasn’t. She knew, as Paige no doubt did, of the gap behind the mirror in the poolhouse where the girls could see into the guys’ side, and undoubtedly the other way around. How very convenient if Paige could coax her over to the mirror while she was naked and give Mike a nice long look…but Allie had a better idea. Since neither Paige nor Mike offered to help with the dishes, Allie had all the time she needed to explain her plan to Scott while they were in the kitchen.

Ten minutes later, Allie and Scott strode down the hall to Paige’s room, he with his pool garb and towel clutched in one hand, she dressed only in her bathrobe. “Hey, Paige! Mike!” she called out as she knocked on the door. “Let us in, I’ve got something to show you!”

Scott had to struggle hard to stifle his laughter at just what she had to show them, but he had himself under control when the door opened and Paige and Mike stood holding their swimsuits and towels. “What’s up, Allie?” Paige asked.

“Guys, I’m sorry,” Allie said. “It’s this old house, I suppose.”

“Sorry about what?” Paige asked. “What about the house?”

“The walls are pretty thin,” Allie said. “And it’s way too easy to overhear each other.”

“We haven’t overheard you say anything,” Mike said.

“That’s right, and what’s that got to do with what you wanted to show us?” Paige asked.

“It’s I who overheard you,” Allie said. “Last night, when you were talking about my appearance in the pool.”

Paige at least had the decency to look embarrassed. “Oh, Allie!”

“And that’s what I’ve got to show you,” Allie continued. Smiling through her mild embarrassment, she pulled the sash on her robe and pulled it away in one fell swoop.

“Allie! What the…Whoa! Geez!” Their shocked commentary rang together in an inarticulate harmony, and sure enough, both their eyes were drawn like magnets to Allie’s bush. “Allie, what are you doing?!” Paige sputtered.

“Giving you exactly what you want,” Allie said, hands on her hips as she glared back and forth at them both. “And in a much more comfortable setting than sneaking a peek in the poolhouse, wouldn’t you say?”

“What are you talking about?” Paige demanded. “What do you mean sneaking a peek?!”

“Give it up, Paige, she figured us out,” Mike said. “I’m…” he looked up into Allie’s unforgiving eyes. “I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything, buddy,” Scott said. He clamped a hand on Mike’s shoulder. “Let’s get lost and let them have a woman to woman talk, shall we?” Without waiting for an answer, he pulled Mike out into the hallway. Mike took one long last gander at Allie’s body but didn’t resist.

Allie heard the door shut behind her, but her gaze was locked on Paige, who was sitting on her bed and looking ashamed. “Paige,” she said somewhat more gently than her earlier tone. “We’ve always been so close. You’re my favorite cousin. Or were anyway.”

“Allie, could you please put some clothes on for this at least?” Paige snapped.

“No,” Allie said. “Not after what you said last night. Feeling sorry for me and repulsed by my body? Thinking I’m clueless about my appearance? And was it you or Mike who was desperate for another look? Or both?”

“Mike,” Paige admitted. “He said it was like a circus freak show, he just had to have another look.”

“Is that why you shave yours, Paige? Because Mike says so?”

“No! I like the way it looks and feels. It’s not to please men. You know me better than that!”

“I thought I did,” Allie said. “But I also thought you looked up to me for being openminded and believing in myself.”

“I did! I still do!”

“Then do you have any idea how much of both of those it takes for me to wear a bathing suit without shaving?”

“Hadn’t thought of that,” Paige said. “I just…I’m sorry, Allie! It’s just that, I mean, everyone noticed what was showing, you know, and we were all wondering, does she know? But you must have, of course, and then I thought, does she just not care? And –”

“Of course I care,” Allie said. “I love my body, and I love how unique it is, and I love the way a big bush looks and feels. I don’t expect everyone else to agree — although Scott loves it, if you’re wondering, and in fact that’s how we got together in the first place — but if they don’t like it, they don’t have to look. I don’t see where pity comes into the picture at all. Did it look like I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday?”

“No,” Paige admitted. “It’s just that I kept thinking, what if I were that hairy? Shaving would be such an awful chore then.”

“It’s not as bad as it sounds,” Allie said. “I shaved for years, you know, and I never even knew how full my bush was until I decided to grow it out. But look, all I’m saying is I enjoy being a hairy woman, I don’t need anyone’s sympathy, and honestly, I’m just really disappointed in you for reacting the way you did.”

“I’m sorry, Allie.” Paige looked near tears. “I never meant to hurt you.”

“Thank you.” Allie leaned over onto the bed and hugged Paige. “I’m sure you didn’t. Just please try to be a little more respectful of unorthodox beauty the next time you see it, okay?”

Paige nodded. “Of course.” Then, with her tears drying, she grinned. “So Scott likes it, does he?”

“He loves it. A lot of guys do, you know. Some of them even have a fetish for it.”

“Dare I ask how you learned that?”

“I’d rather not discuss it in this house,” Allie said. “Some things could get back to my mother that way.” Mom did not ever need to know about the nudist camp or the Halloween party, thank you very much! “But I can show you some examples if you want.” She turned to Paige’s computer. “Do your parents monitor the sites you visit?”

“I don’t think so,” Paige said. “Besides, if you’re going to a porn site, the ones my dad looks at are probably worse.”

“I don’t even want to know how you know that,” Allie said. “But it’s pretty mild porn anyway. Ever hear of”

“Sure,” Paige said. “I even tried reading a few stories there once, but they mostly weren’t very good.”

“Most of them aren’t,” Allie agreed. “But there’s this one guy who writes beautiful stories about women like me…” With a few clicks she had his story list pulled up.

Paige looked at the screen name. “YDB95? What does that stand for? Does it mean anything?”

“I have no idea what it means,” Allie admitted. “But he really knows how to portray a hairy pussy as the sexiest thing on earth. If you can’t understand how I could embrace my natural beauty, I think this will help.”

“Thanks, Allie,” Paige said, giving her another hug. “I’ll think about Mike’s attitude, too, I promise.”

Of course the planned swim did not happen, and as soon as Allie was dressed they were off for home. There was little talk of the altercation on the drive, except when Allie confessed, “I’m really disappointed in Paige. I sure hope I got through to her.”

“How could you possibly not have with that beautiful body?” Scott asked with a grin.

Allie was mollified, but still irritated with her beloved cousin.

Darlene had always known Neill’s family was quite well-to-do. But Neill’s own laid-back, unpretentious demeanor had never given any hint of just how well-to-do, and the controversial matter of Darlene being three years older had always precluded any chance of Neill bringing her home. Now, though, with her law degree and his undergrad both done and a job waiting for her out West and him tagging along to look for work out there, an introduction before their departure had been deemed absolutely necessary.

Now, sitting across from Neill’s mother on the patio at their country club as they all sipped gin and tonics, Darlene was getting the full effect of just how well-off her beloved really was.

At least his mother, who had graciously invited Darlene to call her Mrs. Pennington, had taken to her reasonably well. “Such a pity Arthur couldn’t be here to join us,” she said. “I do think he’d have adored you, Darlene, but that conference in Brussels was not going to run itself.”

“Come on, Mom,” Neil piped up. “You know what Dad thinks of lawyers.”

Darlene laughed before the older woman could object. “You can just imagine all the lawyer jokes I already have to put up with, and here I’ve only been one for a few weeks!”

Mrs. Pennington gave her son a stern look. “I do hope Neill hasn’t made you think his father would hold that against you. A man like him needs plenty of help from the likes of you, if it comes to that.”

“Oh, no, Mrs. Pennington,” Darlene reassured her, once again wishing she had chosen a more modest outfit than the sundress she had worn to the club; she felt positively naked among all the well-coiffed ladies flitting about the café. Looking at Neill for moral support, she added, “I don’t think he ever gave me any reason to think Mr. Pennington would have any problem with me.”

“Indeed, my dear, I have little doubt Arthur has nothing but admiration for Neill being so bold as to ask an older woman out.” She gave the comment just enough time to make Darlene visibly uncomfortable before she smiled and went on. “Oh, I assure you, Darlene, any concerns I had have passed. I will tell you very frankly, it’s not the way we did it in my day, and that did give me some pause. But Neill has had only the kindest things to say about you from the very first time he mentioned your name. And now I see he was quite right in that.”

“Thank you!” Darlene felt uncharacteristically shy, but forced herself not to look down.

“Honestly, Darlene, it was most unlike Neill to take a chance like he did with you. I don’t know just how you drew the dear out of his shell. I wish I could have been at the coffee shop to witness it myself!”

“Coffee shop?” Darlene gave Neill a quizzical look; they’d been out for coffee together dozens of times, but she couldn’t recall any major milestone of their relationship taking place there.

“Where we met, silly!” Neill said, a meaningful look in his eyes.

“Oh, right!” Darlene said. “Of course! Sorry, Mrs. Pennington, I guess I’m still a little nervous.” It went without saying that Neill would never have told his parents how he and Darlene really had met, in the shower after her strip show at his fraternity house.

“There’s no need to be, my darling,” Mrs. Pennington said. “Quite frankly, I’m relieved that he ended up with a lovely girl like you, given some of the creatures I’ve seen on that campus. Shaved heads, unshaven legs, army boots with a skirt, even a topless girl or two — Arthur and I always were concerned he would bring some disgusting feminazi freak home!”

“Mother, there’s no need to use that word!” Neill said as politely as he could, knowing what Darlene thought of such things and hoping she knew he agreed with her.

“Perhaps not,” Mrs. Pennington concurred. “But tell me, Darlene, you have seen the type, haven’t you?”

“It’s a very diverse community,” Darlene said, smiling through her irritation. “You can find one of almost everything there.”

“Diverse is one word for it,” Mrs. Pennington said. “Perverse is another, I think. Surely Neill told you about that freak show they had in his house at Halloween a couple of years ago?”

Darlene’s heart leapt in her throat, but she managed to keep a straight face. “I think he mentioned it, yes,” she said. Turning to Neill, she asked, “It was a striptease, wasn’t it?”

“Yes-” Neill began, his eyes reflecting the uncomfortable bemusement Darlene was sure he could see in her own.

“Not just a striptease,” Mrs. Pennington interrupted. “A striptease with three bearded ladies, or some such!”

“They didn’t have beards,” Neill corrected. “They just didn’t shave…anywhere.”

“Same thing, if you ask me,” Mrs. Pennington said. “I’m all for a woman’s right to do as she likes in this day and age, but show some pride in your appearance at least. I’d love to know what those girls were thinking.” Her drink now being empty, she set her glass down. “But enough of all that. Shall we go for a swim?”

“Darlene, what do you think?” Neill asked.

“We did bring our suits, didn’t we?” Darlene said a lot more defiantly than she felt.

“Indeed,” said Mrs. Pennington, standing up. “I’m off to settle the bill; Neill can show you where the locker rooms are. I’ll see you in the pool.”

“You told her about the Halloween party?!” Darlene said incredulously as soon as the older woman was out of earshot.

“No!” Neill reassured her. “I’m not stupid! You know Hal O’Rourke? She knows his mother and she told her all about it. I just admitted it was all true when she asked me about it, and of course I didn’t tell her anything about you being involved.”

“Oh, okay,” Darlene said, and she stood up to follow Neill’s lead to the locker rooms. She did indeed remember Hal, having showered with him several times at the frat house. He had always seemed to share Neill’s fondness for her big bush, hence his frequent visit to the showers at just the right time (which Darlene had been fine with as long as no one tried to touch her, and Hal never had), and so she was surprised he had spilled the beans. But it didn’t matter now.

But Darlene had something more pressing on her mind. “Thank God she won’t be changing at the same time I will,” she told Neill. “But I wonder what she’ll think of me in my swimsuit.”

“You brought a dark one, didn’t you? So it won’t show?”

“That’s right, no Felicia look for me today,” Darlene said with a note of embarrassed amusement, knowing that absence would disappoint Neill a bit.

“It’s not like she’s going to go looking for that,” Neill said. “Besides, the men’s locker room has private changing areas and showers, so I’m sure the women’s does as well.”

He was right, to Darlene’s relief. Though she was just as unabashed about her natural beauty as Allie and Rayma — indeed, she was the only one of the three who had never been a shaver to begin with — Mrs. Pennington’s comments had not gone down well with Darlene’s already-present nervousness about meeting her. And so it was with some uncharacteristic shyness that she stepped into a vacant cubicle and set about changing into the black and gold patterned one-piece suit she had bought just for the occasion when Neill had mentioned a pool at the club.

It was, Darlene chose to believe afterward, only because of that weakened frame of mind about her body that she let the comment bother her as much as it did. Maybe it was even the one and only reason why she overheard the squealing dialogue between the two girls just beyond the door to her cubicle as she was undressing. In any event, hear it she did, loud and clear.

“Ohmigod, your dad’s gonna kill you when he sees you in that!”

“Duh, that’s why I packed my one piece! He doesn’t even know I got any bikini, never mind this one!”

“He doesn’t really think you wear that frumpy old one-piece, does he? What, does he think you’re still twelve years old or something?”

“Oh, I know!”

Behind the door, Darlene clenched her fists angrily around the not-at-all-frumpy suit she had been just about to put on. She took a deep breath and looked at her beautiful nude body in the mirror, and reminded herself that the two unseen young women had been talking a lot like twelve year olds whether they looked like it or not. She then reminded herself that she didn’t even know what they looked like, nor had they seen her in the elegant suit she had so been looking forward to wearing, and in which no one would ever mistake her for a little girl.

It was no use: the comment had stung. For one thing, age twelve was, she mused, probably the last time she had been able to wear a bikini without shaving. She couldn’t recall ever letting the loss of that option bother her, and since getting to know Allie and Rayma she had outright embraced it; but still, it was an option so many women had without any extra grooming effort whatsoever but she did not. All those years of simply choosing to stick with more modest swimsuits…was it really what she wanted, or was it because she had no choice?

You do have a choice, she reminded herself. Anyone can shave. Allie and Rayma both did, and they’re both hairier than you. But it felt like a hollow, unconvincing excuse, even as she pulled on the black and gold suit and found it as perfect a fit as ever, with no betrayal of her big bush that she could detect. Darlene set her face in a smile and feigned utter confidence as she strode outside to meet Neill and his mother. Slowly her real confidence returned as it proved to be an enjoyable afternoon in and around the pool, with no further snobby comments from Mrs. Pennington and no inappropriate observations about Darlene’s appearance.

But Darlene was still feeling a bit frustrated hours later when she was getting ready for bed. Neill didn’t pick up on the frustration right away when he came back from brushing his teeth and was greeted with the sight of Darlene standing before the full length mirror in her underwear, examining herself critically. “Well, hello there!” Neill purred. “What a lovely sight!”

Darlene’s stern face melted into a grin and she turned to him. “Thanks, Neill. I needed that.”

“Why? You know how beautiful I think — know! — you are.”

“A couple of girls in the locker room made me feel like a real frump this afternoon. And I’m sorry, but your mother had a hand in it too.”

“Look, she has no idea it was you and your friends at that Halloween party!”

“It’s not just that. It’s the comments about grooming, too.”

Neill laughed. “You have no idea how conservative my mother is. Whatever she was referring to about grooming, it wasn’t that.” On “that” Neill gestured to Darlene’s floral print panties, which as usual were bursting with wisps of hair on all three sides, which as usual had him hard as a rock.

That was gratifying to Darlene as always, and she smiled. But it wasn’t quite enough. “It wasn’t just her either. Tell me, Neill, before you met me did you think one-piece swimsuits made women look childish?”

“No! A well-designed suit is so beautiful and sexy — I always thought that! Just what did these brats in the locker room say, anyway?”

“Just what I just asked you about,” Darlene said, turning back to the mirror. “I guess they were all wound up about wearing a bikini in public for the first time, and it got me thinking that’s something I’ve never done. So I’m trying to envision how I’d look in one.” After another once-over of her own body, her eyes lingering on the telltale hints of her big bush, she asked, “Do you think I could pull it off?”

“Of course,” Neill said without hesitation.

“Even with this?” She patted her bush.

“Well, that’s the best part for guys like us, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, of course you and Sam and Scott would love it,” Darlene said. “But in general?”

“In general, who cares what guys think as long as you’re happy with it?” Neill said. “Besides, you think Scott and Sam and I are the only three in the world who like it?”

“I guess this would be a good way to smoke out others who do like it,” Darlene mused, a wicked grin growing on her face.

“Yeah, any time you decide to trade me in for a younger model,” Neill quipped, taking her in his arms.

Darlene laughed, relieved that they had come to the point where their three-year age difference was safe to joke about, and returned the hug. Feeling her bra come undone, she returned the favor and unbuttoned his shorts, hesitating teasingly as she drew the zipper over his taut bulge. “Hmm, something must be done about this, I suppose,” she cooed.

“And I know just the one to do it,” Neill said. After pulling her bra away, he took a breast in each hand and kissed her waiting lips as he rubbed her nipples. As Darlene was already giving in to her usual husky moans, he added, “Just try not to be too loud.”

“He said, teasing my boobs into a frenzy,” Darlene replied. They shared a laugh, and Darlene did do her best to keep her responses as quiet as possible as she pulled his shorts and boxers off and wrapped her hand around his hard cock. He nudged her gently back onto the bed, probably expecting Darlene to let go. When she didn’t, he toppled over on top of her and they laughed a bit louder. “Shhh!” Darlene teased between giggles.

“You’re not going to make this easy either!” he said.

“Why would I?” She squeezed harder.

“Two can play at that game!” Neill slipped his hand into Darlene’s panties and set about teasing her clit and lips with all five fingers. After one delighted squawk, Darlene managed to keep the volume turned down, but her hushed responses were as intense as ever. “Please,” he whispered as he ran his fingers playfully through her lush bush, “Don’t ever shave this!”

“Never!” Darlene agreed, the second syllable turning into a happy grunt as she felt his middle finger slip gently into her wet pussy. “Oh…don’t stop!”

He did stop, just long enough to pull her panties off, and then resumed his playful fingering. Darlene grabbed a pillow and held it against her face to muffle the noises she had no chance of holding back. Neill was glad she couldn’t see him smirking at her makeshift solution. He took further advantage of the element of surprise to dip his hard cock playfully inside just up to the tip, before pulling back out to tease her wet, hairy lips, drawing equal parts frustration and pleasure. “God, Neill!” She pulled the pillow away to look up at him.

“Beautiful,” he grinned back at her.

“Yeah, it was. Now put it back in!”

“Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about this, okay?”

“Okay! Now put it back in!”

Slowly, reverently, he did, thrilled as always at the sight of his cock vanishing into her furry treasure. As Darlene rolled her head back in pleasure at his rhythmic pushing, Neill kissed her neck and ear. “There’s nothing frumpy about you, you know that?”

“Right now I do!”

“Whatever you wear at the pool!”


“Whatever shows!”

“Right! Right. Neill?”


“How hot would it be if I did show off my bush in a swimsuit?”

“Super hot!” Neill replied. On that note he sped up his humping, and Darlene was too wrapped up in her pleasure to go on talking. She had the answer she wanted anyway, and she was already envisioning her natural self on shameless display at the beach as she came, clutching a hand over her mouth to mute her joyful scream.

By the time she and Neill returned to the city a few days later, Darlene had her mind made up to try to talk Allie and Rayma into joining her on the beach. It seemed the perfect last hurrah for the three of them before she and Neill moved out west, after all, but just how to float the idea?

It would prove easier than she had expected.

Allie had her doubts about whether Paige would bother reading any of those stories she recommended — some of them were awfully long, after all. But she was pleasantly surprised to receive an e-mail from Paige a few days later. “Allie, I was up half the night binge-reading that YDB95 guy’s stories. Thank you so much! They’re great, and I think I understand a lot better now! Just one question — those Elizabeth stories? She sounds stunningly beautiful, but just where and when did she live? It doesn’t sound like any real time or place in this world.”

Allie, who had often wondered the same, laughed until she cried tears of relief and joy. Her recounting of the whole story for Darlene and Rayma at the coffee shop brought on a similar reaction from them both. “I ought to read those stories, too,” Rayma said. “I could use the reassurance.”

“Oh no, you didn’t have anyone mouth off at you about your body too, did you?” Allie asked with a sympathetic look.

“No,” Rayma allowed. “It was more like I put myself down about it.”

Allie was a bit confused by this, but Darlene wasn’t. “This sounds similar to something I went through,” she said. “Something you saw or overheard reminded you that you were different, didn’t it?”

“Exactly,” Rayma said. “I was walking past that swimming pool near where we live, and all those women in tiny bikinis…all I could think was ‘That used to be me, and if I showed up dressed like that now I’d be treated like a freak of nature, even though I’m the one who actually is natural!'”

“Yep,” Darlene said with a sympathetic nod. “I overheard a couple of little brats mouthing off about how real women only wear bikinis, and all I could think of was what would they say if they saw me in one?”

“I feel like a traitor saying it,” Rayma said, “But the whole ‘I can’t wear a bikini’ thing has always been so empowering before, and now it feels like, well, all I hear is the ‘can’t’. And why on earth can’t I? Who says, you know?”

Allie thought about that, and remembered the last time she had tried wearing one, just after she had stopped shaving. The sight of her huge bush sticking out in every direction had made her laugh, precisely because the very idea of wearing it in public had been so absurd. She had since gone nude in public, but when it came to swimwear she had stuck to the most modest options available. “Well, you know,” she said now with a sly grin. “I don’t think anyone ever has said we couldn’t, except us.”

“I was actually thinking of just this for our big sendoff,” Darlene said.

“Oh, God, Darlene, don’t remind us you and Neill are leaving us!” Allie exclaimed. “Splitting up the I-can’t-wear-a-bikini gang!”

“Well, that’s just what I was thinking,” Darlene continued. What if, for our last big hurrah, we did just what we’ve always said we couldn’t do?”

Darlene had been fairly sure there would be some resistance, or at least the pretense of concern that the guys wouldn’t like it. But there wasn’t. Allie and Rayma only looked at each other and smiled.

“It would be a fine sendoff to our gang, wouldn’t it?” Allie said.

“One more thing we’d never forget,” Rayma agreed. “Starting with the Hallowe’en party, ending with that?”

Allie felt like crying as she realized just what a wonderful chapter of her life was coming to an end. But that was all the more reason to make it a memorable ending.

It was a modest beachside motel, old but well-kept, on a strip that had probably been glamorous back in their grandparents’ day. A humble setting at best for their last hurrah, but the price was right for six friends with lots of student loan debt about to come knocking. They had reserved two adjoining rooms opening directly onto the beach, so that everyone had a bed and they’d all be able to share as much as they all felt comfortable with.

As all three women had anticipated, there had been no reservations at all on the guys’ part. But as Darlene steered the rented minivan into the hotel parking lot, Scott felt the need to offer one last chance to turn back. “Are you all sure about this?” he asked, his hand poised on the sliding door but not opening it yet.

“Baby, we’ve talked about this!” Allie reminded him. “And we all bought new suits for the occasion, too.”

“The first bikini I’ve ever owned,” Darlene added. “I don’t want it to go to waste!”

“Well, I didn’t mean that, or at least not just that,” Scott said. “I meant, if any of us would rather get a private room than share everything together…”

“Do you want that, Scott?” Allie asked.

Scott looked at Darlene and Rayma, and couldn’t help bursting into nervous laughter.

“That’s how we all feel, too, Scott,” Rayma said. “It’s part of the fun, and we have all seen each other naked twice before anyway.”

“Twice?” Sam asked. “Hallowe’en and…”

“Christmas at Darlene’s uncle’s cabin,” Allie reminded him.

“Oh right, I always forget about that one,” Sam confessed. “It all felt so rushed.”

“No need to feel rushed this time,” Darlene said. “Or uncomfortable, unless you are, Neill?”

Neill, the only one who hadn’t already said otherwise, said, “I confess, I’m a sucker for another look at Allie and Rayma!”

They all shared a cathartic laugh. “Thank you for saying what we were all thinking, Neill,” Sam added.

“And what we’re thinking about the three of you,” Allie added with a look at Sam and Neill. They both looked delighted with that revelation.

For all the enthusiasm they all expressed, no one wanted to break the ice now that it was the moment of truth. So after checking in and dropping all their suitcases just inside the nearer of the two rooms, it was off to a light lunch across the street. Though it was perfect beach weather, there was no talk of rushing off to the beach, even after they made their way back to the motel. On their return, a bit of shuffling about ended with Allie and Scott claiming the inside bed in the first room, while the rest ended up in the other room and the outside bed remained the designated spot for all the suitcases.

Once Allie opened the door leading to the other room and Neill opened the door from the other side, there was nothing left to stall for. Allie and Neill looked at one another as the doorway opened up between them, and they both laughed a bit shyly.

“The beach, anyone?” Allie asked. She always had been the leader of the gang, she reasoned.

“Yes please!” said Scott, Rayma and Darlene in unison while Neill and Sam both nodded. Promptly they all descended upon the spare bed with the suitcases to retrieve their swimming garb. But when they all had their suits at the ready, once again there was an awkward silence.

“Anyone want to change in the bathroom?” Sam offered. “No hard feelings if you’ve got cold feet.”

Everyone laughed, and it appeared as if they were all going to take him up on his suggestion. But then Darlene stepped back from the group and spoke up. “Wait, guys, do we really want to chicken out now?” she asked. “Let’s be honest, I think we were all looking forward to this most of all. You guys are the most accepting group of friends I’ve ever had, and I know we don’t want to miss our last chance to share that! I think we’re all just afraid to be the first. So I’ll volunteer.”

Darlene was accustomed to prancing up and down the hallway of Neill’s fraternity house in her underwear, and this was nothing compared to that. It was, she rationalized, nothing they hadn’t all seen before. Still, there was a touch of trepidation as she pulled her shorts and panties down — what if this didn’t do the trick?

She needn’t have worried, for once she bent down to retrieve her discarded garments, the ice was broken. “Thanks, Darlene,” said Scott with a shameless gaze at her bush, which came into full view as Darlene pulled her shirt off as well.

When she had the shirt out of the way, she found all the others were now following her lead. A veritable whirlwind of jeans and shirts and bras ensued while Darlene watched, wearing a big smile and nothing else. Satisfied that her mission was accomplished, Darlene set to putting her swimsuit on. She began with the top, which gave Sam an opportunity to gaze quite shamelessly at her bare bush. Darlene saw this and responded with an amused giggle. She had no doubt he was thinking of that night at the frat house where they had touched one another in the shower. That fleeting encounter had been a thrill for her as well, and she found she would welcome a reprise of it. But she figured that would hardly do with Rayma and Neill right there with them, and it appeared Sam agreed. So their mutual memory was left hanging in the air as Darlene pulled on her blue and green swirled bikini panties and then turned to admire herself in the mirror.

“Well, yours almost cover everything, sweetie,” Neill said, stepping up beside her to admire the flirtatious hint of dark curls that spilled over her waistband. “And just look at that beautiful bulge,” he added, pressing gently on the strip of cloth that was taut with the barely-hidden hair. Neill’s own trunks were bulging as well as he prodded Darlene’s triangle playfully.

“That’s beautiful all right,” Darlene,” Sam added.

“Thanks.” She turned around to see Sam was also hard under his trunks. But she couldn’t be sure she was the one who had inspired it in his case, for she looked past him to see Rayma in a tiny white bikini that was bursting with stray hair on all sides. There wasn’t even any pretense of trying to preserve her modesty, and Rayma acknowledged as much with a nervous laugh as her eyes met Darlene’s.

Allie’s maroon bikini was likewise deliciously inadequate in its coverage. “I remember when I actually could wear this,” she said, drinking in the guys’ admiration as she took her turn before the mirror. “I was actually wearing this suit the day I decided to go natural.”

“You still can wear it, silly,” Scott said, looking adoringly from over her shoulder at her reflection.

“Yeah, you look fantastic!” Rayma added, stepping up to take her place beside Allie. Side by side, they burst into girlish giggles as they admired themselves, each with a happy trail on unapologetic display and leading down to a forest of promise that their suits scarcely even tried to hide. Darlene almost felt left out.

“Thanks,” Allie said. “It’s just…you should’ve seen how I looked in it back when I shaved.”

“If you still shaved, we wouldn’t be here,” Scott reminded her.

“Yeah, I guess that’s true,” Allie said after a thoughtful pause, turning around. “Strange what one little tiff with a childhood friend can bring on, huh?”

Sam had his hand on the doorknob. “Are we all sure we’re ready for this?” he asked.

“I’d say it’s a little late to turn back now,” said Rayma. Since she was putting the most on display, no one argued the point.

There had been a lot of debate on the drive about how they would be received by the other beach-goers. But all six had agreed on two things: it wouldn’t take very long for the haters to take notice of them, and there was no use in trying to predict just what would happen or how to handle it. So they all kept their gaze focused on the gentle waves as they strode down the sand. Allie and Darlene struck up a conversation about Darlene’s new job, and they remained stubbornly focused on that as the first random stares and catcalls occurred.

And occur they did. Not even a minute had passed before the first call of “Hey, look at these freaks!” rang out. This was followed shortly by a “What the fuck?”, and by more pointing and ogling than any of the six friends could hope to be aware of as they did their best to ignore it all.

The guys, of course, had rather less to prove when it came to ignoring them. “You okay?” Sam asked Rayma, who was clinging rather tightly to his arm with a defiant smile on her face, ignoring the numerous stares they had already attracted.

“Fine, thanks,” she said. “Really kind of proud that we were all strong enough to do this. I figure they’re the losers, after all.”

There was a recently-vacated spot just above the remnants of the last high-tide. They set their blanket down to stake their claim, and set to work rubbing sunblock on one another. Rayma joked that she likely didn’t need it, but she joined in with the others anyway, enjoying their camaraderie and preferring to have something to do besides ignore the latest round of stares. The women were careful only to look at one another, but the men took the opportunity to make eye-contact with the rude neighbors who were staring at them. Sam went as far as to talk to one while Rayma was rubbing lotion on his back. “Hey, how’re you doing?”

“Huh? Yeah, fine.” The young man turned away, and darted an eye at Rayma a time or two before Sam looked away, always averting his gaze when he saw Sam was still watching him.

“That was brilliant, Sam,” Allie whispered in his ear. Then she stood up. “Neill, you brought a Frisbee, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Yep.” Neill was already digging through the beach-bag for it, and the others followed Allie’s lead in standing up to wait. All three of the women had been reminding themselves all day to smile through their embarrassment at this moment. But, as they would all learn on comparing notes later on, there was little embarrassment to work past for any of them. They were among friends, and whatever their detractors had muttered on the way by, few were willing to say anything out of line when presented with the prospect of having to spend any time near them.

The tide was out, and there was plenty of room for the six friends to spread out on the wet sand to toss the Frisbee about among them. Allie, Darlene and Rayma were under no illusions about forgetting what was on display or the attention they were attracting, especially not with the occasional leap that was necessary to catch the Frisbee. But they were able to get lost in the joys of summer and camaraderie and forget about self-consciousness in favor of embracing their uniqueness. Many of the laughs and shrieks that ensued were inspired as much by their sense of exhibitionism as by the game. The few looks they — and the guys — gave the rest of the crowd suggested just what they had hoped for: after the initial shock, most of the other sunbathers paid them little or no mind.

They had also anticipated that not all the attention they received would be negative — after all, they had all found guys who loved their bodies just as they were; surely there were a lot more out there — and that guess was also proven right. Allie was aware of the first one when she let her eyes wander just after tossing the Frisbee to Neill. As she looked out across the crowd, morbidly curious about any prudes still staring at her, she found herself looking into the eyes of a young man who was following an older couple — his parents? — down the beach. He’d been checking her out, no mistaking that, and on realizing he’d been caught he was smart enough not to bother pretending otherwise. He broke down into what Allie was sure was an embarrassed laugh, and she softened the blow by smiling and waving at him. The poor dear waved back and then turned away, and Allie had no doubt she was going to be the subject of his fantasies for years to come. Though she couldn’t very well check in public, Allie had little doubt the encounter had left her a little wet.

For all the funny, dirty and admiring looks they weathered, all was well until Rayma missed a long throw and had to retrieve the Frisbee from its landing place near a blanket with a clutch of jocks and bottle-blondes. In defiance of the repulsed looks from the blanket’s occupants, Rayma was all smiles as she approached them and bent down to retrieve the toy. “Sorry to disturb you there,” she said. “That throw was a bit over my head.”

“It’s not that you should be sorry for!” snapped one of the blondes.

“Yeah, haven’t you and your friends got any shame?” added the guy next to her.

“That’s disgusting, can’t you see that?” chimed in the woman on her other side. “Get a Brazilian already, we all do!”

“Yeah, I feel sorry for you!” added the first woman.

Rayma, though hurt, had been prepared for this, and she remembered to smile through her rage. “The feeling is mutual,” she said as she stood up straight and placed her free hand on her hip, forcing her detractors to either drink in the sight of her hairy body or look away. She was delighted to notice that one of the guys who hadn’t spoken up chose the former and gave every sign of enjoying the view.

“Excuse me?” She stood up as well. Though Rayma now saw her nemesis was at least a head taller, she looked tiny as ever.

Scott, who had been nearest to Rayma of the bunch, arrived at her side just then. “Everything okay?” he asked.

“No!” snapped the guy who had lectured Rayma about shame. “Just what is the deal with your lady friends here? Some kind of practical joke?”

“It’s no joke,” Scott said. “And it’s none of your business.”

“Is too!” snapped the woman who had stood up. “Everyone here has to look at this shit now! We came to the beach to relax, not to be grossed out. And your friend here says she feels sorry for me? What the hell?”

“I do,” Rayma said. “If just the sight of another human being is enough to ruin your vacation, I feel very sorry for you!”

“Hear hear,” added Allie, and Rayma turned to see all her friends had by then gathered around her and Scott.

“Guys, this isn’t the seventh grade,” Sam chimed in. “No need for body shaming, especially when we were minding our own business, all right?”

“You freaks,” Rayma’s nemesis muttered under her breath, and then she turned on her heel and marched up towards the hotel.

“Where you going?” asked the other woman, who was still lying down and doing her best not to look at Rayma, Darlene or Allie.

“To get help!” she called over her shoulder.

At this, the six friends all looked at one another, Neill shrugged and turned back towards the water, and they all followed suit. Just before she turned away, though, Rayma took one last look at the guy who had appeared to be admiring her. He still was, and she was almost sure he mouthed the word “Sorry” at her. In case she was right, she nodded and smiled. She concluded that if she was wrong and he was just as repulsed as his friends, it would just aggravate him further.

No one knew just what the angry blonde had meant by “help,” but whatever it was, no one wanted to turn tail and run. There was no discussion of that, and there didn’t need to be — they had all known there would likely be a bit of flack. So they returned to the game and waited for the other shoe to drop. Soon enough, it did. From between Darlene and Sam, a voice up the beach called out, “Excuse me?”

Scott had just tossed the Frisbee to Rayma. It landed forgotten beside her in the wet sand as she, and all the others, turned to see a female police officer standing before them. The angry blonde stood just behind her, a smug look on her face.

Darlene happened to be the one closest to her, and so she spoke up. “Yes, officer?”

“Has there been an altercation of some kind here?” the cop asked. Darlene was relieved to note that she maintained eye-contact with her, taking no notice of her body that Darlene could discern.

“You could say that, officer,” Scott said. “We were minding our own business, playing Frisbee, and this woman and her friends began harassing my friend here” — he put an arm around Rayma, a gesture she eagerly returned — “over her appearance.”

The cop looked Rayma up and down, her eyes lingering between Rayma’s legs, but said nothing. Sensing that her ploy wasn’t going to work on its own, the blonde prodded the cop. “It’s indecent exposure, isn’t it, officer? It must be!”

“It’s gross, whatever else,” added her male friend, who had finally stood up to join the huddle.

“I’m sorry, sir, did she ask your opinion?” the cop asked him.

“No, I didn’t.” Rayma piped up. “I only went near him in the first place to get our Frisbee.”

“So you weren’t taunting them in any way,” the cop continued.

“Absolutely not, officer,” Allie chimed in. “We weren’t paying them any mind at all.”

“But they were prancing all over the place with their…hair hanging out!” insisted the blonde. “That must be indecent exposure, right?”

The cop gave Rayma, Darlene and Allie a sympathetic look in turn. “There are times I hate this job,” she said. “Ladies, could you please line up here?” She gestured just in front of her, and they obeyed. The officer got down on one knee and gave each of their crotches the once-over. Then she stood up and brushed the sand off her knee, and turned back to the blonde and her friends. “Indecent exposure would only apply if their labia were exposed. I’ve taken a closer look than anyone ought to in public, and they’re not.”

“How can you even tell with all that hair?” demanded the blonde’s male friend.

“That’s none of your business, sir! Whatever you think of their grooming habits, they aren’t breaking any law.” The officer turned back to Allie, Darlene and Rayma. “I apologize for the indignity of all this. We’re done here, unless you feel they’ve been harassing you?”

“We do,” Rayma declared. “But I’m willing to drop it if they are!”

“Me too,” added Darlene and Allie and the guys in unison.

“Very well, then,” said the cop. Turning back to their accusers, she said, “I strongly suggest you all mind your own business. If you don’t like what you see, perhaps you shouldn’t be staring at other people’s bodies anyway!” And she was off.

Neill broke the awkward silence. “Did you all notice how thick her eyebrows were?”

All his friends burst into laughter. “Yes,” Rayma said through her giggles. “It was the first thing I noticed about her, and I figured that meant we were safe!” She couldn’t resist flashing a glance at the guy on the blanket whom she suspected of sympathizing with her. Sure enough, he was grinning up at them.

Allie tossed the Frisbee onto their empty blanket, and lay down on her back beside it. “I’ve had about enough of the game,” she said. The others followed her lead, and soon they were all lounging on and around the blanket. An awkward silence prevailed at first, with their recent accusers still standing their ground a few feet away; but having won the battle, they all welcomed that.

Once again it was Allie who took the lead on breaking the silence. “Darlene, Rayma,” she asked, “When the cop was examining us, were you both quite sure your pussies weren’t showing?”

“I’m afraid that guy was right,” Rayma said. “I had no way of knowing for sure!”

This brought a knowing laugh from the others, and Allie added, “Me neither!”

“I felt pretty safe,” Darlene admitted. “You two do sometimes make me feel outgunned there, you know!”

“No!” Allie grabbed her friend’s hand and squeezed it. “You’re beautiful, Darlene, you know that! And you’re just as daring as we are today!” To drive the point home, she flicked playfully at the strip of curls still peeking out from behind Darlene’s bikini bottom.

Darlene laughed. “Thanks, Allie, that’s sweet.”

“Remember, you are the only one of us who never felt the need to shave in the first place,” Rayma added. “I’ve always been impressed with that.”

“Huh,” Neill said. “I never knew that! I mean, I knew Darlene never shaved, but I didn’t know you two used to shave.”

“Right up until the night you met us, in my case,” Rayma told him.

“That must’ve taken you forever,” Neill said, shamelessly looking at the poorly-hidden secret of her huge bush as he did.

“Oh, you don’t know the half of it!” Rayma declared. “Such an awful chore, and for what? To look like a five-year-old with breasts! I’ll never go back, I’ll tell you that!” She cast a quick glance over her shoulder and was rewarded with the knowledge that the bullies were hearing every word, and seemed to be morbidly transfixed on their intimate conversation.

“Well, let’s not forget what we told my brother’s gal that time,” Darlene said. “What was her name? Mandi! There’s nothing wrong with shaving, but there’s also nothing wrong with not shaving.”

“Absolutely,” Rayma said. “It’s just that’s how I feel about myself now when I imagine myself bald down below. I’m proud to be a hairy gal!”

A chorus of amens ensued, and then they were rewarded with the sight of most of their neighbors packing up to leave. The one who had fetched the cop said, “Let’s find someplace else!” loudly enough for them to hear, though they studiously ignored her. The next few moments passed in victorious silence.

There was one straggler — the one who had smiled at Rayma. He hung back just long enough to go unnoticed by his friends, and when the coast was clear he turned around. “Guys, I just want you to know, I’m really sorry about my friends and I admire you for this! I’m so sorry!”

“Thank you,” Rayma said, followed closely by the rest. “I had a feeling you weren’t like them,” she added.

“I’m so glad you noticed,” the guy said. “Have a great summer and…and I hope you inspire other women to follow your lead!” He couldn’t suppress a laugh, and the others joined in.

“Well, that made it all worth it, didn’t it?” Darlene asked as soon as he’d left.

“I wouldn’t go that far,” Allie said. “We still could have been arrested! And just for wearing the same thing most of the other women out here are wearing.”

“What did we just say, Allie?” Rayma asked. “Proud to be who we are?”

“Oh, I am,” Allie allowed, spreading her legs just a touch. “I definitely am.”

There were plenty more looks from strangers, some good and some bad, but no more altercations as they lay on the sand for a bit, and then went off to the water to splash around. It was a joyous afternoon, but Allie’s comment hung heavy in the air — they were the victims of a very unfair situation, and it wasn’t going to go away, and their refusal to accept the I-can’t-wear-a-bikini limitations would always be a risk. But, on what might well be their last time together, they had risen above those limitations. There was joy in that!

That joy, and the melancholy that came with knowing it was a last hurrah for their gang, were both palpable as they finally retreated to the hotel later in the afternoon. All were silent as they filed into the room, until Scott shut the door behind them. “You did it!” he declared.

We did it!” Darlene corrected. “You guys were great support!” She was already pulling down her bottoms. “Sorry, but I really hate wearing wet clothes indoors.”

“Good idea,” Sam said, and soon he was joined by all the others in following Darlene’s lead. As he pulled his trunks off, he looked up to see Darlene admiring him as he did. He let a nervous laugh slip as he remembered what he was sure she was remembering.

“What’s so funny, guys?” Neill asked. To Sam’s relief, he didn’t appear the least bit jealous or possessive.

“The first time Darlene and I saw each other naked,” Sam began…

“It was that night at the frat house,” Darlene continued. “The Hallowe’en party.”

“I remember that!” Rayma joined in. “You touched each other just like a couple of playful puppies, and that was literally just seconds before you hooked up with Neill and me!”

“Busted,” Sam confessed.

“Guys, it’s fine!” Rayma said.

“Yeah, this is our last hurrah,” Neill agreed. “If you want to do it again one last time, go ahead.”

Allie picked up where he’d left off. “If any one of us ever wanted to just really admire or even touch one of the others…” She was gazing at Neill’s hard cock as she said it, deliciously aware that he was admiring her body as well.

“We don’t want that, do we?” Sam asked. “Any one of us might be uncomfortable with it but doesn’t want to say so and look like a prude.”

“Are you asking everyone, Sam, or are you just asking me?” Darlene asked, for he had looked only at her as he asked the question and he still was looking at her.

“Oh!” Sam turned away, darted his gaze around at random, and quickly settled on Rayma, who looked amused rather than hurt. “Sorry!”

“Because if you do want to touch me, Sam, I don’t mind,” Darlene continued. “In fact, it’d be fun to do it again.” To Rayma she added, “If you don’t mind.”

“I’ve already said I don’t,” Rayma said. “Go ahead, Sam, if you want.”

“Please,” Darlene said. She opened her arms, and Sam walked into her embrace and kissed her on the lips, and buried his fingers reverently in her bush. Where his touch that night had been shy and tentative, now it was bold, knowing, but no less appreciative. She exhaled with joy as he caressed her vulva, then caught herself as she remembered it wouldn’t do to make Neill or Rayma think they were enjoying their moment too much.

That concern only lasted a moment, for she looked over to see Neill had followed her lead and was kissing Allie passionately. Fair’s fair, she reasoned, and she gave in to the sheer pleasure of Sam’s appreciative fingers in her bush, welcoming the sensation of one of them slipping into her vagina. “Oh, yes, Sam, yes!” She held on to Sam for dear life as he fingered her gently into a lather. As he guided her back to the bed to lay her down, she opened her eyes to see Rayma had found her way to Scott, completing the switch for them all.

“I always wanted a closer look at you,” Neill confessed as he and Allie went at each other just inside the door.

“Only a look?” Allie teased. She wasted no time in guiding his hand down to her bush, which he explored most eagerly.

“Well, no,” Neill said. “Just didn’t want to be greedy with my girl’s best friend.”

“I don’t think she’s going to call you greedy at this point,” Allie noted, for at that moment Darlene was filling the room with her passionate moans as Sam stroked her to orgasm. She gave Neill just enough time to ponder that before she took his cock firmly in her hand and led him to the bed with the suitcases. The foot of the bed was clear, so she gave him a gentle shove onto it and was on top of him in no time. “I know what you want to do with this!” she teased, rubbing his tip all through her bush. “And I want you to do it to!”

“Then do it!” Neill said.

“Maybe my hairy, hungry pussy wants a little TLC first, hmm?”

Neill grinned, but said nothing. Instead he reached up and found her clit with his thumb in no time, and set to stroking it, to Allie’s palpable delight. She grabbed onto his sides with both hands and spread her legs wide, and joined in a ragged harmony with Darlene.

Scott and Rayma, the remaining odd couple, had initially just grinned shyly at one another while their significant others had paired off.

“You want to?” Scott said it just above a whisper.

“More than you can imagine!” Rayma threw herself back onto the other side of Darlene and Sam’s bed, and was delighted but not surprised to find his fingers playing in her vast bush in no time. “You always wanted that, didn’t you!” she demanded.

“Can you blame me?” Scott said between kisses on her breasts.

“Hardly!” She was ready to let him explore for as long as he cared to, and he did. As his teasing and kissing worked her up so delightfully, she went on, “Just like I’ve always wanted to do this!” With that she took his rock-hard cock in one hand and tickled it gently.

“Aieee!” Scott howled. Across the room he heard Allie laugh through her moans, and he had little doubt she knew what Rayma was up to.

That realization made him laugh, and Rayma joined in as well as she caught on. “She knows you too well, huh?”

“And so do you, I see,” Scott said when he’d come down from his high. “Girlfriends talk.”

“Yes, about what the guys like and also about what they’re good at! And speaking of which…” Rayma placed her hands on his shoulders and prodded him downward. “I hear your tongue is amazing, Scott.”

Scott lost no time in proving her right. Now it was Rayma’s turn to shriek in joy as Scott went to town on her already-wet pussy. His passionate nibbles and licks around her clit soon had her thrashing about, but Scott wasn’t quite sure he wasn’t having an even better time exploring her furry undercarriage with his tongue and his fingers.

“Isn’t he a genius at that, Rayma?!” Allie called out from across the room.

“Yes!” Rayma yelled back.

“He’s not the only one,” Allie whispered for only Neill to hear. “Lovely job, Neill. Now then…” She took him in both her hands and guided him inside.

“Ohhhhhh…” Neill looked down in wonder as he disappeared into Allie’s well-hidden pussy. “Did you come, Allie?”

“Twice,” she said. “Don’t worry, I get so wound up sometimes you can’t tell.” Then she paused and held his head in both her hands. “Did Scott ever tell you that?”

“No!” Neill assured her. “Honest, we don’t talk about that, we all know what we all like together, and there’s no need to!”

“It’s okay if he did!” Allie said. “You see now we talk about you guys.

“Thanks, but no, he really hasn’t told me,” Neill said. “I just always remembered how proud you looked in the shower that night, and wanted to play in your garden just once!”

“You did play in it that night, remember?” Allie squeezed her legs around him and nibbled at his ear, recalling how she’d allowed all the guys a quick finger in her bush.

“A taste of honey, you know?”

“I sure do!” Allie welcomed his first deep thrust with an appreciative grunt, and set to rubbing his back and whispering encouraging nothings at him.

Darlene and Sam, despite their head start, had taken a slower approach. After fingering Darlene to a quick orgasm while the others were just getting started, he had taken a few minutes to touch and kiss Darlene all over her body while she lay back on the bed. By the time he finally climbed on top and found his way inside, she was feeling so pampered she worried that Rayma might be getting jealous. That was put firmly to rest when Scott went down on Rayma and her screams of joy rang out right in Darlene’s ear, and she gave in to Sam’s gentle lovemaking.

He had had his eye on Darlene as well as Rayma back in the day, Sam recalled as he pushed reverently into Darlene in slow motion and basked in her adoration from below. He could so easily have ended up with her, and perhaps Neill with Rayma…no regrets about what had happened, for he loved Rayma dearly, but he had always wondered just what it might feel like with Darlene.

Wonderfully tender and sweet, he saw now, as Darlene urged him on. “Sam, this is beautiful!” she whispered, barely audible above her friends’ yelps and moans. “So lovely!”

“Isn’t it!”

“Rayma is so lucky!”

Sam opted not to tell her he’d never tried this move with Rayma — after all, with her it wasn’t a one-time offer to be savored like nothing else. Instead he responded only with a long kiss, which was eagerly returned.

Darlene was aware of Rayma coming twice and Allie once on either side of her, but she was utterly wrapped up in the more low-key pleasure of Sam working her up inch by inch. Her low, rhythmic moans were her world, and she never even noticed when they were the only noise left in the room. “Sam, this is so unbelievable,” she exhaled.

“For me too,” he whispered in her ear. Having noticed the others had fallen by the wayside, he picked up the pace, wanting to give Darlene an orgasm to remember. He anticipated a bit of resistance, but there was none: Darlene welcomed the harder pushing with a throaty moan.

“Gonna come!” she grunted.

“Do it!” He went at it even faster.

Darlene, usually the most demure of the gang, grabbed at the sheets with both hands and let out a happy roar as she came. “Thank you!” she declared after catching her breath. Only then, when she sank back on her pillow in bliss, did she realize the others had finished and were admiring her. “Oh, no!” she yelped, covering her eyes.

“Don’t be ashamed, Darlene,” Allie said. “That was beautiful.

“And I know what to ask Sam for next time,” Rayma added.

“You mean he doesn’t…” Darlene looked from Rayma back to Sam, who was still inside her.

“No reason why I can’t, though,” Sam said with a reassuring look at Rayma.

Darlene started to ask why she’d been so lucky, but all at once she put two and two together and recalled that she’d once seen potential with him as well. What if? But their final fling was no time for that.

“Well now,” Allie offered matter-of-factly once they were all disengaged and lounging about on the beds. “Aren’t we glad we got that out of our system?”

“Are we all really done?” Rayma wondered. “Anyone else want a turn with someone else?”

“Yeah, don’t you girls want a go with each other?” Neill quipped.

“Wouldn’t you like that!” Allie slapped him playfully on the hip. “Maybe we’d like to see you guys go at it, ever think of that?”

“Yes,” Neill admitted.

“You did?” Darlene asked.

“I’m not stupid, of course I thought of it!” Neill shrugged. “Why wouldn’t you?”

Darlene looked at Rayma and then Allie, and all three seemed to agree tacitly that it had in fact crossed their minds.

“Fair’s fair,” Scott announced, standing up. “Neill, come and plant one here!”

Everyone laughed, but Allie added, “Scott, if this is just a way to get Darlene and Rayma and me to fuck each other…”

“Then I’m betting it’ll work!” Scott replied.

“I have to admit it will, for me,” Rayma admitted, sitting up to get a better look.

All eyes were on Neill. He looked reluctant, but stood up. “I did open my big mouth, and I do want to see the same from you ladies,” he said.

Scott and Neill met halfway across the room. “The things we do for love, huh?” Scott asked as he rather reluctantly took Neill in his arms.”

“Hey, if they like it…” He pursed his lips and closed his eyes, and Scott kissed him.

It wasn’t as bad as either man had expected. Though they didn’t get much pleasure out of it, the taboo of it all refreshed their erections a bit. The approving hoots and cheers of all three women were worth it. Scott fumbled his hand down Neill’s chest and gave his cock a gentle tug, and soon felt Neill returning the favor.

“Oh, that is so hot!” Rayma exclaimed. Neill looked her way to see she was rubbing herself with both hands. Then he turned the other way to see Allie and Darlene were also getting in on the act.

“Don’t stop!” Allie ordered them, and for another hot minute, they didn’t.

Neill finally pulled away with an awkward laugh. “I just can’t!” he exclaimed. “No offense, Scott!”

“None taken,” Scott agreed.

“Just squeeze his dick one last time, Scott, please?” Darlene asked. Only then did Neill and Scott look to see what the women were up to. “Please, I want to come to that!”

“Me too!” Allie called out.

“Think of what we’ll do for you!” Rayma pleaded, still rubbing furiously at her clit.

“Well, that’s worth it, isn’t it?” Neill asked, and he held up his cock for Scott to take again. Scott did take it, and stepped aside to give the women a free view as he did as Darlene had asked. A moment later, he and Neill and Sam all saw just how ‘worth it’ it was, for all three women came within a few seconds of one another.

“Thank you!” Allie said. “I know that must’ve been kind of weird.”

“Kind of?” Neill couldn’t help asking.

“Oh, come on, Neill, it was kind of fun, wasn’t it?” Scott asked.

Neill looked down at his refreshed erection. “Yeah, looks like it was.”

“I’ll help you with that, dear,” Darlene offered.

“Or I could!” Rayma called. “You don’t mind, do you, Darlene?”

Neill looked at Darlene, and she nodded her consent and then set her eyes on Scott.

Allie could see what was developing. “Sam? Bring that over here right this instant!”

And for another six or seven minutes, the women got a reprieve from playing with each other. Allie asked Sam for the same treatment he’d given Darlene, and she found it just as beautiful; Darlene enjoyed a rather faster ride with Scott; and Neill had the incomparable thrill of playing in Rayma’s thick bush. When the time was up and they were once again cuddling in three afterglows, Neill spoke up. “Okay, I’ve earned the right to ask, I’m sure Scott will agree with that. What have you gals always wanted to do with each other?”

“Guys, we’re not like you,” Darlene protested.

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous!” Rayma said. “We’ve always welcomed the chance to admire each other on these adventures!”

“Yeah, okay, that’s true,” Darlene confessed. “It’s just, a hairy pussy is a lot less fascinating when you have one. But…”

“But what?” Allie prodded gently.

“But I have always wanted to touch both of yours,” Darlene confessed. “Just to see if they feel as lush and sexy as Neill always says mine does.”

Not another word was necessary. Allie got up and came over to the other bed and, once Darlene and Scott had stood up to make room for her, she lay down beside Rayma. “Knock yourself out, Darlene,” she said.

After a fit of nervous giggles, Darlene climbed onto the bed and knelt between her two friends. She lay one hand each in their bushes and began running her fingers through the hair. Then it was Allie’s turn to laugh. “Oh, that tickles!” she said.

“I know!” Rayma agreed, and she joined in the laughing.

Darlene was feeling emboldened. “You think that tickles?” She began teasing both their lips with her thumbs. That tickled a great deal more, for Allie and Rayma were both soon wiggling and screeching with laughter, which they silenced only with a kiss after their eyes met amidst the joyful noise. Before Darlene and the guys knew it, they were also fondling one another’s breasts. Darlene’s hands remained busy on both of them, and she seemed transfixed with the encounter her touching had inspired.

“Not like us, huh?” Scott mused. He and both of the other guys were all rock hard watching the show.

“Well, I said that, not them,” Darlene joked.

She continued playing with them both for another couple of minutes, admiring their kissing and playing and a little jealous of it, until Allie pulled back and let out a cathartic scream. “I’m right handed, if you hadn’t guessed,” Darlene quipped, and with Allie squared away she switched hands and went to town on Rayma’s pussy with her right hand. She had little trouble bringing her off as well. “Well, that was fun after all,” she admitted with a shy grin, sitting back to admire her two friends as they caught their breath.

“Your turn, Darlene,” Allie said. She and Rayma both got up.

Darlene showed signs of refusing, but she did lie back on the bed and look expectantly up at the others. “I was feeling a little left out, I admit,” she said.

“No need for that,” Rayma told her, climbing back onto the bed. She promptly went to town on Darlene’s breasts, her long hair tickling Darlene’s neck in the most wonderful way. Darlene inhaled deeply in appreciation, and then exhaled in a rush as she felt Allie teasing her clit with her tongue.

“Oh God!” she exclaimed. Allie didn’t have Neill’s skill, but she did have a woman’s soft lips and cheeks. It all made for a wonderful contrast, and it soon had Darlene forgetting all about her envy of minutes before. She almost felt selfish for all the pleasure her friends were giving her with nothing in return, but then she remembered she had just done her part. On that note, Darlene relaxed and drank in the beautiful sensation from them both, until they brought her off yet another time.

When the stars had cleared from her eyes, Darlene said, “Neill, maybe we shouldn’t move after all.”

“Now you’re talking!” Allie said as Neill curled up on the bed beside Darlene to snuggle with her.

“Look at it this way,” Sam said, having found his way to Rayma and taken her in a bear-hug. “This gives us something to aim for next time they come visit us. I don’t think we could live up to a day like this all the time.”

“Always the realist,” Scott said. “But he’s right, guys.”

“I’m not sure how I feel about making such a spectacle of myself on the beach again anyway,” Rayma said. “Who cares if everyone else is in a bikini?”

“But doesn’t it feel good to know you can wear one after all?” Allie asked.

“It does, doesn’t it?” Rayma said. “The last barrier broken.”

“You’re not talking about what you wore to the beach, are you?” Darlene asked. “I mean, look at us here!”

“Good point,” Allie said amidst the laughter from them all.

Their wild weekend wasn’t over, and regrettably, neither was their long goodbye. But any shame or doubt Allie, Darlene and Rayma had felt earlier in the summer was dead and gone. As their salad days now gave way to the real world and they went their separate ways shortly afterward, the I-can’t-wear-a-bikini days were to remain a beautiful memory.

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