Couples Story Fantasy Short Story

Beth’s Party Surprise Pt. 02

All three holes before you go home…

The words stuck in Elizabeth’s mind over the next hour, filling her with a delicious shiver every time she considered them. So blunt, so demanding, so self-assured. The man had gone crazy.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to give herself to Michael again, the opposite was true, as their brief outside interlude had only turned her on more than one orgasm could satisfy. But, this wasn’t their typical weekly liaison, conducted discretely while everyone was at work or on their errands away from prying eyes. This was a party, for heaven’s sake, with everyone in the neighborhood circulating, talking, and watching the social order. And he was the host, far from the most inconspicuous person on scene.

She couldn’t deny wanting to try though, particularly when she would catch glimpses of him through the crowd, smiling broadly under his graying hair, casually showing his confidence and appeal through his mere presence. The soft ache between her legs, the feel of the cool evening air brushing the bare, wet lips between her dress served to remind her of what had so recently happened, and no matter how Beth tried to pretend, she knew that at the first opportunity she’d be giving Michael whatever he asked.

Besides, Terry obviously couldn’t care less about her actions tonight, so it wasn’t as if she’d have to hide anything at home. Having quite obviously enjoyed the continued cocktail hour while she was playing in the bushes, he now sat beside her at dinner, his attention fully focused on discussing the upcoming election and arguing his points with Tim; the pastor’s opposing views clearly bothering her husband more than the man’s occasional not-quite covert glances at Beth, his shy smiles clearly recalling what her visible bosom hinted at, and remembering the last time it had been wrapped around his member…

Fuck. It was only getting worse. What is wrong with me, all I can think about is sex, I swear. Beth thought to herself, picking uninterestedly at her plate of food while sipping her wine and pretending to care about the occasional social niceties she exchanged with the neighboring diners. No, she wasn’t thrilled with their new gardener, and would be changing soon. Yes, she was sure the Mayor was going to endorse Terry’s legislature run. Really, the Thompson’s are divorcing? I had no idea things had gotten that bad; he caught her in an affair? Oh my, how sordid. The meal was certainly delightful, of course, but she wasn’t sure if this caterer was better or worse than last years. All those little, superficial conversations mirrored in varied ways up and down the table, the illusions of propriety maintained with delicate laughs and mock-surprise depending on the topic. The entire time her mind imagining the crude acts of her past months, her desire growing to satisfy herself more and society be damned.

So, it was with an almost visible sense of relief that she heard her phone *ping* softly as they cleared the deserts away. Peering discretely at the message her lips turned up in a small grin at the text.

M: Upstairs bathroom. Five minutes.

Sliding the phone back into her clutch, she made herself wait just long enough for appearances sake. “Coffee? No, thank you. Please, excuse me; I need to powder my nose.” A polite smile at the others around her table, and she was doing her best not to run up the stairs and down the hall to the guest bath. Michael was already waiting as she slipped inside, deftly locking the door behind herself as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deep and passionately.

“Mmmmm good girl, I’m glad you slipped away. God, I hate these events – all the fake smiles and pretenses about caring, while it’s just like sharks circling looking for weakness.” He kissed her once more, a bit longer this time as their tongues dueled together and she pressed close to his muscular frame while standing on tip-toes, before breaking away to continue. “Janet fucking loves every minute, of course, cackling with her so-called friends. All I wanted was to find a way to sneak off and play with you some more instead.”

Beth smiled at his words – and, at the obvious feeling of his package pressing against her smaller body as his arms stroked her back through the silk dress. “Oh, Michael, you’re so fucking bad! But I’ve been wanting you too, I’ve been wet all night just waiting for a chance to let you fuck me again. Sitting at dinner it was all I could do not to rub my clit. Here, feel how hot I am for you.” She grasped his hand as she spoke, tugging her dress up as she tried to draw it between her legs. It was true, too, she was absolutely soaked, ready for his cock without a hint of foreplay.

But Michael only shook his head, a dominating gleam in his eyes as he pulled away. “I’m sure you’re nice and wet, Beth. Remember what I said, though – and I already fucked that perfect wet pussy of yours outside baby.” He reached up, softly caressing her cheek as she almost pouted. “No, I called you up here, because I want you on your knees sucking me off now girl… I’ve missed your slutty little mouth on my prick.”

The decent, rational part of Elizabeth Saunders knew that should be offended by his blunt words and crass expectations, that an educated, intelligent woman such as herself would go down on him simply because he demanded it, without even a “please,” calling her names as if he owned her. Beth had realized the decent, rational part of her was long-gone though, that the new Mrs. Saunders actually liked these older men taking control, telling her what to do rather than asking and begging like some shy schoolboy. That part of her craved being their naughty little slut and indulging their whims and commands.

So it was only a matter of heartbeats before she was doing exactly that, drawing her dress up over her knees as she sunk down to the tile floor, one hand reaching out towards his fly as she looked up at Michael with her own eyes gleaming mischievously. Truth be told, Beth liked sucking dick; she liked the feeling of a man growing hard in her mouth, the way their body would react as she kissed or licked or teased them, the different intimacy it gave her. Even as a young woman Beth had realized the sensation of power it gave her; sure, a guy might hold her head, might pump his hips and fuck her throat – but at the end of the day, when you had a guy’s cock in your mouth and his balls in your hand, you had his undivided attention. It was with an eager hand that she helped work his already-swelling member out of his slacks, slowly pumping her fist up and down as she grasped it softly, her blue eyes meeting his darker ones as he watched every move.

“Mmmm, is this for me, Michael? Is this what you want your little whore to suck on?” she asked in a husky voice, playfully kissing the tip and flicking her tongue on the base of head as he moaned.

“God, yes, Beth! Don’t be a fucking tease!” Michael was able to mutter with his own grin, fighting the urge to grasp her hair and move her faster. “You know I want you.”

Beth smiled wider as she leaned in, slowly wrapping her lips around the head and taking just the first couple of inches in as she lightly sucked. She could still taste the hint of his cum and her pussy from earlier, somehow becoming more excited. Michael only moaned louder as she did, his prick swelling as she bobbed her head just a bit, one hand on the base of his shaft feeling it thicken and warm with his desire. She swirled her tongue around the bit in her mouth at the same time she sucked a bit harder, before pulling away and stroking slowly as he looked at her in frustration and desire.

“I love sucking your cock, Michael, I love how hard it gets for me.” Her petite hand sliding along his warm skin as she looked up in his eyes with her most wanton expression. “I’m going to give you head like a good little slut, and I’m going to swallow all the hot cum you have baby.” With that, she took him in her mouth again, this time bobbing deeper as she moaned and reminded him how good she was. Michael’s back stiffened as he gasped, and his hand rested lightly on the back of her hair, fingers grasping gently at the red locks while his hips pushed forward.

The discomfort of the tile on her knees, the cool air on her naked lower half, all were forgotten as Beth focused on the man inside her mouth. This was the part she loved, the part where she knew they worshiped her no matter how many times she’d done it before. Shifting her gaze to the sight of his exposed hardness before her, she used her hand to pump his cock while almost worshiping it with her mouth. The shaft grew thick and throbbing, spreading her lips in an “O” around it as she took him deeper, letting him just barely tease the opening to her throat as she’d loudly gulp and almost gag to turn him on. No deepthroating, girl, she reminded herself, have to keep the makeup decent. It did nothing to lessen her enthusiasm however, as Beth slid her mouth along his hardness and milked him with her hand faster. Michael was one of her favorite guys to go down on, his prick just big enough to make it an effort to take, and the older man seeming to sense well when she wanted to set the pace and when he should take charge. She knew his eyes were glued to the sight of her mouth on him, his soft moans as she brought him higher and higher with every moment, the teasing glimpses of her pussy and down her dress as she knelt before him all serving to remind him what a naughty girl she was.

“Ooooohhh, you’re so hard for me, lover. Do you like how I suck you off?” she said in her sultriest voice as she looked up at him once more, teasing the wet head around her cheeks a few times as she smiled. “I love giving you head after we fuck, tasting my cunt on you, it gets me so hot!” Knowing her words and actions would only excite him more as she took him deep once more, her head twisting with every deep stroke, her tongue teasing the slit in the tip of his throbbing cock.

“Fuck, Beth, you’re so hot. You give the best blowjobs in town, I fucking swear,” Michael gasped in reply, his fist clenching tightly in her hair. “Keep sucking, slut, you’ll get your prize soon!” His hips pumping a bit faster at her mouth as she used her own hand to limit the depth, and Beth could feel from the way his balls were starting to draw up that he was telling the truth. I wonder who it is he’s comparing me to? she wondered briefly, before she started stroking faster while opening her mouth wide and resting the head on her warm tongue.

“Mmmmm yes, do it Michael! Give me your hot cum for my dessert. Cum in my slutty mouth, send me downstairs to my husband still tasting you. Oooohhh, I want to swallow it all baby!” Each word marked by her faster strokes as she jerked him off into her mouth, Beth’s blue eyes open wide and showing the passion and willingness to please him as she rubbed her tongue under the head, making sure Michael could see every bit of it as the shaft started to swell.

“Oooohhhhhhhhhh fuck, I’m cumming Beth!” he cried out, his words matched by the thick, warm ropes spurting onto her tongue and sliding down her throat. Where some women might have jumped or pulled away, Beth only stroked him faster, wrapping her lips tight around him as she worked to suck every drop from the older man. For having only climaxed an hour prior, Michael produced another copious load, and she had to gulp several times in order to swallow the salty strands as he moaned and quivered; even then, a few bits oozed around her warm lips and slowly down her chin as she continued to milk him dry.

The cock in her mouth slowly softened as she licked and sucked more gently, cleaning the last bits of the encounter from it as she felt Michael relaxing, knowing he was looking down at her with a smile. When she’d reached the point of letting it go, or trying to get him hard for another round, Beth reluctantly released him from her mouth and looked up as she exaggerated an enthusiastic lick of her lips, and a loud, smacking “yum!” Michael had loosened his hold in her long hair by this point, softly caressing it as he savored the attention, as well as the view.

“Feel better now, lover?” she asked with a smile.

Michael laughed in that soft, warm way of his. “You know I do, Beth. Thank you.” Reaching a hand down, he helped her to her feet as she smoothed her dress down once again.

Good thing silk doesn’t wrinkle quickly, she thought to herself. “Well, it only seemed right to treat my host to his request.” Beth said with a wink and a grin. “Now, scoot out of here before anyone catches us. I have a feeling I’ll see you soon enough.” She playfully swatted at the older man as he grinned and peeked out the door, before slipping down the hall.

I’m so fucking wet, Beth realized, that man fucking turns me on! She briefly debated fingering herself to orgasm before going back downstairs, but decided that she’d been gone too long already. Besides, she remembered, there’s still round three he promised… Instead, she quickly checked her hair and washed her face before her own trip downstairs, wondering inside how Michael would manage a third encounter on this crowded night.

The other guests had scattered about the yard and house once more, dessert and coffee forgotten. Finding her husband wrapped in a new conversation with Janet and Michael both, she mumbled something about “she just had to clear her head from the crowd,” which Terry just as quickly ignored as he continued on. Gazing about for the waiter and a fresh drink, she almost jumped when a new voice said, “Oh, dear, it looks like you spilled some of the custard on your dress!”

Elizabeth turned in shock, seeing a blonde woman beside her, staring as she tsk’d and shook her head. Mrs. Ramsey, that bitch, she couldn’t help but think – the pastor’s wife well known for her holier-than-thou attitude and resentment of the older families in town – with that glare, no wonder Tim cheats on her. The woman was pointing at a wet spot on the silk above Beth’s thigh, and she flushed with horror as she realized that some of Michael’s cum must have dripped down while she was finishing him.

“OH SHIT!” Her voice louder than expected, even making a few heads turn as Beth almost panicked. “Um, Oh, I’m sorry Robin, please, forgive me. You’re… you’re right; I must have lost some of my dessert. No, I need to go clean it – it’s silk, I don’t want it to stain.” Ignoring the woman’s glare and offer to help, Beth quickly rushed inside, finding the kitchen and a wet napkin as she composed herself and worked the spot clean.

That was too close, Beth pondered as she prepared herself mentally to go back outside. I’m just glad that prude couldn’t recognize cum and call me out on it. A few sips from her wine and she was ready, consciously finding a group to chat with away from both Terry and Michael, giving herself a respite as she wondered how much longer the soiree would last…

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